Best Garbage Disposals in 2022

Last update: December 4, 2022

Do all garbage disposals fit all sinks?

No, all garbage disposals do not fit all sinks. The size and shape of the sink, as well as the size and power of the garbage disposal, must be taken into account when choosing a disposal.

Do I need 3 4 or 1 hp garbage disposal?

Do I need a garbage disposal if I have a dishwasher?

If you have a dishwasher, you may not need a garbage disposal. Dishwashers typically have a food grinder that will dispose of food waste.

How do I select a garbage disposal?

When selecting a garbage disposal, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about the size of your sink and how much space you have under the sink. You'll need to make sure the garbage disposal you select will fit in the space you have. Second, think about how much garbage you generate on a daily basis. A smaller garbage disposal may be sufficient for a household that doesn't generate a lot of garbage, while a larger unit may be necessary for a household that generates a lot of garbage. Third, think about the features you want in a garbage disposal. Some

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Compact, 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Review:

My outdated InSinkErator was unable to complete the task. After my kitchen sink backed up and I had to access the plumbing to clear the obstruction (carrot skins, for what it's worth), I felt forced to replace it. I chose the Evolution Compact because it was a newer model, had two grind levels, and could handle challenging items like potato peels and carrot skins. Additionally, it was less expensive than the other Evolution series compactors. Since I've been using it for a month, the Evolution's distinction from the original InSinkErator is gratifyingly obvious. Compared to its predecessor, the Evolution Compact is incredibly quiet. My sink doesn't jiggle as much as it did with the previous model. Aside from these more aesthetically pleasing advantages, the garbage disposal quickly and thoroughly pulverizes all the food I've thrown at it, including the peels. This device is worth the extra money, and I'm glad I didn't opt for one of the more affordable previous InSinkErator models. I'm extremely happy with the Evolution Compact.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal + Air Switch + Cord, Evolution Essential XTR, 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Review:

Compared to my old Whirlpool disposal, this one is considerably better. I couldn't say the same about my last disposal, but the InSinkErator Evolution XTR is actually very quiet. Things are thoroughly crushed up and easily and swiftly flush down the drain. This device may be hardwired or powered by the supplied power cord, which is what I did. You can place the included push-button control on your tabletop.I hired a professional to install it, and he completed the task quickly and without any issues. Despite being 3/4 horsepower (more powerful than most), this disposal takes up the same amount of space as my previous 1/2 horsepower disposal. When you have guests over and they are talking or watching TV while you are cleaning up after a dinner, it is particularly easy on the ears because it is little yet powerful and extremely quiet. This disposal is so quiet that you can't hear it from more than a few feet away unless the room is completely silent, in which case you might hear a very slight humming sound. It's about as excellent as it gets in terms of disposal.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5, 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Review:

I'm a 33-year-old lady who has never attempted an electrical or plumbing project. Having said that, the Badger 5 disposal came with simple installation instructions and was set up by me alone in about an hour. The original Badger 100 (now badger 1, I believe) that the previous owners installed and that we really loved was being replaced. We have been living in the house for about five years, so we don't know how old it was when we came in. It arrived with a new mounting unit, so I decided to utilize it instead of replacing the unit, even though the mounting hardware was still the same (I verified). For almost the same price, the B5 is more potent than the B1.My best recommendation is to make sure you have everything you need in advance that isn't included in the box:If you're replacing the mounting that is connected to the sink, you'll need plumbers putty (a tiny jar) and a scraping knife.A hammer is required if the dishwasher drain needs to be attached; however, I didn't need to do that because mine drains into the other side of our double sink.I recycled two wire nuts and a cable connector from the prior dumping. Alternatively, a power cord if yours has a wall plugSuitable pliers should be used to potentially loosen the drain nut. Mine wasn't so tight that pliers were necessary.a flat-head and a Phillips-head screwdriver.If you need to cut the included drain tubing shorter, use a saw. My good fortune allowed mine to fit in the area flawlessly.I eventually developed a leak. The smaller gasket for the other end of the tailpipe is no longer included with the badger, only the one gasket for the drain tube where it joins the disposal. Numerous evaluations assert that one is sufficient, however my sink didn't agree with them. I reinserted my old one after cleaning it.It has a maintenance tool. I advise taping it to the disposal's side. You may insert the little hex wrench into the bottom of your disposal, turn it a few times to release the blades, and then push the rest button on the bottom if your disposal ever gets stuck again. Yes, I probably could have done that with mine, and it'll save you $100. No, I wasn't aware of that beforehand. Being a first-time homeowner who is unwilling to hire a plumber is all part of the fun.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5XP, 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Review:

