Best Camera Flash Synch & PC Cords in 2020

Foto&Tech 2.5mm-C1 Remote Control Shutter Release Cable Compatible with Canon SL3 T6i T6S T5 T5i T4i T3i T3 T2i XT XTi XSi SL2/ RP R M 700D 650D 600D 550D 500D 1100D 80D 70D 60D/PowerShot G16 G15 G5 X Review:

My Canon t5i doesn't have infared capability. So I was looking for this cable because my youngnuo triggers came with the other cable version (the flash and triggers where new for me). There wasn't any place to buy it... So I looked at amazon... And found this one, works PERFECTLY! And besides that, love the little bag where it came, really professional look. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS.

(2 PCS) 3.5mm to Male Flash PC Sync Cable,12-Inch/30CM 3.5mm Plug to Male Flash Sync Cord for Camera Photography Connector Review:

These cables have provided a reliable connection for attaching my remote triggers with pc sync ports to my studio lights. The plugs on both ends of the cable are solid. I like a short cable such as these for tidier setups. Also, I prefer this straight wire cable over the coiled wire versions... There is less temptation to try to stretch the cable, putting pressure on the connectors.

And finally, support or tape whatever device you are connecting. Don't let it dangle from the cable. That dangling scenario never ends well.

Neewer Wireless STUDIO Flash TRIGGER RT-16 with 3 RECEIVERS 16-Channel Review:

These are the very basics as flash triggers go. These are not TTL compatible, and the only thing that gets sent from your camera to the trigger is the technical equivalent of "fire flash now" - you will have to set the flash levels manually on your mono-lights.

The wireless channels are set via dip switches that you must match on all devices. My opinion is you will have to experiment with the best setting that keeps random FM interference from firing your flashes unexpectedly. Had 2 misfires in my office as I was initially testing/setting these up with the default dip-switch configuration. Once I matched all of the the dip-switches on a different channel I have not had any misfires. I use these with a set of N-250W mono-lights (see my other review of the N-250W's for my review & photo examples).

There are a few "nits" to pick:

-The flash trigger will probably arrive with a low power battery that is either dead or near dead. This will cause you frustration, as you will be chasing a ghost with misfires, non-function, etc. Upon receipt, immediately replace the included battery with a quality A23, and these issues will go away. I have read a few reviews where folk have returned the unit because thought it defective, when the issue may have been that the unit arrived with a cheap, dead battery.

- To support point above - do not be afraid to gently pry the case open with a small flat-head screwdriver. There is no clear indicator on the case, nor in the documentation that the case can be pried open, so many people assume that the trigger is disposable and just buy another.

-Upon visual inspection, the flash trigger's shoe does not look like it has a contact on the bottom to communicate with your camera - you have to trust that it DOES. There is one metal contact in the center that connects with your camera's hot shoe - that is all your camera needs to communicate with the flash trigger.

-There is a light indicator on the receivers that does not illuminate when you switch the power on - even though it does not illuminate, trust that your receivers are actually on. Documentation indicates that it is the "receiving indicator lamp". I suspect that it only comes on momentarily when you flash.

-There does not seem to be a "mix and match" expansion option. I have been looking for a neewer based speedlite slave receiver so that I can add my battery-powered speedlite (Canon 430EX) into the mix as a third flash - unfortunately, none of the speedlite slaves seem to be able to talk to the RT-16 transmitter. (It would be nice to hear from Neewer on this). My camera also does not like the combination of non-ETTL flash and wireless canon-compatible flash. it would be nice to be able to fire all flashes wirelessly.

Overall these worked as expected, and did not cause any misfires within the three hours & 200 + photos that I shot on "championship game Sunday" - 2/4/18. Just know what you are buying, change the default frequencies and replace the battery, and you should be good to go.

