Best Under-Counter Light Fixtures in 2020

Wireless LED Puck Light 6 Pack With Remote Control, RGB Color Changing LED Under Cabinet Lighting, Closet Light, Battery Powered Lights, Under Counter Lighting, Stick On Lights-Small Size 3xAAABattery Review:

Wow... I put these in a built in book case with glass doors. First of all caution... put them exactly where you want them the first time, when they are stuck down... they stay there unless you pry them off with effort, then you need another stick back... these things are almost permanently glued in!
Easy to install, not so easy to uninstall! The multi light colors are awesome... you can change with seasons, decor, mood... also flash/strobe multi change colors is like having a party in the house. The white is soft and classy, colors and white can dim, fade or be full on but still a softness. I am hooked just ordered another set for dining room china hutch. Remote works great.
You get 6 multi changing lights 2 remotes that work for all.
Down side... order the 48 pack of batteries... each one take 3 AAA batteries. But to me... worth it!
Here's to your party!!

Wobane Under Cabinet Lighting Kit,Flexible LED Strip Lights Bar,Under Counter Lights for Kitchen,Cupboard,Desk,Monitor Back,Shelf,6.6 Feet Tape Light Set,UL Listed,120 LEDs,1100lm,2700K WarmWhite Review:

Clearly not a marketing major here in the United States when the third Bullet reads "Security: UL listed adapter, output voltage is DC12V, Pretty safe to use." on the box. Makes me really want to buy. See attached PIC

However, seems built well and installed without incident. LED color was a major concern and is "Warm White". I strung one and two thirds sets together to cover the length of the Kitchen using one power supply and I'm really pleased there are no shadows from the continuous run achieved.

I'm ordering another set to run the length of the opposite wall.

It's really important the surface be clean as the adhesive is nothing special, where, you peal back the tape to expose it. Mine will not be a problem as they are pointing up at ceiling from the top of my cabinets creating a nice indirect lighting effect.

Brilliant Evolution BRRC113 Ultra Thin Wireless LED Puck Light 2 Pack | LED Under Cabinet Lighting | Closet Light | Battery Powered Lights | Under Counter Lighting | Stick On Lights Review:

Those lights are a perfect addition to my daughter’s ikea kitchen playset! I wanted puck lights that weren’t too bulky and could be turned on and off with a click (and not the sensor type).

These are particularly nice cause they’re not too thick and the light is just enough to light up her kitchen set. I’m also particular about having warmer white light as opposed to the stark white/blueish light. This hue is decent as a bright white.

We use these lights when the sun is no longer angled through our windows in the afternoon and it’s too bright outside for me to turn on our lights in the house. My 2 yr old can easily turn it on and off with a push and it’s become an extra fun addition to her kitchen that makes it more realistic! I know there are a lot of lights out there, but I would recommend this 2-pack as it’s affordable, slim and fits nicely with the ikea kitchen set.

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light 6 Pack with Remote Control | LED Under Cabinet Lighting | Closet Light | Battery Powered Lights | Under Counter Lighting | Stick On Lights Review:

These lights have changed the way I feel about my kitchen and life and bedroom closet on a fundamental level. Combined with a buttload of rechargeable batteries, they’re an affordable, life-changing force to be reckoned with.

I live in a "cozy" old house that has a "quirky" "vintage" kitchen with "basically one" light in it, although my wife believes horrible garish overhead ceiling lights are acceptable to turn on and use for lighting, which they aren't. I'd rather not see shadows of rotting fly carcasses projected onto my possessions while I'm trying to eat my Dinty Moore over the sink like normal.

So, for me, the hood-fan lights above our modern 70s electric coil stove (I'm told electricity is really catching on) are the only functional lighting the kitchen has...until now!

Hot diggity, for 35 buckaroons per six pack, I turned my built-before-electricity black hole of a kitchen into a living-beyond-my-means, upper-lower-middle-class hipster coffee snob's wet dream...affordably! No longer are the beauty of my Chemex Hand-Blown series pourover, Baratza Virtuoso conical burr grinder, imported Hario coffee scale, and Bonavita digitally-controlled water kettle lost to the shadows of unappreciative dank corners. Without my new lights, might as well be a Mr. Coffee over there. Nobody could tell anyway.

I put them under the cabinets, behind the weird recessed overhang in the corner above my various coffee-snob paraphernalia, and over the garbage can and decorative hand-painted owl key-hanger. They really give the kitchen that Modern Family-esque air of modernfamodernity.

I also put one over the basement stairs so I can finally see my organic-flaxseed-seasoned cast-iron collection in the correct 3000 Kelvin twinkle, and one in my bedroom closet, so I no longer struggle to see and pick out one of the two shirts that I wear!

They come with screws, but screw that (PUN INTENDED!). They also helpfully come with 3M Destroy-Yo-Paint sticky pads that preclude one from having to waste the battery on one's cordless drill to gouge destruction holes in one's landlord's property. They stick like the dickens. Quite convenient.

