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Camcorder Video Camera YEEHAO WiFi HD 1080P 24MP 16X Powerful Digital Zoom Camera with Microphone and Wide Angle Lens Remote Control Lens Hood Infrared Night Vision YouTube Vlogging Camera Recorder Review:

4/4/19. I was very happy to receive this today! I’m in the process of starting a YouTube channel and I’m going to see if this camera and stereo microphone will be exactly what I need!

This review is simply my initial impression and over the coming days as I get to make recordings I will post updates.

Please see the photos. Very well presented.

I haven’t had a camcorder ever since the iPhone came along but with my first attempt at a YouTube video, I saw the limitations of using the iPhone right away.

It’s ok but I was frustrated with the audio and lack of features in iMovie and really felt I needed to use professional software and a professional setup.

Back to this camcorder....what attracted me to it was the price, specs and the microphone. With the mike, I will be able to place it on a separate mini tripod near me while the camera is farther away. That’s really cool!

The camera has a remote control so I can be my own director and the touchscreen will allow me to see that the camera is properly framing me.

The camera uses a removable SD card (not included) and also has built in WiFi. That will make it easy to move the raw video to my laptop so I can make the edits for the YouTube video.

I found the camera controls to be easy to use as well as the menu because the screen is a touchscreen. It’s very bright as well although it’s rainy today so I can’t test it in bright sun.

It comes with two batteries and the camera plus battery fit in the case although it’s a tight fit. The case could be made slightly larger. Without the battery, the case is perfect. Check the pics.

It’s comes with a Macro lens and the lens has covers for both sides, a sunshade and a pouch to store it in. Very well thought out!

The mike also has a pouch too and it’s own internal battery.

I don’t have an SD memory card handy so initially I’m not able to take a quick sample video but will tomorrow and post an update soon.

The user manuals are somewhat easy to read, much better than expected. They should hire me to smooth out the English. It’s easy to know what is being said overall. And so far I’ve found the camera intuitive to use so I haven’t needed the manual yet. :-)

That’s all for now! More to come!

Video Camera Camcorder Digital Camera YouTube Vloggaing Camera Video Recorder Full HD 1080P 30FPS 24MP 3.0 Inch 270 Degree Rotation Screen16X Digital Zoom Camcorder with Remote Control (2 Batteries) Review:

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 Lightweight and compact video camera with extremely good quality, full-featured,come with a detailed explanation about the introduction,simple and easy to operate by everyone.There are various modes to choose from, the pixels are very clear, easy to carry anywhere, it is an essential item to record important moments in life, really worth buying. For this price, video quality is brilliant.Using great for family trip and my kids very enjoys using it.

Video Camera Camcorder Digital YouTube Vlogging Camera Recorder kicteck Full HD 1080P 15FPS 24MP 3.0 Inch 270 Degree Rotation LCD 16X Digital Zoom Camcorder with 2 Batteries(604s) Review:

 I was impressed with this product. For the price, you get so much more than you pay for. Unless you are looking to videotape something professionally, I can't think of any reason to get any other videocamera. The image quality is very, very good. I videotaped my niece playing with bubbles, and it came out great. The sound is not professional level quality or anything, but it's more than adequate for home videos. In addition, it's extremely easy to use. I have only used my phone for video before, and this was super easy to figure out. This camera comes with TWO batteries, all the cords you will need, and even a case. I really was not expecting that, for the price. I would absolutely recommend this- in fact, I already did recommend it to my brother. I added 1 unboxing video- I actually filmed two but Amazon won't let me upload both, so I just uploaded the one where I actually unbox it so you can see what is in the box. If you're looking for a camera that will handle all your home video or amateur Youtube needs for well under a hundred dollars, this is it!

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder (Black) + SanDisk 64GB Memory Card + Digital Camera/Video Case + Extra Battery BP-727 + Quality Tripod + Card Reader + Tabletop Tripod/Handgrip - Deluxe Accessory Bundle Review:

I'm reviewing the Vixia HF R800 Camera. I got this camera to start doing my own repair videos on YT. After extensive research, reading reviews, consumer reports, and doing homework, this was the best camera for the cost I across.

