Best Xbox One Battery & Charger Sets in 2020

TAIKER Compatible with Xbox One Battery 3 Pack x 2550mAh Rechargeable Controller Battery and Charger for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Review:

I was a little skeptical for this item, it being a pretty recent release by a totally unknown brand to me. But, seeing the fairly positive reviews I went for it.

It was between this item and a couple other similar items I had my eyes on. Ultimately, I settled on this one for having THREE 2550mAh batteries. Other had lower power batteries and only two batteries.

Upon opening the package, I noticed the batteries are solidly built. The material feels great, not cheap. The batteries *are* heavier than the Microsoft rechargeable batteries for Xbox One controllers. But the additional weight becomes less notable once you start using the controller and take your mind off the weight. The charger is nice and compact, with the attached USB connector to plug into your PC or into one of your Xbox's USB inputs. I plugged mine into the front input, and unplugged the charger once the batteries were charged.

The most important aspect of these batteries is this:

Since opening the package, I put two batteries to charge, and the third one into my controller. Pressing the Guide Button (Xbox Button in the middle) showed the battery to be at around 3/4 charged. No issue, that's how most rechargeable batteries are shipped.

The crazy thing is this, and I kid you not. I bought this March 26, and received two days later March 28. Since the night of March 28, I have NOT changed the battery from the controller. And I swear to the video game gods that the battery meter (pressing the Guide Button) shows the battery STILL at 3/4 charged. After 1-3 hours a day of use, the battery still has the same charge from when I put it in the controller almost THREE WEEKS AGO. That is INSANE. I don't even know when I'll have to replace this battery with one of the other ones. I'm thoroughly impressed.

If you're on the fence about this, stop stalling. It's worth the price, absolutely. Perfect if you use two or three controllers on a constant basis.

Fosmon Xbox One/One X/One S/Elite Quad PRO Controller Charger (Upgraded), [Dual Dock + 2 Additional Batteries Slot] High Speed Docking Charging Station with x4 Rechargeable Battery Packs Review:

I love this and its so much easier than the one I had purchased before. I don't have to stand there and fight with it to line up exactly right to charge them. You sit it down and it starts charging it's no fuss and that's great for kids because they don't have the patients for issues like that. The way the controllers sit front in a row is also easier instead of back to back. I like that this came with 4 batteries that already have the backs for the controllers which is a huge plus because I know with my boys and they are always dropping things and the backs come off and get lost then it's a struggle to keep the batteries in but with these it's much easier since it's one piece. Also the 2 extra charging slots for the battery packs makes this thing amazing because if you do happen to forget charge your controller, your kids forget to put it on the charger or your battery runs dead (we haven't had that problem because these last a very long time) you have a back up battery pack fully charged and ready to go so you don't have to worry when your controller will go dead. The charging time is much faster than the one we had before and the batteries last a very long time once fully charged. Several hours at least they have went a day or 2 without even having to change it out and that's with the controllers almost constantly being on. From Xbox games such as Fortnite, Mortal Kombat X, Roblox and Minecraft to just using them to watch YouTube on the Xbox. The only thing I can complain about and this really isn't a complaint more of a suggestion to Fosmon, add an a/c port. I was a little worried when I saw it came with a usb micro charger cord that goes into a wall charger because I know how easily those micro usb chargers can mess up and no longer charge but since this is a charging dock hopefully there won't be any issues since you really won't be unplugging it a lot so that should hopefully keep it from messing up. The usb cord is a simple phone charging cord it's very thin and I think they should have made it more durable or just left that as an option of you didn't have or want to use a regular a/c adapter I think it should have came with an a/c instead and then the customer could decide which they'd like to use. I also believe this may be why some reviews mention it takes a long time to fully charge the batteries because a usb just isn't as strong as an a/c adapter but this is really just not picking and my own personal preference and opinion. I also haven't had any issues with charging the batteries or how long it takes to charge the batteries and battery life is great. I highly recommend this charger and batteries. It is a little more expensive but it's worth it.

