Best Air Conditioning Line Repair Tools in 2022

Last update: November 24, 2022

Can a AC hose be repaired?

Yes, a AC hose can be repaired with a little effort. You'll need to patch the hole with a piece of rubber or plastic, then use a hose clamp to secure it in place.

Can a copper AC line be repaired?

If your copper AC line is damaged, you can have it repaired by a professional. However, if the damage is severe, you may need to replace the entire line.

Can an AC line be spliced?

An AC line can be spliced, but it is not recommended. Splicing an AC line can create a fire hazard and cause electrical problems.

Can refrigerant lines be repaired?

Yes, refrigerant lines can be repaired. A professional can repair leaks in the lines and recharge the system.

Robinair 13203 Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil - 1 Quart Review:

Since I was unable to locate any vacuum pump oil close by, Amazon came to my aid. My RobinAir pump's oil needed to be replaced, and I had to recharge the AC in my Jeep. She ran flawlessly once more after having the oil changed! It was past time for me to replace the oil, which I typically do after three evacuations or once a year. My specific pump used up one-fourth of the quart bottle.Because this oil is so clear, I can immediately identify any contaminants. Should maintain my pump in good working order for a while!

AutoLine Pro EVAP Vacuum Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector Diagnostic Tester - Shop Series - Compact Review:

The AutoLine Pro EVAP Vacuum Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector Diagnostic Tester was something I bought (machine). My car was having trouble starting, and a code reader I had suggested there was too much air in the gas mixture. I look through the hoses for a vane leak. I had two options: either I could diagnose the problem myself with the smoke machine for a little bit extra to buy and hope I missed a hose, or I could take the car to a mechanic who would charge $100 (or possibly more).Although there were no problems with the equipment, I did carefully read the brief setup instructions because misuse of the device could result in harm. Do not operate the equipment for longer than 10 minutes, per the instructions. It does get really warm. But it took me no longer than three minutes to find the problem locations. I was unaware that I would need to use an air compressor, but since I already have one, there is no issue (it was presumably stated elsewhere in the advertising). You only need to get to about 20 to 30 pressure, despite the fact that the instructions say you can go up to 100 psi. Although I'm not a mechanic, I don't think you should go much more than 30 psi. Two problem areas were found by me. The other portion is simple, however the first one will take me some time to repair (EGR valve). I definitely saved money by diagnosing and repairing the EGR valve myself.

Titan 80 Piece Vacuum Cap Assortment Review:

Excellent to have on hand when working on carburetors and intake manifolds. Although I didn't have a specific need in mind when I acquired them, I was aware that they would be useful at some point. The smaller ones are excellent for capping brake lines and fuel lines when you have to disconnect them, and I've already used them numerous times to seal off vacuum connections on my old Camaro's crossfire injection system. I received the order two days ago. large selection of parts at affordable prices. They smell strange, but the car I'm working on also does, so I don't care.

OrionMotorTech R134A Can Tap Valve Refrigerant Dispenser Tool with Tank Adapter for 1/4 and 1/2 inch AC Freon Charging Hose Review:

In most cases, the tap valves that come with A/C recharge kits are worthless. Knowing that, I bought a second device with both the standard cheap tap valve and this high-quality valve. You definitely get what you paid for. This valve was a genuine delight to use after its straightforward installation on my recharge tool. You will have a valve that should last a very long time if you replace the garbage that was included with your recharge kit. Very strongly advised.

Kozyvacu TA350 Single-Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for HVAC/Auto AC Refrigerant Recharging, Wine Degassing, Milking, Medical, Food Processing Review:

