Best Handheld Flashlights in 2020

Streamlight 68750 Dualie 3AA Dual Beam Flashlight 140 Lumen Spot Beam and 140 Lumen Downward Facing Flood Light w/Built in Clip and Alkaline Batteries, Yellow - 245 Lumens total Review:

An interesting design. In addition to the standard front-facing light, this flashlight also includes a side-facing/downward-facing light. Both are controlled by separate switches. Advertised as being 140 lumens for each light, and that seems to be right on. Both lights provide a nice white light. The main (front) beam is more a spotlight beam, which gives a pretty good reach. The side beam is more a wide floodlight beam.

I bought this to replace an older flashlight in my glove compartment that finally died. The side beam is excellent for just laying on the ground or somewhere in the engine compartment, allowing light everywhere. The yellow color makes it easy to find if dropped. The clip on the end will catch on your pocket when you try to take it out, but that's good as it will be less likely to drop while moving around. This version DOES NOT have the magnetic end cap.

Takes 3 AAA batteries in the standard weird arrangement, but the batteries slip out and back in easily. Spec sheet says waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes, but I've only tested it for a quick dunk. I have a medium-sized hand and this light fits nicely in it. Overall, a really nice light for the car or camping.

GearLight High-Powered LED Flashlight S2000 - Brightest High Lumen Light with 5 Modes, Zoomable, and Water Resistant I Powerful Camping and Emergency Flashlights Review:

I thought my other led flashlight was going to be hard to equal till I received this one and added the batteries and turned it on. WOW!!! This flashlight drowns out the other with light that is truthfully at least 20 times brighter. I love the size, the all metal construction, the watertight construction, the zoom focus and variable intensity. I do prefer a side mounted on/off switch, as to this tactical position, but that's trivial. This is the brightest light I have ever had, bar none. I believe it will last for years. The sale price for the quality is unbeatable. I may get another 1 or 2 for family. I highly recommend this product.

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 PACK] - High Lumen, Zoomable, 5 Modes, Water Resistant, Handheld Light - Best Camping, Outdoor, Emergency, Everyday Flashlights Review:

I first ordered these lights a while ago and was immediately very impressed by their rugged design and EXTREME brightness unlike any other I had seen in their size. I was a firefighter/EMT for over 19 years and have used many lights, but these are far and away the best I’ve ever used! However, a few weeks later, I developed a problem with the switch performance and mentioned it in my review. Without me even asking, GearLight’s Customer Servive promptly shipped me two new replacement lights as well as new switches for the ones I had. They even sent new batteries as well! This is way beyond being responsive customer service!!! You cannot go wrong with these lights and this amazing company! I have already bought another for a gift to my nephew and intend to give several more during the holidays. I use mine several times every day. It’s been quite a while since I wrote this review but now I’d like to add a few important comments. I use one of my lights for something at least EVERY day and their size/light output ratio makes them so easy to keep in places where they will be handy if needed. I’ve also had lots of first hand battery usage experience and they are amazingly good on batteries. Best of all, I’ve found that they are backed by what in my opinion is the most reputable companies out there! These really ARE THE ONES TO BUY!!!

EverBrite 9-LED Flashlight 6-pack Impact Handheld Torch Assorted Colors with Lanyard 3AAA Battery Included (Hurricane Supplies, Camping, Hiking, Emergency, Hunting) Review:

These little flashlights provide a lot of light in a little package. I needed flashlights to place around the house, so I was already sold on the price for a set of 6 flashlights. What I didn't expect was how well they work and how perfect the size is. They fit easily in drawers, and you can tuck one in your pocket to go outside at night. They also have a little cord on them so they can hang from knobs.

I was particularly impressed by their brightness. The LED lights are very bright, and their configuration inside the lamp make the light shine farther and brighter than I would have imagined from a light this size. I HIGHLY recommend these lights!

LED Tactical Flashlight, Binwo Super Bright 2000 Lumen XML T6 LED Flashlights Portable Outdoor Water Resistant Torch Light Zoomable Flashlight with 5 Light Modes, 2 Pack Review:

 Really like these flashlights. Substantial metal solid construction with easy to operate sliding beam diameter and click-button pattern change. The beam is very bright with different patterns that include a strobe and 🆘 patterns that would be helpful and highly visible in an emergency. I’ll keep one by my bedside for power outages and one in my car. See my attached video for function reveal. The only flaw I see is a strange line pattern when the beam is restricted to minimum size but that can be eliminated by broadening the beam out a bit. I used 3 AAA batteries 🔋. I will definitely make use of these flashlights as they are a good purse or briefcase/backpack size as well.

EVEREADY LED Flashlight Multi-Pack, High Lumens Flash Light, Perfect Flashlights For Camping Accessories, Hurricane Supplies, Survival Kits, Safe Flashlights For Kids, Batteries Included Review:

It a great flashlight, but understand what your getting. It is like the Eveready I had 25 years ago but nicely upgraded. It has more light output than my old flashlight and with just 1 battery. The light color is nice and white not the old yellowish. I got it to walk a horse back into the pastures in the evening. It makes enough light for this, and would also be good for dog walking. My main purpose for this was to have a light that last longer with less batteries. So if if lasts near the 60 hours on a quality alkaline battery I will update my review. So far the heavy duty it came with has lasted 4 hours. Sadly the days are now longer and it may take some time for me to update this review.
If you can not wait for an update, I think they are worth the price to try, unless you want a really bright flashlight
Update Sept 29, 2018 Days are getting shorter, Both still going on the batteries they came with (non alkaline ) , had some plumping problems and used to light up under sink. Used for awhile as Im not a fast worker. Daughter has for dog walking. Have not counted hours, but am impressed.

