Best Towing Hitch Mounts in 2022

Last update: November 22, 2022

Trailer Hitch Tri Ball Mount (1-7/8",2"&2-5/16"),Topsky TS1904,Hollow Shank,Black Ball Review:

My only caution is the height of the ball, there is no offset and that may be a problem with some vehicles. It is nice to carry only one bar and have all three sizes available. After looking around, and comparing the weight ratings, this mount seemed to be a good choice. It is made with quality steel and worked great pulling my 9500# trailer.

3 Pack - 2 Inch Hitch Receiver Silencer Pad for Adjustable Ball Mounts - Reduce Rattle, Eliminate Noise and Provide Cushion between receivers and tow hitches - Fits any 2 inch trailer hitch receiver b Review:

It took me some time to figure out how to install these, which is the only reason I'm not giving them five stars. After considering how they ought to function, I ultimately used two of the pads between my receiver and hitch. To be effective, they actually need to fit into the area. To squeeze the pads and align the hole, I used a cinch strap and a big screwdriver. They work nicely to stop the hitch from rattling once they are in place, but I still had to carefully hammer the pin in.

CURT 45036 Trailer Hitch Ball Mount with 2-Inch Trailer Ball & Hitch Pin, Fits 2-Inch Receiver, 7,500 lbs. GTW, 2-Inch Drop Review:

Due to the greater hitch load of 750 pounds and the fact that the photo showed the pin hole to be further back than others, I lost my old hitch and purchased this one. If my memory serves me correctly, the Class III mount on the SUV can only support 350 pounds, therefore I suppose that is why the weight is 750 instead of 600. One issue is that the pin has a hole rather than a slot where the holding clip can be placed. I had to pound on the clip repeatedly for it to lock on because it was so tight. I'll bend it to a more open posture for the time being, but I'll most likely switch to the other design later. Have you ever attempted inserting a clip into that little hole while it was dark? Strangely, their hitch with the 3-inch drop has a better clip attachment design. Will purchase one on my subsequent trip to Harbor Freight, where I probably would have looked had I known about the pin and clip problem with the Curt I had previously purchased.

Black Boar ATV/UTV Mount with Hitch Winch Strap Loop (2" Ball 2" Shank) (66025) Review:

An excellent heavy duty, high quality hitch that I can use with my trailer, a yard cart, and a tow line in general. received in around 6 weeks. The largest problem might be the 1 1/4's overall size "shank. It wouldn't fit in my ATV receiver, unfortunately. To compare it to Harbor Freight's 1 1/4" receiver, I removed the receiver "shank receivers and hitches. Their size was 1 1/4 "My receiver might be contributing to the issue because I was able to insert an adaptor, but it was very tight and I almost couldn't pull it out. I couldn't find a 1 1/4 "somewhere else to contrast with the Camco hitch as a receiver. Not sure where the problem resides because I couldn't discover any reference standards indicating what the intended size of the shank or receiver should be. If my receiver was the problem, I would give it a 5. With the help of an angle grinder, I was able to repair the damage by rounding off the corners, removing roughly 1/64th of an inch from all sides, and repainting. Works flawlessly now.

CURT 45902 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Black Fits 2-1/2-Inch Receiver, 6 Drop, 5-1/4-Inch Rise, 2-Inch and 2-5/16-Inch Review:

You won't be disappointed when this item arrives; it's of excellent quality and performed well when I used it for towing. If I had to find any fault with it at all, it was heavy, making it heavy duty, and sticks out a little further from the receiver, causing my hitch safety chains to have a little less slack. I believe I got what I paid for, however considering that there is nothing stopping someone from taking it when I am not linked to my trailer, I should have also gotten the lock set. I got this to haul a 16000-pound heavy-duty dump trailer. Its weight rating is 22000 lbs., and on my Ford F250 with the 2 1/2" receiver, it works perfectly. It can also be adjusted in height to fit any trailer. With this hitch configuration, you'll drive with assurance for sure! Buy it and enjoy it. My new hitch is fantastic!

