Best Horse Vitamins & Minerals in 2020

REDMOND Rock Crushed Loose Mineral Salt Electrolyte Supplement for Horses Review:

Have been using Redmond - Rock Crushed Loose Mineral Salt for Horses for several years. My experiences with salt blocks hasn't been great. One horse eats the salt block like crazy and the others avoid it - or use it less often than desired. With Redmond Crush Loose Mineral Salt, I add a small amount to their supplement feeding once a day. It's readily obvious to see how the daily loose rock helps spur their thirst and they drink lots of water which keeps the hay moving right on through!!!

Omega Horseshine 3 Supplement Review:

I have been using Omega Horseshine for over 2 years now. My horse had serious allergies and hives to the point of large welts all over his body. Some times I could not ride because they would be where the saddle or cinch was. I had allergy tests run and there was not one thing that stood out as an issue but several things he was moderately sensitive to. I tried to find some alternative type product to help as I did not want to use steroids. Eventually I saw where flax had helped some horses and then I found the Horseshine. The company helped me with dosage for this issue and after 2 weeks they were gone, never to return again. (this had been going on for quite some time, getting worse each spring) This spring he had a few insect bites that were a little bigger than usual so I upped the dosage again and he is doing fine. The vet is impressed and recently attended a workshop. Afterward she said there is science behind why this is working, relating to the Omegas and their ratios. I will use this product as long as this horse is alive and am extremely grateful for it.

Durvet Maxi B 1000 100mL Review:

I absolutely love this product I actually use it on myself and honestly it gives me energy and boost my metabolism. I can work out head back to work go home and deal with my busy family and still have energy to work out again. I would say this though if you are using this for weight loss I would suggest ordering a appetite suppressant to help with cravings and drink a lot of water. I’m not being paid or getting free product for my review this is my opinion on how it works for me

Mare Magic Review:

My vet recommended this for my mare who has been dealing with what seems to be hormonal issues. She's been getting colicky the last couple months. I've seen reviews where others have had success with this product. So far she seems to be doing well. I mix a scoop with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey so it sticks together and I put it between 2 gingers snap and she loves it! She looks forward to her daily treats. Time will tell if it helps. I will update this as soon as we get a better idea on her next cycle if it's been helpful.

Mare Magic Review:

My mare has been VERY moody since moving barns. She's had to stay alone in her paddock because she was dangerous with another horse. She pinned her ears at horses when they were clear across the arena. She's never had any issues with people, always tolerant. But other horses got her angry to the point where she had to be stalled at the end of the aisle with no horse next to her for fear she would kick right through the boards. Oddly enough, she's also a bit herd bound and would call to them when in work. She's older (20's) and injury prone so I couldn't get a boss mare to put her in her place safely. On the suggestion of a good friend I bought mare magic. It was a nearly overnight change. She still calls to the other horses but just once or twice in an hour while riding. She no longer pins her ears at all at other horses. She can be stalled next to a horse, although she's still turned out in her own paddock. She still tests me under staddle but it mostly seems related to just feeling good and not ears pinned, tail swishing anger.

I highly recommend this supplement. It even smells delicious. She eats it right up no problem! And you really can't beat the price compared to the more chemical supplements.

As you can see in the picture: so calm and relaxed.

Manna Pro Bite-Size Nuggets Review:

Every horse loves these - even horses that don't seem to like other treats like carrots or apple. They're great for trail rides, since they don't take up much space.

AniMed Glucosamine 5000 Review:

My horse had a shoulder injury back when she was on a ranch. Between the farrier and equine chiropractor, we've managed to help her out quite a bit, but the addition of this supplement to those has made a far larger difference for the better.

We had no idea how badly it had been affecting her until about the fourth day of adding the supplement. You could see the difference not only in the way she moved (way more smoothly instead of "lurching" a little), but in her face and attitude.

She's a pretty mellow horse, but she's a little friskier, and we can really tell by looking at her face that she's feeling super good. Because she'd been injured before I bought her, I didn't know what "regular face" looked like on her, but can see the difference now. She LOOKS happy now. It's awesome!

My friend has a performance horse on another higher-priced supplement, but she said she's changing to this one since it worked so well and is far less expensive. =)

I started my 15 year old gelding on it as well. He hasn't developed any problems yet, and I'm hoping this will keep him from doing so for years yet.

Equinety Horse XL Equine Supplement 3.5 oz Review:

My horse had really sore back ALL the time. Even after being out to pasture for months. Had two vets look at him. X-ray his spin, did flection test and lameness exams. Tested his vitamin E levels. He’d pass with flying colors. Vitamin E levels are normal too! But his muscles in his back are still sore. They said they have no idea what could possibly be causing it. It would be a guessing game to try other procedures at this point. Put him on Equinety and BAM!! No more back pain after 7 days on this product! It’s a miracle!! After 30 days his ulcers have gone away as well! My friend tried it after 60 days she saw a huge improvement with her OTTB. More calm and focused and both of our horses put on weight like nothing before! My horse had a slight sway back as well. Not anymore! If your wondering about this product just give it 90 days and you’ll see a huge difference in performance, recovery, body, and coat. I’m in awe and my vets are now recommending it as well! Worth every penny!

Red Cell Pet Supplement Review:

Give 4cc to 6cc oral Red Cell for horses to larger goat (80 to 100 lbs) typically 6cc for every 100 lb weight. Goats don't really like the taste so give it first then we follow that with the following mixture: 3 heaping Tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce mixed with 1 scoop of Goats Prefer Probiotic Power until powder dissolves in applesauce then add 1 Tablespoon white corn syrup into the applesauce until it is mixed in. Load a 30cc or larger syringe with the applesauce and after giving the small amount of Red Cell give the applesauce slowly into the mouth so not to choke the goat. Most goats love the sweet applesauce. Do this every morning. It will give the goat quicker energy and much of what it needs to get stronger. We almost lost our favorite Boer goat she was down for a few days and this along with antibiotic injections brought her back. She is eating again and walking around and seems to be getting stronger each day. Keep these products on hand they are life savers. We have 43 Kiko and Boer Goats.