Best Toy Home Cleaning Products in 2022

Last update: December 26, 2022

Kids Cleaning Set 7 Piece - Wooden Detachable Toy Cleaning Set Includes Kid-Sized with Housekeeping Broom, Mop, Duster, Dustpan, Brush, Rag, and Organizing Stand for Toy Kitchen Toddler Cleaning Set Review:

Super cute, super cute!A good cleaning set for children of this size! It was simple to put together and quite self explanatory! a sturdy wooden dowel stem, a plastic base, and two levels of hooks designed to hang items evenly spaced apart! Broom, mop, dustpan, towel, and duster that appear realistic! I can push it to the side and it won't be in the way because it doesn't take up much room. If necessary, I can take it apart and put it back together in the box. The kids really enjoy it, so I bought it to add to my "home center" at my daycare. They all rush to grab a piece from the set as soon as I finish cleaning! It's enjoyable to watch children pretend and use their imaginations. Additionally beneficial for them is coordination training with hand and arm motions!Super cute! I think it's a great size for children 2 to 5! According to the quantity and quality of the products, I believe this was a good deal. I've had it for about a month and so far have not encountered any problems. If I needed a present for a child between the ages of 2 and 5, I would definitely purchase this again!

Play Circle by Battat – Mighty Tidy Sweeping Set – 4-piece Colorful Toy Broom and Dustpan Set – Toy Cleaning Set for Toddlers Age 3 Years and Up Review:

This is still a beloved toy that I bought for my daughter when she was 14 months old (22 months old). The item is attractive, sturdy, adorable, and useful. My kid likes to use "baby's" broom to sweep the floors with mom. Our brooms and dustpans have withstood toddler handling quite well and will continue to be used as learning/play items for months to come. I would suggest this set to anyone's young helper or even a facility seeking for a high-quality item that will be utilized by a lot of kids because price, style, and quality all match up on this one.

Melissa & Doug, Let’S Play House! Dust! Sweep! Mop! The Original Pretend Play Cleaning Set (6Piece, Frustration-Free Packaging), Great Gift for Girls & Boys - Best For 3, 4, 5, & 6 Year Olds) Review:

I'm totally perplexed. I initially worried that we would be committing a child labor crime when my sister-in-law asked me to buy cleaning materials for my nephew, but she assured me that he enjoys helping clean the house. The toy cleaning set is what I find when I search Amazon. I hesitate before pressing the "purchase" button because I'm still not sure if a 2-year-old would actually appreciate the housework that eats up my free time as an adult. In case it turned out to be a late April Fools joke, I even sent a Nerf gun and some Legos as backup presents. Not a joke at all. I'm totally with it.A week later, I arrive at his birthday celebration with the now-wrapped cleaning products. Guys, I felt like I was entering a lion's cave where I would encounter many judgmental parents who would notice that I had purchased a mop, broom, and duster for my nephew. What a shame! When it was time to receive presents, my nephew opened the large box, revealing that he would not be dressing as a cowboy, spaceman, or soldier, but rather as a janitor. The parents didn't say anything, but their looks spoke volumes.Then the strangest thing occurred. My nephew pulled out the broom, shouted with delight, and started sweeping quickly in a frenzy of infant ecstasy. Kids started picking up the duster and mop one by one as they dropped the Nerf guns and toy cars. WTF is going on. I transformed from a beggar to a prince, priding myself on having "the nicest gift at the party."Not going to lie, I find it hard to think that kids would want to play with something like this, but my nephew seemed thrilled, and that's all I was aiming for, so five stars!

Melissa & Doug Spray, Squirt & Squeegee Play Set (Pretend Play Cleaning Set, Promotes Motor Skills, 8" H x 8" W x 8" L) Review:

My son enjoys imitating me when I clean, and he is now old enough to assist with some minor chores. I was aware that I had to locate a set he could claim as his own. I adore this M

Schylling Little Helper Broom Set Review:

Our 15-month-old son enjoys grabbing our kitchen broom and carrying it around the house, so we purchased one for him. Unsurprisingly, he has been carrying the broom around constantly and likes it just as much as the real thing.Naturally, the handle on this broom is child-sized, making it simpler for the little ones to carry it around without running into items in the house with the stick. No problem at all for our 15-month-old to carry it. Although the little broom and scoop are equally cool as the broom, our son mainly uses the larger broom.The brooms are actually constructed fairly nicely, and they could truly be used to clean up if necessary. The handle has a hole to hang it out of the way (with the real brooms) when you're done playing.Cons: I'm honestly at a loss for words.Overall, if your child has shown interest in the real brooms in the house, this set is fantastic for them. It's remarkable how well simple things can amuse children.

