Best Mandolins in 2022

Last update: January 12, 2023

The Loar LM-110-BRB Honey Creek A-Style Mandolin Review:

Although it arrived on schedule and in fine condition, there was no instruction manual for the instrument. As promised, it did not come with a case. Because I don't own another mandolin, I can't compare how well it sounds to others, but it is keeping its tune. I think I bought the greatest instrument for the money and for my needs because I did my homework before making the purchase. I also bought a case, strap, and tuner, all of which I'm happy with.

Mandolin A Style Acoustic Electric Mandolins Instrument Vintage Red Sunburst Mahogany Wood for Beginner Adults, by Vangoa Review:

After looking at, trying out, and reviewing tens of mandolins (at music stores and on-line) I noticed this offer on Amazon, and carefully looked at all the visual and written reviews. And after playing stringed instruments for over 40 years, and never touching a mandolin, I decided to purchase this package (mandolin, case, tuner, extra strings, etc). (mandolin, case, tuner, extra strings, etc.). It came delivered on time, undamaged, extremely well packaged and ready to tune up and play-out of the box. It was obvious that the seller took the effort to make sure this happened. And they have followed up since receiving their product, to genuinely ask if we were completely satisfied with "everything". It plays extremely well, and the neck action (which I am very partial to on any stringed instrument) is perfect without further adjustment. If any further adjustment is needed, there is a truss rod in the neck and the bridge can be adjusted, up or down. As I mentioned earlier, there was no need to do any adjustment. We tuned it up and were utubing the Zeppelin songs (with mandolin tracks) immediately afterwards. I never played a mandolin before, and this will be a great one to learn on and decide if I wanted to go further with the investment of time.

Donner A Style Mandolin Instrument Sunburst Mahogany DML-1 With Tuner String Big Bag and Guitar Picks Review:

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this video.Download Flash Player.This mandolin is excellent for beginners. Not too pricey; reasonable. Plays primarily in tune, looks excellent, and is well-built for the price.Although I was unable to drop the string height much further, it is still playable and pleasurable.

Rogue RM-100A A-Style Mandolin Sunburst Review:

After discovering bluegrass mandolin vitruoso Chris Thile I became interested in purchasing a mandolin. When I went to a local music store I was shown the most basic mandolin in stock, the Kentucky KM-150, asking price $275. Online I found slightly cheaper model, the Kentucky KM-140S, but the emphasis was on "slightly" at $200. I had played guitar for 9 years and was confident in my ability to play a fretted, stringed instrument, but wasn't sure I wanted to put that much money down in case it turned out to just be a lark. Finally I found an online mandolin forum post that compared this Rogue mandolin (Rogue RM50) to the Kentucky KM-150. The reviewer said that at first he couldn't tell the difference, then after three months of playing he could tell the Kentucky KM150 was better, but at that point he was already ready to invest in a Kentucky KM505, which goes for around $500. So I bought the Rogue RM-50, called a Johnson Mandolin here for some reason, for $50 and have found the mandolin quite enjoyable, tho I'm very glad I didn't have to spend $225 more to find that out.A few notes on the instrument:s- You'll want a good tuner to keep your strings in key. I recommend the Snark SN-2. You can clamp it right on to the headstock and get a good vibrational reading of each strings pitch so that you can tune accordingly.s- Most mandolins come with a floating bridge, meaning it's not attached to the body. That's so you can adjust the intonation. Intonation means whether the note on the 12th fret (the octave) is in tune with the note when the string is open. If it's flat, move the bridge closer to the fingerboard. If it's sharp, move the bridge further from the fingerboard. There are a number of videos and articles online that can demonstrate that process for you. It may seem challenging to the beginner, but it's a level of control I've grown fond of and wish I had on my acoustic guitar.

Donner A Style Mandolin Instrument Sunburst Mahogany DML-100B With Tuner String Big Bag and Guitar Picks, Black Review:

If Donner hadn't told me about this mandolin, I doubt I would have ever picked it up.Yes, I've always adored a mandy's sound. I marveled at the mandolin's ability to play any style of music in its own unique way. But among string instruments, at least, I had already made the guitar and the sitar my personal favorites a long time ago. I chose a Donner guitalele after a friend had recently urged me to think about studying the ukulele. As a result, I fell again in love with the excitement of traveling to foreign places to play music. When I learnt about this mandolin, which claimed to have all the features of a guitalele, including excellent build quality, fantastic sound, simple playability, and stunning appearance, all for an incredibly low price, I was intrigued "Sure! why not "thus I am writing this review right now.I uploaded some images. Wow, what a lovely instrument! And I can attest that it plays quite well. It features the distinct mandolin tone you probably know and love. However, it will take some time for my playing quite video sharing to be available.But it's coming! faster than I had anticipated. Getting acquainted to the chord blocking and tuning of a volin. the mandolin's appreciation of the picking hand's freedom.Give some thought to the string height if you choose one of these, which I highly recommend even if only for the pure delight of playing. Most, it appears, are initially set a little high, although some allow for simple reduction via the knurled "wheels" under the saddle. some not as much.Donner is kind with the extras they ship with these once more. The gig bag is beautiful. high caliber. Good padding. Having a spare set of strings is fantastic, even if the ones that came with my mandoline appear very nice compared to those on many other new instruments and probably won't need to be changed anytime soon. Additionally, the electronic tuner is very great.The Donner DML-100B is something I'd suggest to anyone who isn't a genuine pro mandolin player. Its tone and playability were nothing short of lovely to this guitarist with over 60 years of experience. Even if you don't really get into playing it, this instrument is so beautiful that I'd still suggest it to a player who is unsure of themselves. (My wife inquired as to whether it could be hung on the wall. Yes, it is that lovely.)I'm going to quit reviewing now and start playing. I can hear my mandolin beckoning! Again!

Ibanez M510DVS Mandolin, Dark Violin Sunburst Review:

I chose this mandolin as my first as I've never played one before. It needs to be set up right out of the box. It's actually quite simple. A quality set of new strings is necessary. D'Addario EJ73 light gauges were my choice. The neck is great, as are Ibanez products in general. The metal support bracket for the pickguard needed to be slightly bent, and a small felt pad was required to go beneath the mounting screw by the neck. The only thing that prevented me from awarding it five stars was the necessity for some minor 220 sand paper correction on the bridge's feet. Using an electronic tuner made it simple to set the intonation (adequately position the bridge). It tuned up wonderfully thanks to the excellent tuning heads. Despite never having played an instrument in mandolin/violin tuning, I quickly browsed a pocket chord dictionary and was playing on it in a single afternoon. You will be astounded by this extremely reasonably priced instrument's playability if you correctly set it up yourself or have an expert in instrument mechanics do it for you. Even if it's a little slick, the quality is good. For a beginner or a serious musician who wants to test out a new instrument before making a significant commitment, I advise doing this. It has given me a new arrow to add to my arsenal of bluegrass arrows, which makes me happy.

Ibanez M522SBS F-Style Mandolin, Brown Sunburst High Gloss Review:

I have no regrets. I think I have a great beginner level mandolin after switching the shoddy strings with Elixir medium gauge and getting it professionally set up. It's also an extremely attractive F-Style mandolin, I must say. Some claim it's one of the loudest mandolins they've ever heard in its price range and it projects quite well. What kind of aftermarket pickup I want to install on it is currently up for debate. A Myer truck or the LR Baggs are my two top choices. In conclusion, I strongly suggest the Ibanez M5222SBS mandolin if you're seeking for a superb entry-level mandolin but can't spend $5400 on a Gibson. You won't be sorry.