It's easy to use, it has the flip view screen which is great for being in front of the camera and still being able to see how the shots are coming along, very few reports of failure or being defective, and uses SD cards I already own. It did come with a 64GB card on top of it.

The view screen is touch screen, which I'm not a fan of, because there would be no way around its failure like you could if it were push button. I open electronics up all the time and am able to manipulate or improvise repairs to continue use of broken device. I'm thrifty and hate to buy new all the time. I'm more old school, where I take care of my things and repair them when broken.

It did come with a whole list of items making this camera completely ready to use for vlogging or recording:
An extra battery,
60" tripod WITH a level (which comes with its own travel soft case/pouch),
desktop tripod (also doubles as a hand grip),
64GB SD card as I mentioned above,
a lens cleaner kit,
a padded carrying case,
a SD & Mini SD card reader for USB port,
and a SD card wallet

I'm thoroughly pleased with my purchase so far. The picture quality is amazing, so is the zoom, which is MUCH better than I expected. I do plan on updating my review as time goes on, which I've done with many of my reviews. I take it seriously. If searching for a vlogging camera, this by far is a great entry level choice!

I bought this from the seller "Photo4Less" but fulfilled by Amazon, which I feel is important to list this info. I've come across sellers with variances in their items, including knockoffs, even if listed as same brand. I'll post an update with a durability review.

It's now been a few months later and I've used this camera AND gear quite a few times. I don't use it everyday, but there are weeks where I'll use it 3 days out of the week.

My favorites out of the set, besides the camera, are the tripod, travel bag, and the handheld grip. They make video recording so much easier, of course, keeping the camera and footage steady. I haven't used the handheld grip much for recording while walking, but it also doubles as a tabletop stand, which is perfect for recording underneath a vehicle. I know this won't apply to most people, but know it's a great option when the traditional tripod is still too tall at its shortest height.

Everything is working as if straight out of the box. I've luckily never dropped it, so I can't speak to how it handles rough treatment.

This camera is still going strong, but I take extra care of my equipment and tools. Most of what I received with this kit is working well, except for the tripods... the taller one finally broke back in June. Its failure was one of the legs cracked at the top hinge, just below the base. The other mini handheld tripod broke 2 months ago, when trying to be used as a tripod. It would still function, however, if merely being used to record while in hand. It broke or kept binding when trying to articulate the legs. Both are cheap accessories, so I truly don't mind their loss. The camera is still going very strong. The only thing I'd mention, is the battery does tend to drain faster in extr extreme heat. I record on site and in the elements, even though I shelter the camera from direct sun, ambient temperature and humidity affect it. I'd say somewhere upwards of 95*F. We've had a few heatwaves here, so I put it through the ringer. Also note, I've never dropped the camera yet, so durability is still outstanding for me. When storing in the camera bag, I've reusing the bubblewrap the camera came with to provide extra protection. I will be sure to continue updating as time progresses.

Video Camera Camcorder,Actinow Digital Camera Recorder with Microphone HD 1080P 24MP 16X Digital Zoom 3.0 Inch LCD 270 Degrees Rotatable Screen YouTube Vlogging Camera with Remote Control,2 Batteries Review:

 What I like most about this camcorder is that the pictures and videos are clear and a high quality. I did set both to the highest quality in the settings. I also very much like that both the camera setting and the picture and video settings have so may options to choose from. The settings available are the same as much more expensive camcorders. You are provided with two batteries so that you can switch them if you run low on power. In addition, a remote control, a USB cable for charging, a case, and an external microphone are included. The remote control works quite well and would come in handy if you put the camcorder on a tripod and want to control the camcorder remotely.

