Best Standard Pencil Erasers in 2022

Last update: December 13, 2022

Are some erasers better than others?

There are many types of erasers on the market, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some erasers are better than others at removing pencil marks, while others are better at erasing ink or crayon. There are also erasers that are designed for use on different types of surfaces, such as paper or chalkboards.

Are white or pink erasers better?

There are pros and cons to both white and pink erasers. Some people prefer white because they feel like it erases cleaner, while others prefer pink because it doesn't leave behind any eraser shavings. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Do professional artists use erasers?

How big is a pencil eraser in inches?

A pencil eraser is about 1/4 inch in diameter.

Sargent Art 36 Count Premium Pink Eraser Class Pack, Best Buy Assortment, 36-1012 Review:

I adore them! As much as one can love an eraser, that is! Just before my son's Stanford Achievement Test, I bought a box of these. Every standard pencil eraser would snap off, stain the writing, or shred or discolour the paper. These erasers are tidy and clean. I preferred that they weren't individually wrapped, so they weren't. I gave this box to the teacher of my child's class (with the exception of a few items for home). She shared my joy, too! Great value as well!

Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser, Large, White, Pack of 10 ZEH-10 Erasers (ZEH10PC10) Review:

It seems strange to me to write a review for something as basic and uninteresting as an eraser, but these erasers are incredible and last FOREVER. I write, erase, and rewrite math problems all the time as an engineering major as I work my way through really lengthy issues. Prior to having this set of erasers, I would scrawl out errors or attempt to erase my earlier work, only to be left with obscenely ugly notes and the shadows of my earlier attempts. As literally as I can put it, this eraser makes it appear as though the job was never even done. In addition, if I really start working in the incorrect direction, I frequently have to erase half a page of work at a time, and even after heavy erasing, my first eraser still looks almost brand new. They are durable and of great quality.

Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, Large, 12 Count Review:

I'm a mom of a budding artist who spends the entire day sketching. She is quite the perfectionist, so even the smallest error would cause her to tear out the page and start again. She replied that she disliked seeing the tiny smudges her eraser left behind when I asked why she didn't just erase the error and continue sketching. She vowed vehemently that no matter how hard she tried to fix her error, it would not entirely vanish. Therefore, continuing to draw on unsightly smudged paper was not an option. Paper after paper was thus thrown in the trash. Then I discovered Paper Mate's Pink Pear Erasers. I was drawn to the advertisement that said "smudge resistant." So, inquisitive to see if Pink Pearls would live up to their smudge-resistant claim, I brought a box of them home. My daughter consented to give them a try even though she didn't think they would be any different from the other erasers. To my amazement, my young artist entered the room grinning and giving me the thumbs up. These really do work, she exclaimed. So, if she believes, I do too. Even so, I discovered that Pink Pearls are more affordable than the majority of subpar erasers. Not to mention how much money I'm saving by not needing to purchase endless amounts of notepads. Therefore, I heartily endorse the Paper Mate Pink Pearl eraser to anyone looking for a quality eraser at a reasonable cost.

STAEDTLER Mars Plastic, Premium Quality Vinyl Eraser, White, Latex-free, Age-resistant, Minimal Crumbling (526 50 BK) Review:

The best erasers they had ever used, according to someone, were these. Since I had been using Sanford Magic Rub 1954 erasers for years and they had always worked wonderfully, I was a little dubious. I assumed I'd try these Staedtler erasers because I presume Prismacolor took over that line of erasers because they are hard to get. I'm so happy I did! They significantly outperformed Magic Rub erasables. These erasers are just incredible! They feel like butter when you erase with them, and they don't catch the paper, which can cause it to fold or bend. I'm not sure how to properly explain them. I'm going to change my mind and tell you that these erasers are the best erasers I've ever used after using a non-abrasive eraser for years that I believed to be the best I had ever used. These are great for everything, including drawing, taking notes, and doing your assignments.

Pentel Long Lasting Eraser, White (ZEH02BP50) Review:

I use a variety of media in my artwork, so I figured this would be ideal for sketches in charcoal and graphite. Every eraser, of course, serves a distinct purpose and behaves differently. In contrast to gum erasers, this eraser initially removes all of the graphite or charcoal, but over time, residue builds up on the eraser and transfers to the paper. There is a workaround, though. Just "erase" on some plain, clean paper, and the residue will fall off onto the clean paper. The upside is that, under the correct conditions, you may use this eraser to smudge the charcoal or graphite in the same way that you could use a kneaded eraser. Although I wouldn't describe this eraser as essential to my equipment, it is useful when you need a pointed edge to erase or smear.