Perfect! Simple installation, please. I used the piping that was already there when I installed the dishwasher.Although I'm about to remark "easy peasy," the enclosed instructions made me want to shout.First off, disregard the instruction to remove the previous one with the small wrench. It's not taking place. You have TWO wrenches available if you need to replace a disposal. Affix one to each of the three "ears," then rotate counterclockwise. If you follow the accompanying directions, you'll never be able to remove the old one. Test the torque in two of the three "ears" using both the old and new wrench. The previous one will simply pop off.Second, don't believe that removing the snap ring will be as simple as they claim. It's virtually impossible (well, IS practically impossible until you cut it off, which is what I ultimately did and it's not an easy process).Loosen up the entire OLD assembly and thoroughly clean everything with vinegar to make everything simple. Make sure to remove all of the old plumber's putty before installing a fresh ring. The same approach should work whether you utilize old or use the new mount and flange assembly (assuming you can get the snap ring off). I reapplied plumber's putty, waited for it to dry, then pulled the new disposal into position while holding a 20-pound kettlebell on top of the sink opening. It worked well because there was no sag or give when maneuvering the new one into position.After that, attach your dishwasher, etc.Before installing, make sure the dishwasher plug is unplugged and that it is removed from the new disposal. I don't understand the negative reviews that accuse Insinkerator of failing to remove it on their behalf. Not everyone wants or even HAS a dishwasher hookup. When there isn't even a plan to attach a dishwasher to it, why would someone desire a large hole in the side?Many reviews that I've read have mentioned how noisy this model is. The DW plug doesn't "pop straight out" after you loosen it, so I'd wager that those people have it rattling around beneath their grinders. The rattling I've heard repeatedly in the reviews is caused by the rubber gasket stopping it and it falling under the grinders. The appliance is NOT loud.It WILL begin to leak. At first, every single one I've ever installed does. I have no response for that. Internal gaskets can be dry or something. After two very hot dishwasher runs and a couple sink fills with extremely hot water, it stops.I always make a little adjustment to the connections during the first few runs, but I don't believe that's the problem because the leaks are coming from the bottom (I tested by patting baby powder all over it to determine where the "leaks" are coming from). Conclusion: The gaskets/seals just become dry in the warehouse or during shipping, and this is my fifth installation in a number of residences. There is no better reply than that. They do their own "healing."Replace it if leaks continue after a 24-hour workout and adjusting connections. Never had to before.A great product at a great price!

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal with Cord, Badger 1, 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Review:

After more than 12 years, I had to replace my outdated Badger 1. It still functioned perfectly, but it started to leak from the bottom. I made the decision to replace it with the identical model because it provided me with years of dependable service. I'm really glad I did because it was simple to install. It literally just took me ten minutes to install the new unit because I was able to use the mount from the old one. Additionally, this one had a power cord already attached, unlike other units. Not having to take the cord off of the old unit and then install it on the new unit is a major benefit and time saver. Never understood why the majority of garbage disposals lacked a power wire. There must be a reason, I'm sure. After using the same model for more than 12 years, I can attest that this disposal is quite strong and silent for the price range. Additionally, because of its small size, you have extra space under your sink, which is ideal in my case because I have a pull-out drawer for goods kept underneath. Important: If you are attaching a dishwasher drain line to it before installing, make sure to remove the drain cap from the dishwasher drain intake and don't forget to take out the plastic piece you accidentally broke off from the disposal. (Instructions for installation, steps 15 and 16) If you run your dishwasher and forget to follow these instructions, you will be extremely sorry. You can see how disastrous that might be! So, let's hope that the new Badger 1 will last for at least another 12 years!

Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP Review:

A great disposal, according on the following criteria: Simple Installation; Extremely Quiet in Comparison to Competitors 3. Designed to replace disposals from current rivals.The unpleasant part: I bought my first Waste King in 2015, and it only operated for a little over a year. Manufacturer policy states that replacement is not permitted throughout the warranty period unless the plumber they send out specifies that I require replacement. To put it another way, if the garbage disposal gets stuck and the plumber manages to unstick it. After paying the plumber, you are left with a rusty garbage disposal that will probably lock up once more in a week or two. I was lucky since the plumber was able to convince the manufacturer to send me a disposal and allow me install it because I live so far away from him. But the No. 2 disposal is the replacement disposal. The bottom line is that, in my opinion, if you can't get it unstuck and operating again, simply get another. Service calls from plumbers cost almost as much.I recently installed my third Waste King garbage disposal at this time in May of 2018. Like the others, this one will last me just over a year. 3 disposals thus in 4 years. I don't think that's a really good deal, but it is far quieter than the alternatives. It's important to note that none of the three disposals I bought have stainless steel internals. There are no corrosion-resistant moving components in my disposal, but if you have a water softener, you might be able to extend the lifespan of the waste king a bit. If the competitors are priced the same and have stainless, then I will switch brands and possibly purchase the model with stainless steel components the next time.

Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP Review:

I'm going to say it anyhow, even though it may seem corny: This Thing Rocks!I'm not sure when I became an old man and started getting enthusiastic about things like garbage disposals, but it seems to have happened. Just to set the scene:- I have a dated, 1/2 horsepower Kenmore garbage disposal. In my kitchen, it is noisier than a 747 taking off.- Food is ground about as effectively as if it were thrown in a bowl and mashed with a spoon.- There are sporadic leaks near the gasket.I finally came to the conclusion that it was time to replace the disposal after taking numerous calls from my wife asking how to clean up or unclog the disposal and learning from my daughter that she is scared of it because it is so loud. My investigation included Kenmore, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, and InSinkErator—the typical suspects. I started exploring on Amazon after comparing features and prices at my neighborhood orange home improvement store.Waste King rose to the top of Amazon. The ratings are outstanding, and it appears that they provide a better quality with better pricing and warranty. I made the decision to give it a shot and switch out my old 1/2 HP disposal for the Waste King 2600 1/2 HP. I am quite happy.Everything arrives swiftly and in excellent shape (as would be anticipated from Amazon). All required components were present. The only changes I did were to disconnect my BX wire from the prior disposal and remove the pre-wired connection. I debated between purchasing the EZ Mount and a traditional 3 bolt mount. I chose the EZ Mount option. I approve of the choice, at least from Waste King's perspective. The previous owner of my house decided to use silicone caulk rather than plumbers putty or a gasket. Needless to say, that came as a rather unwelcome surprise. After I removed the old flange, installing the Waste King was simple. Like other commenters have said, no alterations were necessary because all of the parts lined up nicely with my current installation.Now for the performance. My daughter is no longer terrified of the disposal, and it is wonderfully quiet. It is leak-proof. Period. Additionally, it completely ruins the stuff we feed it. Peels from potatoes or carrots used to make us nervous, but now it eats them. What would you feed this monster if it needed more than 1/2 HP of power? I'm not sure, but I'm assuming it would be an entire chicken or a side of beef. This one with 1/2 HP obliterates everything. Seriously, I could not be happier.

Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP Review:

