Best RC Vehicle Suspension A-Arms in 2022

Last update: December 11, 2022

RPM 80702 Front/Rear A-Arms Black Slash/Stampede 4x4 Black Review:

The factory control arms on my Slash 4X4 (Fox Racing edit) braked, so I changed all four of them with these.The installation went off without a hitch!They fit perfectly, have all the original hardware, and are currently holding up well.I considered using metal arms, but I soon discovered that other more expensive and difficult-to-replace elements would break in a forceful impact.

RPM 80705 Front/Rear A-Arms Blue Slash/Stampede 4x4 Blue Review:

To cut a long tale short, these are sturdy.Long story short, I allowed a friend to drive my Stampede 4X4 VXL with an 8-Cell NiMH, and he found a light post at full speed. A strong blow directly to the right front wheel caused it to fly across the street like a Frisbee. There isn't even a scratch, which surprised me because I expected to have to replace at least a few things.I'm not sure if my Stampede's success was due to chance or the RPM A-Arms, but I'm glad I did.Simple to install, well-built, and attractive. I'm a contented customer.

RPM RPM - 80185 Rear A-Arms Blue E- Monster Jam, Rustler, Stampede (Pack of 36) Review:

Compared to the regular product, this one appears to be significantly stronger. However, for me, this product's endurance was not a selling point. This item looks fantastic on any vehicle, especially when combined with its front counterpart. If anything happens to my existing one, I'll get another (I doubt it).

RPM 80182 Rear A-Arms Black E-Monster Jam, Rustler, Stampede Black Review:

Take off all of the factory arms from any Traxxas RC and swap them out for RPM components as soon as possible. The factory-made arms won't stand up to much abuse. We haven't broken one yet, and they are on every one of our RCs. RPM identified a need, created a solution that flawlessly met that need, and charges a reasonable fee for that solution. We want that from everything we purchase, right?

RPM 80242 Front A-Arms Black Monster Jam/Rustler/Stampede/Slash (2) Black Review:

This was the first of many sections we had to repair because it is typically one of the first pieces to break when you clip something moving at 50 mph or more. When I initially ordered the RPM pieces from eBay, I received some really rare dyed red pieces. The items must be purchased by the seller from RPM in white before being dyed. I was therefore disappointed when this one failed. They have been on the car for a year, and we have struck a variety of things without any problems. We finally clipped a tree while traveling too quickly, which caused one side of an arm to break. That it's not the entire arm is cool. On the first strike, the stock piece split in half. When you clip something, the aluminum arms, which my friend spent money on, bend without being able to be bent back. a $30 loss. So, in my opinion, sticking with plastic is the best course of action. They will break and bend, so keep a few on hand and keep the part affordable.

Hobbypark Front / Rear Aluminum Suspension Arms (L/R) Replace 3655X Red for 1/10 Traxxas Slash 4x4 Upgrade Parts Fit HQ727 Review:

Despite everyone complaining about the poor fitment with the hub carriers because the offered pins use a C clip rather than a screw, I bought these for my Slash 4x4. So let me say this: STOCK PINS SCREW IN! They do. The factory pins indeed screw in, and I even unscrewed and screwed them back in to be sure I didn't take out all the splines—it didn't—despite the A arms' finer threading. I reinserted them and tightened the lock. The carriers can sway because the supplied pins are too thin. Eliminated by the STOCK TRAXXAS pins. This converted this from a 3 star to a 5, so I'm quite happy that it actually worked.Because of all the play it had, I had to use washers to add a little room on the rear where the A Arms mount to the chassis. Although there is play on the front, I didn't add a washer since it would have caused too much friction and prevented the A arms from smoothly moving up and down.My MIP axles' last joint on the A ARMs rubs against the rear axles. I've made the decision to remove that join and pray for the best.5/5 Very affordable, quick shipment, and great quality! The STOCK PINS also fit!