Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors in 2022

Last update: December 25, 2022

Are all Switch screen protectors the same?

No, all Switch screen protectors are not the same. Some are made of different materials, some are made for different purposes, and some are made by different companies.

Can I remove Switch OLED screen protector?

Yes, you can remove the Switch OLED screen protector without damaging the screen.

Can you put a screen protector on a Nintendo Switch?

You can put a screen protector on a Nintendo Switch, but it's not necessary. The Switch's screen is made of Gorilla Glass, which is resistant to scratches and other damage.

Do air bubbles damage screens?

Do air bubbles damage screens? It's a common question, and the answer is: it depends. If you have a small air bubble under your screen, it's unlikely to cause any damage. However, if the bubble is large or if there are multiple bubbles, it could potentially cause the screen to crack. If you're worried about air bubbles damaging your screen, the best thing to do is to avoid them altogether. When applying a screen protector, be sure to follow the instructions carefully and avoid getting any air bubbles trapped beneath the film.

[3 Pack] Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch Lite, iVoler Transparent HD,High Definition,Clear Anti-Scratch with Anti-Fingerprint Bubble-Free Fit Switch Lite 2019 Review:

I had trouble with the dry cloth producing dust, so it took me two tries to get this right. I tried using the dust remover, but it just couldn't completely remove the little hairs from the cloth. I reapply because the previous one developed a bubble as a result. The use of the screen is unaffected despite a few fabric hairs being adhered underneath the new one. It looks amazing and is quite responsive.

[4 Pack] Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch Lite, iVoler Transparent HD,High Definition,Clear Anti-Scratch with Anti-Fingerprint Bubble-Free Fit Switch Lite 2019 Review:

For a four-pack of tempered glass screen protectors, this price was AMAZING. A similar plastic screen protector for the Switch Lite costs $12.99 at a Big Box video game retailer that rhymes with Name Drop...for ONE. I made the error of buying it when my child received their Switch Lite, and the child was able to quickly and easily remove it and throw it away. I came to Amazon because I didn't want to waste any more money at that Big Box store, and lo and behold, a 4 pack was practically half the price of ONE there. I was sold. They are far better quality than the ones sold at the big box store, they arrived in a day, and my son can't take this one off, so everyone wins. THANKS!

[3 Pack] Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch, iVoler Transparent HD Clear Anti-Scratch Screen Protector Compatible Nintendo Switch Review:

First, there are 4 switches, 1 of which is for a 7-year-old, making protection necessary. Because I am familiar with how Zeiss lens wipes operate on lenses, I used them to clean the screen, making sure it was absolutely dust-free and pristine. You can tell this by simply looking at an overhead light. I took off the screen protector's plastic backing and, taking VERY GREAT CARE NOT to touch anything but the very edges, placed the backing on the top right corner of the screen to create an air gap, lined up the screen protector on the very bottom edge, and then, using a lens wipe, began wiping the protector from the bottom/left to the top right, lowering it until the last bit was resting on the small space. I got to that corner then I pulled the screen protector down. I did have a bubble in one, but because the plastic is serving as a spacer, it is simple to elevate the protection, press the bubble out, and then gently lower it.

amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector (2 Pack), Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film for Nintendo Switch (2017) Review:

For Christmas, I bought the kids a Nintendo Switch. I got this screen protector on the suggestion of the store salesman. It was quite simple to install on Christmas Eve. The 4-year-old drops the Switch down the hardwood stairs three months later. Soon later, the younger sibling exclaims, "Uh oh!" The screen seems to be broken. When the adolescent asks, "Do you suppose it's just the screen protector?" I can already feel the frustration of using the in-store warranty. No way, I'm thinking, but when I peel it back, I'm shocked to see that it is! The Switch's screen was shielded from damage by the screen protector, which softened the impact of the corner of the hardwood staircase. The screen protection that this product claims to provide is actually fulfilled! I take out the spare as there are two of them, clean the screen with the supplied wipes, and then put the new protector. Easy as pie. I'm so pleased with this product that I'm going to order another pack as soon as I'm done writing this review. The two pictures I've included illustrate the damage the protection took, as well as what it looked like once the new protector was put on.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch Lite 2019 (3-Pack) Review:


Orzly Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch Lite 2019 Model [4 Pack] Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. No Bubbles Easy Installation Anti Scratch Edition Review:

First of all, whether it's a screen protector for a smartphone, game console, or other gadget, I'm not the best at doing it. Having said that, it took me two tries to position my screen cover on my Switch Lite correctly. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to take your time and make sure your screen is fully cleaned to get rid of all dust. Nothing is more annoying than putting on a screen protector only to discover there is a single speck of dust underneath. Unfortunately, it happened to me, but my second attempt was successful.If you don't have a steady hand or are unsure, I've found the hinge approach to be quite helpful. This may be done with the help of the dust stickers, and let me tell you, it's a lot simpler. There was only one tiny air bubble to remove once the screen protector was put on. Rubout just required a short period of time.I'll now discuss the benefits and drawbacks.You receive four screen protectors, whilst other firms only provide three.2. Register your product at to take advantage of Orzly's Limited Lifetime Warranty.3. They are significantly thinner than other brands. Due to their thinness (.24mm), these have higher sensitivity and clarity.4. Extremely reasonable, and you get what you pay for.5. Effective customer service.Cons: 1. Bubbles are common; don't be shocked if you get them. Rubbing them out takes some time.2. It can take some time to try and position the screen protector properly.The screen protector reportedly puts residue on the screen, according to one reviewer. Even after making one fruitless attempt to deploy it on my Switch Lite, I have not encountered that. Would I suggest this item? Absolutely.