Sliq Xbox One/One X/One S Controller Charger Station and Battery Pack - Includes 2 Rechargeable Batteries - Also Compatible with Elite and PC Versions (White) Review:

Had this a week or two now wanted to see how it would hold up before reviewing. I am very impressed with the quality for the price. First thing I noticed is the item does not come with any kind of power just a USB cable, you can charge directly from the XBOX or from any USB power plug into a wall. The unit itself is very small and light, does not take up a lot of space. I placed both the batteries on the unit without being attached to controller, they hold in place and initial charging for both batteries took about 30-40 minutes. The light around the outside indicates not fully charged by turning orange and is green when fully charged. The light around the side also makes a pretty cool nigh light. The controller fits very nicely and snug into the unit if you put the controller on it. So far has been perfect, charges fine and I have swapped around the batteries several times with no issue. I have seen other reviews saying it is low quality but it works, I don't think its low quality at all, its light and its plastic doesn't mean it's low quality, it's well designed and functions exactly as is required, that's all the quality you need.

PowerA Play & Charge Kit For Xbox One Review:

Love that this has two batteries! Its so amazing having one charging, while your using the other. The charging indicator light, is super bright which I love. You'll get 24 hours plus, out of one charge. Cant understand why there are negative reviews. I normally purchase the official Microsoft play and charge kit. Just got so sick of having to buy a new one every couple of months. So far i've had this a month and no defects. You also, cannot go wrong for the price!! In no way was I compensated for reviewing. I just try to review products when I can. I myself, tend to go by others reviews, on almost all my purchases. I've recently been noticing how wrong some reviews can be. A lot of it, is human error. Wrong installation, wrong sizing etc..know what you need and to read directions! Definitely recommending this product to you guys.
You won't be unhappy! Have to purchase if your getting sick of going thru play and charge kits like my household does..

Smatree Dual Charging Station Compatible for Xbox One/Xbox One X/Xbox One S/ Xbox One Elite, High Speed Docking with Rechargeable Battery 2 Packs Review:

I have previously owned smatree battery packs for my Xbox that were on their last breath as I’m a heavy user. I picked these up to replace the last set and I am not disappointed. Smatree products have a high quality build at a fraction of the price you’ll find at Best Buy or other name brand retailers.

The box comes with two battery packs, two battery housing covers, the charging stand, and charging cable. Setup is super easy. You pop out your old batteries and put in the new Smatree ones with the Smatree battery housing. After that, plug in the charging dock and you’re ready to go.

It’s simple to know when you’re batteries are fully charged because the charging dock has lights on it that are red when charging and green when fully charged so you’ll always know. I have noticed that the batteries last over 24 hours of gameplay and it’s super easy to charge right back up when you’re done playing so you know you’ll always have a full charge. Plus, if your batteries do die, there is another controller already charging so you can just grab it and turn it on to jump right back in the action.

I would 100% recommend every product Smatree makes.

VOGEK Xbox One Controller Charger, 2 x 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs [Dual Slot] High Speed Docking/Charging Station Wireless Controllers Charge Kit (Standard and Elite Compatible) Review:

So to start out, I got this product and really loved it. The reason im giving this product a 1 star review is because I decided I liked it enough to get a second one when I purchased a new Xbox and it was not the same product that came. The main feature that I liked was the 2 ways of charging because I liked being able to use my cord to charge if I needed to rather than switch to batteries. Well from the photo, the second time I got the package, the box still said that the product had 2 ways of charging but the battery is different and did not have that feature still. So as of right now I am returning the second one and will see if i can get some response in order to try and get the right product or not.

Edit: I have heard from the supplier and they told me that they removed the port for safety concerns, so I decided to keep the product as it is still a very good product. As the product currently, I would only rate it as a 4 out of 5. Just know that as of right now, they still say that there is the port in the description and there is not one.

Sliq Xbox One/One X/One S Controller Charger Station and Battery Pack - Includes 2 Rechargeable Batteries - Also Compatible with Elite and PC Versions (Black) Review:

I'm very impressed with this product. Based on other reviews I assumed I would have some minor issues with it but still thought it would be worth the low cost. On the contrary I've experienced no major issues and only one small inconvenience. As other reviews state, the batteries simply rest on the charging pins when not clipped into the controller. Because of this they tend to lean just slightly and not make full contact, resulting in them not charging. However, if they are plugged into the controller and placed onto the charger, they have no issues with poor connection. Even without doing this, you can place them very precisely onto the charger and they will still charge. The light strip around the bottom that indicates whether they are charging or not is a bit too bright for me but some masking tape easily resolves the problem. The battery life of a full charge is very good and I get at least 20-30 hours playing Rocket League or Burnout Paradise (with rumble on heavy) out of a charge and closer to 30-40 if I'm playing Skyrim or something else with a bit less rumble. Overall good value for money and well worth the purchase.