UV Flashlight Black light UV Lights , Vansky 51 LED Ultraviolet Blacklight Pet Urine Detector For Dog/Cat Urine,Dry Stains,Bed Bug, Matching with Pet Odor Eliminator Review:

We have pets. I mean a lot of pets. lol We got some urine cleaner and it said to get a black light to see where your pet has done it's business. So, I bought this. Whoa! My pets really love me- they did their "business" everywhere possible. So lately I have been the house commando and going room to room with the blacklight flashlight and hitting it with the urine be gone similar to Pet Stain & Odor Miracle - Enzyme Cleaner for Dog and Cat Urine, Feces, Vomit, Drool and making it my duty to clean every square inch of our house. I was skeptical at first, I had no idea that a blacklight would show urine stains ( now I wish I had this when I stayed in motels).... (actually pretty sure I am glad I didn't) but have found all of the urine stains and have treated them. Recently our 17 year old cat passed away and we are getting 2 new kittens to take his place (I know- that is not really possible) but we are getting 2 new kittens and want to start with a clean slate. We have been going through the house methodically and treating everywhere our pets have "done their businesses: and hping to start with a clean slate. I t was quite an eye opener to see what we have been living with. If you have pets- you definitely need one of these. This way you can treat the areas where they have been "active" and change their habits. I am hoping we can start the kittens with a clean slate and keep them in their litter box where they belong. When you shine this light on anyplace that a pet has urinated on it will shine like a beacon.
If this review has helped you in any way, please take a moment to hit the button. It would be much appreciated.
Thank You.

Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bug Review:

Ok, I had NO IDEA how well these worked!!!! We have had a scorpion problem in our home, here in Kingman, AZ, for quite some time. When I got stung in my bed at 3 a.m., I invested in tons of bug spray, and this flashlight.

The type of scorpion we have here is the "bark scorpion", and BOY DO THEY GLOW when this light hits them. I could see them from across the yard! A good 20 feet away!!!! I feel safer with this light than I do in the daytime! I'm totally freaked out now, because we found scorpions all over the foundation of our house, crawling in-and-out underneath the stucco. We killed at least 15 the first night!!!! We also found a little one inside the house.

I'm writing this review, because I don't think I'll sleep tonight :(. I would highly recommend this light. It's like a spotlight! It's totally my new favorite toy!!!

HAUSBELL Flashlights, Handheld Flashlights, 7W Mini LED Flashlights, Tactical Flashlights, Zoomable, High Lumen, Water Resistant, 3 Light Modes for Kids, Camping, Hiking (2 Pack) Review:

I am in love with these flashlights for there size i didn't think much of them or how bright they actually would be. I live in a very secluded area and if i forget to turn my porch light on it is super dark and i fumble around trying to find my house key at night. i couldn't think of what to do because i often would leave in the day and not come home until well after dark. My girlfriend suggested i get a small flashlight to put in the mailbox so i would also have a light source when i came home. I jumped on Amazon and was looking for something cheap and really not caring if it was good or not i came across these on a flash sell 2 for 8 bucks or something like that.

Boy was i surprised when they came i was like look at these baby flash lights, i assumed they wouldn't be good for anything else but for what i needed them for. I was wrong these thing are super bright and even focus the light into a beam that is brighter than the darn sun lol, it was really cool to see that i could adjust the light to cover a wide area or focus it like that. it was so bright on the first night i used it my neighbor called me to tell me he thought someone was breaking into my home because he saw a super bright light on my porch lol. i assured him it was only me using my flashlight to find my keys he asked me right away about it and was surprised when i came over to show him this little flashlight he was shocked that it could light up so bright. best part is it came in a 2 pack so i have one in my mailbox and one on my key chain yes it is that discreet. All in all very good flashlight packs power in a little frame only uses 1 double a battery, whats not to like about this flashlight? if you find out let me know.

TaoTronics Black Light, 12 LEDs 395nm UV Blacklight Flashlights Detector for Pets Urine and Stains with 3 Free AAA Batteries Review:

I live in a decent sized city of over 100,000. I can't find UV lights anywhere. I picked this light up after watching a youtube video about it. My main reason for getting this is to find the source of the pee smell in the kids bathroom and kids bedroom. I had cleaned the carpets and cleaned the bathroom but until you get a blacklight or UV light in this case, there is no way in hell you are getting anything clean like you think you are. Period. End of story for that.

I will say that I have used the 2 ft long blacklight fluorescent fixtures that plug in the wall but those are a pain to use and the bulbs are exposed which makes them easy to break. The also dont give off the concentrated beam of light that this flashlight does. They are also not portable.

After cleaning all the pee in the bathroom that was visible with this light it is smell free like a bathroom should be.

This is not a light you play with. This is not a light you let your kids play with. My understanding is that this UV light can do some serious damage to your eyes if you stare at it.

I would greatly recommend getting a pair of yellow tinted type safety glasses that block UV light. This will enable you to use the light without worrying it will damage your eyes but better yet, the yellow glasses really do cut out the purple light that can make you dizzy. The purple light can also interfere with finding stains so with the glasses on the things you are looking for really stand out. I went to Harbor Freight and picked up a few pair of their cheap $2 yellow safety glasses and I did the drivers license test. No UV light went through the cheap glasses to make my license light up. I was surprised. And they make a big difference.