Best Nintendo DS Cases & Storage in 2022

Last update: November 20, 2022

Sisma 64 Game Card Holder Storage Case for Nintendo 3DS 2DS DS Game Cartridges - Black Review:

There is nothing not to enjoy!The games are secure because to the hard cards.Soft lining inside is excellent for the security of the games. And slots with elastic pockets for safe positioning and other things for your games.It has two zippers. You can shift them in whatever direction you like in order to have easier access to your favorite games. Additionally, if you have a SUPER TEENY TINY lock, you may insert it through the zipper holes and lock the case when you are out and about.When trying to flip pages or inserts, there are tabs that are quite practical and helpful.I am in love with this case. One cannot express enough praise for this instance!I wholeheartedly endorse!

Sisma 72 Games Holder Cartridges Collection Storage Case for 40 Nintendo Switch Sony PS Vita Games and 32 Nintendo 3DS DS Game Cards, Grey Review:

Okay, let's start off by saying that this case CAN fit Switch AND DS/3DS cartridges. For Switch carts, the outer two flaps are stitched broader, while the inside two flaps are stitched narrower. The bag has adequate body, despite the soft interior, to protect your carts. I reasoned that I should locate a case that can hold both game systems at once rather than stacking the cart boxes on my dresser.A small felt zip up bag was also provided by the company, which was a nice touch.

PowerA The Legend of Zelda Adventurer's Pouch - Nintendo 3DS/ Wii GameCube - Brown Review:

The case has a decent appearance, and when I start keeping my device in a drawer more frequently in the future, this will probably be where it lives.I'm looking at a couple different TLOZ-themed cases to use as my daily case because I can't just throw this one in my backpack.Although the case is a little bigger than I had anticipated, I mainly adore its appearance. I would have like a looser, more pouchy leather, and the zipper's placement is strange. It is stupidly positioned to be on the lower left side when the zipper is closed. The zipper pull should be under the flap when the zipper is closed, in my opinion, thus it should have been the other way around. Additionally, a dual zipper pull would be a lovely touch.The stylus looks good (even though they would be easily snapped from their positioning on the front of the case), but the casing looks really nice and feels slightly cheap (is sort of cheap) in the hand. This review is coming off as conflicting.For a case that resembled this but was made of quality, sturdy leather and aluminum, had a working zipper, and a flap that covered the entire front to prevent the stylus from catching, I would be willing to pay upwards of $50.A 3DS can be stored in an eye-catching manner, though.I won't be taking this "Adventure Pouch" on any of my travels.

ProCase Nintendo Switch Lite Rubber Case, Slim Soft Shockproof TPU Cover Anti-Scratch Protective Case for Nintendo Switch Lite 2019 with 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protectors –Black Review:

To preserve my new Lite and show off the Pokemon design on it, I wanted a clear case. I ultimately decided to go with this one because I appreciate the extra rubber grip, which is great for my tight hands. Two screen protectors are also included (in case the first one is damaged), along with an alcohol pad and cleaning cloth. I was astounded by how the screen protector applied without any bubbles and could hardly be felt.Because I didn't think I would enjoy the feel of the plastic cut out/molds around the buttons and analog sticks when playing, I almost bought a clear cover that had hard plastic on the back and front but instead chose this hard rubber one just for the rear. Additionally, a front component is really not necessary because most falls would go to the back, and there is also no practical method to cover the front buttons and analog sticks.Anyway, great value for the money, I'm thrilled!

Smatree Hard Protective Carrying Case Compatible for New Nintendo 3DS, New 2DS XL, New 3DS XL, Nintendo New 3DS XL -Super NES Edition-[NOT for Nintendo Switch and 2DS] (Black&Red) Review:

This case is quite durable. It is far thicker than I anticipated, which is good because it can store the power supply, cables, and other accessories, but fairly hefty when compared to a typical case. The included sleeve that holds the gadget may utilize a small pull tab because it is challenging to remove if it is placed inside upside down while not in use because it is so snug. When inserted properly, there is no issue. The fragrance of this stuff is its worst flaw. It emits a powerful chemical odor that has persisted for days. I'm confident it will pass because I've smelled worse. I merely sense a momentary irritation.

