Best Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Accessory Kits in 2020

BRENDO Hard Carrying Case for New Nintendo 2DS XL + Large Stylus, Fits Wall Charger, 24 Game Cartridge Case Holder, Large Accessories Pocket - Black + Turquoise Review:

I was looking for a new case to hold my New Nintendo 2DS XL (that's a mouthful) and did some extensive research. There was nothing wrong with my previous case physically, but it was a little smaller and only held the system and a handful of games and nothing else.. I've been actively growing my DS/3DS collection and wanted to be able to take more things with me if I'm traveling or just on the road in general.

This case fits exactly what I wanted. First its a hard shell and has a ballistic nylon feel to it. In addition, it hold up to 24 games. I will never play 24 games on the road or on a trip, but it's nice to have the option. Also, it has a zipper compartment on top and is able to hold a portable charger and a 3DS USB charging cable, as well as earbuds. As a bonus, it came with a stylus that is a lot more usable than the short, stubby stylus that came with the 2DS XL.

I can't recommend this case enough. As a bonus, the accent color (blue) matches my 2DS XL. If you need a great case, buy it!

Fire Emblem :11 PCS Nfc Tag Cards For SWITCH/3DS Review:

I bought lot of nfc cards for BOTW, Smash, Odyssey.... they all works the same and same quality but this one rather than be in a mat finish like other cards, are of glossy finish.
It give a fake better quality vibe. Will be prone to scratch since it's glossy but the card holder is there for that, you take them out to drool on the great design then you protect them in the card holder.
I don't know what they give in three house or warrior, I just bought them for the design an later on might use them too...

Don't forget to peel the protective plastic, it's like when you buy a new TV or phone, you have to peel the protective plastic.

BRENDO Carrying Case for Nintendo 2DS with 24 Game Storage Holders, Fits Charger - Black/Blue Review:

Got this for myself, I like it quite a bit but it does have its flaws.
The hand-strap seemed cheap and I never trusted it to not snap on me, don't expect to get any use out of it. Just by the nature of how the elastic straps are attached(the ones that hold your system in place) they will eventually separate from the case. You have to pull one strap up and away from the case to put your system in there, and they're not anchored well enough to stay there forever. They both stayed put for about 5 months before they gave. Even without them, haven't had any problems with the system flying out(mind, I don't swing it around or anything).

Everything else is great though. Case keeps everything protected well, there's plenty of quality storage space for games, and the little zipper pocket is nice for storing cleaning cloths and similar flat things. I don't think it's big enough to comfortably fit a charger like the picture shows, but it's possible with some effort. The case's size itself is great, just the right size for fitting in a cargo pants pocket.
Since there seems to be a lifetime warranty, I'll probably send this in for a replacement and have all my problems solved with this case. Overall, it's quite good.

Brendo Carrying Case for New Nintendo 3DS XL, 2DS XL, 3DS Case, Fits Wall Charger, 24 Game Cartridge Holders and Large Stylus - BLACK/BLUE Review:

First off, I think the manufacturer makes some of the BEST cases for the Nintendo 3DS / 2DS systems. I previously only one of these for the 2DSXL I had, and absolutely loved it. I now own a 3DSXL and purchased this specific case for it, but I have 1 big issue with it, unfortunately.


While the case has plenty of space for games (more than most cases), when it comes to storing the official Nintendo charger in the zipper pouch, and having games in the sleeves, there are issues. Mine could just be a manufacturing defect, but I don't think so. I cannot close the case properly with a measly 6 games in the proper sleeves, and have the official charger in the zipper pouch. It begins to bend the divider with the games, and the pressure makes me think my games are about to get damaged. This was not an issues w/ the 2DSXL version, though.

Overall, I think the case IS great, and well made. I just think the dividers could have been extended a fraction to allow them to rest easier and not bend / crush your game cartridges.

3 in 1 Case for New Nintendo 2DS XL,Carrying Case for Nintendo 2DS XL with Stylus,2 Screen Protector Film and 8 pcs Game Card Cases - Black Review:

First let me admit that I am hard on my electronics and I broke my beloved Nintendo 2DS XL. I used it all the time and when I'd go somewhere I'd just throw it in my backpack. I didn't have any screen protector nor outside armor on my device. I didn't even put it into a special case. Then one day it only showed a blank screen when I tried to use it.

I had to send it off to Nintendo for repair. I immediately went online looking for protection for my 2DS XL and found this. I ordered clear armor that fits on my device, screen protectors, and this special case to put it all in once I got my 2DS XL back.
NOTE: This comes with screen protectors, so now I have extras.
Once I'd gotten my 2DS XL back I immediately put the clear armor on it, then promptly dropped it. The armor saved my device!
When I put my 2DS XL into my backpack, it goes into this special case FIRST. I've carried it around with me several places and I usually am as hard on my backpack as I am on my other things. I tend to drop my backpack down wherever I am or throw it into a back seat. Since I've been using this case, my 2DS XL seems to be much happier than its ever been. It doesn't have that 'deer in the headlights' look when I open it up like it used to before I got this case.

