Best Disc Golf Drivers in 2020

Innova Ricky Wysocki 2X Star Destroyer Distance Driver Golf Disc [Colors May Vary] Review:

I love my destroyer. It has a predictable amount of turn and fade. It came in a random color (light purple), and is exactly what i expected it to be. I needed a. Disc that was fast and i couldnt turn it over as easily as a katana or any other stable fairway or distance driver. I bought it in a heavy weight and am happy with that choice. Even in winds it will hold its line, it's usually my fault if it doesn't go where i want. I was also able to increase my distance on forehands and backhands with this.

Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc (Colors may vary) Review:

This is an excellent disc for getting into distance drivers. This disc flies very well and when thrown correctly, it will fly. The disc does require some finesse and a moderate amount of arm speed and correct spin to get the most out of it, otherwise it won't fly much better than a Leopard or Teebird. It is also an excellent disc to learn how to throw forehand as well as working on your power back hand rips. While still being new to disc golf, I have learned a lot and improved immensely since using this disc.

Due to the required throwing strength of this disc, it may go off target and thus hit some obstacles. Being that it is made of DX plastic, it will dent and even have small chunks come out. However this is not a bad thing. As you use a DX disc and experience these minor changes to the disc, it will become a wholly different disc than anything else you may use and it will have it's own unique flight. Last match I played, I was able to get the perfect fade that landed some 50 ft from the chains on a 460 ft hole, granted we were throwing on a hill with a slight dogleg... nonetheless this can be a great disc. I would highly recommend it.

Axiom Discs Proton Insanity Disc Golf Driver Review:

This disc goes far, first and foremost. Since many out there don't know or use the technical terms, neither will I... I am a right hand back hand thrower, and I'm a decent shot with good form. So that being said, this disc flies pretty straight right away then goes right. When you get a nice S curve it comes back left but not too much and finishes slightly right overall around 315 ft for me at least. I haven't yet been able to throw it well on technical holes but I'm just getting the feel for it. This is the best driver I have in my bag right nor for straight/slightly right holes that are mostly open.

Innova DX Beast Golf Disc (Colors may vary) Review:

I am relatively new to the sport, so I'm no expert on discs, but so far the Beast is the best disc I've thrown for distance shots.

I purchased this disc in a heavy 175g. Typically, they recommend newer players use lighter discs until they learn better form and are able to throw the disc at its necessary "speed" in order for it to behave as it should. I am not very big or muscular, so I can't really throw this disc with the force necessary for it to really be effective. That's my own fault, not the disc. However, the purchase of this disc was very fortuitous for me as I often play in windy conditions, on many holes I am throwing in a steady side wind, which blows all my other discs off course. Having this disc in a heavier weight helps it cut through the wind very nicely, as well as mowing through some low lying branches and leaves. Normally I throw right hand, back hand (RHBH) but on those longer drives with wind I will reach for the Beast and side arm it. This technique has gotten me much better results than other discs.

For the record, my other drivers are an Innova Archangel (150g), which is super consistent for me in windless, straight drives, and an Innova Valkrie (150g).

Discraft Nuke SS Elite Z Golf Disc Review:

When I first got this disc I couldn't throw it worth a crap. If I threw it flat it would go hard right and I had to give it so much hyzer I would end up throwing it into the ground. Now I can either give it slight hyzer and it will fly straight and finish left or I can throw it flat and it will glide right some and finish left, love this disc now.

Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc (Colors may vary) Review:

I've been playing for a couple years now, and when I'm at the local football field, I can push my faster discs (Destroyer, Mamba, Ape, Archangel, Firebird etc) 350-400 feet on a good day. The most I could ever hope to get out of my $8 DX Leopard is 280-300 feet. But when it comes to actually playing on a real disc golf course with real water and trees present, you better believe I'm grabbing my Leopard. It takes very little effort to throw and flies straight as an arrow as long as you aren't completely smashing it or throwing into a moderate/strong headwind. I always try to figure out ways to make my faster discs more effective on the course, because I feel like I'm supposed to in order to get better. But if I want to play somewhat well, the Leopard is my go to driver.

MVP Disc Sports Proton Tesla Disc Golf Distance Driver Review:

Why do you sell black and dark colored discs. I paid for a disc to throw and find during the day and night.
Still going to throw it, but I sometimes like to throw more than one. In this case I will not.
Long will my journey to be the greatest disc golf champion ever, but it is cloaked in darkness and lots of tears crawling for a disc. People will point and laugh at me, but I will continue on in despair for the joy of finding it will be great, but the burden of loosing it will weigh always on my mind. But there may be a day when I give up and then will I be the best disc golfer for I could finally spend time throwing more than one disc. (A Story of Legend, but Greater Depression)
If you see a man crying and crawling on a disc golf course...just let me be.