Best Mac Gaming Keyboards in 2022

Last update: January 17, 2023

Can I use gaming keyboard with Macbook Air?

With the release of Apple's new M1 chip, many people are wondering if they can use gaming keyboards with their Macbook Air. The answer is yes! The M1 chip is compatible with gaming keyboards that use USB or Bluetooth. So if you have a gaming keyboard that you want to use with your Macbook Air, go ahead and give it a try.

Can you use a ducky keyboard on Mac?

Yes, you can use a ducky keyboard on Mac. There are some Mac-specific keys on a ducky keyboard, but they are mapped to different keys on a Mac keyboard.

Can you use non Apple keyboard with a Mac?

You can use a non-Apple keyboard with a Mac, but there may be some slight differences in the keys and their functions. The Option and Command keys may be swapped, for example. You can typically find out which keys are which by looking at the keyboard layout in the Keyboard preferences pane.

Do custom keyboards work on Mac?

Most custom keyboards are designed to work with Windows, but many of them will also work with a Mac. To use a custom keyboard with a Mac, you'll need to install a driver for it. Once the driver is installed, the custom keyboard should work just like any other keyboard.

PICTEK Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo, LED Wired Gaming Keyboard, Ergonomic Keyboard, Wrist Rest Keyboard with Efficient Multimedia Keys, Programmable Gaming Mouse for Mac, PC, Laptop Gamers - Black Review:

My rating would have been four stars. However, you may simply buy a cheap mouse at your neighborhood dollar store. I'm not joking. I like the keyboard. My children make relatively little noise. Cheaply manufactured, yet well built. For me, that's important.Current: The keyThere is still a board. Its durability earned it an additional half star from me. Despite the two spills, it has endured and continued to function. So far, my son has spilt milk. The key does not stick, and it has been cleaned up. My coffee spilled onto it. Still functional. Now, regrettably, let out a noise. Actually, that is not a problem. Children are older. I resolve the initial issue with purchasing a new keyboard and mouse. When the twins are asleep, I just switch.Here's the deal. The tech expert who arrived for another issue quickly installed a crucial file. Two cheers. excellent point-and-click. welcome to key binds.The only thing that really annoys me is that I never got a new mouse. This is no longer a major deal. One benefit of the keyboard is its adaptability. It seemed to be fighting against death. If anyone is worried about that. That is one thing that a keyboard has in spades. Hope that my hand and the wonderful keyboard key binding experience last.Confused. They sent the exact identical keyboard and mouse (which was significantly larger). Uncertain what occurred. Oh wow, so much better. It is like day and night. quicker reaction times for both. The keyboard is now much more useful. So what occurred. incredibly impressed They appear to be the exact same way. However, the mouse no longer has that cheap feel.

CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical RAPIDFIRE Gaming Keyboard - USB Passthrough & Media Controls - PBT Double-Shot Keycaps - Cherry MX Speed - RGB LED Backlit Review:

For the MK.2 SE, alone. It's stunning. The RGB lighting beneath the key caps is partially reflected by the (silver) aluminum surface. A dedicated button on the keyboard lets the user switch between different profiles supported by the Corsair software (iCUE).Compared to the Cherry Silent (red/pink) switches I previously used, the Cherry MX Speed (silver) switches are finer (keyboard switches are, of course, personal preference).The PBT key caps are well constructed. It is also convenient to have the option of using the provided, textured WASD key caps. Also included is a tool for removing key caps.The volume control and media buttons function properly. The volume dial is responsive and simple to turn. The media buttons' back lighting can be adjusted to either blend in or stand out because it is RGB.