I like that it has little holders for my other DS game cartridges as well as a nice, BIG stylus. I didn't think I'd need the stylus because my 2DS XL has a built-in stylus, but when I put the clear armor on my 2DS XL it makes it a little more difficult to access the built-in stylus even though there's an opening for accessing it. Plus the stylus on a 2DS XL is, well, very small compared to the one on the 2DS or the 3DS.

So overall, I'm really, really glad I bought this and wish I'd bought it at the same time that I originally got my 2DS XL. Going forward, I'm going to get armor and cases for all my mobile devices. Keeps them alive much longer!

Linkstyle Nintendo 2DS Case with Game Storage, Nintendo 2DS Hard EVA Carrying Case Cover Bag Protective Travel Storage Cover Pouch with 8 Game Holders Double Zipper for Nintendo 2DS (Blue) Review:

I am very satisfied with this seller and the product I received! It was exactly what I was looking for and arrived exactly as promised. It was also very reasonably priced. Definitely worthy of 5 stars!

Two Pack Analog 3D Joy con Joystick Replacement for Nintendo Switch,joycon Switch joysticks compatiable with Left joycon Right Switch Joy con Controller Full NS Repair Tool Set(19 in 1) Review:

My right joy con would drift down constantly. It made playing some games almost impossible. After contacting Nintendo they said it would cost $45 and take 2-3 weeks to fix it because my warranty was up. This kit arrived at my house in about 24 hours and I had the controller fixed in under a half hour. I watched a youtube video on how to take the controller apart and replace the joystick. As someone who has absolutely no experience with anything like this it was rather intimidating to take it apart. The youtube video walked through every screw and every step required. My joycon work just about like new now. This solution was far superior to either sending it in to get fixed or buying a new set.

[Updated] Hand Grip for Nintendo 2DS XL with 1 Stylus and 1 Clear Case for Nintendo 2DS XL Review:

I love this grip. I never got the first iteration of it because I recently got the 2ds Xl. I mainly got this version because I have all physical games, and I can't see taking off the grip Everytime to switch a game. This is open all through the bottom so that's not a problem. I also do love the angles of the handles. I have somewhat big hands, and it really does feel like a comfortable controller and really helps when playing games like Mario Kart, and also games like the Tony Hawk Series. Strangely enough I seem to take it off when playing side scrolls like Rayman, New Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong etc. Before using it, just from looking at pictures, I thought the kickstand was kind of gimmicky, assuming no one is going to be watching Netflix on this. I have found use out of it the first day when playing Bloons Tower Defense on break at work. I was able to set it up with the kickstand and easily use the touchscreen while seeing everything, as opposed to it being flat on the table with no viewing angle. Also, for some reason they sent me a back clear cover instead of the front one advertised. Doesn't make much sense since the grip covers the back, but I have a front and back cover from a different purchase. So it wasn't a big deal to me personally. The stylus is also really hard to pull out. I have short fingernails so I had a tough time, but it's basically the same exact stylus that comes with the 2ds. It's the same small size, so if you have the original stylus it shouldn't be a big deal since the bottom is open and the regular one is always accessible. I don't want to take a star away for the tough stylus because if you have the original there is no need for it. I also don't want to take a star away for sending the back cover instead of the front because I think that might have just been a shipping mistake, not a faulty product. Ive only had it for 2 days as of this review, so I can't speak on the clips that hold it together. Some people say the clips snap off real easily. I have been real careful with it (as I am with all my electronics) so I haven't had any problems with those. Time will tell. If at any point they do snap I will update this review to see how long it lasted. For the price, I would definitely pick this up if you get hand cramps or seem to re adjust your hands a lot when playing the DS. It's definitely worth it.

2 Pack 3D Joystick Replacement for Nintendo Switch joycon,Analog Thumb Stick Joy Con Controller Repair Kit, Thumb Joystick Left and Right with Full Repair Tool Set. Review:

My little cousin is a BIG video gamer. His switch is his go to and the joysticks have been wore out. I got these for a replacement and he said that is controls are like brand new. They were very easy to replace, great quality and very nicely packaged. Plus all the tools you need are included. This was a grey purchase. I definitely recommend this over going to a store to get them replaced much cheaper and less of a hassle.

Tomee Stylus Pen Set for New 3DS (3-Pack) Review:

IF you have a New 3DS (the limited ones that only came in black or white with the interchangeable faceplates) these are the stylus you've been looking for.

In one picture i have the red and white Tomee stylus from the product inserted inside two different New 3DS as well as a side by side comparison of the black stylus. The one on the left is Tomee brand, the one on the right is the Nintendo brand included with the black console.

In the second picture i show a New 3DS on top of a New 3DS XL as well as the stylus side by side so you can see for yourself, the smaller New 3DS has a smaller stylus than the New 3DS XL. So people who say "too tiny" or "falls out" etc, they NEED the XL version that costs $3 more that's why it "doesn't fit", it's made to fit in the smaller hole of the smaller console.

These are NOT for the XL, it was hard to find these b/c the demand is so low, since the regular size were only done in limited edition prints (in North America) so 99% of 3DS and Accessories are for the XL so for awhile that's all the search results would reflect. There is a version of Tomee brand stylus for the XL.