As for the features, the camera turns on when you open the display. At this point, you can take a picture by pressing Photo on the top of the camcorder or press the record button on the back to take a video. Camera setup settings can be modified by pressing the mode button twice. Here you can modify language, date, power save options. beeping sounds, video frequency, output for TV, TV output (NTSC or PAL), Format to format the SD card, or resetting to default settings. One feature that I particularly like is that you can pause recording of a video and then start it again. By doing this, the segments of the video will be recorded in one file so you don't have to use software to join them.

With the MODE setting on the left side of the camcorder, you can set resolution of pictures, the movie size (from HD to VGA), single or continuous shooting for pictures, a timer, exposure, white balance, quality of pictures, sharpness, effects, ISO, hand shake, face detect, and smile capture.

As you can see, there are quite a few settings to choose from. For the most part, I have used the highest settings for both photos and video. Although I wouldn't recommend this camcorder for professional use as mentioned on the product page, it is an excellent choice for the amateur or occasional user. It does include so many of the options provided by the much more expensive camcorders.

The only downside that I found was that the date and time entered in setup is not retained once the the camcorder is shut off. This date and time stamp may or may not be shown on photos and videos as selected, but it also shows on the file information stored with each file which shows the time and date each file was created. Personally, I use this stored information to know when photos and videos were taken. If you use this information, you need to enter the time and date each time you turn on the camcorder. It should also be noted that when viewing videos on your computer, the video and audio are not in sync in some programs since the codecs for these programs are not compatible with the codecs of the videos recorded with this camcorder.

In addition to product pictures, I have included a couple of photos and a video taken by this camcorder in low light conditions. I thought these photos and the video were excellent. If you do need more lighting for photos, you can turn on a a built-in LED fill light in the front by short pressing the power button.

i hope this review was helpful for you and will update my review if my opinion changes.

Canon Video 1960C002 Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder (Black) Review:

- Very pleased with its 180 degrees layout and its 90 degrees face down. For those who want to be a part of their film, you’re going to appreciate it.
- Its optical image stabilization is fantastic as the videos I took were not shaky or disorderly. I tested this out by walking while filming and driving with it on. You’re going to get some movement but compare to an iPhone this beats it out of the park.
- Taking pictures with it give you an HD 1920x1080 resolution.
- On my walking and driving test, I was getting 60 fps. Keep in mind that I was walking in a busy mall as the cam needed to adapt to numerous lighting issues (Was quite pleased with the fps over this).
- You have the option for an HDMI output if you want to plug it into your TV.
- Little to none noise distortion while filming. Of course, this will depend on your location, but for filming indoors (with outside traffic) you’re not going to hear a thing.
- The video quality is very good as the cam captures a sharp detail layout of what it’s filming. You’re going to see what I mean when you film a cloud or a grassy lawn with this cam.
- It’s a small compact cylinder which feels good in your hand, while not experiencing significant heat from it.
- This is a “set and forget” type of camera as you really don’t need to do anything other than turn it on and press record.
- Color, adjustment, stabilization are all automatic and yes you have the option to customize it yourself if you want to.
- Biggest perk was the zoom feature. I believe you can go to 57x into a focal point, really impressive, as I never realize that I would spend 5 minutes of memory just for filming ants.
- Little to none controls on this device as you can let anyone use it without the fear of them pressing anything that might ruined what you’ve already filmed.
- Where you want to zoom, just point your figure and that’s it. Super easy to use.
- A unique mode called highlight priority prevents your videos from being blown out. This means that you will lose some detail quality but more information on what you’re filming will be preserved. I don’t use it but it’s something to note.
- 1080p on a 128 GB will give you 8 hours and reducing to 720 will give you up to16 hours of recording.
- Really like that it has a built-in video editor as it’s easy to use and you don’t need to plug it in a computer to use it. I’ll find this a lifesaver if I’m on the road traveling.

