Best Range Replacement Burner Rings in 2020

ANTOBLE Range Burner 8" 6 Coils Stove Surface Element for GE WB30M2 2797 340524 PS243868 AP2634728 WB30K5027 WB30M0002 Review:

I bought this because our front element burned out and we needed a replacement, we have found that shopping local helps the local store owner while taking money out of our family budget, Amazon saved us money on this and it is an easy DIY project. Its a easy as unplugging something and plugging it in. Easy , no smell , worked flawlessly. We purchased this for our Electric Stove, its a GE model. You can measure your burned from the top of the burner down to the plug in portion and that is the size.

Durable Disposable Electric Burner Bibs- Pack of 50- 25 Large-25 Small Review:

These are the same quality of the ones in the dollar store. They fit my Frigidaire electric stove without issue. True, it doesn't cover the lip of the burner bowl but those are easier to spot clean that underneath. I'd buy these again, although at the current price of $19 you can find them cheaper elsewhere or with other sellers.

ANTOBLE Electric Range Burner 6" 5 Turns Heating Element Replacement for GE WB30M1 PS243867 AP2634727 Review:

The burner did not fit my particular GE range. The element could not be "pushed" far enough into the proper place so that it would drop down into the drip pan grove for the burner support. So I just returned them 2 days ago and purchased 2 genuine OEM burners specifically made for my GE range (25 years old). I could not find them when I purchased the first two elements from this seller. As sellers go, this one is very good, and I have no complaints.

Durable Disposable Electric Burner Bibs- Pack of 20-10 Large & 10 Small Review:

Just what I wS looking for. Didn’t want something I planned to clean not did I want something durable thus the reason for the mediocre rating on “easy to clean” and “durability.” I just wanted something I could use and throw out when it got dirty.This was exactly what I was looking for.

General Electric WB31M20 6-Inch Burner Bowl Review:

This burner pan fit my little apartment sized electric stove burners perfectly. There is no size gap to cause the burners to be uneven. It is shiny and black and has not rusted at all so far, unlike the silver pans did.

Super Propane Burner, ARC USA, 80000 BTU 13" Large Heavy Duty Cast Iron High pressure Camping Stove with 0-20 PSI CSA Adjustable Regulator & Hose, Perfect for Outdoor Cooking, Home Brewing, Turkey Fry Review:

The burner arrived as promised, however the packaging was slightly damaged. Upon opening the box the very light foam protection was shredded to pieces from the unit banging around in the box. The shipping packaging material is marginal at best and will not protect the unit from severe mishandling. Luckily I could not find any damage and set up the burner for a test fire. Somewhere I thought I had seen a mention of a manual or instructions but found none in the packaging.
When I first started the unit the flame was very weak and couldn't get a very strong flame. After a few minutes of adjusting knobs it finally started to get a real flame. I bought this unit specifically to use for wok cooking and it appears to be more than capable, it got my wok scorching hot and has all the heat I will need to cook. Have not as yet tried a recipe as I just received the burner yesterday. I did need to use a wok ring to support the wok as it does not sit on the burner correctly without one. I also tried a web search to find a manual of instructions and was un-successful and the distribution company ARC in Dallas, Texas has no web sight. Overall I think this will be an excellent heat source for wok cooking once I get to using it. By the way this burner is for outdoor use only!