Minnie Happy Helpers Sparkle N' Clean Vacuum, Pink Review:

Let me start by apologising for my initial review, which was poor since I did not turn the toy over to locate the on switch. Argh, I had it in "try me." SorryThe vacuum is cute, in fact. Beads in a plastic tube are making the sound, which is a little loud and unpleasant but okay. The bow illuminates in classic Minnie style. Nice.The handle is weak and difficult to push.Its OK.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Light-up Learning Vacuum Review:

Excellent tiny vacuum for a little child. For comparison, my 13-month-old is tall for her age, so it is the ideal size for her, but I can see how it could be too tiny for an older toddler.After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that this was the best option for us because my daughter enjoys watching me vacuum and it is the right size and weight for her to push around, it makes real vacuum sounds, is not pink (there are so many pink pretend vacuum cleaners "for girls" out there), and the songs are brief and aren't annoying. I adore how, when she presses the "on" button, it solely emits a vacuum sound and plays no music, giving the impression that she is actually vacuuming.It doesn't stand up on its own, and that's the only problem I have with it.

Casdon - Dyson Ball Vacuum with real suction and sounds - Toy Vacuum Review:

I really fought between giving this 3 or 4 stars, but ultimately decided on 4 because my son loves it and the pricing is excellent considering what you receive. Since he was a child, my autistic son has been TERRIFIED of the vacuum. PETRIFIED, even! This is very similar to our Dyson Animal, which is purple instead of yellow (see pics). He still sobs and runs away when we pull out the vacuum at age 5, so I bought this with the hopes of involving and calming him down. He really adores it and now vacuums alongside us rather than running away in tears. That's a major victory in my book. He frequently vacuums by himself, as I have observed. I adore that he is learning a valuable life lesson and that he enjoys doing the housework. What more could a parent ask for?One switch and one button are present. The vacuum is turned on by pressing the top button, which also activates the chamber where tiny beads of various colors spin. My son thinks this feature is extremely adorable. The suction and sound are activated by the bottom or side switch. I truly wish the top button turned both on at once, but unfortunately, that is not how it is designed. Although my five-year-old can still easily use the vacuum, it is tiny enough and light enough for a smaller child to use. The Dyson look-alike has incredibly nice detail and accuracy! However, there are several issues with the design. To make packaging it in the box easier, it comes in two pieces. Our handle will not snap onto the vacuum's body, despite the fact that it is meant to. We exerted a lot of pressure, and there is no reason why it shouldn't lock into place, but it doesn't. My son is often frustrated by the handle coming off. For that reason, I could wind up returning it and getting another one. Additionally, it's difficult to get the back wheels to click in and out of position so that the vehicle may be raised or made to roll on its ball. The instructions use the words "Click," "Clunk," and "Snap" frequently, yet none of that seems to work for us. Although it's still usable, I wish making such tweaks were simpler and more obvious.Having said that, it has unquestionably performed its role in our family for $20, and my son adores it. For the record, I did NOT receive this for free or at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review; I paid full price.

CASDON Little Helper Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner Toy Review:

It truly does work, and my 4- and 5-year-old boys like it. Ensure you have powerful, brand-new batteries. Since there is no side opening for suction, aim in the centre of the little hole on the bottom of the brush floor attachment. The portable suction device is the one that the kids prefer the most. Because it is so quiet, you can let them play with it all day long without becoming disturbed by the noise. To those parents who complain that it lacks suction, please keep in mind that this is a toy. My five-year-old kid is 45 inches tall, so you can see how tall the vacuum is. If you want a real vacuum with strong suction, it will cost you a lot of money, but your kids can actually help with housework. You know this toy wouldn't cost $40 if it had excellent suction. And who cares how much suction it has as long as your child is content? The fun aspect is that they get to enjoy using the same vacuum as an adult. So once more, the vacuum has good suction.

Click N' Play Pretend Play Housekeeping Cleaning Set Includes Broom Dustpan Duster Mop Collapsible Bucket Sponge & More (Set of 10) Review:

My kid, who is 2.5 years old, enjoys playing doctor and immunizing everyone. For young children who are beginning to explore pretend play, this kit is particularly helpful. Although made of plastic, everything seems to be fairly strong (nothing has broken so far). The only issue is that the stethescope and blood pressure cuff's plastic tubing occasionally becomes kinked, but to her, it's not a huge deal. I appreciate that it includes a locking box to keep everything together. Although I would buy this for other friends with young children, I could suggest a set for older kids that is more realistic.