Cons and Oks:__________
- Sometimes I experience the video playback from my computer to be rough as something that you’ll see on a $50 camera. This only occurs sometimes when I’m using 1080p filming. This is not a constant basis but I think everyone should know because the view is fine when It’s on my TV (could be a software issue).
- You’re going need to get an external microphone if you’re planning to talk with it on the road. Take it to Disneyland and no one will be able to hear what you’re talking about.
- Regarding with the mic issue, keep in mind that it doesn’t have a manual audio control level for an external mic input.
- You need to have a memory card installed in order to record. No built in memory.
- Low lighting is not the best for this one. It’s alright but you’ll see the difference in quality compare to daytime filming,
- Complete zoom out doesn’t give you a whole 180 degree viewing as its right at the fisheye lens.
- No 4k resolution. Something that even $50 cameras have.
- Not a lot of options in enhancement feature while filming.

Bottom Line:__________
Families and social media bloggers are going to love this. It’s small, compact, a good battery life, and is something that doesn’t require extensive knowledge in video experience. I had a great time using it as the light/compact style made it fast and easy to turn it on and begin filming. These are the type of cameras you’re going to be taking it to the beach or at a special event. It brings a 1080p quality experience without forking over that much in income to buy it.

Social media bloggers will love the size and image quality when filming but the microphone may be a deal breaker. It’s not bad but without a manual audio control level feature in the cam you won’t be able to know if your voice can be heard. Not to mention that 4k is now becoming the new 1080p where almost any new camera on the market will be adding this option.

Overall it’s a decent camera with some impressive features. It’s not the best in the market but it’s nowhere near the worse. The price they offer justifies what you’re buying with this. Verdict: This is almost built for on the go, at a moment’s notice. If the mic issue isn’t a factor to you, then it’s a good bang for your buck.

Hopefully, I was a help to you.
Honest Reviewer.

Sony - HDRCX405 HD Video Recording Handycam Camcorder (black) Review:

I've given this five stars because I really do think this is a dandy little camera, but it wasn't the right purchase for me, and I gave it away to a friend for an early Christmas present. I think you should know:

1. This is a very small camera. It is not the size of a Coke can, think more the size of a little V-8 can. It is entirely plastic and it weighs practically nothing at all. Really, it weighs less than my television remote. That can be good or bad. You can shove it into the pocket of a jacket and forget you are even carrying it, so it's always with you. Like a TV remote, you can probably drop it without damaging it because it has so little mass. But, if you have unusually large hands, like mine, or arthritis, like me, or your hands have become insensitive through age or manual labor, also like mine, you may have trouble picking it up or holding onto it. I can only get three fingers of my hand through the strap up to the middle knuckle, and that is with the strap adjusted all the way out, as loose as it will go. The menu button, a four-way rocker with an "enter" or "OK" button in the center is about the diameter of a garden pea. Not only will my big thumbs not operate this button, but the switch that changes from "video" to "playback" is directly below the rocker switch, and my thumb covers them both and I end up pushing both at the same time. If you leave this sitting on a restaurant table, you may not even notice that it is no longer in your pocket, because it only weighs a few ounces.

2. If I am reading the display correctly, a 64GB micro SD will hold 7+ hours worth of video. The batteries last about 2 hours and a dead flat battery will take the better part of 3 hours to recharge. Get the Powerextra 2 pack replacement Sony NP-BX1, also sold on Amazon. It has two extra batteries, and a charger that you can charge from a wall socket or from a car 12v outlet. I can testify that it charges faster than the wall charger that comes with the camera, and if you are at an all day event you will need those extra batteries.

This is a very nice camcorder. It has an excellent lens, the digital zoom is just spectacular. It will take still pictures as well, even while you are making a video. I gave it to a gal who is very small, has small hands, and can text on a mini keyboard cell phone with both thumbs. She navigates menus within menus like it was second nature. She loves it. It just wasn't made for a fella like me.

GoPro Hero5 Session (Renewed) Review:

 I original bought a GoPro Hero3 years ago, I loved the idea of what a GoPro was suppose to all you to do. I wanted to be able to create and share video of my family and my outdoor adventures with the Hero3, but no matter what I did, it looked like the worst shaky cam video. Now if it were mounted to a tripod and didn't move, the video was amazing, however having the camera stationary was not ideal so my Hero3 basically sat unused for years.

