Best Mop Replacement Heads in 2020

4 Pack Replacement Mop Head Microfiber Spin Mop Refill Clean Pad Mop Head Refills Easy Cleaning Mop Head Replacement - Review:

 These mop heads are just as good as the O-cedar brand as far as I can tell. They fit a little better than the O-cedar, which was very surprising to me. I've been having trouble with the O-cedar ones falling off and not staying on very well. These mop heads have grooves that seem to help them stay on better. I haven't washed them yet but I'll report back if I have any trouble. Overall I'm pretty happy with these!

3 Replacement Mop Micro Head Refill Hurricane for 360° Spin Magic Mop-Microfiber Replacement Mop Head-Round Shape Standard Size (White-3 Pack) Review:

Very inexpensive refills for the spin mop 360. I have looked on other websites and Amazon had the best price. Be careful not to put in the dryer and they will last a long time. These are the same exact ones that came with the original spin mop on QVC.

Tidy Monster 4 Pack Spin Mop Replacement Head, Microfiber Mop Head Refills, Easy Cleaning Mop Head Replacement Review:

This is a great deal for the Ocedar mopheads! While these are definitely an off-brand, they work well! My advice is:

1. Because the fibers are and inch or two longer than the name brand heads, you have to give a little smoosh into the spinner when you need to spin it out. Otherwise, it causes the bucket to spin out of balance. Just that little push down compacts the fibers and it'll spin just fine.

2. When mopping, sometimes the extra long fibers will cause the mop head base to scrub on the floor. I avoid this by spinning the mop as I bring it to the floor to flare the fibers and mopping with the handle a little more upright.

Because they're so much more affordable and I go through so many of them, I think it's a great value. Walmart charges 7.97 for ONE head, so I was perfectly ok with tweaking my strategies to accommodate them.

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Refill (Pack - 3) Review:

I raise and breed small housebound dogs which ocassionally have accidents in the house. I recently purchased three spinner mops with replaceable cleaning heads. However, the mops came with only one head. I ordered a package of O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Refill (Pack of 6). I got 6 heads as I have the a mop spinner with replaceable heads on all 3 floors of my house. You can get fewer or more at one time easily. Securing the replacements allows me to change out and wash the mop faces quickly. These mops wring the water out such that you can quickly pick up spills. If one gets dirty or in my case wears down from daily use, you can pop off the head and replace it in seconds. Deliver was quick and the items were well packaged. I would recommend the mop, the replaceable heads in an instance. Incidently these mop sets allow me to choose a cleaning product that is safe for my dogs and less expensive than the prepared liquids for the squirting mops.

Tidy Monster 3 Pack Spin Mop Replacement Head, Microfiber Spin Mop Refills, Easy Cleaning Mop Head Replacement Review:

Super Savings. They fit perfect. The yarn or what ever that material is, is a little different from the original mop head. it a bit lighter and fuzzier but does not shed. The main thing I notice is when you spin the mop to spread it out before moping , it sometimes takes two trys and the strands will clump together when mopping back and forth requiring you to spin it again. I like the orginals better but want to be able to trade out for clean ones more often So it is worth the savings and about every 2 heads I buy an original. works for me.

Microfiber Spray Mop Replacement Heads for Wet Dry Mops Compatible With Bona Floor Care System (5 Pack) Review:

This is an inch too short for my Bona Stone and Tile mop (model: WM710013499). I have about 1/2" on each side of the mop head that hangs over the pad, making it impossible to get into edges and corners. When compared to the pad that came with my Bona mop, these are a good 2" shorter. This is really disappointing, especially after all the reviews stating that they fit the Bona mops.
The pads seemed thin and the pile of the microfiber very flat when they arrived, but they washed up thick and fluffy. I'll keep them for every day use (and because I washed them before checking the length) and just use my Bona brand mop head when I deep clean and need to get into the corners once a week, but I won't be repurchasing these.

Quickie Number 16 Cotton Wet Mop Refill Review:

This has a good, heavy duty, old school, mop head. I've used the Swifter and those mops with the little microfiber mop head. They wear out quickly and don't absorb the water off the floor well. I decided to stop messing around. This mop cleans large areas and absorbs the water off the floor easily and efficiently. This one won't shed easily. The attached scrubber is ineffective. It fell off and I left it off.

The mop is lightweight. The mop head is big and dense. It may be a little difficult for some to squeeze it out. It can be squeezed out in sections or used with a ringer bucket.

The mop head does loosen from the stick while mopping. No problem for me. I crazy glued the stick on. I unscrewed the mop head from the stick. Put Crazy glue gel all around it and screwed in back in and let it set. It doesn't loosen anymore.

I really like this price. We have an upstairs and downstairs. I bought 2. I was looking at replacement mop heads for my microfiber mops and they cost as much as this mop. This is also much better quality than dollar store mops. The stick on those tend to break easily and those mops shed easily. This mop, including the mop head, will probably last several years.

KLEEN HANDLER Heavy Duty Commercial Mop Head Replacement | Wet Industrial Blue Cotton Looped End String Cleaning Mop Head Refill Review:

This was purchased for use at an animal shelter to replace other mop heads that were beginning to fall apart. So far, this mop has stood up to the strong detergents used to scrub kennel floors and the subsequent necessary laundering afterward. If it continues to stand up to the hard use, more will definitely be purchased.

Rubbermaid Commercial Universal Headband Blend Mop, Blue, Fg23800Bl00 Review:

Excellent mop head. My cat loves it and won't give it back to me....may have to purchase another one LOL