Mafiti Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set, Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Feel Keyboard Colorful Breathing Backlit Gaming Mouse for Working or Gaming Review:

For everyday use, this keyboard and mouse set is excellent.First and foremost, I want to be clear that this keyboard is NOT a true mechanical keyboard, despite the fact that it feels far better to type on than other membrane keyboards. Since "mechanical feeling" was mentioned in the product description, I can live with this. Although it is a pleasure to type on, my mechanical keyboard is way too noisy for most environments.The keys on this keyboard are quiet, and the response is excellent. On this keyboard, I think I can type just as quickly as I can on my mechanical keyboard. The lights are cool, however keep in mind that they cannot be adjusted because each key has a different hue. Only the brightness can be altered, and the light can only be turned on, off, or pulse.It's a typical mouse, the mouse. It fits beneath my desk and on the keyboard slider without the top of my had touching the bottom edge of my desk, which is why I enjoy that it is a low profile mouse. The mouse's light appears to constantly pulse and cycle through various hues. I can't seem to modify it at all or turn it off. Performance-wise, it feels like a typical mouse. The dpi is nothing spectacular, but the clicks are excellent. Although I did deduct a point for the "gaming" aspect of the rating, there isn't really anything wrong with the mouse, and it isn't enough to deduct a star for the entire product.In conclusion, get this if you want a top-notch keyboard. The mouse is merely an accessory.

Mafiti RK100 3 Color LED Backlit Keyboard. USB Wired Multimedia Keyboard for Gaming,Office Review:

Really great keyboard, particularly if you can locate one for less than $15. In the past two weeks, I've tried three other brands, and this one is by far the best. The sound is quite quiet, and the touch and key travel are excellent. (I haven't heard any of the squeaks that one reviewer claimed to have heard.) Light intensity can be adjusted to one of five levels, can be changed between three colors, and is subtle (plus off, of course). Keys that are lighted allow light to pass through them. Every function key operates as it should. Rubber pads prevent it from sliding and flip-down legs in the back create a slight angle. The branding sticker is excessively big, which is the only (very minor) issue I have with it. But that's unimportant. Overall, this keyboard is fantastic and even better value.

Rii RK100+ Gaming Keyboard,USB Wired Multiple Color Ultra-Slim Rainbow LED Backlit Large Size Quiet Ergonomic Design Mechanical Feeling Multimedia Gaming Keyboard Non-Slip for Gaming and Working Review:

This keyboard was undoubtedly "greater than" all other backlit keyboards I have used on my Linux system, even if not all keyboards are "equal to" each other. First of all, a few of the others I've tested were created exclusively for Microsoft or Apple hardware, and any supplementary features or "drivers" could only be used with those platforms. A majority of them would still allow you to type the keyboard's basic characters into the program of your choice, but some wouldn't. My old keyboard was far over $40 when it was on sale, however the led feature wasn't functional unless a command line code called XSET was used to enable it deep within the system. The numerical keypad would then stop functioning as the keyboard lit up.With this keyboard, there are NO such issues with Linux. After your computer boots, simply plug it in and start using it. (I guess I'm old school because I usually plug in any input devices before the computer boots, so I can't swear to the "hot swappability" of it.)When lit, the keyboard looks fantastic, and the characters are legible without being garishly huge. While the size of the illuminated letters on each key is aesthetically pleasing and does not require a backlight in well-lit environments, they are still not quite as legible as a non-lit keyboard with printed characters in high contrast. This result is consistent across every backlit keyboard I have used thus far, and it seems to me that this is due to the limitations of the materials now on the market for shaping the plastic keycaps in a light-diffusing resin. Although the optional "breathing" effect is wonderful, I rarely use it. On my system, I have yet to learn how to start the "sleep" feature. With the exception of a brief list of key combinations for using the FN Function keys, (F1-F12), to manage the multimedia features of the majority of operating systems and how to control the led keyboard itself, the accompanying "User Manual" is devoid of any instructions.This keyboard's illumination feature is "onboard," therefore no additional operating system drivers or software are required.The keys are positioned nicely for prolonged use without discomfort and provide a pleasant tactile sensation. Even though it's lightweight, the board itself has a robust feel, giving me the feeling that it's of a higher quality than other, much more expensive keyboards I've tested.I believe this is a very safe investment for practically anyone searching for a well-made but affordable backlit keyboard.One additional disclaimer: I'm not a gamer, so I can't speak to how well this keyboard would work in that context. However, if you are starting the following great American novel or sending your mother a fast email...

DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit LED Keyboard for Gaming, Office Device Review:

I'll include a small original evaluation at the end.A DBPOWER customer support agent got in touch with me. The salesperson offered to send me a replacement keyboard because of the DOA I returned since she cared about how I liked the keyboard I had bought. We had back-and-forth emails regarding the keyboard for just under 12 emails and the company seemed to be concerned about the brand. I was impressed because this is from a manufacturer I had never heard of and because the keyboard didn't have many reviews when I first bought it. That's fantastic, then.Now that I'm typing to you on my new keyboard, everything I need and want are in it, just as I had hoped.I bought it because my older Coolermaster Devastator, which I had for years of gaming and general use, was about to malfunction. I required a keyboard with back lighting, membrane switches for a quiet sound, and a similar enter key layout. All of those requirements were met by this keyboard. I wanted the keyboard to have more color possibilities and to resemble the keyboards on the vintage Dell school PCs I used to learn how to type. Both of those needs were met by this keyboard. The breathing feature and light level feature on the keyboard are hardware features. I can use the light features and plug the keyboard into any. The keyboard doesn't seem to retain previously set lighting options, which is a drawback. Every time, I have to adjust the lighting. But since my coolermaster Devastator has the same feature, it is not a problem for me. In addition to off, there are 5 light brightness settings for each of the 3 colors—red, blue, and purple.TL:DR received a defective good. RMA, after which customer care issued me a replacement. Company wants content customers and a positive reputation. Being a straightforward membrane keyboard with back illumination, the keyboard is excellent. I'm content and will probably continue to purchase things from this firm in the future that meet my demands.initial three-star rating.DOAThe return process went smoothly.

Rii RK100 Gaming Keyboard,USB Wired 3 Colors LED Backlit Ultra-Slim Large Size Quiet Ergonomic Design Mechanical Feeling Multimedia Keyboard Non-Slip For working or prime gaming Review:

Here are my impressions on this keyboard, which I just recently purchased:Positives: 1. The keys aren't overly loud and have a pretty pleasant tone and feel.2. I appreciate that the keys are elevated, which prevents dirt and hair from accumulating as quickly and makes it simpler to clean and blow out.3. The building appears to be well-made and sturdy.4. It has a really attractive appearance with adjustable pulse light effect, brightness, and off settings.5. My main motivation for purchasing this was the illuminated keyboard's edge, which gives my workspace a lovely ambient glow.6. The price is reasonable.7. Effective anti-ghosting features for games and other purposes.8. The bottom grips have excellent traction.9. The keyboard looks attractive, which is a plus in my book. It doesn't move.10. The USB is silver-plated and offers adequate protection with a ring for whatever concerns.Cons: 1. There isn't a lot of brightness. The maximum brightness, in my opinion, need to be at least twice as high. I worry that the leds will dim and stop working as a keyboard after several months or a year of use, even if it should be adequate for the majority of users.2. Although snapping a picture can't verify it, the lighting isn't even along the edge of the keyboard, notably the blue leds along the bottom border are quite dim to the human eye compared to the red and purple along the bottom. Additionally, the top and side borders are nicely lit, however the bottom edge is only about half as light as the top.3. The caps lock, num lock, and other key leds are a very grating bright green. To fit the color scheme of the keyboard, these should be a less intense shade of blue or purple. Additionally, because of this, they neglected to add any blue or purple leds to the top right border, which is unpleasant and detracts from the ambient illumination impression this keyboard produces. As a result, the colors shown in the Amazon images are also incorrect.4. The cable is a little fragile, but it's not too horrible; this doesn't necessarily indicate that it's weak or of poor quality; it could simply be a braided cord. Braided cords, in my experience, don't survive very long.5. Contrary to what is seen in the photographs, the edges are primarily lighted with red, blue, and purple with very slight indications of other colors.I rate this keyboard 4 stars overall since it is an extremely strong and attractive keyboard for the amount I bought (about $22). I suggest it.

Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Illuminated 104 Key Silent Keyboard with Wrist Rest for Windows PC Games (RGB Backlit) Review:

After purchasing the Redragon Perdition gaming mouse, I was on the lookout for a less expensive gaming keyboard to replace the other pricy ones I frequently see. I came upon this one (which is great btw). I really took a chance when I got this keyboard because there were no reviews when I bought it. Considering how inexpensive it is—only $30—I don't want to be too harsh on it.Backlighting: This keyboard has excellent backlighting. This is my first illuminated keyboard, and I must say that they did an amazing job. According to the product information, there are seven colors: red, blue, green, yellow, light blue (which resembles a cyan tint), purple, and white. At the touch of a button, you can quickly flip between all of them, alter their brightness, turn them off entirely, or make the keyboard alternate between each hue. 5 out of 5 in this area.Characteristics: This keyboard has a few noteworthy features, including:1) The Windows key can be locked to prevent accidental presses when gaming,2) The ability to utilize WASD instead of the arrow keys, which is helpful if you like to have your WASD where the arrow keys are located.3) To choose the reaction speed, press the function key and the Q key, which contains tiny fast-forward arrows (>>). It appears to speed up key reaction time while you are typing or holding a key, therefore it works reasonably well, however I have discovered that not all games are compatible with it. It's not perfect, but it happened when I was playing Terraria and held down the D key to go right. However, I would progress a few feet before stopping, then move, then halt, etc.The media keys, or 4. While I won't go into detail, you get the typical features like volume and music controls. Not much more I can say about them than they work.5) The keyboard's built-in wrist rest is comfortable and gives you lots of space to rest your wrists.The keys' arrangement resembles that of a laptop; they are "chiclet" design, have a pleasant rough texture that makes them easier to hold, and have a small space between them. Although I normally favor this kind of keyboard, this is where the drawbacks of the keyboard actually manifest themselves.Since the keys have very little springback or the like, it can be challenging to detect if you are actually pressing them down. My laptop's keys, for example, click satisfyingly when I press them and are not at all difficult to push. In fact, I am becoming more and more irritated by how cheap the keys feel as I type this article. The spacebar, in particular, is the worst key on the keyboard because it is the most challenging to press and occasionally doesn't even depress at all, meaning that it won't register that you are actually hitting the spacebar at all (I'm leaving this typo because it is a problem that is more than a little annoying) (this could be a problem I am having with just my keyboard). However, I digress—the keyboard is only $30.onto the design. If you can't tell from the images, the enter key is shaped like a "upside-down L" and the keys are arranged slightly differently than usual.For those who don't want to read the entire article, I will conclude with a summary of advantages and disadvantages:-It costs $30.-Excellent backlighting with a variety of color choicesBraided cord minimizes tangling and features velcro for cable management. Built-in wrist rest.Cons: -Keys seem cheap and are challenging to push; -Keyboard layout requires some getting used to.Overall, despite the fact that I took a chance and didn't expect the greatest quality for $30, I am happy with my purchase. The quality of the keys themselves is really the only issue I can point to with this keyboard; while it doesn't render it useless, the keys might be better.

Do Logitech gaming keyboards work on Mac?

Logitech gaming keyboards are not officially supported on Mac, but some users have reported that they are able to get them to work with third-party software. There is no guarantee that all features will work as intended, and some users have found that certain keys are mapped differently than they are on Windows. If you're interested in using a Logitech gaming keyboard on Mac, it's recommended that you do some research to see if it's compatible with your specific setup.

Do Microsoft keyboards work Mac?

Microsoft keyboards are not supported on Mac.

Do Razer keyboards work on Mac?

Razer keyboards are not compatible with Mac computers.

Does Apple make a mechanical keyboard?

Apple does not make a mechanical keyboard, but there are many third-party options available. Mechanical keyboards are popular for their superior typing feel and durability. If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard for your Mac, there are many great choices available.

Does Logitech mouse work with Mac?

Yes, Logitech mice are compatible with Mac computers. You will need to ensure that you have the correct drivers installed for your mouse, but once that is done, you should be able to use your Logitech mouse without any issues.

Does Razer Pro Click work on Mac?

Razer Pro Click is a wireless mouse that works with both Windows and Mac. It has a detachable cable that makes it easy to transport, and a built-in storage compartment for the wireless dongle. The Pro Click has a 1600 DPI laser sensor and a polling rate of 1000 Hz.