Best Doll Clothing & Shoes in 2020

ZITA ELEMENT 24 Pcs Girl Doll Clothes Dress for American 18 Inch Doll Clothes and Accessories - Including 10 Complete Set of Clothing Outfits with Hair Bands, Hair Clips, Crown and Cap Review:

I bought these outfits as a thank you to a coworker. His daughters love dressing up their twenty-plus American Girl dolls. I couldn’t resist opening the package to see the clothes. Oh my gosh, they are so cute! I instantly remembered how fun it was to put my dolls in different outfits. The clothes are really soft and so nice to touch. The girls are going to love making their own memories. I’m so glad I bought this set. The combinations are so creative. I took one picture in natural light and one with flash so the colors and details were easier to see.

Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet Review:

 I am very pleased with the quality of this item. This is very nice! It is bigger than I had expected also. This set comes with 2 necklaces, 2 purses, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, and 6 hangers. The doors click into place when you close them so that you know they are securely closed and even has a lock on the doors for extra protection and a handle for carrying.
Only downside is that not many dresses can fit on the left side especially if they are poofy dresses. The right side can fit more if the hanging bar is up however if you need to close the doors for carrying then you have to push the hanging bar down which then can only fit a few dresses also on that side.
Still an amazing durable closet my daughter just wants to be able to hang up all her dresses but cant.

ZQDOLL 19 pcs Girl Doll Clothes Gift for 18-inch Doll Clothes and Accessories, Including 10 Complete Sets of Clothing Review:

I was nervous about ordering this offline due to facts of some sellers take advantage of ppl. However, I can honestly say that was not the case here. I ordered this for my niece as a bday gift. I was a little worried when opening the package, looked as if some clothes were missing but it was just b/c of how they were wrapped. The outfits are very nice & super cute. I even love them, lol. But my lil mama was super happy & has been enjoying them since she got them sat. She's already asking for more!!!

axxxt 11PC American girsl Doll Unicorn Doll American girsl Unicorn Doll Accessories Outfits Fits 18" Unicorn Doll Clothes American girsl Unicorn Doll Clothes 18 inch American girsl Doll Unicorn Review:

The only thing I didn't like about this product is that it comes with almost no packaging - each item was in a clear plastic bag, and all the items were loose, not packaged as a set or any other way either. But the clothing is super cute, and fits an 18" doll very well. My daughter loves them all. The packaging only matters if you are giving it as a gift, as it makes it awkward to wrap. However, I would definitely recommend the clothing. It's much cuter than I imagined.

20 Items 10 Pcs Fashion Handmade Doll Clothes Set Outfits Party Dress and 10 Pairs Doll Shoes Different Doll Accessories for 11.5 Inch Girl Doll Set B Review:

I like the fact that these clothes don't fit just Barbies, but a wide variety of dolls. My daughter has a rather impressive doll collection as dolls are her favorite type of toy. These clothes aren't anything amazing, but for the price I wasn't expecting anything spectacular, however, why I really do like them and why she loved them was because there was so many of them. Also they are bright and colorful. Like I said they do fit all her Barbies and Barbie-like dolls and that's another reason why she loves them so much. Instead of having to remember what clothes can go on what doll she can just put them on any doll without having to think about it. So even though they may not be super detailed they are really fun for a young child.

Deluxe Childrens Pilot Costume Set Review:

 The perfect Pilot costume! My son is a Husky size 8 and this costume fit perfect on him. The pants are a little thin and the waist is elastic, but for a husky boy like mine, they were a great fit for him. An added piece of luggage and he was a legit pilot.

32 PCS Doll Accessories, 10x Mix Cute Dresses, 10x Shoes, 4x Glasses, 6x Necklaces, 2x Fairy Sticks Dress Clothes For Barbie Doll Review:

I liked that it was a cheap way to cloth a bunch of naked barbies. The clothes are cheap, but they offer a variety for young children if they want to change clothes. The clothes are easy to get on and off. The shoes fit barbie as well as the necklaces. It is a good deal for the price. The only reason I don't give them a 5star is because they are cheaply made.

BARWA Lot 15 Items 5 Sets Fashion Dresses Casual Wear Clothes with 10 Pair Shoes, 13 Accessories for 11.5 Inch Girl Doll Birthday Xmas Gift Review:

Okay, so yes, these are a bit cheap in quality BUT I would much rather pay this price as opposed to $5.00 per outfit from Mattel. I have bought several of these little outfit packages and my daughter is over the moon. As we play with them the first time, I keep a bottle of superglue near by and glue down some of the things with loose seams. Every outfit has lasted as a result and considering you get 5 outfits and shoes for less than the price of 2 Barbie outfits, its well worth the super glue patch job.

SOTOGO 106 Pieces Doll Clothes Set for Barbie Dolls Include 15 Pieces Clothes Party Grown Outfits and 90 Pieces Different Doll Accessories for Little Girl Review:

OK if you’re looking at these you need to buy them. There is like a gazillion when they come. The little bag has a tea set now I’m sure each bag has something different but our bag had millions of shoes and purses oh my gosh it has a stereo I mean it was just the coolest. My little three-year-old grand child loves changing the Barbies dresses and it’s very easy for her to take them on and off with the way the sleeves are made. There is like so much to this set. Love it love it!