I got this vacuum pump to degas wine and stabilize wood turning blanks. My vacuum pot didn't come till after the pump, so I put it up to degas wine instead. The two fittings for connecting a vacuum line are the only thing I have against the device. They have a 1/2" Acme and a 1/4" Flare. These are ideal for refrigeration experts, but they can be challenging for woodworkers. I aimed to obtain a 3/8 "hose fitting with a nipple. I felt upset after making a few trips to hardware stores and buying the wrong fittings, so I took the fitting out of the pump, went into the store, gave it to the clerk, and explained what I needed. The clerk spent a lot of time searching before coming up with a selection of fittings that, when combined, would achieve my goal.When I took the fitting out of the pump, I became aware of the thread sealant. The sealer was hard like glue instead of the usual semi-soft pipe putty. I used Teflon tape to reattach the pump's fitting. I set up and powered up my degassing apparatus. A maximum vacuum of roughly 25 Hg was indicated by the vacuum gauge. Not the best for supporting wood, but fine for wine.The following day, my vacuum pot showed up. The vacuum gauge and all the fittings were installed when it arrived. The vacuum line only needed to be connected directly to the 1/4 "the pump's flare fitting. No adaptor is required. After changing the pump oil, I turned on the vacuum pot and observed as it reached its maximum vacuum of about 27 Hg. Not spectacular, but adequate. I experimented by adding a few drops of oil to the area where the pump's fitting screws into the pump body. The oil vanished in a short period of time. I took the fitting out before working on the next batch of wood, cleaned the threads with a pick and wire brush, and then replaced it using 5 Minute Epoxy as thread sealer. The pump produced a 29 Hg vacuum that finally surpassed 29.5 Hg the second time I ran it. That's about as nice of a vacuum as you can get at my elevation of 825 feet above sea level.I'm on my forth batch of wood, but the oil in the pump is still the same. It continues to provide a nearly flawless vacuum. Speaking of oil, the exhaust port of the pump releases an oil mist when it is operating. I wouldn't breathe it in. I just moved the pump outside instead of donning a filtration mask. The good news is that the mist nearly totally disappears when the pump achieves its maximum vacuum (and there are no substantial vacuum leaks). The pump is still running outdoors. I keep the vacuum pot inside during cold weather and run the power and vacuum lines to the pump outside beneath the garage door. The pump is kept cool while operating by the chilly air. After running for a few hours or longer in temperatures of 50 degrees or more, the pump becomes noticeably warm; not scalding hot, but uncomfortable warm (which is normal).Overall, especially for the price, I'm extremely happy with this pump.

CALBEAU 4 Way Manifold Gauge Set, Fits R134A/R410A/R404A and R22 Refrigerants, Household Air Conditioning Repair Kit for Freon Charging and Vacuum Pump Evacuation Review:

I purchased this kit to diagnose and recharge the freon in my 12-year-old F150. It looks great, has a fair weight to it, and comes with a really durable protective case. There are no leaks anywhere since the fast connectors fit the line precisely. If you enjoy working on cars, this is a fantastic investment because it replenishes the freon without any problems.

Elitech WJL-6000 Freon Leak Detector Halogen Leak Detector Refrigerant Gas Leakage Tester HVAC Air Condition R22 R410A R134A CFCs HCFCs HFCs Detects High Accuracy Review:

It actually works! I'm amazed at how effective this device is in finding leaks given the cost. As it focuses on the leak, it has a very James Bond feel. Better than calling a repairman who, when quoting the refrigerator repair, will probably find something more to bill you for. This is what happened to me when I was quoted $999 for the replacement of a compressor when, in reality, my refrigerator had a little leak. With this device and a different component, I was able to repair the refrigerator for $50 and replenish the refrigerant level to the proper levels (bullet piercing valve that I bought on Amazon as well). Because the lackadaisical repairman never even checked the refrigerant pressure, I got a bad feeling he was taking advantage of me. I was correct. That's all it took to save me $950.

Can you braze AC lines with a propane torch?

Yes, you can braze AC lines with a propane torch. This can be a useful way to repair a line or to join two lines together. Make sure that you have the proper fittings and that you follow all safety precautions when working with propane.

Can you patch a leaking AC line?

Yes, you can patch a leaking AC line. You will need to purchase a repair kit that includes a self-adhesive repair patch. Clean the area around the leak with a clean cloth. Apply the patch to the leak. Press the patch firmly in place. Allow the patch to dry for the recommended time.

Can you seal AC leak with tape?

Yes, you can seal an AC leak with tape, but it is not a permanent fix. The tape will eventually come off and the leak will start again.

Can you solder AC lines?

You can solder AC lines if you have the right tools and know how to do it safely. AC lines carry a lot of electricity and can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Make sure you have a good understanding of electrical safety before attempting to solder AC lines.

Can you tape a Freon leak?

Yes, you can tape a Freon leak. You will need to purchase a roll of duct tape and some Freon leak sealant. Apply the sealant to the duct tape and then place the duct tape over the leak.

Can you use compression fittings on aluminum AC lines?

Yes, you can use compression fittings on aluminum AC lines. You will need to use a ferrule with the compression fitting, and you may need to use a different size compression fitting than you would use on copper lines.