Mr. Pen- Erasers, Pack of 24, Premium Eraser, Pencil Erasers, White Eraser, School Supplies, Eraser Pencil for Artists and Students, Erasers for Kids, Art Eraser, Erasers Bulk, Eraser for School Review:

To buy 24 of these for $5? What a bargain. The quality of the new Magic Rub erasers seems to have decreased in my perspective; they feel much softer than I remember, and there is a lot more flux/smudging now. I'm running low on the classic Sanford Magic Rubs. I came to this site to see if I could find a good substitute, but I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting a pack of 24 erasers for $5 to be as good as the reviews suggested. These erasers' consistency is quite similar to the way the vintage Sanford Magic Rub erasers used to feel. No smudging, negligible eraser residue, or lead residue is left behind. I strongly advise.

Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, Medium, 24 Count Review:

Best erasables, without a doubt! These erasers are far better than PaperMate's Pink Pearl erasers since they erase more thoroughly and leave almost no markings or smudges. However, you can purchase a box of 12 here for less than you would spend for a packet of 3 in B

Pencil Erasers,Pencil Eraser Shaving Roller Case for Easy Pick Up and Removal | Animal Themed Cute and Fun Party Favor and School Supplies for Kids,Christmas stocking filled gift(6 Pc) Review:

Because the eraser frequently comes out of its container, I would want to see the pricing set at $6.00. The storage area is nice, and it does a good job of collecting eraser dust. It is not really convenient in that manner, but I just can't bear how the eraser always comes out of the holder. But it is incredibly adorable and makes writing much more enjoyable.EDIT: Just realized I need to cut the high polymer erasers in half to fit them in. Now they are flawless!

Prismacolor Premier Kneaded, ArtGum and Plastic Erasers, 3 Pack Review:

The kneedered eraser performs as it should. I enjoy mixing it. It also serves as a stress reliever.The first few times I used ArtGum, it was a little unusual and the area I would erase would crumble and come off (the corners) the eraser, but after a while it worked beautifully.Plastic erasers actually erase, but they leave a residue on the paper or on the eraser itself, which you may remove with your finger rather easily. I think the plastic eraser adheres to the paper and is difficult to erase without applying pressure. Additionally, if you're not careful, this increases the likelihood that your paper will wrinkle or tear.I advise against purchasing the entire package and only the Kneaded Eraser. However, I believe you should purchase the ArtGum pieces separately. Purchase the 4 pack of Hi-Polymer Erasers instead of the Prismacolor Plastic Eraser because they are less expensive and won't adhere to the paper.

PRISMACOLOR Design Eraser, 1224 Kneaded Rubber Eraser, Grey (70531) (3 Pack) Review:

I have consistently used these kneaded erasers. Normally, it comes with the charcoal pencil bundle that I purchase. However, I wanted to get more because these are so useful to have.It costs a little more in my neighborhood art supply store than it does on Amazon. I opted to get these on Amazon after doing some price comparisons.Because you truly can't go wrong with these guys, it gets excellent reviews. These are going to be your best friend if you're an artist or just enjoy drawing (if you like to draw with graphite or charcoal especially)When I was younger, I didn't know how to use kneaded erasers and thought they were simply a cheap toy for kids:p but after I did, I discovered how much fun and useful they are!

How big is a standard pencil eraser?

A standard pencil eraser is about 2.5 centimeters long and 1 centimeter in diameter.

How do you erase pencil marks completely from paper?

If you're looking to erase pencil marks completely from paper, there are a few things you can do. First, try using a soft eraser. Gently rub the eraser over the pencil marks until they start to disappear. If the marks are still visible, try using a white vinyl eraser. These erasers are a little more abrasive and will remove the pencil marks more effectively. Finally, if the pencil marks are still visible, you can try using sandpaper. Gently sand over the marks until they disappear.

Is 2b pencil good for writing?

2B pencils are perfect for writing because they provide the perfect amount of lead for smooth, consistent writing. Not too hard and not too soft, 2B pencils provide the perfect lead for those who want to write with a pencil that won't break easily and will still provide clear, consistent lines.

What are pencils erasers called?

A pencil eraser is also called a pencil rubber. It is a small block of rubber that is used to erase mistakes made while writing in pencil.

What are pink erasers made of?

Pink erasers are made of rubber. Rubber is a natural material that is made from the sap of certain trees. The sap is collected and then processed to create rubber.

What are the 4 types of erasers?