So fast forward to June 2018, I see this refurbished GoPro Hero5 Session, super small, has a linear mode, can do 4K & 2.7K and it has Image Stabilization. Order it from Amazon on Tuesday Night, gets here Thursday, love prime! This GoPro Hero5 Session might as well have been brand new. Looks mint, works, great and honestly the packaging as A+!

The battery doesn't not really come charged so I did have to charge it which took about 90 minutes, but I put in a 128gb microSD card, and tested it out all weekend on my Wrangler and in a pool with my brother. Hands down this is what I had hoped the GoPro Hero3 was going to be years ago. The menu is easy and intuitive, and the video the camera takes is STUNNING!

Pros: The Image Stabilization is stunningly good. It's not perfect, but if you have owned a GoPro without Image Stabilization, it's a night and day difference! I can not say enough for how stable the camera footage is! The color in all the video I have shot is beautiful and the way this camera transition from underwater to above water is breath-taking! The battery only lasts about 80ish minutes but for a 1 inch cube that surprises me! It's very light, and fits easily into your pocket. Again this GoPro Hero5 Session is what I had originally hoped my GoPro Hero3 would have been!

Cons: I feel like I have to say something here so I will say I do wish the 2.7K Linear had more than 30fps, but honestly it's really not a huge deal, I just think some of the things I shot would look better in 60fps. Also made lack of external battery options. I know there is one, and it's on back order from Amazon.

Another tip about the Image Stabilization, the GoPro can only do so much, if your mount is not firmly secured it will help with the shakiness of your video but it will still be there!

I'll update this review in a month, I have two weeks of vacation and I'll see how this GoPro Hero5 Sessions holds up!

Camcorder Video Camera Ultra HD 1080P Vlogging YouTube Digital Recorder Camera with Powerful Microphone, Lens Hood, Separate Battery Charger, 2 Batteries Review:

I purchased this as a gift for my incredibly difficult to shop for brother. I am so happy with it. For the price I expected something cheap and near disposable, but it's quite compact and sturdy. It fits into a pocket in it's padded case, (except the mic and lens hood) I had to take it out and ensure it works and all the pieces are there, so I'm not giving a bad gift lol. I was pleasantly surprise to find 2 charged batteries and a charger for when they need it. Instead of needing to charge before first use. I was a little sad I still need to purchase an SD card but this allows me to pick the memory size so I'm doing that next. I am very glad I opened it and read the instructions, I suppose I should I have read the description more carefully. Camera turns of when closed to save that battery life and looks pretty sharp.
Once it was all set up it worked great! comfortable in my hand, (thanks to the adjustable hand strap) the mic is a perfect addition for the animations my brother is creating. Now I just need to get him a stand and it will be the perfect package! Great little camera for artistic and family use!!!

【Full Upgrade】Ultra HD Video Camera Camcorder with Rechargeable Microphone 1080P 42M Vlogging Camera YouTube Digital Camera IPS Touch Screen Remote Control IR Night Vision, Lens Hood, Battery Charger Review:

 As someone who is new into the photography and video world I wasn't ready to spend thousands on a top of the line professional video camera but I must say this camera has much better quality and more options than I expected it to have for the price. As you can see in my video the picture and sound quality is pretty good and that's before me messing around with the settings (I probably will be able to make a better looking video once I figure out all the different aspects and settings of this camera and cameras in general). There are so many different options in the touch screen menu as far as quality, resolution, different picture modes and colors etc.
The camera also has a pretty cool look once you assemble all the pieces, almost looks like a little news camera :) The battery life is definitely long. I got the camera about a week ago and have only charged it once and have been messing around with it here and there just about every day. The remote control is also something I didn't expect and it's a cool feature if you will be video taping yourself (for YouTube videos etc) and gets rid of that awkward moment at the end of a self-video where it captures you getting up and walking to the camera to turn it off lol. So all-in-all I'm happy with it and I do recommend the buy because for what it is and for the price point it definitely has everything I was looking for.