Best Surf, Skate & Street Fashion Sneakers in 2022

Last update: December 28, 2022

DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe Review:

They are such a great pair of shoes that I have now purchased three pairs. Before I ultimately had to replace them, each pair lasted about two years. Finding shoes that fit my extremely large feet in my size (11), however, is difficult. I keep going back to these shoes because they feel comfortable. I also enjoy how they seem as a whole. I'm glad I can still purchase them now, considering how much I detest shoe shopping.However, I do have one issue. The sole on the underside where it bends as I walk on both of my prior pairs ended up that exact same manner. Since each pair lasted approximately two years before this occurred, it's not really a big concern. They are my go-to shoes, so they get really banged up, so I'm quite sure my own use is contributing to damage as well. It would be good if they could find a solution to that problem, but because 2 years is a long time to keep a pair of shoes, I would likely replace them in the same period of time.

PUMA Suede Suede Classic + LFS Sneaker Review:

The suede sneakers from Puma have a nice appearance and a solid fit, but they lack the kind of support that is typical of "vintage" sneakers.Fit: I had success with the standard sneaker sizing. Keep that in mind if you're in between sizes because the toe narrows more than an athletic sneaker generally would. The thin, too flexible sole and lack of arch support are the greatest problems. Even though there isn't much structure on the sole while you're not wearing the shoe, it is actually slightly concave. Which will do little to neither support nor protect your feet.Although the design is more subdued and sophisticated than all those canvas shoes with white soles (and will seem cleaner for longer), sueding on shoes has a tendency to deteriorate quickly. We shall see.These Pumas are a lot better than the alternatives (other retro-inspired low-rise shoes), but I won't use them as often because of the weak finish and lack of support.

Onitsuka Tiger Unisex Serrano Shoes 1183A058 Review:

Here is my initial evaluation of the Grey Black from last week. Additionally, I recently purchased a larger size 10.5 of the Blue mirage/Icicle. In terms of construction materials, these SHOES ARE VERY DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER COLOR. For instance, this color's entire front portion is made of a thin mesh-like material. You had the impression that, with enough effort, you could poke your toe through it. Therefore, I would say that I prefer the heavier, more durable material of the grey and black styles, but my pair of 10s are a little small, and the 10.5 blue fits well but feels as if it won't last more than five minutes. I find it really strange that the construction of the same shoe can vary so much in hues.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-I just got two pairs of Tiger shoes in sizes 10 in different styles, and these were significantly smaller than the other size 10. However, I really had to put a lot of lace back into the links to make the show wearable at all. I will keep them and try to walk in them in the hopes that they stretch. I currently own five different pairs of Tiger shoes, and three of the size 10s are fantastic fits. The lightweight sneakers themselves look great.

Onitsuka Tiger Unisex Ultimate 81 Shoes 1183A012 Review:

I utilized the Onitsuka Tiger's for a lot of athletic activity, and they can truly withstand a beating. Their quality is unsurpassed. If you purchase these to wear on a daily basis, you can anticipate that they will last virtually indefinitely. This shoe is ideal since it is useful and still has a fashionable appearance that is appropriate for daily wear.The Onitsuka Tiger has established himself as a prominent figure in the community as a Parkour / Freerunning athlete. These shoes provide incredible traction on a variety of surfaces, including metal, concrete, and wood.Because I adore them so much, I have personally owned three distinct pairs of Onitsuka tigers in varied colors.I'd advise it to everyone! Particularly Traceurs

Lugz Men's Clipper Fashion Sneaker Review:

The slip-ons' lightness and portability amazed me when I first acquired them. In order to avoid wearing out a pair of shoes, I typically rotate through three pairs every week (running, dress shoes, and casual/these shoes), but this semester, I was strapped for cash, so I skipped the dress shoes and ended up using these shoes far more than I should have. Even after six months of heavy use, the outer and bottom soles are still sleek and clean (I've even had compliments on their elegance!). However, the internal soles are less cushioned. Still, these are a fantastic set of shoes for the money I paid for them, and I heartily endorse them.

DC Shoes Mens Shoes Stag - Shoes 320188 Review:

I love DC, and I've owned shoes like them before. Even though the sizing for some shoe brands varies, if you've worn DC in the past, keep with it. They match as anticipated. I would advise getting a half size larger if your feet are wider. I must admit, however, that despite the fact that they are a tiny bit (at most a half size) smaller than I would like (my own error), I still adore them and they continue to not harm my feet; they are just a little cramped.I've received many compliments on the grey with the hint of green, but I wasn't quite committed to them because I preferred a bit more design. They won me over when I met them in person. Excellent accents and colour. The tiny accents give them a distinctive look. They performed admirably.DC's quality has never been compromised, and after more than five years, I still have a pair that shows no signs of wear (only dirt since they are half white). Although I am heavier than the typical person and wore them every day, the inside heal fabric is slightly worn. Aside from the slight damage I caused myself in the heal, there is no fraying, no ripping or tearing of the interior fabric, and the laces are still in place. When I inserted my foot into other sketchers, the cloth lining surrounding the foot, especially the top heal edge, wore down, but DC is still holding up fantastically. I simply purchased a new pair because I wanted a different color. DC wasn't providing me with a purpose through deterioration.Although they are flat shoes, as others have noted, I wouldn't think twice to add some inserts if I wanted support. absolutely worthwhile.I would suggest these shoes, and I don't mind the compliments I receive whenever a new person notices them. And if you're on the fence, the likelihood is that if you buy them, you won't be disappointed in the slightest.

Lugz Men's Clipper Sneaker Review:

My college-age son frequently purchases this style of footwear and now specifically this brand. He uses them for several months, and when, after many miles of walking, they finally start to look beat up and dirty, I send him an order for a new pair. He's always happy to swap them out for a new pair in gray or black because the price is fair for the quality. Personally, I require far more support for my feet than what these offer, but that would cost more money. However, I will keep purchasing these sneakers for him when the old ones need to be replaced. When he first gets them, they are a little "clompy" and stiff, but they quickly break in to a calmer walk.By the way, he wears them constantly with shorts and they look nice with jeans or casual pants.

Lugz Mens Flip Casual Sneakers, Review:

decent shoes for the money. I wear a Men's 13W, and when purchasing shoes online, that usually yields a variety of outcomes. Although they were cheap, I was pleasantly surprised by the fit and quality. It's a lovely touch to have the small "Lugz" badging on the sides. It would be difficult to find nicer sneakers for under $20.