Best CompactFlash Mastering Recorders in 2020

Jammin Pro A- A-B Box (STUDIOPACK702) Review:

I bought this kit to record my live practices using guitar, vocal and backings. Due to the low price of the kit, I didn't have any great expectations of the Mic and Headphones, but was pleasantly suprised that the mic had a solid weight and feel, similar to my Shure SM58. The mic also had a good range and sensitivity for the price and could be used with a PA. The headphones were also sturdy and comfortable with a reasonable sound quality.

Recording is very simple, just requiring to insert a USB drive and pressing the record button. To play back, use the track selector control to find the track number that you want to play, then press the track selector control to show F01 on the screen, then press play. The instructions don't make that very clear. The quality of the recording is exactly what you hear out of any monitor connected while you are recording. So if you make a live performance and record at the same time, the recorded playback willl sound the same. There was no noticeable drop in the playback quality.

The only real disappointment for me, reducing my star rating by one star, was that the mixer is not really a 7 channel unit. There is one dedicated Mic channel, with two paralleled inputs, XLR and Jack. You can also switch on phantom power for that channel and the pan moves the output between left and right as you would expect. The remaining channels are linked in pairs, so 2/3 are jack sockets that have a pan control that allows one socket to left and the othe to right. The left socket always records to the left channel and the right to the right channel, There is no way of recording input 3 to the left for the pan doesn't move inputs between left and right busses, merely reducing the level of one of the inputs.

The second linked pair, 4/5 are the same as 2/3 but with RCA inputs. Inputs 6/7 are not conventional inputs, but control the levels of the USB input device.

As a mixer, this unit is a 3 channel mixer with one Mono mic input and 2 stereo inputs plus a USB input. Equalisation is a very basic one knob tone control, with either treble boost or bass boost depending on which way you turn it. It also seems that as the treble is boosted, the bass is cut at the same time and vice versa.

For me, the downside did not take away from the flexibility of a very useable live recording and rehearsing device and at the price, a worthwhile bit of kit, that at the moment is pretty much on it's own.


DJTECH CDENCODER10 Studio Flash Recorder Review:

i use this little device for recording karaoke songs. yes, it gets the jobs done without a heck-up, no pc required is very convenience. the device buttons feel cheap but acceptable for around $100. for cd recording make sure u guys read the manual, (not to press Stop since stop=cancel) and actually that's a good feature for my opinion. i don't normally writing any reviews, i feel like i want to be the first to share my experience of purchasing this device. i bought it without any reviews, kind of doubtful how this works, yes it does. one star off for those buttons. overall, very good digital music recorder, happy with this purchase.

Marantz PMD671 Digital Compact Flash Portable Recorder Review:

Marantz lives up to the quality and features I expect. The PMD671 will replace my PMD420 and my Panasonic sv-255, both of which I have used for close to 12 years to record everything from the output from a Steiner to traditional circle dance songs. One of the nicer feature of the PMD671 is its physical lightness. The ability to connect direct to a computer is a plus.

Jammin Pro HR5RED Studio Flash Recorder, Red Review:

Totally impressed with the sound quality from such an affordable pocket recorder...Im no professional musician but I was very impressed when I heard the playback after I burned the SD card to a disc...Highly recommend this product...

Jammin Pro HR5WHITE Studio Flash Recorder, White Review:

Reasonable price. Decent recording...don't expect to get professional studio quality.

Yamaha POCKETRAK C24 2GB Portable Digital Recorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review:

I bought this recorder to replace a much loved HiMD recorder. Other solid state digital recorders I have tried did not come up to the HiMD recording quality - this one does and in a tiny package too. It also is much quicker than the HiMD as it does not have to read and write to the buffer from the optical disk.

Only one problem - when trying to use it with my Yamaha mixer line out it would only record with distortion. Contacted Yamaha support who confirmed that it was an actual problem and exchanged it directly from Amazon no problem. The replacement works fine on line in.

Be sure to get the highest capacity memory card that you can afford - I got a 16GB.