Best Sony PSP Adapters in 2022

Last update: November 25, 2022

PSP Car Adaptor Review:

The PSP's best automobile adapter is this one.High-quality construction, an extra-long cord, fuses, and filters out the "static" that 12 volt adapters produce.I've tried several others, but this one stands out.ordered one, then two more after testing.*I purchased mine from Ocean Reef Electronics, which is a fantastic retailer.They sent the package really quickly and gave tracking emails up until the moment of arrival.

PSP AC Adaptor Review:

I'm a cheapskate. I usually buy things when I think they're a decent value, so this product worried me. Since it was 56% off (I paid $13.16), I was concerned that it might not be "authentic Sony goods." Particularly given that the item's appearance was very different from the charger and adapter that came with my 3000 system.When the item finally showed up, I realized that this was actually for the better. You get what you pay for; this is the problem. The "free" adaptor that came with my system was really basic. Just what you required to complete the task. My first adapter's tiny wiring, which failed fast and without significant wear or misuse, tore in the cord housing. However, the $30 MSRP cord is good and thick. looks to be well insulated. Sturdy.Don't worry if this adapter doesn't resemble the one that came with your system. It's superior. Although the $30 MSRP is a touch high, this product appears to be of higher quality and worth the money so far. Not only is this the sole option if you like to purchase SONY-branded goods for your SONY gadgets, but it's also an affordable investment. particularly if you can buy it for 50 percent off.

Cotchear Charger AC Power Adapter Cord For Sony PSP 1000 / PSP Slim & Lite 2000 / PSP 3000 Review:

I scored a great deal on a bricked PSP that the owner had lost his charger for. I bought this ac adapter, and it functions properly. Many aftermarket chargers, according to some, run hot. This one charged my PSP from a brick state to 100% in an hour and produced barely any heat. Similar to how warm a new date makes my hands feel.The only criticisms I'd offer are that the adapter only unscrews on one side (clearly visible in the product photo) and that it says "ADAOTOR" on it, but that's just me being careless. So, no stars were removed. Excellent value and quality.

Insten Rechargeable Battery compatible with SONY PSP 1000 1001 High capacity 1800mAh Battery Pack US (NOT Compatible with PSP-2000 or 3000 or PSP Slim) Review:

To replace a PSP-1001 OEM battery that was failing, I bought this battery. The battery did not fit properly in the battery compartment, as some other reviews have noted, and it prevented the battery door from closing. I found that the tabs holding the battery in place were longer on the replacement than they were on the original after comparing the two batteries. The replacement fit correctly in the battery compartment and allowed the battery door to close once these tabs were cut down. The battery I got was largely charged and didn't need much topping off. I used a demo that combines game play and video to test the battery. Low brightness was selected for the screen. Before turning off, the PSP ran for 5 hours and 5 minutes. I ran the test again after charging the depleted battery. The PSP ran for 5 hours and 35 minutes this time before turning off. The battery's Ah capacity will only become apparent with time and subsequent charge cycles. I am happy with the performance of this battery, despite the fact that I had to trim it to fit.

PSP Home And Travel Charger Review:

The device I received is well-made and operates flawlessly. Better couldn't have been hoped for. It is essentially the same as the PSP's original. It has been in use for a few weeks now with no issues.On April 24, 2009, Every day I bring my PSP to work and use it all day to play a brief game of "Space Invaders," watch the occasional video during lunch, and listen to mp3s. I use this power charger all day long with my device. I haven't yet experienced any charger issues. The battery doesn't appear to be harmed by leaving the PSP on the charger all day because it still functions properly when I turn it on at night and on the weekends.

Old Skool PSP AC Adapter Power Wall Home Charger for PSP 1000 2000 3000 Review:

I initially believed that item was broken because the light only appeared for a little period of time. I have a 2001 and a 3001 system. Both of them benefit from this. Just make sure you insert it all the way into the charge port. It was kind of loose, so I think I didn't press it in all the way at first (I didn't want to break it or do any damage). It began to function perfectly the second time. Since I've only had mine for a week, I can't say how long (weeks, months, years, etc.) it will continue to function, but so far, so good.