Best PlayStation Vita Hand Grips in 2020

OSTENT Durable Joypad Bracket Holder Case Hand Grip Handle Compatible for Sony PSV PS Vita Color Blue Review:

Just arrived in the mail today, overall a solid gamegrip for the amount of hours i put into my vita (Typically as a second contoller for the ps4). The plastic feels nice in your hands and the installation is a simple 2 step process, rubber handles wouldve been a nice touch but cant complain for 10 bucks!

CTA Digital PS Vita Hand Grip Review:

Pretty much everything that can be said about this grip has been, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

There are several Vita grips on the market, and after doing an extensive amount of research, I settled on picking up the CTA Digital PS Vita Hand Grip. My reasons for wanting a grip are similar to many who seek such an accessory: I have big, strong Rock Biter hands, and I simply couldn't stand the thought of the Nothing ripping my brand new Vita from their clutches.

Bonus points if you get the reference. I'm probably showing my age!

Suffice it to say, holding the Vita in a position where I can easily get to the shoulder buttons is an awkward task. Either my hands are all over the rear touch pad, or I hold it in such a way that I feel like I'm going to drop it. I needed something to add support, and I wasn't happy with the size or shape of the PDP Trigger Grip (although I may be the only person who likes the idea of the lower triggers replacing the shoulder buttons).

I received the Grip from Amazon around the first of the month, and was immediately in love with it. The handles feel good and I'm able to hold it comfortably, even when laying flat on my back in bed. After fooling with the home screen for a while, I wanted to get on Amazon and give the grip a 5 star rating.

But then I decided to play a game, and I noticed ... It. I'm sure you're aware to what I refer: the dread system jiggle.

Yes, as other reviews have pointed out, the Vita does shift ever so slightly in the grip. I'm not sure I would use the word jiggle -- even though I just have -- as that's not really what it does. You can flip the grip over and give it an almighty shake and the Vita doesn't move at all. It holds the system very snug. The problem is closer to that of an un-level kitchen table: if you press down on one corner of the system, the other corner of the system will rise ever so slightly, and vice versa. It's one of those things that, once you notice it, you can't un-notice it.

I thought I could deal with it, that it wouldn't bother me. But after nearly three weeks of playing Persona 4 Golden and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, it has become really distracting. It's especially bad if I'm laying on my back with the system facing down toward me from above. I'm not sure why. It's probably got something to do with science. I'm not good with science, so I decided to toss the grip in a drawer and buy the PDP Trigger Grip to replace it, but not before logging onto Amazon to give this grip a 3 star review.

Why then, you may be asking, did I give it a 5 star rating? Because high school workshop-style inspiration intervened.

Rather than chunk the grip in a drawer, I decided to try and make it level. I took a paper towel, tore a long, thin strip off the side, then folded it over several times. When I had it down at a size I thought was appropriate, I tucked it in the bottom right corner of the grip and slipped the Vita in over it.

And like magic, the wobble was gone!

The Vita doesn't sit any more firmly in the grip than it did before, but now it's stable. Thus far, that piece of paper towel has had no adverse effects on the Vita or the grip (if that changes, I'll post an update to the review). I'm thinking about maybe stacking a couple of strips of electrical tape inside the corner of the Vita grip instead of using a bit of paper towel. Electrical tape is nice and smooth on the non-sticky side, it's just about the same color as the grip, and it'll be out of sight when the Vita is slotted in, so having it there is no big deal (if I do go that route, I'll update the review).

At the end of the day, I'm actually giving the grip a 4.5 star review -- having knocked off half a star for the design flaw that causes the wobble -- but Amazon only allows full-star reviews, so I gave it five. The grip feels great in my hands, and it just takes a little bit of simple DYI to make the whole thing rock solid. If you're willing to put the tiniest bit of effort into leveling the Vita, it's easy peasy. I'll even include some photos of how I've done it, so you can see it for yourself.

If you simply can't stand any of the other grips on the market, this one is a great buy!

