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Maxmoral 2-Pack PL-259 UHF Female to UHF Female Coax Cable Adapter S0-239 UHF Double Female Connector Plug Review:

I am old school. A UHF female to UHF female adaptor that 2 male ended (PL-259 connector) cables can plug into as an in-line splice is actually numbered and identified as a "PL-258".

But, allowing for that mistake in the listing, these five connectors are really high quality, Chinese sourced items. What's in the photo is what you get...the small box delivered in a padded envelope. The price isn't bad either with my Prime 2 day shipping for free. I'd pay more in total if I did Priority Mail shipping of the same number of similar adaptors @ 89 cents each from another source in AZ.

I just used up my last PL-258's (silver plated, Amphenol manufactured, USA sourced piece) fixing coax runs at my IL (alternate) residence. Why did they need to be spliced? Two coax runs tacked to my chimney had fallen off due to UV cracking of the coax tack down holders (nail and plastic types), and met a bad end with a roto-tiller this past summer. The other two runs were overtly snipped with diagonal cutters by the Comcast Internet installer in the basement and where the coax exited the house. (Those guys don't seem to like other "mystery" coax the diameter of their own RG-6, and my son who was manning the fort for a few months didn't watch the guy carefully. I still don't get RG-8X was gray jacketed. Cable TV RG-6 is always black for better UV resistance.)

So I used up all of my PL-258 spares in the repair job and needed more. I'd do it again the same way in a pinch. Otherwise, I'd buy them for a buck apiece at a hamfest.

Just remember to use a lot of electrical tap or the Coax-Seal stuff to completely encase the splice. PL-259's and 258's are not waterproof. Rain will impinge the splice if it's not sealed. Rain impinging the inside of coax is "bad juju" will blacken the coax braid and turn the copper a blackish color. This will make the coax very lossy and necessitate replacing the entire run...which is exactly what a splice wants to avoid.

Cable Matters Combo Pack 270 Degree and 90 Degree HDMI Adapter (Right Angle HDMI) with 4K and HDR Support Review:

I like to have all my equipment installed neatly and cleanly. That's not always possible given the specific demands of your space.

In finishing my "movie room" I built a closet for my gear. It's not very deep (just have wire racks in there for now), so to get the receiver to set away from the front edge I got these angles.

At first, I didn't understand the point of including multiple types in the pack, but I do now. While you may simply need to angle a wire, it could go up or down depending on how your HDMI connectors are placed. On my receiver, one side went up, but on the projector side the cable went down (so... ordered another set to get the cables to go the way I wanted).

I haven't had any display artifacts on a 1080p projector out of a Yamaha receiver.

One time I was holding the receiver trying to plug something in and nearly dropped it. These have probably saved my Long HDMI runs or my receiver (or both). The angle connector bent and separated, but the cable and receiver were fine. Glad to have these in that case!

DHT Electronics 2PCS RF coaxial coax adapter SMA female to RP-SMA male Review:

There is not much to say about these as they are such a simple product.
I needed these as I ordered a pair of ev100 goggles and I could have sworn it said that it was an sma connector so I bought sma antennas then when I got it they were rp-sma so hence the need for the adapters.

I received them quickly
They came screwed together in a bag in a box so nothing smacking against each other or anything so that was good.
They work
They don't feel cheap
They are pretty much as small as they could get them, maybe could have removed 3mm in the middle but that is just nit picking and they may need that for some weird sma connector that may be out there, who knows.
I already have them mounted and they are working great.

Cable Matters 3-Pack USB to USB Extension Cable (Male to Female USB Extender Cable) - 3 Feet Review:

A local church asked me to update and expand their A/V media equipment, and after doing that, I found I had a minor glitch with the remote presenter device reliably finding the signal for the dongle due to the placement of the receiving A/V computer. Some testing revealed that the dongle needed to be on the outside of the A/V booth's wall for perfect functionality and responsiveness, so I shopped for USB extension cables. With the budget constraints in place, I gave these a try, and was happily surprised. Build quality is good, the fit and finish is clean and tight, connectors are tight and true. When plugging the cables into the computer and the dongle into the socket, it is a positive engagement and the connection remains secure - an important feature when you have people who are prone to moving the computer around unnecessarily. I got the two pack because I tend to follow the old 'two is one, one is none' rule, but I doubt I will be needing that second for fail-over. For the money, this is great equipment.

nonda USB C to USB Adapter, USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter, USB Type-C to USB, Thunderbolt 3 to USB Female Adapter Otg for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, MacBook Air 2018, Surface Go, and More Type-C devices Review:

 As I mentioned in my video review, I got this because I needed a way to dump photos from my phone to a USB stick while traveling abroad because I was worried that my storage would fill up on my phone. It works great for that but I have actually found another use for it since I made that video. I have USB gaming controller that I can now use with emulators on my phone. I have found it to be way more responsive than the Bluetooth controllers that I had tried before. So this will serve double duty because it will help keep me occupied on my long flight! Would definitely recommend this product to someone looking to use standard USB gear with their phone or Android tablet.

UGREEN Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable On The Go Adapter Male Micro USB to Female USB for Samsung S7 S6 Edge S4 S3, LG G4, Dji Spark Mavic Remote Controller, Android Windows Smartphone Tablets 4 Inch (Black) Review:

The cable is sturdy, well made and came new in its original package. Initially the cable did not work with my Samsung Note 4. But I have since found this is not the fault of the cable. Apparently, the Android operating system, at least on Note 4's does not recognize the NTFS formatted file system often used on large capacity USB flash drives. This is the USB flash drive file system most people would be using with this cable. In order to read/write a USB flash drive with NTFS you must download and install an app to your Android phone called Total Commander. Once installed it will ask for permission to install a USB plugin. Once the app and plugin are installed the cable will work perfectly as advertised. The full instructions for the app are available on Google.

DHT Electronics Handheld Antenna Cable SMA Male to UHF SO-239 Female Connectors 6'' Pack of 2 Review:

I find these pigtail connector cables much better than a one-piece adapter, since you can use the belt clip to hold the cable while using the radio. This takes mechanical stress off the connector of the radio itself, which is primarily intended for a rubber antenna, not designed for the strain of a coaxial cable and connectors as you move the radio around for use.

This product has heat-shrink tubing at both ends. These black sleeves enhance flexibility by reducing the pull on the clear outer coating of the coax. The radio connector seems to be of good quality. The metal threads are machined accurately, the center insulator and pin look like good materials. Same for the SO239-type connector on the other end. Recommended for whose who wish to use an external antenna on a handheld for improved range.

Cable Matters 5-Pack 1/4 to 1/8 Headphone Adapter Review:

The tolerance (tightness, fit, whatever you want to call it) is too loose on the 1/8th inch end of this adapter. I constantly have my music cutting in and out due to this, and I went through each adapter in the pack to only find 1 that functions perfectly with no issues. The problem means that you have to find a "sweet spot" on the adapter, and let it be. I bought these as an adapter to headphones for DJing on multiple setups and as a backup to using an aux cable to adapt to 1/4inch for events and such. I ended up ordering higher quality Sennheiser adapters for $10 per adapter that are completely perfect and have no issues at all. Maybe I struck out on this one? At least 1 works properly!

EDIT 12/29/18: I was contacted by cable matters and was able to receive another pack of these very quickly and they were extremely sorry for the first order. I did notice this 2nd one came in it's own 5 pack plastic package, and there is a note "do not separate" in the pack quantity since it is a 5 pack. My first order did not come like this, and they seemed to be separate. I tested the fit and quality of this new shipment, and they work fantastic! It is completely different than the first experience. Thank you for following up! Definitely recommend if they all come like this.