Best Powersports Shocks in 2020

Fox Factory Rebuild Kit for Float Rear Shocks Review:

I saved literally hundreds of dollars! It was fairly to assemble and fix. Delivery was great. Thank the powers that be that I found these. None of the bike stores nearby would touch the shock and offered to sell me the shocks. Did I mention I saved hundreds of dollars?

ALPHA MOTO Air Shock Dual Pump 0~300psi & 0~110psi Compatible for Harley Davidson Touring Dresser Bagger Honda Suzuki Yamaha Kawasaki Motorcycle Bicycle Mountain Bike Review:

Good little pump. Pumps air. Just finding one that has a preasure relief valve that works is the catch. The company
stood behind their product and was prompt in trying to resolve the issue with the faulty valves. Went through three pumps with no luck. Two of the duel face 300psi & one 60psi. FOX shock pumps have the same problem with the valves. When i contacted FOX they flat out said they DO NOT stand behind thier faulty products and told me basically to eat it. Will never do business with FOX again. Alphamoto on the other hand were very professional and addressed the issue immediately.

TeraFlex 1203700 J/XJ/ZJ Front Lower Shock Bar Pin Eliminator Kit Review:

I gave it 5 stars because they feel nice and buff and fit perfect. BUT: the supplied bolts are not even the size of the holes on the bracket to attach it to the shock. I used the bolts that attach the rear sway bar because I originally was using those as temporary mounts. I wouldn’t say these are worth 30 dollars because the hardware is useless but they do the job perfectly using original hardware. If you need to buy hardware add an additional 5 dollars to the price you are paying installing them yourself.

ALPHA MOTO High Pressure Air Shock Pump 300 psi max Compatible with Harley Davidson Suzuki Yamaha Honda Kawasaki Mountain Bike Fork & Rear Suspension Work With Schaefer Air Valve Review:

This is great value for the money and well built but the pressure gauge is WAY too high. Harley shocks only need 15-20 psi, the gauge goes to over 300? It can barely even register the highest pressure for shocks. While it’s a great product I have no clue why they would put such a stupid high gauge? Totally ridiculous, that being said this is a must have for air shocks and it is well made so I recommend but don’t expect exact accuracy and be careful not to ruin your shocks. If you want fancy Gand accurate pay more get Harley want cheap well made that does the job look no further.

Hill Country Customs 60 PSI Air Shock Pump with Rubber Handle for Harley-Davidson Rear Suspension - HC-APB Review:

as advertised and timely shipping. Only reason for 3 star on sturdiness is I have not had it long enough for a fair evaluation in this category

TeraFlex 1204800 TJ/XJ Rear Upper Shock Bar Pin Eliminator Kit Review:

It came in a small box with everything it said it would. After getting the old bar pin (recommend using a grinder to cut the pin so you can remove it) out, it was a very quick and easy install. You will have to use some brute force to get it on the end of the strut, but a few minutes of messing with it should produce the results you want.

The construction is solid. I'm pretty sure these will outlast my jeep

260mm 10-1/4" Mono Shock Adjustable for SDG SSR Pitster Bro Lifan 110cc 125cc 140cc 200cc 250cc Pit Dirt Bike Review:

Not a bad product for the price. Fit right up and performs at least as well as original, though I will say the spring is set up for someone who is at least 150 lbs. The suspension hardly budged with our skinny 10 year old neighbor kid.