Did I mention how bright they are? With the new LED pucks turned on, our kitchen now boasts, and I'm not making this up, 12,000 gigabytes of light! Astronauts can see us from the International Space Station! It's really good to know that, if our lights go out, NASA will notice and beam down their bravest Storm Troopers to assist us.

The remote control makes it incredibly easy to waste over twenty minutes dimming and toggling the lights in a silent house like a moron child with pretend telekinesis via his Magical Pointy On-Off Phaser. Pew pew pew! On! Off! Dimmmmmm briiiiIIIGGHTT DIMMmmm briiiGGHHTT OFF! OFF OFF OFF! BAM ON! BAM ON! PEW PEW PEW etc. What a convenient feature.

All in all, they make this dank old shitkitchen feel much more modern and expensive, and they're cheap as hell and don't require any wiring or hole-drilling or any of that other stuff I'm never going to do. And they're remote controlled, dimmable, and very bright. Oh, and you can click them on and off individually by hand when you just need to, say, find that last can of Dinty Moore in the dark.

They are battery powered, and batteries die, and LEDs eat batteries. So the reviewers complaining about how quickly they die apparently thought those three little cylinders inside them were Wireless Electricity Receivers from a world where Nicola Tesla didn't die penniless and heartbroken. Nah bro, they're weak-ass batteries. So I would implore you future purchasers to also buy a load of Eneloop or equivalent NiMH rechargeable AAs, because 1. the batteries these pucks come with are abysmal, B. normal alkaline batteries cause these lights to dim over time (namely, a couple days), and 4. why not save the planet and junk? Also don't expect batteries to be magic, you ingrate.

I love these lights with my whole being, and I highly recommend them for spicing up a dumbly-lit existence and room. At the very least, they make me feel slightly more well-off when I'm standing half-naked in my kitchen, eating cold Dinty Moore straight out of the can, bathed in the sparkling glow of LED under-counter puck lights. This must be how rich snobs feel.

Brilliant Evolution BRRC116 Wireless Ultra Thin LED Light Bar | Battery Operated Lights | Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting | Closet Light |Touch Light |Stick On Lights | Push Light | Wireless Light Review:

This is a nice battery operated light for applications where you need some temporary light for a few minutes. I purchased two units and installed underneath the sales counters at my wife's retail business. I have computer equipment and network switches up under the counters, and I found that I was needing some extra light in those areas while working on the equipment. These battery powered lights fit the bill exactly. There are four bright LED emitters, and you can turn the light on/off by pressing the clear plastic lens. The lights are not dimmable, as they simply turn on and off. The backplate slides off and can be mounted either with the included double-sided adhesive pads or the screws. Changing the batteries is easy: just slide the unit backwards, lift off, change out the batteries, and replace. I did not use the included screws in my install, choosing to go with slightly beefier #6 x 3/4" wood screws instead. Overall, a very nice product and perfect in situations where you need some temporary light.

Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little Light Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lights 10-LED Motion Sensor Activated Night Light Build in Rechargeable Battery Magnetic Tap Lights for Closet, Cabinet (Silver2) Review:

So I bought these for under kitchen cabinet lighting in my new house. I didn't want to run wires and I thought these would be a great alternative. And it was. But, if you plan on using these for under cabinet lighting, be aware of 2 things;

1: The cabinet bottom lip interferes with motion detection. There usually is a lip under your cabinet. You have to put them under the cabinet but the lip is in front of the light. This lip blocks the motion sensor, thus cutting the motion detection range. You'd have to be about 1 foot away for it to detect motion and light up because of this. I guess you could stick these on the lip piece, but that would expose the lights and it won't look clean.

2: They have to be really far apart from each other or it won't work. The motion lights only come on in the dark. I got 2. I have 3 cabinets in a row, I put one on the 1st, and one on the 3rd, skipping the 2nd one. Well, when I walked up to them, only one or the other would light up. I thought one was defective so I emailed the seller. I was advised to space them at least 1 foot away. Otherwise, one of them will think it's day time and won't light up. Thing is, they are about 1 foot away from each other. In any case, they sent me a replacement free. Then I realized they have to be about 2 feet away from each other for them both to work. This isn't ideal, especially if you want lights under all your cabinets.

The 3rd picture is of when the lights are both on, which never happens. I manually turned them on for reference as to what it'd look like when both are on.

In summary, if you're looking to use these under your kitchen cabinets, I'd suggest you look elsewhere. I give 4 stars because of the good service but it doesn't really cut it in my application.

Update 1/13/18: One of the lights is under my coffee machine and when it makes coffee, steam comes up. This in turn loosens the double sided tape and the light falls. I've since relocated them all to my closets, 4th picture. It works great there when it's too dark to see anything. This is a great light for anywhere EXCEPT under the cabinets.

Update 4/5/19: So one of the lights has finally died and won't recharge at all. Not too mad about it since I got the third one for free. Just wanted to let every know.

