Best PlayStation 3 Games in 2020

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Decisive Edition - PlayStation 4 Review:

This is, truly, my favorite JRPG series of all time, and I have to warn you the cover art is misleading. If you think "oh I know what this game is going to be like" by looking at the art, you're probably going to be surprised. But actually describing the game is also pretty difficult. It's complex, it's nuanced, it's part of a series of games that spans over nine entries so far, but stands well alone as the first in the "Cold Steel" segment of that franchise, a good, easy place to jump into the world of Zemuria and get immersed in its lore, culture, politics, heroes, troubles and triumphs.

You don't need to play the other Legend of Heroes games to play this one and enjoy it.

In this game you will find everything. Great humor, an amazing sound track, top notch characters, world building, story telling and enjoyable turn based combat.

If you're undecided or curious I cannot stress enough how worthwhile this game is not just to try, but to stick to the end. The twists and turns of the game may seem almost low-key or slow paced at times, but that's because the game never cuts corners, never hurries development of either plot or characters. And when the action does pick up, you'll find you've grown attached to Class VII along the way without even realizing how or when it happened that you got so invested. If you play this game to the end I promise you, you will be so invested you won't want to wait even a minute to pick up the sequel.

If you've played other Legend of Heroes games you probably know what you're in for, if this is your first Legend of Heroes game, throw your preconceptions out the window and sit back, let yourself enjoy the adventures of Class VII, take in the world, and go at your own pace. The difficulty levels offer challenges for any level of gameplay, but the real meat of these games is the story and the characters.

There is one con to this game I have to mention, especially for anyone tired of certain tropes. Early on Rean and Alisa undergo a dumb harem anime trope that they abandon by the second game and even reference as dumb in the third game. If you find it annoying like I did I promise you they let it die and the rest of the game shouldn't be judged on that one blemish.

LEGO Jurassic World - PlayStation 3 Review:

Yet another win in the fantastic Lego series of games. My kids (5 and 8-year-old boys) adore these games, and this one may be their favorite yet. The game play can be a bit complicated for the 5-year-old but it's usually not too bad. Most of the puzzles are fairly obvious...which is good, because the thing my kids love is the "customization" options to build their own dinosaurs and play through the levels with those. Every level you finish has the potential to unlock more items, and can be replayed with any character you have available--including the custom dinosaurs! That alone has upped the value of this game over the moon. My kids will spend an hour just making a dinosaur!

Like most lego games it's cute--though as an adult I still lament the choice of adding voices to these games. The cut scenes can still be amusing, but voices just seem to take something away from that. The game play can be fairly simplistic and repetitive....but your kids will never notice any of that (that is who you're buying it for, right?). Fantastic game for kids and pretty fun for adults.

Minecraft - PlayStation 3 Review:

Five hundred hours? One thousand hours? How long have I played Minecraft? I've lost track of time. At first I thought that this was a simple child's game. That is....until night fell and the mob came out to kill me. I started with no tools, no armor, no weapons, no food, and no shelter. It was like a bad dream, but a bad dream with monsters at night. The game was challenging and it quickly became addictive. I died a lot in the beginning. A LOT. Slowly, I got the hang of the game. My dirt hidey hole in the ground became a ten story luxury condo. I terra formed my entire island as flat as a football pitch. I watched every darned dog or cat that I tamed get killed by creeper explosions. My record was losing SEVEN dogs at once. Eventually I did everything that I wanted to do, built everything that I wanted to build, explored the entire island both on land and underground. However, that took me probably 1,000 hours. There are people that have been playing Minecraft for years - since the game's inception. There is a reason that Minecraft has a cult following and Minecraft gamers on Youtube have several million subscribers. This game is the best way to have fun and forget about life for a few hours. You are in another world....the world that you create. From age ten to age one hundred this is a fun game for everyone. Highest recommendation!

