Best Index Card Storage in 2020

Forged Dice Co Book of Incantations (Dice Edition) & Deck of Dry Erase Spell Cards with Velvet Storage Bag - Spellbook Cards Holder for Spell or Monster Cards - Fits DND 5th Edition or Magic Cards Review:

Solid quality, the cards don't slip out, leather friction clasp works well, wet or dry erase works on the cards and they don't smudge when you slide them into the book. I use it with the pre made spell cards mostly but have some custom items on the marked cards, you can put cards back to back to have left and right pages, plenty of room for all my spells. I keep my prepared spells in the first bunch of pages then put around 8 cards into one slip in the back for spells I might want to prepare. Only thing I don't love is the pages are fastened to the spine directly in the middle not like a typical book binding, this makes it kinda have two halves to the book but it doesn't effect performance at all, in fact you could use it to have two distinct sections for spells/equipment or char1/char2.
Awesome for the price, the bag is neat too.

Esselte Oxford 01351 Plastic Index Card Flip Top File Box Holds 300 3 x 5 Cards, Matte Black (1 EA) (2 Pack) Review:

There are still some ways to get a small laugh while shopping on Amazon. Reading all the reviews, I could not make up my mind whether or not I wanted the Oxford boxes for $12.48 or the Esselte of boxes for $8.45. So I bought what I thought was one set of each giving me a total of four boxes. Of course I messed up the order and got two of the Esselte pairs for a total of 6 boxes.

a) These are all exactly the same. The Esselte boxes, labeled on the outer package as Esselte (a lot cheaper too) arrive with the same sticky Oxford sticker on the front as the more expensive “Oxford” boxes which are labeled Oxford on the outer package.

Net: I have sixth of exactly the same black boxes.

b) As a lifelong user of 3x5 card file boxes these are no more or less flimsy than they have ever been for the last 50 years. They seem quite strong enough to me. The lid closes firmly.

c) The lid closes over the cards just fine. You do have to leave perhaps the last 3/8 inch of the box without file cards in order to get the lid closed. I don't see that as the problem when you have another 3 inches of cards in the rest of the box.

d) Yes there is a very large and sticky label covering the front of the box. If you work on it gently the label itself will come off just fine but it will even impressively sticky residue.

GOOD NEWS. The residue is acetone soluble and so comes off easily with a few drops of nail polish remover.

No reason to look further for 3 x 5 card file saver boxes.

Oxford 01351 Plastic Index Card Flip Top File Box Holds 300 3 x 5 Cards, Matte Black (1 EA) Review:

My son needed an index card box for first grade. It was requested that they use a plastic one. Target had nothing in their stores. Staples only had metal ones listed in store for the 3x5 size. So off I was to look on Amazon. Even here, there were not many options. So I picked this one based on size since it can hold up to 300. He needed a pack of 100 blank cards and an a-z alphabet divider set. So that is enough to fill half of the box already. I wanted him to have plenty of room to shuffle cards around if he is looking for something. The only problem I have with this box is that it does not close tightly. I am concerned that if he knocks it off the desk or holds it upside down that it will open up and his cards will fall out. Well, if it does then he will learn to be more careful.

Soho Fb-35 3" X 5" Index Card File Box Assorted Colors Review:

So far this is a great little 3 X 5 index holder. It's tall enough so that the alphabet dividers fit in easily. With some other file boxes made by a different manufacturer, reviewers said the clearance at the top of the inside roof wasn't high enough. The sticker on the front comes off easily - with other file boxes some reviewers said the sticker didn't come off which is annoying. But on this company's file box, it came off just great.

The file box opens and closes easily. It makes a little noise when it opens. But that may go away. It's not a big deal. It takes about 300 cards. I bought thinner cards from Amazon Basics so it may take more. I'm writing and filing French vocab words on the cards, and then can study them during breaks, commercials etc. I draw a picture to help remember them and then file them away.

My case was a bright lime green. I prefer the blue, but it's not that important. It would be great to have a choice if I had one recommendation for the company.

Will report back if anything changes, but so far, am happy with this purchase.

Snap-N-Store Durable Collapsible Index Card File Box, Fits 1100 5 x 8 Inch Index Cards (SNS01647) Review:

This little box is perfect for holding my blank greeting cards.

I was a little surprised to see that the box pieces seems to be attached to each other by use of black tape. Because they seemed to be taped, the bottom moves when picked up it. It goes in a little bit. Same thing with the sides, because they are taped together, they are SLIGHTLY wobbly. I suppose that is expected of something put together in this fashion. Although, I am not too concerned about the sides as much as the bottom. When the cards are in and the lid is on, the sides become sturdier. As for the material the pieces are made out of, it is a thick sturdy material. I guess it makes up for the tape with the material.

Aside from that, I like it. Surprisingly pleased. It was cheap and does its job well, at least for now. I won’t be returning it. Since this box will be stored on my desk at work, it will be moved very little. It won’t be breaking anytime soon.

ESS01581 - Oxford Plastic Index Card Flip Top File Box Holds 500 5 x 8 Cards Review:

I ordered the large Index cards, and several other hard to find Items. This is seller was fast delivery and all was nice Items.
The prices are so low I bought supplies I didn't need. Dorothy Smith