Best Automotive Replacement Pushbutton Switches in 2020

Carbon Fiber Car Engine Start Stop Button Cover Keyless Go Ignition Stickers For Mercedes Benz A B C GLC GLA CLA ML GL Class, etc Review:

I’ve installed 2 of these now. Look and feel great. But I would recommend sticking it on your stock button with it is still in the ignition. That way you get it lined up just how you want. I’ve stuck it on before with the button removed and when I reinstall its clocked out of line one way or the other. Just a tip!

JIANFA Car push button switch DIY switch OFF/ON universal DC12V switch for fog driving lights neon lights LED light bar etc. Review:

I am using this on a backup drive on my desk to keep the drive idle and save on energy use. I do a backup once a week so no need for the drive and dock to run constantly as the older dock does not have a switch on it. Just stuck it on the dock where it is easy to get to. Remember this is rated for 12 volts and if you were going to use this in a home or office check the power supply you are connecting it to to make sure it is within the rated range. A lot of these small devices are between 5 and 12 volts DC. and only draw 100 ma to 2 amps.

Jtron Car DIY Switches Water Drop Shape Button Switches OFF/ON DC 12V For Fog Lights,DRL,LED Light Bar,etc(Cable:19.6"in) Review:

Just what I needed! I didn't feel like pulling the dash panel. So this was perfect.
I needed a power switch to control a trunk lid LED strip. By toggling the power on the green wire, I am able to change from normal mode to colorful mode.
Works great and feels like it will last. Good quality. Sticks really great to a spot on the dash that I cleaned with alcohol.

Fastronix Heavy Duty Push Button Momentary Start Switch (Neoprene Cap) Review:

Installation went fine. It's a simple device. It was unclear whether the hex nut was supposed to go on the front side or the back side of the panel I mounted it to. I put the nut on the outside so it would tighten to the switch behind the panel. The rubber tip screws off and is part of a round type nut. My guess is that you could leave it off if you did not need the button to be weatherproof. However, for those that want the switch to be weatherproof, you will need to install it. However, you cannot tighten it unless you use pliers that will bugger up the steel. Furthermore, there should be a gasket or seal so the weatherproof rubber steel part will seal to the body of the panel and not leak past the shaft. I used a garden hose seal to seal it.

The button worked on my tractor as a glow plug switch because my model tractor does not turn on the glow plugs until you crank the engine over. That causes it to turn over a lot and sputter when it starts. This button allows me to heat the glow plugs before I crank the engine. It is working so far. I used a switch like this from an auto parts store last year and it didn't last a year before water corroded it. I hope this brand does better.

Fastronix Heavy Duty Push Button Momentary Start Switch Red Neoprene Cap Review:

This 60a push button switch appears solidly made and should be weather proof as long as the neoprene button cover remains soft and intact. Small ring connectors must be used on the small lugs, which limits the wire size; not a problem unless wiring is necessarily heavy. The large "nut" used to hold the unit in the dash panel is very thin and collapsible; mine was useless after only very slight tightening and a substitute had to be found, very difficult for that thread size and pitch.

Core Tools CT126-LS-B Black Push Button Waterproof Switch Review:

I got this tiny little button switch to put on one of the led fog lights on my motorcycle they have 3 modes (high, low, flashing) the way they change modes is by turning on/off/on and some times they get out of sync when I turn them on so I got this to put on one light to get back in sync works great this has a nice rubber cover over the switch button to make it water proof I have washed and rode in the rain too many time and never had any troubles with it I didn't drill a hole to mount it (no place on my bike to do it) but I can see it would mount well it just have it zip tied out of the way like I said this is tiny so when I got it I was thinking I paid way to much for this tiny little thing but needed it /had it and didn't want to waste time returning /ordering something else but now I have had it and been using it for some time now I really think I am glad I kept it and would buy this same tiny button switch its NOT a cheap piece of crap its very well made and very water tight so I would spend a little more for this
I know it took me some time to write a review on this but I like to use the product to see how it last and works
I am a real person that gives real reviews and buy the products for personal use and only write the review base on the product not for my mistakes or misuse and hoping that my review will help others make the best choice for them

Push Button Switch Waterproof On-Off Light Wired Switches 12V For Motorcycle/Car 5Pcs (Black) Review:

 (Don’t forget to watch the video attached)

OMG this switch was perfect simple and painless to install. I’m after looking at 40+ different switches on Amazon, this one I thought to be a winner. When it arrived, IT WAS!! It fits just like the OEM on my ML-320 Mercedes interior Dome light switch.

I received it today, and I had to review it immediately! I rushed into my car to install.

I just had to solder, slide that switch in and close it up! Perfect distance between the Dome cover and the switch pin. I just had to cut off the rubber.


Suburban SB232259 Quantity 1 232259 Electrical Element Switch-SW Series Review:

This was a perfect replacement on my 2105 Keystone Outback Suburban water heater! although getting the old switch out was touch because it slightly melted causing one side to expand and become wedged in the housing. Once out, it was a perfect fit. I do believe the reason for the failure was water penetration from the hot water heater check valve splashing up and seeping in around the electrical switch. I used a lot of silicone on the replacement in an attempt to keep water from penetrating in. The other idea is to put a small hose on the check valve to direct the water way from the water heater area if the valve is used.

Sports Red Start Stop Engine Switch Button For BMW,Jaronx Engine Power Ignition Start Stop Button Replacement(Fits: BMW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 X1 X3 X4 X5 X6 F30 F10 F01 F15 F25 G30 G31 G11 G12) Review:

This is a really nice subtle modification and will be standard on the 2019 M2 Competition. It looks and feels like an OEM quality part. The install was so simple, and I was truly surprised! All I did was mash one of the adhesive sticks on the OEM starter button working it in a little and gave it an hour to adhere. I just pulled quickly and it came right off. I lined the Red Start Stop button up like the previous one was, and it snapped right on. BTW, I checked some start stop install YouTube videos while I was waiting for it to arrive, and they were removing the whole start mechanism. DON'T DO THAT, just follow the vendor's instructions. They are perfect.

Linkstyle 5Pcs DC 12V/24V Metal Latching Push Button Switch, 4 Pin Car RV Truck Boat SPDT ON/OFF Switch, Waterproof Self-Locking Round Marine Switch with Blue LED Light for 12mm 1/2" Mounting Hole Review:

I was a bit disappointed cause the Push Button Switch is really small. I think this is my fault, cause I did not pay attention to the 12-millimeter size, but the image where the finger is on the switch is a lie. This is the reason I selected this switch, it looked large. I have attached 2 pics: 1) How it arrives and 2) The switch is in the palm of my hand with a flash drive on the left and penny on the right. This is to give you a better perspective of the item. The 3rd image is there image showing how large the push button is in comparison with a finger. PS: I'm going to purchase a larger size, I think the 40mm should do the trick. If this does not work, I will have to go to HomeDepot or Lowe's to purchase the 12v switches. Amazon images are deceiving. They are not giving you the actual size of the gadget in the image. I'm still going to try to use these switches instead of returning them.

Hope this helps.
God bless you plenty today, tomorrow and always. Amen!!!