Demon's Souls (Greatest Hits) - PlayStation 3 Review:

(It's worth mentioning that the online server for this game has been terminated as of the end of February 2018, so several original features of the game--like invasions, assists, the Old Monk gimmick, etc.--are now disabled. The game is still great though, so don't worry.)
This is the start of the most important series of video games to emerge in the past twenty years. Seriously. I cannot overstate this. Remember the days when the player was forced to adapt to the game? Remember when games didn't hold your hand for seven hours and treat you like a lost child? Remember when you couldn't adjust the difficulty in order to abate your frustrations? Remember when you weren't forced to wade through a story you don't care about? I've said enough. Here's the synopsis.
When King Allant of Boletaria awakens the Old One, the (second) most powerful demon in existence, the world outside the Nexus again becomes a killing field for demons and their transmogrified slaves. The player, a stranger to Boletaria and the fog-consumed lands surrounding it, is tasked with gathering the demon souls found throughout five different zones...But to what end? For power? For the restoration of peace? For no reason at all? It's up to you, player! It all depends on what aspects of the lore affect you the most--if, of course, you so choose to delve into the story buried beneath the gameplay.
I could go into so much more detail concerning the variations of play style, the arsenal of weapons and spells available, the sheer satisfaction of figuring out and beating a demon, the exquisite level designs and the pay-off for revisiting earlier areas...but there's too much to say. Believe the hype, expect a sharp learning curve, then get this game and get all the other Souls games--so the world might be mended. Umbasa.

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Review:

Before purchasing this collection, i never played a Metal Gear game before. I knew they were popular games and i knew about solid snake, that's about it. So i started playing them in chronological order from the stories stand point. This means i play Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, First. This game turned out to be my favorite Metal Gear game, and one of my favorite games of all time. This game remade in HD alone is worth the $25, then adding Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 on top is just icing on the cake. Now to move on why you may enjoy the game as much as me:
- The Story is, should i say epic? like Homers book odyssey type of epic. Around every turn there's a shyamalan twist. The story involves very mature themes such as Nuclear War, R*pe, Cancer, Cloning are just some examples. ( 2 of those examples are from games not in the collection, but still part of the story and plot.)
- Each game had ground breaking graphics for the time they came out. While some still look really good and aged well, others graphics are not the best ( i'm looking at you peace walker and Metal Gear Solid 1.)
- The Games make you think about the world around you. They some how manage to suck you into their universe but at the same time have you thinking about the one you live in. Provokes thought about loyalty, or what really is right and wrong? I start thinking about my own life when i play the games, and I'm sure you will too.
-The games are actually fun on their own! Story sure does help keep you involved, but the game play of sneaking can get your adrenaline flowing. Or during an incredible boss battle of shooting rockets at the boss, and getting the timing right of hiding from its attacks.
- Amazing atmospheres! A lot of thought has went into your surroundings in these games.
- Sound tracks are incredible. ( That fight with Psycho Mantis)
- The Boss fights are the best out of any game series made.

Here is some of the things you may not like from the game:
- Story can just feel like it's progressing at a snail's pace at times.
- You can actually be punished for going in guns blazing. Sometimes it doesn't just make the game more difficult, you will be penalized some other way.
- This isn't a game you just mindlessly play. It's important to be involved constantly or you will miss out on a key part of the story from the cut scenes, or if you're not careful you'll be spotted by an enemy sentry. So this isn't some call of duty game to pop on and play for 5 minutes when you need something to just aimlessly play.
- Most of these games have LONG cut scenes. Cut scenes that you cant skip or pause, and even if you could skip you wouldn't want to when its your first time playing through the game. I remember first playing MGS3, it took me 45 minutes to actually get the game started cause of all the cut scenes. MGS 4 has about 8 hours of cut scenes reportedly. I don't remember that much cut scene though.
- There are puzzles in these games that are so difficult to figure out! Thank goodness you have a codec to call and ask questions with. But if you get really desperate, i guess you can always look on the internet? But figuring out the puzzles can keep you angered and entertained for hours.

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (Greatest Hits) - PlayStation 3 Review:

There is nothing much new to cover on this. This one I got was shipped by Amyzon. the product works just fine as far as I know. But I need to cover the part it was in strange flimsy wrapping compared to other products. It does not seem to affect the game play but just the cosmetic outer look of it. Not really so much a problem. It just looks as repackaged. So if that is worthy of a star being moved then that is all. I have nothing else really to say about the product because that seems to be covered in the rest of the reviews. As for the game it's self is a personal 5 star. be sure to get yourself a plug in controller for USB slot, you will want it later with certain games (it works better).

The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition (PS4) Review:

It is not region locked. If you own The Witcher 3, your saves are not playable on this disc, you'll have to start the game over. It is well worth getting the GOTY Edition, it is an amazing game!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review:

Game came brand new, still sealed in plastic cover. Came included with a double sided poster as seen in photo. Seller didn't tell me about the poster do was a pleasant surprise. Yes it can be played on xbox one and you can still play online with other people as of February 2019. No scratches on disk. Works fine. Would buy again. Recommend buying mw3 along with this. Very satisfying