Best Camera Flash Adapter Rings in 2020

UURig Aluminum Rapid Camera Lens ND Filter Mount Bracket - 72MM RFS Adapter Ring Camera Video Rig Accessories Review:

this filter design is simple but pretty perfect in that it takes up just a bit more space than a lens cap as opposed to a square filter set. It has a bezel that allows you to tighten the filter holder onto your lens threads in any orientation, also when folded in place there is no possibility of light leaks which can happen with square filters if the sun is at a 90 degree angle. This comes in handyfor my Infrared filter as it allows me to quickly focus with the filter out the way and swing it back in place instead of having to screw it on and off.

Lee Filters 77mm wide angle adapter ring Review:

Wow wow wow - gone are the vignettes of overhanging adapter rings for filters.
I had both a 70-200mm and a 16-35mm which had a 77mm thread - both of which I loved to use with 100x100 filters.

This adapter ring allowed me to affix my filters in a way (to the Lee foundation kit) so that the holder of adapter ring were not visible in the frame.

Perfect fit. Perfect threads. Perfect results

Cokin CP458 P-Series 58mm Lens Adapter Ring Review:

I got this 58mm ring to fit my Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM. It fits perfectly with my 20-year-old Cokin filter holder. Some good things don't change. I recommend the Cokin system for adaptability and creativity it allows. No need to buy a filter for each size lens you own, just one of these rings. And Cokin's square holders allow for some creative possibilities that a round screw on filter may not, such as gradient filters. Also, you can make your own "filters", a piece of plastic smudged with Vaseline, custom bokeh cutouts, etc.

One (usually small) issue with squre filters is that if you're using a gradient filter and if your lens turns while focusing then the gradient can become misaligned if you refocus. However, quiet a few lenses do not turn while focusing. If your lens does turn you may be able to focus and then switch your lens to manual and set your filter alignment. Anyway, just thought I'd point that out.

Neewer® 8 Pieces Step-up Adapter Ring Set Made of Premium Anodized Aluminum, includes: 49-52mm, 52-55mm, 55-58mm, 58-62mm, 62-67mm, 67-72mm, 72-77mm, 77-82mm--Black Review:

I'm giving 5 stars because these rings do serve a purpose of saving money in the long run, especially when using them for four different size lenses. I did find that they do stick. But that was easily overcome by using 2 cheap soft rubber jar grippers. They can be found in any Home & Kitchen section. By holding one on each of the 2 rings I wanted separated I was able to get a better grip so that I could rotate them for separation. It worked with no damage to the rings. When I'm tightening them to my lenses, I'm careful not to tighten too much. I've been using them every day with my different filters and they all seem to fit well. I have no issues there. The rings appear to be of good quality for what they were made to do.

Ronin-S Shoulder Strap Clamp Ring Adapter for Flash Rode Video Microphone and LED Light Accessory Filmmaker Vlog Via 1/4'' and 3/8'' Screw Review:

I got this shoulder strap with clamp for my Ronin S which I use either with Canon Mark IV or 80D. I used it for the next two days after I received it. I worked for 8 hours each day. This product really helped me to endure for such long hours. The clamp holds very good, I even attached to it my Rode VideoMic Pro+ and it worked well. The strap is good, soft, although if it was padded would be more comfortable. When connected to the gimbal clamp, it is too long, even in the shortest position it's still too long for the upright filming. One has to make it shorter, either by tying, restitching or other ways. Also, carabiner would sometimes get in the way if pan axis. Hence these things made me to take one star off.

K&F Concept 11pcs Metal Stepping Rings Step Up Ring Set 26-30MM 30-37MM 37-43MM 43-52MM 52-55MM 55-58MM 58-62MM 62-67MM 67-72MM 72-77MM 77-82MM Compatible with Canon Nikon DSLR Cameras Lens Review:

Does what they say they do. My only question is why don't they include a 49-52?? They completely skip that set. I mainly purchased so I could use my 52mm Variable Nd filter on my 49mm lens and with this it goes from 43-52? Skipped a lens set completely so for that I give them 3stars, besides that it's great. Just look out of you need a 49mm step up as the 43-52 will not work for you.

**Edit** Very Fast response from the company and there intentions were very positive to fix the issue. They get 5 stars.

(2 Packs) 72-82MM Step-Up Ring Adapter, 72mm to 82mm Step Up Filter Ring, 72mm Male 82mm Female Stepping Up Ring for DSLR Camera Lens and ND UV CPL Infrared Filters Review:

The ring arrived to my office mail room and I used it. The ring was perfectly round and fit the threads on both my lens and camera, so the dimensions and roundness factor must be correct. Unfortunately for my old wide angle lens, when I zoomed out I could see the black around the edges, forcing me to zoom in while shooting, which negated the purpose of the wide angle lens in the first place. I was only out $4 though, so whatever. I can still impress oblivious clients with the act of changing lenses and back I guess. This of course wasn't the rings fault, the ring did it's job, it's a fine ring. It seems to be made of some kind of metal also, possibly aluminum.

Canon Macrolite Adapter 67 Review:

I use the Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS macro lens and an MT-24EX macro flash system and those two items by themselves, will not work together because the flash ring is too small to fit around the lens. It's pretty absurd that Canon hasn't fixed this, especially considering they've had half a decade to do it but that's another issue.

So, you're left with one option: Buy this step-down ring and be able to attach your flash system to the lens. I personally haven't noticed much vignetting which is pretty surprising given how far out in front of the lens your flash is when using this adapter.

As usual, this is just another item that should be included with the purchase of either the Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS or the MT-14EX and MT-24EX flash systems. Canon, are you listening?

Profoto Speedring for OCF Flash Heads Review:

Profoto Speedring for OCF Flash Heads
Speedring is accessory that is necessary to put on the OCF reflectors. I bought one ring for each reflector instead of one ring for all three reflector because I often use all three reflectors in a shoot more often than worry about carrying reflectors folded like on airplane. I am more of car ride to location than airplane. So, it made sense to buy three rings.