Best RC Vehicle Suspension A-Arms in 2020

RPM 80702 Front/Rear A-Arms Black Slash/Stampede 4x4 Black Review:

I replaced all four control arms on my Slash 4X4 (Fox Racing edit) with these due to the factory ones braking.
The installation could not have gone better!
Perfect fit, used all original hardware and so far they are holding up great.
I was thinking about going with aluminum arms but quickly realized other more expensive and harder to replace parts would brake in a hard impact.

RPM 80705 Front/Rear A-Arms Blue Slash/Stampede 4x4 Blue Review:

Long story short, these things are solid.

Short story long - I let a buddy take the wheel of my Stampede 4X4 VXL with an 8-Cell NiMH, and he managed to find a light pole at full bore... Solid impact directly on the right front wheel that sent it spinning like a Frisbee across the street. I figured I'd have to replace at least a few things, but there's not even a scratch.

Not sure if it was luck, or the RPM A-Arms, but I'm glad I put them on my Stampede.

Easy to install, tough construction, and looks good. I'm a happy customer.

RPM RPM - 80185 Rear A-Arms Blue E- Monster Jam, Rustler, Stampede (Pack of 36) Review:

This product seems to be much stronger than the stock one. The durability of this item, however, was not the selling point for me. This piece looks absolutely amazing on any vehicle, especially if bundled with the front counterpart to this item. Will buy again if anything happens to my current one(I doubt it).

RPM 80182 Rear A-Arms Black E-Monster Jam, Rustler, Stampede Black Review:

The first thing you should do to any Traxxas RC is take all of the factory arms off and replace them with RPM parts. The factory arms will not take much abuse. All of our RC's have them and we have yet to break one. RPM saw a need, developed a product that filled that need perfectly, and sells that product at a fair price. Isn't that what we want from everything we buy??

RPM 80242 Front A-Arms Black Monster Jam/Rustler/Stampede/Slash (2) Black Review:

This is generally one of the first pieces to break when you clip something going 50+ mph so it was the first of many pieces we have had to replace. I ordered the RPM pieces from ebay the first time and got some dyed red ones that are rare. The seller has to get the pieces from RPM in white and then dye them. So I was disappointing when this one broke. We have had them on the car for a year and hit a lot of stuff without incident. We finally clipped a tree going way to fast and it snapped one side of the a arm. Not the entire a arm which is cool. The stock piece busted in two on the first hit. I have a buddy that has spent money on the aluminum arms, which look cool but when you clip something they bending them back. Out 30 bucks. So in my experience sticking with plastic is the way to go. They are going to break and bend so keep that part cheap and keep a few on hand.

Hobbypark Front / Rear Aluminum Suspension Arms (L/R) Replace 3655X Red for 1/10 Traxxas Slash 4x4 Upgrade Parts Fit HQ727 Review:

Bought these for my slash 4x4 despite everyone saying bad fitment with the hub carriers because of the pins provided use a C clip instead of screwing in. Well I'm here to say -
STOCK PINS SCREW IN!!! They do! The threading on the A arms is finer, but the stock pins do screw in, I even unscrewed and screwed them back in to make sure I didn't strip out all the splines and it did not. I put them back in with lock tight. The pins provided are too thin and allow the carriers to wobble. The STOCK TRAXXAS pins Eliminate it. I'm very very very pleased this ended up working because it turned this from a 3 star to a 5.

On the Rear where the A Arms mount to the chassis I had to use washers to add a little space because of all the play it had. On the front I did not, although there is play, adding a washer created too much rub and didn't let the A arms freely move up and down.

On the rears my MIP axles rub the last joint on the A ARMs. I have decided to cut out that join and hope for the best.

5/5 Great product, super cheap, fast shipping! And the STOCK PINS FIT!