78 LED Closet Light, Newest Version Rechargeable Motion Sensor Closet Light Wireless Under Cabinet Light with Large Battery Life 2400mAh for Closet,Cabinet,Wardrobe,Kitchen,Hallway (2 Sensor Modes) Review:

Was looking for a battery powered light for my closet without a working overhead light.
and tried a few different ones. The other motion sensor lights didn’t seem to work consistently when opening and closing my closet. The motion lights seem to be finicky with dark/light spaces. This one works consistently as it has a sensor for motion in both dark and light. If it doesn’t turn on immediately when I open my door, it will turn on if I move into the doorway. Shuts off after a short time automatically to conserve battery. I actually found out the overhead light does work but prefer this automatic light. I just installed yesterday so can’t say if it’ll be durable but it works perfectly now.

HONWELL LED Spotlight 2 Pack LED Accent Lights Wireless Puck Lights with Remote and AA Powered Warm White Light Closet Light with Rotatable Lights Head Stick on Anywhere Indoor 110 Lumens Review:

I ordered these lights to illuminate my artwork in a basement level hallway that is otherwise very dim. They are perfect! You can either use sticky back tape or screws (both of which are provided) to attach them to your walls or ceiling. The Remote control allows you to use a timer function or even dim the light to whatever level you desire. The bulb housing both swivels and tilts so you can aim the light wherever you want it. The circle of light is obviously brighter if you put it closer to the artwork, but at 4 feet away each one casts a bright light about 2 feet in diameter.
My artwork is 5 feet long so I elected to use three lights. I included a picture with the lights off so you can see the fantastic difference they make when they are on! All three work simultaneously with one remote control. The light is a fairly white LED light so artwork really pops! The literature said the batteries (3 AA each) should last about 50 hours but will run longer if you use them on a dimmer level. Since I just put them up today, I don’t know yet if that is true. If not, I will update this review. Hope this helps you!

URPOWER Motion Sensor Light, 10 LED Bulbs Operated Wireless Motion Nightlight Portable Magnetic Security Closet Light Stick Up Motion Sensor Night Lights for Closets Hallway Stairway(3) Review:

 Awesome. Motion sensor works so well. The moment you open the door to a room like a broom closet that doesnt have lights or an outlet to plug in a lamp, this thing turns on instantly in a split second. The illumination is good and has a wide angle of coverage. Does require 4 AAA batteries for each light, but supposedly will last 100,000 hours. Time will tell how long it lasts, but im only in a storage closet for only 10 seconds or less, so should last a long long time.
The light turns off after about 10 seconds of walking away or closing the door. The photo i posted is to show how bright it is when the rest of the house lights are off. The video shows how fast the motion sensor works. Did not experience problem of what others said of this not working when nearby lights are on. Mine turns on with no problem even when my home is entirely lit.
I would also suggest putting on the ceiling of a closet instead of a wall because it can get too bright for the eyes when directly looking at the light.
Lastly, be careful of the unpeel of the sticker. It is a very thin layer. I accudentally peeled the whole tape off the light on my 1st attempt of the 3 pack. But still ended up sticking back.

OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights, Cordless Under Cabinet Lightening, Wireless Stick-on Anywhere Battery Operated 10 LED Night Light Bar, Safe Lights for Closet Cabinet Wardrobe Stairs, 3 Pack Review:

These are JUST what the doctor ordered!!! They're super bright and easy as hell to mount!!!

Initially I had problems with 3 out of the 5 I purchased. They either wouldn't turn on at all or would only turn on when first I was annoyed and considered sending them back but then I remembered a little trick I learned from a robotics class I took freshmen year. The most prevalent reason that some of these lights are duds is because they are not all manufactured with the EXACT same dimensions and for a few of them the battery chamber is just a TAD too long (I'm talking millimeters) for the AAA batteries to complete the circuit needed to power the light. This is most likely just assembly BUT there is a solution!

THE SOLUTION: just get a tiny amount of aluminum or tin foil and (like a LIIIIITTLE bit) and put it in between the last battery you load and and the little door that closes onto the battery (or between any two of the batteries if you prefer). Just put in enough foil so that the little battery chamber door has to be pressed slightly and because the batteries are fitting snugly into the chamber, but be sure that the little door can still be closed and clicked into place. The foil will fill the excess space, and will act as a conductor between the batteries and the power circuit, which will fix any issues related to the composition of the battery chamber.

This trick fixed all 3 of my faulty lights and they have been working perfectly for months. I'm not an engineer or an electronics expert or anything (I'm just a psychology student) but I do have a basic understanding of electricity and circuitry so I can tell you with confidence that this is a perfectly safe thing to do, it doesn't damage the light or batteries and lasts as long as the batteries do. Most of the issues described in these reviews sound a lot like the circuitry problems I experienced, and should be easily resolved with this technique.

If you're thinking of buying these but are being dissuaded by reviews mentioning dud lights just take into consideration that this issue can be permanently, easily and cheaply remedied by something you most likely already have in your home.