Best Cleaning Water Squeegee Blades in 2020

OPERNEE Shower Squeegee with Self Adhesive Hook, 14 Inches Stainless Steel Squeegee Cleaner, All-Purpose Window Scraper for Bathroom Doors, Mirror, Windows and Car Glass (14", Silver) Review:

My shower has glass doors and it always had water drops and steam causing the door to go dirty because of that. I bought a squeeze but that was small and couldn't do effective job. I realized I need a longer squeeze and I bought this one. The squeeze was beyond expectations. Its heavy and very sturdy, quality speaks for itself. The rubber blade is very thick and fits very nicely in the handle. Blade is secured by screws so it doesn't feel lose and because it is tight, it does amazing job. The stand is a great addition for storing. I fixed the stand on the inner wall of the shower and hang the squeeze there so that it can be used just after the shower. Very useful and heavy quality squeeze

Original Water Blade! Silicone T-Bar Waterblade, Classic 12 Inch Purple Review:

This is the second Water Blade I've purchased over the years, and couldn't be happier with the original and ongoing performance of these neat little gadgets! My first Water Blade bought about 10 years ago looks and works like my new one, so even though there's a little sticker shock up front, they last a really long time if you take care of them.
We have one in each car and use to clear wet windows, remove leaves and debris stuck to the paint job and to quick dry the exterior after washing. While there are many knockoffs on the market now, it's pretty hard to beat the original. It does what it says it will do very well, I can't say that about the others. Great product for every car!

FOSHIO 1 Pack Green Shower Squeegee Shower Mirror Glass Wiper Window Wiper with 1 Extra Silicone Water Blades With non-slip Handle for Auto Window Tinting Kits Bathroom Review:

 I specifically purchased this to clean the mirrors on my F250 in the morning. Perfect hand-held size. Thick & sturdy, but blade is not too stiff that it doesn’t conform to the windows/curves/mirrors. Feels great in-hand and works as intended.

FOSHIO 1PCS Green Squeegee Scraper Shower Mirror Glass Wiper Window Cleaner with Non-Slip Handle for Auto Home Window Review:

 I specifically purchased this to clean the mirrors on my F250 in the morning. Perfect hand-held size. Thick & sturdy, but blade is not too stiff that it doesn’t conform to the windows/curves/mirrors. Feels great in-hand and works as intended.

Original Water Blade RV/Truck Bundle, 18 Inch Silicone T-Bar Squeegee with Pole Adapter Review:

My husband absolutely loves this product! The only thing he wishes it had was a sponge on the other side. It is still worth the purchase even without the sponge. If they ever come out with a sponge that can be attached (it was so hot where we traveled that you wouldn't even wash the whole window before you squeegied it so you'd need the squeegie on one side and the sponge on the other side. Besides, handling two poles was a little daunting for one person) I'll buy it!

One Pass Hydroglide 14" Waterblade Silicone Y-Bar Squeegee Yellow Review:

This is a GREAT product if you like to take care of your car or just wash windows at home or clean the shower walls after you shower. The 3rd picture is of my 20 year old waterblade. The last 2 pictures are of my 1999 Toyota Solara. It looks new, this waterblade is a big reason. I'm so glad I found a new one. This one is not quite as stiff as the old one (it will go over curves better when you wipe the water off of your car). Makes washing and DRYING your car effortless, and you won't need as many microfiber towels to touch up. I use microfiber instead of a chamois. If you love your car (like I do), you will want to try this out. Doesn't my 1999 Solara look new? I bought it new in '99, and have had several offers to buy it, but it's not for sale, lol. My 20 year old waterblade still works like new!

Original Soft-N-Dry T-Bar Silicone Water Blade Squeegee Review:

The best product I've ever used in 50 years for getting all the water off my truck! As a car buff, I am always looking for ways to save time and energy when it comes to taking care of my vehicles. This item is truly remarkable. I use Meguiars products,as they are hands down the best in car care, and used to use to super absorbent drying towels, and a couple of soft cloths to dry my truck. I live in the dry heat of the southwest, and even with low humidity, it's a chore. With the T-bar, I dry the odd spots with 1 towel now, only because the squeegee can't get all the hard to get spots. Simply put AMAZING!!!!!!

One Pass Hydroglide 18" Waterblade Silicone Y-Bar Squeegee Yellow with Heavy Duty Extension Pole Adapter Review:

Works amazingly well. I have had another one for a couple of years, this new one allows my wife and I to work together on our bus style rv. I use the squeegee on a section that has been washed with rinse-less rv wash, then drape a chamois over the squeegee and lightly go over the area again to get any remaining moisture or drips. Dries spotless.

Great Barrier Car Squeegee Water Blade - Silicone Squeegee with 2 Blades 12 Inch - Car Window Squeegee with Ergonomic Grip - Clean in Half The Time Review:

I have been using this in my glass shower and love it. I recently spent a ton of time removing the hard water build up from my shower walls. The previous owner did not appear to have ever done it, so it took a lot of time and elbow grease. I wanted something that would help me keep up on it, so I would not have to go through the process again, and be able to stay on top of it. We keep this right on the ledge in the shower, and when we are done it take 30 seconds to blade off the water and move on. This has been a great tool to have, and I will be purchasing another for my other bathroom.

Superflex Water Blade, Silicone T-Bar, 12 Inch Squeegee Review:

Just what I needed to gently wipe water off my car after washing, and great in the morning for dew on the rear window (no rear wiper). Very flexible and able to follow curves well. Silicone is very soft and I don't feel any hesitation using it on a clean car.