Nintendo Switch Lite Hybrid System Armor (Gray) by HORI - Officially Licensed by Nintendo Review:

It is of high quality, just like all Hori cases, and will offer respectable protection against drops to the ground from a distance of a few feet. All cutouts, including the memory card and headphones, are functioning, as you can see in the video. No need to take the case out, then. I also use the original Hori sleeve for the Switch, which costs only $12 and works pretty well. Use a deeper coat pocket or a backpack with this combination.

[3 Pack]Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch - Hestia Goods Transparent HD Clear Anti-Scratch Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch Review:

I adore this brand wholeheartedly. They consistently produce such high-quality goods. They sold me a case for my Nintendo Switch, and it has held up incredibly well. These protectors are also of such excellent quality! There are three sturdy thick pieces of plexiglass instead of simply a few cheaply produced small thin bits. It is the kind that breaks your protector instead of the screen if it falls on the ground! I hardly ever notice it, and it has no impact on my ability to play video games. The exact identical phone protectors are what I want! For the amount you pay, the fact that the bundle has three extremely good quality protectors is a steal! They are also very simple to install!

Nintendo Switch Lite DuraFlexi Protector (Clear) By HORI - Officially Licensed by Nintendo Review:

For the Switch Lite at the moment, this is the best TPU case available. This is the greatest one I've used so far after trying a few others. Due to the TPU's thickness and little flexibility, your device will have some cushioning in the event of a fall while still being protected from scratches and blemishes. Additionally, it is comfortable in my hands and yet lets me to use a cloth carrying case for it when traveling by plane. This case is often much thinner than other cases, some of which may fit loosely. I give this case a 5/5. This case does not interfere with radio signals by nature because TPU is a material, contrary to what another user misinformedly said. I should reiterate that this is the best TPU case for the Switch Lite that I have tried so far (and I have tried a few).

Orzly Glass Screen Protectors compatible with Nintendo Switch - Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector TWIN PACK [2x Screen Guards - 0.24mm] for 6.2 Inch Tablet Screen on Nintendo Switch Console Review:

This screen protector is pretty excellent in every way. It comes with all the resources you'll need to use it effectively. It is an excellent fit for the Switch, it has a nice appearance, and it actually makes the Switch's dock snug enough for me to grab the console when I pull the controllers out, but not too tight that I can't pull the console out on its own.There is only one issue. A SINGLE dust particle managed to fall in the bottom right corner of the glass as I was applying it, leaving a cute little bubble underneath. The instructions expressly state that if there is dust, you can lift the edge of the glass and use a sticker to pull the dust out. I could have left it alone and probably would not have seen it. Even a tool to lift the corner can be inserted under the screen protector. I did that because it appeared so simple to do. And it succeeded! That little piece of dust was perfectly removed by the sticker. The glass's elevated corner is now permanently there, which is the sole issue. Because it won't stick to the screen, it must have somewhat bent. So what's left on my screen is roughly the size of a quarter-sized air bubble. I had hoped it would decrease, but several weeks have passed with no improvement.It has no impact on gameplay. In fact, while the screen is on, it is almost unnoticeable. It doesn't appear to be expanding. It's a huge blemish on what should have been a perfectly, carefully applied glass screen on my brand-new device, but if I ever get tired of it, I can always try again with the second protector that is included (but that's pretty much a waste of product, in my opinion) But it's not just a blemish; it's a huge blemish. DO NOT try to lift the screen if you are reading this review. Just leave the dust where it is.Orzly, you should update the directions to indicate that doing the fix I just mentioned can cause the glass to deform. If I had known how negatively it would damage the aesthetic thereafter, I would not have tried it. Don't provide a dust remedy that leads to further issues.

Do OLED screens scratch easily?

OLED screens are made of organic materials that are more prone to scratching and other damage than traditional LCD screens. However, there are a few things you can do to help protect your OLED screen. Use a screen protector. This will help to minimize the risk of damage to the screen. Avoid using sharp objects on the screen. If you must use a stylus, make sure it has a soft tip. Avoid placing the screen in direct sunlight. The heat can damage the organic materials.

Does Nintendo sell screen protector?

Nintendo does not sell screen protectors for any of its devices. You can find many third-party screen protectors for Nintendo Switch, however.

Does the Nintendo Switch screen scratch easily?

The Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display. It is made with a layer of tempered glass to protect the screen from scratches. However, the tempered glass is not scratch-proof. If you use a sharp object on the screen, it will scratch.

How do I stop my Nintendo Switch from scratching?

To stop your Nintendo Switch from scratching, you can either use a screen protector or keep it in a case. A screen protector will help keep the screen from getting scratched, while a case will help protect the entire console. If you're worried about the Switch getting scratched, you can also buy a carrying case that has a hardshell exterior.

How do you dock a Switch without scratching it?

If you're worried about scratching your Switch when you dock it, there are a few things you can do to prevent that. First, make sure that the dock is clean before you put your Switch in it. Second, use a soft cloth or a piece of paper between the Switch and the dock to create a buffer. Third, be careful when you're putting the Switch in the dock and taking it out. fourth, try not to move the Switch around too much once it's in the dock. fifth, If you have a case for your Switch, make sure that it's not too

How fragile is the OLED switch?

How fragile is the OLED switch? The OLED switch is made from a thin layer of organic material that is susceptible to damage from physical contact and exposure to light and oxygen. While the switch can be protected by a layer of glass or plastic, this does not make it indestructible. In fact, the OLED switch is quite fragile and can be easily damaged if not handled with care.