I simply didn't know any better because I've always had Insinkerator garbage disposals, but now I do. Simply told, this is the absolute best garbage disposal available. It has absurd amounts of power and can eat almost any food I've ever thrown at it. Because I was always taught to be careful what you put down the garbage disposal—a cheap wimpy unit in a relative's shore house seizes up with unpopped corn kernels and their home unit clogs with shredded zucchini—I have been hesitant to test it with some tougher items (I've heard stories of people feeding it chicken and rib bones). However, I have given it items like apple cores with no issues at all. I would never have poured an apple core into my previous Insinkerator. This king consumes the core in a maximum of 3–5 seconds. entirely gone. But the thing I find most amazing about this device is how QUIET it is. It's so absurd almost. Most of the ones I've ever heard, including my old one, sound like an electric chain saw. In this one, a humming noise can be heard. I run it past guests when they arrive just to demonstrate how quiet it is. I know. I'm strange. The lifetime warranty makes this product unbeatable for the price. You may find out for yourself how many individuals concur that this is the most cost-effective disposal method by searching online. The inexpensive Insinkerators typically cost around $80. Purchasing one of them won't cost much more, and the advantages far outweigh the slight price increase. You get a lot more than a 50% better disposal for the additional 50%. The Insinkerator Elite is available for $350, but is it really going to be 300% better? I have my doubts. Please click the yes button below if you found this review useful.

Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP Review:

replaced a Badger that, even cautious use, barely lasted six months. (Was I Angry About That?)You have likely read the 100 reviews of the other garbage kings, showing that it must be at least as good as that other brand:-)You're considering this one for whatever reason, but you're wondering why there aren't more reviews?That was me, though, before I did some research and purchased this particular Wastey King model.I choose THIS one, why?because although being smaller than the other one, it is still 3/4 HP.The only concern I had after reading the other fantastic reviews was that the 8000 (type) was going to take up a lot of room beneath the sink when I was considering the replacement.There was one called the 3200, but not many people seemed to be purchasing it?Why is it still muffled for sound when it still has the simple install and connect components that were replaced from the sink down?It arrived with an elbow that is the proper size and length for connecting to the out pipe, however it is somewhat smaller in diameter.which allowed me to keep using the space underneath the sink in the same manner. It uses the stainless steel (per the specifications) food chopper guts and has at least 1/2 HP, which was all I needed (some cheper models dont)In approximately 30 minutes, I installed it flawlessly (taking my time to do it exactly right), removing the old one and applying silicon seal on the gasket after wiping off the gasket for the sink hole.A better tapered gasket FOR those sinks would, in my opinion, be marginally better. Installation was on one of those iron sinks with the white enamel paint. but it fit perfectly and was centered.The removable rubber sink hole is preferable to the one that is fastened to the top of the machine (3bolt system), as it can be taken off and cleaned of the sludge that collects there.Then what? It has a plug-in cord because that is how the wiring in this house is set up.made the necessary hole for the dishwasher hose and inserted it.Is that a disposal? I sincerely believed that the last POS would have been successful, so I wouldn't have had to say what I just did:-)I've only had it installed for a few days, but once I've used it for a while, I'll update.Update: It has been working flawlessly for two years. handles everything, chews it up, and spits it out.Update: It has been working flawlessly for three years.Enjoy your day!

How long do garbage disposals typically last?

The average garbage disposal will last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. However, this number can be greatly affected by how often the disposal is used, what type of food is put into it, and how well it is maintained.

How long should it take to install a garbage disposal?

It really depends on your skill level and the difficulty of the installation. Some people can do it in as little as 30 minutes, while others may take a couple of hours.

How much does Home Depot charge to install a garbage disposal?

Home Depot charges $100 for installation of a garbage disposal. This does not include the cost of the disposal unit itself. Home Depot offers a wide variety of disposal units, ranging in price from $50 to $200.

Is it difficult to replace a garbage disposal?

If your garbage disposal is broken, it can be very difficult to replace. If you are not familiar with plumbing, it is best to hire a professional. If you attempt to do it yourself, you could end up causing more damage and costing yourself more money in the long run.

Is it OK to put lemons in the garbage disposal?

Lemons are acidic and can therefore help to clean and disinfect your garbage disposal. However, too much lemon can damage the blades so be sure to use it in moderation.

Is it worth having a garbage disposal?

A garbage disposal is a great way to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. It can also help to reduce the amount of waste that you produce. However, there are some things to consider before you purchase a garbage disposal. The first thing to consider is the cost. A garbage disposal can be a relatively expensive appliance. You will also need to factor in the cost of installation. The second thing to consider is the maintenance. A garbage disposal will require regular cleaning and maintenance. This can be a bit of a hassle, but it is worth it to keep your kitchen clean.