Godox PB-CX PB960 PB820 Lithium Battery Pack Power Cable for Canon 430EZ 540EZ 550EX 580EX 580EX II 600EX Flash Speedlite + CEARI Microfiber Clean Cloth Review:

I purchased this "Godox PB-CX PB960 PB820 Lithium Battery Pack Power Cable for Canon 600EX Flash Speedlite" without knowing for sure whether it would fit or work with my " FP Flashpoint Blast Pack BP-960 " from Adorama . I only had the pictures to make a decision off of . Thankfully the power cable works and is identical to the power cable that flashpoint usually sells with it's battery pack . So for anyone who is in need of a cheaper and identical option to the cable that comes with the flashpoint power pack for canon this is definitely it .

DSLRKIT Male to Male M-M Flash PC Sync Cable Cord with Screw Lock Review:

Purchased these to connect my Yongnuo YN-560II and YN-460 flashes to the RF-603C remote triggers. The flashes fit on the hot shoe of the remote trigger, but that adds height which may be a problem. Works perfectly (see pics). The screw ends allow me to just dangle the remote off the flash if needed (need to further mod the two so they don't). Short enough to be out of the way, long enough to position the remote where needed.

Recognize that these ship from China. They did arrived much earlier than the proposed shipping time, in about two weeks.

YONGNUO YN-622C-TX E-TTL Wireless Flash Controller for Canon Review:

Very nice and inexpensive transmitter. I use this to trigger Yongnuo YN622C II receivers and they have worked without fail. Much less expensive than a Canon option and I'm so glad that I stumbled across this product. For the price, probably even aside from the price, these Yongnuo products are great and I am amazed how off camera flash has changed my photography, without taking all of my money. Of course, I have had flashes not fire, but I don't think I could ever trace the reason to this transmitter or triggers.

My only problem that I had with this is the mount design. What I mean is that it mounts horizontally on your camera hotshoe. When you need to adjust your lights, and you always need to make adjustments to your lights, I would much rather have a vertical mount while shooting on a tripod. With the horizontal design, I (and I suspect most people, as I'm 5'10") aren't tall enough to look down onto the screen to make adjustments. This means you either need a step stool or you must move your camera off subject, tilt your camera so that you can see, then make adjustments. Of course, if you're off-tripod and just shooting freestyle, this is not an issue at all.

Other than that, it's pretty easy to make any/all adjustments. You can control your flashes using TTL, Manual mode, and highspeed sync. I can't imagine anything that a Canon transmitter or Pocket Wizard could offer that this doesn't do at a MUCH cheaper price. As a matter of fact, after much research and comparing options, I was very close to purchasing the Pocket Wizard option when I came across this product. I am so glad that I chose this. Other than the fact that Pocket Wizard does offer a vertical design and maybe easier adjustments as a result, I can buy this transmitter and a bunch of triggers for the less than the price of a Pocket Wizard transmitter. Yongnuo option is a much better route because, with the same amount of money, you get so many more options in gear. In my view, this is a Pocket Wizard killer.
I have only good feedback and would recommend this product.

Neewer 4.9 feet/1.5 m TTL Off Camera Flash Speedlite Cord for Canon EOS 5D Mark II III,6D,5D,7D,60D,50D,40D,30D,300D, 100D,350D,400D,450D,500D,550D,600D,650D,700D,1000D,1100D Review:

So far its been working great, I can happily rate it 5 out of 5. I will update if I come across any issues or if the cable breaks off.
It is very easy to use, the side mounting on the hot shoe has a lock stays in place, the other side mounts on a normal tripod quick release with 1/4" screw. It is small enough to take with you for outdoors photography or macro. which is what I use it for, doesn't take too much space.
The same last advantage of this cable could be the downside of it depending on what type of use you intend, despite the misleading title, this cable is by no means 3 m!! it is 70 cm from both ends when it is not stretched, when you stretch it to the most reasonable tension it gets 140 cm although it is comfortable tension only up to 1 m. This is less than half of what it has been advertised, if you stretch it any further it could bring down all your setup or might rip off the cable. Now this is not an issue for me as I use it for macro, but if you use it say for portrait work it may be too short to give you adequate working distance.

All in all, this works well for me and I don't see any quality issues so far.