UPDATE: It's now February 1st, 2014. Almost four months have passed and I'm still using this grip. I did eventually swap out the small strip of paper towel with a couple of strips of electrical tape and the system continues to remain firmly in place with no noticeable wobble and no adverse side effects on the Vita itself. For the price, this thing has been well worth it!

Aweek® Bracket Handgrip Handle Grip Case for Playstation Vita 1000 PSVita PS Vita - Blue Review:

I love getting these controller extensions for handheld systems. I've been doing it since the Gameboy, and the Vita is no different. It needs a little help in the comfort department, and this attachment does the job very well. Only issue is that you have to take it off if you want to change the game, or even charge the system. That being said, of you look at the Vita, you can imagine how difficult it would be to figure out how to mount something onto it. I still want to give them a 5 star, because they have no real choice in how to attach it to the Vita, but I can't because the piece you need to unlock it seems pretty flimsy. Mine hasn't broken yet, but I can see how this would eventually break after some time.

Insten Silver EVA Case Cover + Black Hand Grip + Clear Screen Protector Compatible With Sony PS Vita PSV Review:

Perfect! Worth much more than i paid. 1st The Vita Case- Awesome fits the first edition vita perfectly and should do the same for all other versions of the vita. The zipper is tight and it doesn't leave any openings. The slots for game catridges hold great and if you have more than 4 games for the slots if you them in the pocket inside the case its works find. I made sure they don't fall out of the pocket. They will slide around if your shaking the case but they won't come out of the pocket. Now the screen protector. its a thick heavy duty screen protector it fits the 1st edition vita. That is the one with the rear touch pad. The screen will be a little big for the slim considering the 1st edition screen is 1.5 in bigger than the slims but if you don't mind covering the ps vita logo with it you should be fine.3rd the vita controller grips.The grips aren't to bad actually. There thick plasctice and actually have locks on it that loosen and tighten so when you take the vita out you don't feel like your gonna break it. It fits my vita and because of the locking mechanism it should also fit the slim. The one thing to keep in mind is they are grips not handles! In other words the grips are like giant bumps on the back of ech side of the vita while handles are more like your playstation controolers. They stick out of the bottom of the vita. But there grips aren't that bad. The main reason i would get grips or handles for the vita would so my thumbs weren't cringed straight down to use the analog stick so i can play forever without pain. Handles would be better be not by too much over these grips especially for the price there worth it plus the main reason to get this is the case and if you want handles you can get some for 12$. So this was an amazing sale buy i couldn't be happier and to be honest this was worth more like 50$ than a lil over 10$. If you want a case for your vita this is definetly the way to go and it got here quick too!

Trigger Hand Grips Holder for Playstation Vita PS Vita Review:

This item is a cheap piece of plastic which is why it only costs a few dollars shipped. I feel it does make the Vita more comfortable to hold, though the edges where the plastic connects can be a bit sharp. You do get what you pay for, but it definitely helps and gives the Vita some weight and gives you something to hold on to.

The grip slips on easy enough and snaps in, making it easy to take off as well. Another reviewer noted the grip broke when trying to take them off and that wouldn't surprise me. It is flimsy, but the other grips cost 5x as much.

If you want a cheap grip that helps a little bit, this is for you.

Update: May 2, 2014 - I compared this grip with the more popular "PDP Trigger Grips" and I actually prefer these. Despite having triggers, the "PDP Trigger Grips" have a VERY smooth grip which is very hard to hold onto without slipping off. This grip, while cheaper has a grooved grip, so you have more to hold onto and you can keep holding onto it without slipping off. So because the "PDP Trigger Grips" have a grip that is too slippery, these ones win over them.

Insten Hand Grip Compatible With Sony PlayStation Vita, Black Review:

My son loves his hand grip for his Vita. It was a great price and a very useful item. And now I don't have to be afraid of him dropping it because it's hard to hold. With the Grip, I don't worry! Glad we bought it!