Best Toilet Paper Holders in 2020

mDesign Decorative Metal Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand with Storage for 3 Rolls of Toilet Tissue - for Bathroom/Powder Room - Holds Mega Rolls - White Review:

I was able to fit 4 rolls of toilet paper in this stand, although the 4th one was sticking out of it. But it seems okay as part of the toilet paper is within the enclosure.

I didn't like how my toilet paper was getting caught in the wires a little when I was putting it in + taking it out. Removing the toilet paper was pretty straight forward. And most importantly, I like the design of it.

Simple Houseware Bathroom Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage Holder Stand, Chrome Finish Review:

First of all, the toilet paper holder is very well-made. It survived a brutal shipping experience unscathed. It is elegant, designed to save space, and works exactly as I had hoped. It holds the TP roll securely on the holder and has a built-in storage for a couple more rolls. I needed a free-standing holder since, when my bathroom was remodeled by my insurance company after a pipe broke in the wall and the bathroom had to be torn apart, the contractor forgot to replace the TP roll holder in the wall. The bathroom is only a half bath and very small. Because of cabinets, the only place to install a wall holder is behind the door. My old one was the recessed kind, so that it would not impede the door opening all of the way. Rather than cut into the sheet rock, with only one hand that works, I decided to get a free-standing and hoped it would fit in nicely. It does and adds a flair of elegance to an otherwise plain little bathroom. I would highly recommend this item.

LCUS SunnyPoint Bathroom Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage Holder Stand with Reserve, The Reserve Area Has Enough Space to Store Mega Rolls; Chrome Finish (Chrome) Review:

This is a well built metal holder for the toilet paper. We ordered it because in our bathroom the toilet paper was beside the toilet tank and it hurt our backs to reach around to get it. This product solved the problem. There is nothing to break like other models reported. The metal is sturdy. It holds two mega rolls below. It is easy to move. Where it works best in our bathroom is right in front of the shower. When it is time to take a shower we simply move the toilet paper rack to the side so it doesn't get wet. Works perfectly for us. Highly recommend this product.

Hilltop Products 2 Pack - White Toilet Paper Holder Spring Loaded Roller Replacement Review:

'Tis a philosophical question of the ages... Here I sit proud of having replaced my toiletpaper holder - I am pure genius!!
You know the toiletpaper holder is so taken for granted. But it releases the stress of such a practical necessity and gives you companionship at your most vulnerable time... I guess you could say it is the best psychologist at the cheapest price.

And it works too!!!

mDesign Metal Freestanding Toilet Paper Roll Holder Stand and Dispenser with Storage for 3 Rolls of Reserve Toilet Tissue - for Bathroom Storage Organizing - Holds Mega Rolls, Floral Pattern - Black Review:

I appreciate the designs on the top part of the extra paper holder, not too overdone.
It adds a pretty touch.
It does stand on 4 supports that match the holder beautifully, but I think I will make sure I will be keeping an extra couple of rolls in the bottom, just in case. ( not that it would hurt anything if it did tip over
Overall, I am extra pleased with this product!
It can sometimes be a daunting task trying to order something you can feel and hold.

TomCare Toilet Paper Holder Toilet Paper Stand 4 Raised Feet Bathroom Accessories Portable Tissue Paper Dispenser Reserve Free Standing Toilet Paper Roll Storage Shelf Bathroom Bronze Review:

We had a different kind but it was very uncomfortable until we saw this one on Amazon and decided to try this one. Really like it.
So we returned the one we had and kept the one we bought from Amazon. It’s sturdy and so much easier to to put the toilet paper in. No twisting like the other one.

iDesign 36211 Bruschia Roll Reserve Plus, Bronze Review:

Moved into a new duplex
Can u imagine the master bathroom Does not have a toilet tissue holder ?
Nor a convenient place to put one since the toilet sits next to the tub
This is a cute but sophisticated holder
We love it makes our bathroom look very classy !

iDesign Kent Plastic Toilet Tissue Roll Reserve Organizer for Bathroom, Vertical Free Standing Compact Organizer, Holds 3 Rolls of Toilet Paper, Bronze Review:

I purchased this to provide storage space for toilet rolls. I think that extra rolls are unsightly when placed at the back of the toilet, and impractical when they are hidden in a cupboard. Besides, no one thinks that it is their job to replace an empty roll. Putting new rolls into a container such as this makes more sense. The holder fits really well beside the toilet at the back. It is barely noticeable, but is attractive to not be an eyesore. Mine matches the toilet brush container. I was concerned that because it was plastic, it would look cheap... Nope! looks good. A practical thing about it is that you can wash the dust off of the outside and not worry about rust. It looks very durable and I am glad that I got this.

YIGII Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder - MST001 Self Adhesive Toilet Roll Holder for Bathroom Kitchen Stick on Wall Stainless Steel Brushed Review:

Followed the instructions I read on line. Product doesn’t come w any. ( wipe area w alcohol and dry) the minute it touched the surface I knew it was never coming off. I like the look of it, it matches the other fixtures in my bathroom. It also states to wait 24 hrs before putting a roll on it. Even though it feels solid I will wait. The fixture it’s self is solid, I wouldn’t say it’s light weight,more like medium weight but not heavy. but it seems to be durable only time will tell.

mDesign Plastic Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Canister - Storage for 3 Extra Rolls of Toilet Tissue - for Bathroom/Powder Room - Holds Mega Rolls - Black Review:

I replaced my “open” design spare T.P. holder for this closed one. I’ve discovered the biggest source for dust in my bathroom is the nearly invisible fluff coming off the toilet paper; plus I don’t like the idea of the spare toilet paper sitting there collecting dust. It’s nice to have the spare rolls hidden rather than exposed too.

This is a simple design that doesn’t scream out “look at me.” Who wants their spare T.P. as part of the decor anyway. I bought the black one, it’s sort of unobtrusive classy.