Best Standard Pencil Erasers in 2020

Sargent Art 36 Count Premium Pink Eraser Class Pack, Best Buy Assortment, 36-1012 Review:

I love these! I mean, as much as a person can love an eraser! Got a box of these right before my son took his Stanford Achievement Test. All the normal pencil erasers would break off, smear the writing, or tear/discolor the paper. These erase clean and neat. They weren't individually wrapped, and I preferred them like that. Gave this box (minus a few for home) to my kiddo's teacher to pass out in class. She was as happy as I was! Great price too!

Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser, Large, White, Pack of 10 ZEH-10 Erasers (ZEH10PC10) Review:

Writing a review for something as simple and plain as an eraser seems an odd thing to do for me, but these erasers are absolutely amazing and last FOREVER. As an engineering major, I am constantly writing, erasing, and rewriting math problems and working my way through long, long problems. Before this pack of erasers I would scribble out mistakes or try to erase my previous work and be left with shadows of previous attempts and be left with utterly hideous notes. This eraser makes it look like the work was never even there, in as literal a sense as I can convey. And not only this, but oftentimes I'll have to erase half a page of work at a time if I really get going in the wrong direction, and after extensive erasing my first eraser still looks nearly brand new. They are high-quality and long-lasting.

Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, Large, 12 Count Review:

I'm the parent of an aspiring artist who is always sketching throughout the day. She is quite the perfectionist so any little mistake and she'd tear out the paper and start a new one. When I asked why she doesn't just erase the mistake and keep sketching, she explained that she hated to see the little smudges left behind by her eraser. She swore up and down that no matter how good she attempted to erase her refused to go away completely. So continuing to sketch on a ugly smudged paper was out of the question. So In the trash paper after paper went. Then i came across the Pink Pear Erasers by Paper Mate. The "smudge resistant" advertinsg caught my eye. So I brought home a box of Pink Pearls curious to see if they would live up to the smudge resistant claim. My daughter did not beleive she'd see any difference from the other erasers but agreed to give them a try. To my surprise, my little artist came in the room with a smile and a big thumbs up. "These actually work!" she told me. So If she's a am I. I even found the Pink Pearls are priced lower than most of the inferior erasers. Not to mention the money I'm saving on not having to buy note pad after note pad. So I'd definitely recommend the Paper Mate Pink Pearl eraser to anybody who wants to get things erased properly at a competitive price.

STAEDTLER Mars Plastic, Premium Quality Vinyl Eraser, White, Latex-free, Age-resistant, Minimal Crumbling (526 50 BK) Review:

Someone mentioned that these erasers were the best erasers they had ever used. I was a bit skeptical because I had been using Sanford Magic Rub 1954 erasers for years and they worked very well. I assume that Prismacolor took over that line of erasers because they are not easy to get, so I figured I'd try these Staedtler erasers. I am SO glad I did! They beat the Magic Rub erasers and then some. These are seriously amazing erasers! I don't know how to appropriately describe them, but they feel like butter when you're erasing and they don't catch the paper which can cause it to fold or bend. After years of using a non-abrasive eraser that I thought was the best I had ever used, I am going to revise my position and tell you that these erasers are the best erasers I have ever used. I would recommend these for anything - drawing, notes, homework - anything.

Pentel Long Lasting Eraser, White (ZEH02BP50) Review:

I work in many media in my art work, and thought this would be great for graphite and charcoal drawings. Well, every eraser has its own function and acts differently. At first, this eraser picks up all the graphite or charcoal, but residue collects on the eraser and it smears onto the paper in subsequent uses, unlike gum erasers. However, there's a way around it; simply take the eraser to some plain clean paper and "erase", and the residue will come off onto the clean paper. The good side of this is that under the right circumstances, you can use this eraser to smudge the charcoal or graphite as you might use a kneaded eraser can be used. I wouldn't say this is an indispensable eraser in my supplies, but it's nice to have when you want a pointed edge with which to erase or smudge.

Mr. Pen- Erasers, Pack of 24, Premium Eraser, Pencil Erasers, White Eraser, School Supplies, Eraser Pencil for Artists and Students, Erasers for Kids, Art Eraser, Erasers Bulk, Eraser for School Review:

24 of these for 5 bucks? What a steal. I'm running low on old school Sanford Magic Rubs and the quality of the new Magic Rub erasers seem to have declined in my opinion; They feel much softer than I remember and there's a lot of flux/smudging now. I came on here to see if I could find a decent alternative and was pretty skeptical that a pack of 24 erasers for 5 bucks could be as good as the reviews say, but I was pleasantly surprised. The consistency of these erasers very much remind me of how the old school Sanford Magic Rub erasers used to feel. There's no leftover residue from the lead, no smudging, and minimal eraser residue. I highly recommend.

Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, Medium, 24 Count Review:

Best erasers hands-down! Greatly prefer these to PaperMate's Pink Pearl erasers as the White Pearl version erases more completely with basically no marking/smudging. They do seem to be made of a softer compound than the Pink Pearls, so you use them up slightly quicker... however, you can buy a box of 12 here for what you'd pay for a package of 3 at B&M stores.

Saw this tip in another review that works fantastically -- when the eraser edges get rounded down too far to be very precise, use a utility or X-Acto knife to make a new chiseled edge!

Pencil Erasers,Pencil Eraser Shaving Roller Case for Easy Pick Up and Removal | Animal Themed Cute and Fun Party Favor and School Supplies for Kids,Christmas stocking filled gift(6 Pc) Review:

I would like to see the price at $6.00 because the eraser always falls out of its holder. I like the storage compartment, and it truly picks up the eraser dust. However, I just can't stand that the eraser always falls out of the holder; it is not very convenient in that way. It is very cute though and makes writing a lot more fun.

EDIT: I just found out that the hi polymer erasers fit in here, just need to cut them in half. They are now perfect!

Prismacolor Premier Kneaded, ArtGum and Plastic Erasers, 3 Pack Review:

Kneaded Eraser works as a Kneaded Eraser should. I love kneading it. It's a bonus stress reliever!
ArtGum was a little strange and the section I would erase would crumble and come off (the corners) the eraser the first few times of use but after a while it worked great.
Plastic Eraser does erase but the eraser comes off in a smudge on the paper and/or the eraser itself, but you can take it off quite easily with your finger. I find it that the Plastic Eraser sticks to the paper and it makes it tough to erase when you have to put pressure on it. Also this makes it so you have a higher chance to wrinkle or tear your paper if you're not careful.
I suggest you buy the Kneaded Eraser alone without the whole set. Although the ArtGum works I think you should buy them separately. Instead of the Prismacolor Plastic Eraser buy the 4 pack Hi-Polymer eraser they are cheaper and won't stick to the paper.

PRISMACOLOR Design Eraser, 1224 Kneaded Rubber Eraser, Grey (70531) (3 Pack) Review:

I've always been using these kneaded erasers. I usually buy the charcoal pencil pack and it would come with it. But these are so useful to have so I wanted to buy more.
At my local art supply store, it's a bit pricier than the one's on Amazon. So after some comparisons, I decided to order these on Amazon.
It has great review because you really can't go wrong with these guys. If you're an artist or just love drawing, these will be your best friend (if you like to draw with graphite or charcoal especially)
I didn't know how to use kneaded erasers when I was young and though it was just a dump invention as a kid’s plaything :p but after I learned to use them, they are a lot of fun to use and are really helpful!