Carry Case for Nintendo New 2DS XL/New 3DS XL, Keten Hard Travel Protective Shell for New Nintendo 3DS, New 2DS Console&Game, Also for Anker External Battery Store Review:

Good argument for the money. It's nice that it fits my daughter's 3DS, a few games, and the charger so that nothing gets misplaced, especially when traveling (cars and planes). It is a little bit larger and bulkier than my son's case, but to me, the ability to fit the charger makes it worthwhile. No longer I can't seem to find the charger for my DS, mom! It holds 8 games, so I honestly don't get the issue. Taking games out and putting them in the second row is really not a big concern, especially for the fingers of my 8-year-old; for me, I just pop them up from the bottom. The soft liner bag might have been attached to the case (perhaps with velcro or something), but it is really a non-issue given how safe and secure the DS is inside (just my preference). It appears to be nicely manufactured, has a hard, strong exterior, and is exactly what I wanted for my daughter's DS. I do wish the patterns were more attractive: highly recommended.

Sisma 72 Game Cartridge Holders Storage Case for 32 Nintendo 3DS DS Games and 40 Nintendo Switch Sony Ps Vita Games SD Memory Cards, Black Review:

The price for capacity is great, and that's the essential point! Numerous DS, 3DS, Vita, and Switch titles as well as SD and Micro SD cards are stored in the case. The games you put inside will be somewhat protected because it is a semi-hard case. Although mine didn't arrive with one, there is a ring on the outside for a wrist strap. I'm not sure if you need to purchase one or if the factory or warehouse simply overlooked mine. My only minor complaint is that I wish the cartridge holes on the back of the pages were reversed so that when the pages were turned, the top of each cartridge faced the bottom of the page rather than the other way around. It is a very minor complaint, and if I needed extra room to put my DS, 3DS, Vita, and Switch games all in one protected case, I would still buy another one.

Linkstyle Nintendo 2DS Case with Game Storage, Nintendo 2DS Hard EVA Carrying Case Cover Bag Protective Travel Storage Cover Pouch with 8 Game Holders Double Zipper for Nintendo 2DS (Blue) Review:

With this vendor and the stuff I received, I'm extremely happy! It was just what I needed and arrived when I was told it would. Additionally, the cost was really reasonable. Unquestionably deserving of 5 stars!

Smatree Carrying Case Compatible for Nintendo 2DS (Black&Red) Review:

I first just wanted a carrying bag for my games. I decided to just buy this when it showed up because for only $6.49 more than the typical game case on Amazon, you can still get the charger and the 2DS itself. I also contrasted it with similar situations I could locate (albeit I never bought those as this won out).After searching Amazon, I could only locate 3 cases specifically for the 2DS. This is the greatest one I could find, and now that I have it, I can state with confidence that it is of the excellent caliber I anticipated it to be. It has more slots for games and is the ideal size for the 2DS. The 2DS is securely enclosed in the case and won't move at all. The strap that is utilized to remove it from the case is excellent. The game slots don't exactly allow for as much view of the game title as I'd like, but the games fit snugly inside. Using the netted zipper at the top, you can easily store more than nine games in this compartment. Because of its tough and long-lasting outer shell, it can withstand falls.The top 2DS case available at the time of this review.

TNP New 3DS XL Case - Ultra Clear Crystal Transparent Hard Shell Protective Case Cover Skin for New 2015 Nintendo 3DS XL LL - [New Modified Hinge-Less Design] Review:

I put this to the test against the Hori case, and the Hori irritated me in a few ways:Hori started to yellow right out of the box. It kind of looks bad if you have a white 3DS system like mine. TNP has no yellowing.2. My Fire Emblem system's emblems became muddled by the Hori casing, however the TNP is very clear.3. The TNP clips on and does not budge at all, whereas the Hori case easily slid off on the corners of the 3DS.Downsides?1. The polycarb in TNP makes it rather easy to scratch, but it's still better than your 3DS, right?2. If you press on the case, it will creak a little.3. From prolonged gaming, the edges of the case will kind of scrape into your hand.4. A heavy drop or blow will easily fracture the case, but it's still better than your 3DS, right?