Best Automotive Performance Electrical Accessories in 2022

Last update: January 10, 2023

CTEK (56-304) Comfort Connect Extension Cable, 8.2 Feet Review:

This specialized thin extension cord functions flawlessly. The ends are foolproof and can only connect to the charger unit or other wires in one direction. When a thumb plate is pressed, these cables firmly clasp yet instantly release. The extension cords can only be used with CTEK cables and chargers, so take note of that.This cord can be thin because it is just transferring a tiny amount of current from the charger to the battery in your car, boat, generator, etc. Using a thick, hefty extension cord to connect the charger to the wall socket is a less desired option. Due to the increased current flowing through the cord, this would be essential.

Painless 70903 3/4" Power Braid (6' Boxed) Review:

rewiring an outdated truck I've had to utilize those shoddy-looking plastic sleeves in the past. These are sturdy (nearly impossible to cut), comparatively simple to use, and quite professional-looking. The fact that they tightly enclose the wiring is what makes them the most challenging to apply. It takes considerable force to pry them apart so you can access the wire. But that is precisely why the system works so well. The wiring is well protected after it is encased in a sturdy nylon sleeve.I'll take the trickier technique any day of the week, especially when the wires are so well-protected and presentable.

ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug (Pack of 4) Review:

Arrived on schedule, and the packaging was nice. Neither the box holding the plugs nor the separate boxes holding each plug had any obvious damage. I was replacing my old plugs with these new ones. I checked all the new ones after noticing that the gaps did not appear to be properly filled in and discovered that none of them had been set at the sixty thousandth of an inch, as others have claimed. Before installing your plugs, always make sure they are installed properly. Most plugs can be adjusted to their recommended gaps; if the gap is incorrect for your engine, there is no need to send them back. If not, you shouldn't have started out on this expedition in the first place. In actuality, installing spark plugs is simpler than adjusting them. These plugs are identical to the majority of spark plugs and are easily adjustable.

HELLA H84989011 5 Terminal Mini Relay Socket - Bracket Review:

This is the best course of action if you are running many relay-activated accessories. As many as you need, connect them together, and securely mount them to your firewall. Now, just like OEM relay assemblies, you can swap out a bad relay without messing with your wiring. To connect your wires to this socket, use Uxcel female 6.8mm spade terminals, some heat shrink tubing, and silicone caulk to seal the connections. On the relay, apply some dielectric grease. You now possess a weatherproof assembly.

Design Engineering 010233 Ultra Sheath MA Lightweight Extreme Heat Protection for Hoses, Fuel Lines & Electrical Wiring, 1.25" x 3' Review:

Using it incorrectly: The 2" radiator return hose was within half an inch of the header #1 collector. Wrapped the header to close the air gap, and covered the hose with a 9" section of this sheathing (sadly, they don't have it in 2"). The piping stays cool on the other side thanks to the excellent sheathing. Once cut, the stitching was simply removed without causing any damage to the sheathing.Over the past two months, the sheathing of the car has held together really nicely. It is directly behind the rad fans, and it is still intact.

Pertronix MA-141 Mazda 4 Cylinder Ignitor Review:

I adore never having to deal with points again!! The timing or internals of the distributor may require a little change. Make sure the sliding portion of the distributor can advance the throttle fully by keeping an eye on it. Therefore, make sure your vacuum advance is working properly as well. If not, locate a Yale forklift parts shop, search for a 1971–1973 Yale with a Mazda engine, and let them know it has an MA–141 distributor. Don't pay for a used part; a new vacuum advance should cost around $25 or less (I looked for a replacement part for weeks).