Best Automotive Replacement Emission EGR Valves in 2020

Aurelio Tech Diesel EGR Valve Kit for Ford Powerstroke 2003-2010 6.0 Liter E350 E450 F550 F350 F450 F250 Super Duty 904-218 Review:

Fit perfectly some instructions would have been nice but fairly simple to install when you have the whole engine apart for a rebuild anyway. Up pipe was a good fit I bolted it tight to the y-pipe noting how the old one was on there and getting it close to how it was. The bolt holes are quite large to give some room to adjust I guess so that why I got it as close to how the old one was. When I first put it in the up pipe didn’t line up perfectly with the turbo and I seen all these people taking about putting a strap on it and forcing it to the turbo. DONT do that you should never force parts like that and all your going to do is cause those flex joints to break sooner. All you need to do is loosen the 4 bolts that hold the up pipes to the exhaust manifolds then you can easily move it to the right position put the clamp on the turbo and then tighten up the 4 bolts to the up pipe manifold connections.

Standard Motor Products EGV575T EGR Valve Review:

EGR worked great and was like half the price compaired to other sites! I installed this on my 2001 Ford Mustang GT and it was very straight forward to install and It also came with a gasket which was great!
Great price and good product so far, made my mustang idle the way it should and run like its brand new!

CHAMPAONE Valve and Throttle Valve Kit - Dodge Cummins 6.7 6.7L 2010-2017 - DK Engine Parts (2010-2017 W/TVD) Review:

Everything fit where it needed to on my 2012 ram 6.7. No instructions so if you get lost there is some good you tube vids. Also for the intake horn I suggest buying the gasket where it bolts back up on top of the grid heater, and buying a gasket for the grid heater because you gonna wanna pull it out for a good cleaning. A long wire brush and shop vac to suck out all that soot build up.

6.0 EGR Valve Pipe Kit fits Ford 6.0L Diesel Powerstroke | 03-07 Ford Super Duty F250 F350 F450 F550, 03-05 Ford Excursion, 04-10 Ford E350 E450 | Replace 904-228, 3C3Z6A642CA Review:

Not an easy task for the mild mannered. But price and quality was on point. No issues, I ordered felpro gaskets and the oil cooler and went felpro for it too.

I did not use the pipe delete, instead cut off the cooler end and welded a plate and avoided the risk of breaking the bolts on exhaust pipe instead.

Truck runs like a raped ape and fuel mpg increased. Only draw back is the exhaust seems a bit louder after deleting the egr cooler.
Save yourself some trouble and weld a butt cap on the chop saw'ed end of the egr cooler and forget about this pipe.

YUNDA EGR Valve EG10026 EGV589 Fit for Buick Cadillac Chevrolet GMC Isuzu Pontiac V6 V8 12576918,4F1139,EGR1067 with One Gasket Review:

Works perfectly in my 2000 Cadillac Deville. Got rid of my P0404 and P0101 codes and restored gas mileage I had lost. Be sure to get a proper ACDelco gasket to use with it because the included one seems pretty crappy to how nice the ACDelco one is.

I'll be sure to update if it ends up failing in the near future or something.

Edit: It's now a few weeks later and my car is performing way worse than it was with my old dirty EGR valve. I had the dealer look at it and they told me it was the EGR valve causing my problems and that I should have used an original part. I've ordered a new EGR valve and should be getting it tomorrow, and if it turns out this EGR valve was what was causing all my problems I'll be sure to come back and update this review again. If it was, I can safely say I'll be staying away from aftermarket parts from now on.

Edit 2: I replaced this valve with an AC Delco one and my problems have persisted, so this valve is probably fine.

Edit 3: The problem the whole time was my catalytic converter, like I thought, and the dealership I took it to was full of it, just looking to swindle me out of as much money as possible. This EGR valve is just fine.

EGR Valve Kit - Fits Early Dodge Cummins 6.7 6.7L - DK Engine Parts (2007-2009) Review:

Reading other reviews before I purchased this kit, I saw that some people had issues with the included bracket. So I went into the install assuming I would have these issues too. I had to fabricate a spacer and provide a couple of my own bolts to get the bracket installed properly. Other than that everything went smooth and installed properly. The cost savings for this kit vs other leading brands was well worth the additional time and headache in my opinion. Install time was approximately 4 hours working by myself. Installation instructions weren’t included, but you can google it to find some and I watched a couple of installation videos before I tackled mine.

EGR Valve Pressure Feedback Sensor For Ford Lincoln Mazda Mercury Replaces DPFE15 F77Z9J460AB Review:

Very affordable part, great quality, shipped fast, but...even though I did a full Amazon garage check, it did not fit my car because my car is a PZEV designed for (mostly) the California market. I have recently learned that most sites (even at the ones that you can enter your VIN to check for parts that should perfectly fit) do not recognize the difference between a PZEV and a non-PZEV make and model of the same year and engine size.
However, this would have been perfect had my 2008 Focus not been a PZEV model. Again, great product, great company, and the issue was not their fault.