Smatree Rechargeable Battery Compatible for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, 3X 2000mAh Batteries with Charger Review:

Get your gaming thumbs ready, cause these batteries are the real deal. They take about 6-7 hours to charge and that is the only negative. I use a cell phone charger with the included usb cable to charge the batteries. You can attach the included charge cable to your xbox one to charge or other usb port. Not too hard to figure out how to insert the batteries, there are green arrows "pointing" the way. If you need help, the directions are ok but the amazon photos make it very clear how the batteries align in the controller. The batteries work with any xbox one, xbox S, and xbox elite controller. I play maybe 1-2 hours a day and I have yet to recharge the batteries. The charge level has decreased but I would estimate 25-30 hours of game time per battery. Also, you can't charge the battery while its in the controller, the battery must be removed and charged separately. The charge level does show up in the xbox one dasboard. No messy cables attached to your controller, no chargers laying around cluttering things up. These battery packs remind me of the old school xbox 360 battery charger that was neat, had a small footprint and simply worked. 5 stars and you can buy the two battery pack version if you prefer. Also, I have not been given any free product or compensation in exchange for my review. Now quit reading, and game already! Update 9/2/18: These batteries still hold a great charge! I game 1-2 hours a day and I recharge one battery pack every 7-10 days!

Smatree Rechargeable Battery Compatible for Xbox One /Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, 2 x 2000mAh Batteries with Charger Review:

I have had this product for a few days now, and so far I am loving it. I was originally scouring amazon for a docking cradle for my Xbox One controllers, as I was burning through our AA batteries like crazy. However, all of the products I found either had trouble holding the controller or else melted them when they overheated the battery. However, I found this product and read all of the safety measures put in place by the manufacturers and I decided to compromise. When I received the package, the batteries themselves were much more quality design/material than I originally thought they would be. The charging dock itself is not the most pretty thing in the world, but it doesn't need to be. The indicator lights work fine, and it looks great by my soundbar with the cord hidden. It is worth mentioning that I was able to hook this up to my Xbox's USB port to charge, so it was able to stay close to my console.

-This is a very safe product (overheat/overcharge safety), so you need not worry when popping them in before bed for overnight charging.
-While this may change, the battery life I am experiencing is phenomenal. I charged them for about 45 minutes when I received the package, and I have not needed to recharge them yet.
-The price, of course, is quite nice for this product's purpose and quality.

-So far, I have not been able to fully charge the batteries. However, as stated above, I am still getting quite nice play time out of them.
-There is no manual included in this package. This was in no way a down side to me (it was quite simple to set up), but I can see how it might be to other people.

Overall, this is a very nice product and I (so far) have no complaints. The price for this item is spot on and I believe worth it for what you actually get. I will of course update this review if anything dramatic happens to change my opinion on this product.

Please note: I am not (nor do I pretend to be) a hardcore gamer and I am very casual gamer. If you are a hardcore gamer, I cannot guarantee that your experience will be the same as mine.

Xbox one Controller Charger 2 x 800mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs for Xbox One / One S / One X / Xbox Elite Controller Charging Station Xbox Dual Remote charge Dock by BEBONCOOL Review:

So far a great product. Fits seamlessly onto the Xbox one s controller. (Should be the same for at least the Xbox one x controller as well). Only complaint and really just a personal dislike, the batteries do have to have the weight of the controller in order to make it charge - meaning it has to be on a controller to charge, you cannot just let it rest by itself. Only annoys me because i have just one controller and rembering to charge the controller twice essentially so both batteries get charged is annoying sometimes. But dont let this deter you. For this more than kind price, you get a great looking charger that lights up with battery readiness, batteries that fit seamlessly and stylishly to your controller. Lets not forget the fast charge times in comparison to the more than generous battery life. I recommend.

Update: After a few months I have to say im still very impressed. While the battery pack stays in my controller 24/7 and is always sitting on the charger while in use. The batery life has not decreased one bit. Still enjoying this product. And should the need arise for a 3 and 4 controllers, i will definitely be getting another set of these battery packs to go with it.