Best Birdbath Stands & Bases in 2020

Achla Designs Hanging Ring for 14-in Birdbath Bowls Review:

After searching for a good hanging birdbath to replace an old one, I almost gave up. Most are too deep for the birds to do anything but drink--I'm not trying to drown them, after all. They need a shallow dish with a gradual incline not a slope.

So I bought this ring and fitted it with a solid copper 12" serving tray I found on Ebay. (I found several listed for around $20.) I rounded out the center bottom to make it a little deeper in the center (with a hammer). It works perfectly, sometimes I see two goldfinches splashing around in it at the same time--small song birds love it.
The tray was around half an inch deep to start with and the center was pounded out to around an inch deep now.

Another plus to this design is the lightweight tray is easy to pick up out of the frame and bring in to wash frequently.

Note to birdbath manufacturers: Birds don't bathe up to their necks--they splash about. How about some shallow bird baths?

CobraCo Canterbury 15-Inch Black Scroll Top Plant Stand SCBPS1015-B Review:

This was perfect for a small, tall space I wanted to fill. It does the job without being overwhelming in its design. Despite its simplicity, it's strong and sturdy.

Achla Designs BGP-05 Support Birdhouse Flange, Black Review:

Attached my Home Bazaar Victorian Cottage Birdhouse to a 1 1/4 inch white PVC pipe with this flange.

The flange fit snugly inside the PVC pipe and drilled easily to allow a securing bolt to be inserted.

I lost my previous birdhouse and pole to a severe wind storm. This one should withstand that storm easily.

I recommend this item to anyone wanting to mount something on a pole.

Peaktop 3200670 Outdoor Hummingbird Fusion Glass Peaktop-3200670 Bird Bath, Hand Painted Playing, 18-Inch, Blue/Pink Review:

First off, I ordered this and another birdbath from the same company. The other one arrived as a box of shattered glass. This one was clearly not new as the box was re-taped more than once. There was only a minor scratch so I decided to keep it.

The stand is fine and the bowl is beautiful. The orb in the center is lit by a cold white LED which gives a strange glow through the yellow sphere at night. The orb section in the middle does not hold water, so the water level only reaches about and inch even though the whole bowl is deeper which means it dries out in a day or so without rain.

Now after 3 months, a crack appeared as pictured. The bowl has been outside in spring/summer weather (60's to 80's) under the canopy of a tree with the stand in mulch. The bowl never fell and nothing fell onto the bowl. The crack leaked water so I filled it with clear silicone. I get the feeling that the glass is only good enough to be kept indoors.

I contacted the company at their request in the comments. They were very accommodating and sent me a full replacement via UPS and kept me up to date on the progress by email during the entire process. They said that the packaging issues are related to using Amazon's "store" service for their product. My replacement arrived in good shape but once again, the package had clearly been opened before.

Alpine Corporation Metal Bird Bath Stand - Outdoor Décor Accessories - Black Review:

This stand fit my glass bowl bird bath perfectly. I picked it because of the curls at the feet. I wanted a stand that would not tip over if bumped. I poured a round slab of concrete. Lightly set the stand on the wet cement to make shallow impressions of where the feet go; then inserted eye-bolts into the cement, one on each side of a foot of the stand. Then did the same to the opposite foot. Once the cement cured, I re-positioned the stand and slid a long hex bolt through one eye-bolt, through the curled food and into the other eye-bolt and tightened with washer and nut. Did same at the opposite foot and now the stand is firmly anchored to the cement; but I can remove it if need be. This way I do not have to worry about the dog or cat knocking it over. They are too small to reach the bowl. The only thing I have to worry about is me bumping into it when I am weeding the garden!

Bloem Promo Bird Bath with Pedestal, 25" x 17", Peppercorn (270-60) Review:

The birds love it!. The white one I had finally broke after at least a dozen years. No snow in my area but constant sun and heat. I just tilt to clean and then refill. Never sits completely straight but the birds like the choice of low for a drink and deeper end for a nice bath. No drownings as 2" at deepest. We put a bit of gravel and dirt in the base to help it stabilize on the grass. Very easy to put in the 3 screws to assemble.
Note to self: don't rush. Use both hands to pick up base to relocate.