Best Plus-Size Maternity Tops & Tees in 2022

Last update: January 15, 2023

Ekouaer Women's Nursing Maternity Tops Breastfeeding Clothes Short Sleeves Shirts Review:

I purchased this specifically for my 2-month-old and my travels. While breastfeeding at the airport and on the plane, it was really practical and simple to use. Doesn't even look like a nursing top; simple, adorable design. This blouse makes it easy for me to pump, therefore I really enjoy wearing it to work. Because of how reasonably priced it is, I plan to get more.

Smallshow Women's Maternity Nursing Tops Long Sleeve Modal Breastfeeding Shirts Review:

Excellent fit and feel

Larenba Women's Maternity Nursing Hoodie Sweatshirt with Pocket Review:

This hoodie is awesome! The V-shaped collar creates a pleasant, open neck area that isn't constricting and heavy like standard hoodies. The fabric is incredibly smooth and stretchy, and the breastfeeding access zippers operate flawlessly and are barely noticeable when not in use. Even after I stop nursing, I'll most sure keep wearing. Since I like my sweatshirts to be quite loose, I got the medium, which is suitable for me at 5' tall, 125 lbs, and wearing a D cup bra. It would have also worked if I had ordered the small. It's true that the fabric is not as thick as sweatshort material, but it is heavier than the typical long sleeve shirt. Personally, I prefer heavier clothing, so if I layer it with a nursing tank, it works perfectly. The crimson wine that I ordered rinsed nicely without bleeding. I love that I can wear it with leggings and lounge around the house in ease. (And did I mention how SOFT?) Even though it's still summer, I already use this to nurse my baby on cool mornings before the sun has fully risen (you know, because babies under 6 months old think it's party time at 6:00 in the morning).And cute! I will definitely be recommending to all my mother friends because I have missed having a front pocket that actually serves a purpose in my apparel ever since my baby belly became large enough to have me remove my ordinary sweatshirts.

Maternity Nursing Top Sweatshirt Long Sleeve Patchwork Pullover Tops Review:

I cover up (nursing bra, tank top, regular top). I found it challenging to wear a shirt underneath this sweater because I had to remove so many layers. I enjoy wearing the hoodie and do so frequently, but not with the additional shirt. The print is excellent and maintains its appearance even after numerous washings. I'll purchase more colours.

MAXMODA Women's Maternity Nursing Top Breastfeeding Top Tee Shirt Double Layer Short Sleeve Pregnancy Shirt Review:

Wonderful. This nursing shirt fits me well and is really practical for someone around my size (36G), without being garish or overtly nursing-related. My favorite thing is that, unless you are incredibly modest, you do not even need to cover yourself in public. It is really tender. Stretchable but not like spandex. You still feel cute because they are loose yet not excessively baggy. I can also get away with not wearing a bra because there is a double layer over my nipple area.It could be made better by being a little bit longer so that it may be worn with leggings, which are much favored postpartum.It should be noted that because it only permits one breast to be exposed at a time, tandem feeding is not possible. The underside of the shirt has a significant hole in it, like a scoop neckline that extends to your stomach. The second layer is then covering it on the front, as you can see. Since the hole is long and thin, even if the top layer changes, there is no possibility of unintentional exposure. The opening can only be moved to one side, yet I had no issue easily slipping my huge breast out of it. I'm not sure if that changes for breasts that are very small, though.

JOYMOM Maternity Notch Neck Cuffed Sleeve Nursing Blouses Fulfilled by Amazon Review:

Here are a few facts about me:I usually wear big clothing because I weigh around 220 pounds, but now that I'm nursing, I'm switching to xl tops (because of using the two shirt method). I'm 5'5", and my bottom sizes range from 16 to 18 depending on the brand. My breasts range in size from 38C to 38D. I mention this to clarify that I am on the curvier side and to provide a better context for the photos.The review: I was pleasantly surprised to find that this shirt is thicker than I had anticipated. I also enjoy that the sleeves are longer on this top than on some other blouses I've bought. More space than anticipated. A 2x that I bought was suited for (18), however I think it's bigger than 18. I could have scaled down to an XL or perhaps an L, but I appreciate how this top covers my stomach (yey).Since the bottom layer (the fabric that meets the bra) is straight cut and covers my entire breasts, nursing is much more discreet than when I've bought shirts that only cover up to where my nipples would be. Being outside doesn't worry me, and my daughter seems to enjoy the material. I've already ordered two additional colors because I loved this top so much. It doesn't scream nursing shirt, which in my opinion makes it a fantastic choice (I can wear it when our breastfeeding experience is through). This top fits comfortably over my shoulders and arms (which can be a challenge for me). I stumbled into this top by accident but chose to take the chance and buy it because of the way it looked and how much it cost. I knew I had to at least try it because this top was less expensive than the majority of my nursing tanks ($20 tax @ Target and my top was approximately $15 tax). I'm glad I did. I already bought two more colors for myself, as I previously mentioned. This top would make a great gift for a friend or baby shower. The cost is more than justified.

JOYMOM Womens Business Lapel Collar Long Sleeve Patchwork Nursing Blouses Tops Review:

I really want to adore this shirt. The fit is excellent, and it's ideal for my business-casual job where I must pump milk for the baby at least twice a day. I purchased red and blue, and the red dyed the white portion of my wash pink after it was washed in cold water. Not equally, the blue did not bleed. Be careful. Updated stars to reflect that I received a refund when the firm contacted me about the red shirt's colour bleed problem.

Lace Splice Pregnant Nursing Tank Top Baby Bump Tee Pajamas Double Layer Breastfeeding Pregnancy Basic Top Review:

Excellent and precise sizing! One of my favorite breastfeeding shirts is this one. Although the cloth is thin, it is neither poor quality nor transparent. I've had numerous compliments on the shirt and it provides appropriate coverage when nursing. Because the shirt hides so well, I've also had strangers approach me when I'm feeding my son without my knowledge.I also adore that it is fashionable and not simply a plain or outdated shirt for casual wear.

BEAdressy Women Double Layer Striped Print Long Sleeve Maternity Breastfeeding and Nursing Tops Review:

I adore these blouses. I've bought three since they fit my figure so nicely. This is the third. I'm 160 pounds after having a baby and 5 feet 4 inches tall. I love that my xl size looks great—not it's too tight or too loose to seem overly huge. I don't mind that the nursing portion is positioned higher on my chest rather than being pulled down to suit the line under my chest. Even still, it works admirably as a lovely nursing top.