Trailer Hitch Tri Ball Mount (1-7/8",2"&2-5/16") with Hook,Topsky TS1909,Hollow Shank,Black Ball Review:

I adore it. I didn't need to look at the assortment of items I'm pulling. This completes the task. It takes no more than two minutes to install on the car. It is powerful. When the first trailer was relocated, the black paint began to scrape off. It will only get scratched, but this will last forever. I'll guess that gives my car a rugged, useful, and badass look.

Hitch Tightener for 1.25 and 2 Inch Hitch Extenders, Heavy Duty U-Bolt, Anti Rust and Anti Rattle, Stabilizer, Stops Wobble & Quiet, Easy Installation Review:

I just got a cargo carrier that hooks onto my trailer hitch. All of the reviews I read urged me to buy this tiny item. I figured what the heck, I'll put it in my order at the low price. A big cooler from Costco and a ton of wood were the first things we loaded into the cargo trailer. We were concerned about the cargo carrier bouncing around because it did not truly fit tightly. As a result, we incorporated this small addition, which made the entire system much more stable. We drove into the highlands, over many humps and through many extremely tight curves. The cargo ship STAYED STILL! It was strong. I appreciate your recommendations, fellow reviewers. We must have sorted everything out just well; I only wish the item included instructions.

CURT 45338 Class 4 Trailer Hitch Ball Mount, Fits 2-Inch Receiver, 10,000 lbs. GTW, 1-1/4-Inch Ball Hole, 8-Inch Drop, 6-3/4-Inch Rise Review:

work well to tow my two-horse trailer. With Curt's 8 inch straight drop, safety chains and pigtails don't require additional fees.When I hooked up my horse trailer, I discovered that my safety chains would not reach the truck pigtail because the lights would need to be extended. Originally, I had purchased an 8" drop that curves outward.This made everything work.

Towever 84131 Trailer 2 inches Dual Hitch Receiver Adapter Extender for Towing and Riser for Bicycle Rack, Extra Long Towing Accessories Review:

I'm startled by all the reviews with less than five stars. Everyone who gave it less than five stars because they had to modify it or drill holes in their bike rack to make it fit was at fault, with the exception of the person who complained that it wasn't very sturdy made. Instead of measuring their own hitch clearance, bike rack tongues, etc. and making sure it would fit BEFORE purchasing it, they should have looked at the description and the diagram with measurements on it. There is no assurance that this item will fit your 1977 Skywagon with a trailer and a bike rack on it. Dual extension that provides the precise dimensions shown in the diagram. I guess...I have no idea what sturdy is if it's not this. The welds are excellent and clean, the holes are smooth, and there are no sharp edges or barbs hanging on it in any place. This thing is built like a tank. I acquired it with the intention of chopping it up, drilling some holes, and retrofitting it to my ATV so I could use a receiver hitch in place of the ATV's current ball-mounted hitch. The chopped, smaller piece of this hitch extender was used to place on my bike after I removed the ball mount. It is ideal for my needs, is perfectly matched, and appears factory-fresh on my Kodiak. I couldn't have asked for more in terms of price, free shipping, and delivery time; it arrived in one day. I'm genuinely pleased with it.Simply make sure it will fit by measuring yourself before you buy, or plan to modify it once you have it.

GR innovations llc Safety Chain Hanger Class 3 | Chain Saver | Trailer Towing Hitch Review:

I searched Amazon and discovered the safety chain hanger since I was so worried about our safety chains dangling so low when towing. Glad I did, too! I feel more at ease when I travel because of this. Such a tiny piece of plastic, but so necessary! Since it is a small but crucial component for towing, I keep it in my RV toolbox when not in use to prevent loss. Although it appears to be composed of slightly flexible plastic, it appears to be durable enough to withstand numerous usage. I'll revise my remarks if, by chance, we run into any longevity issues. It has currently endured numerous road journeys in the Texas heat and sun and has done so without a single issue.