Best Electrical Outlet Covers in 2022

Last update: November 20, 2022

Are all outlet covers the same?

No, all outlet covers are not the same. Some are made of different materials, some are different sizes, and some have different features.

Are there different sizes of outlet covers?

Yes, outlet covers come in a variety of sizes. The most common size is the standard size, which is designed to fit most outlets. There are also jumbo-sized outlet covers and mini outlet covers. Jumbo-sized outlet covers are designed to fit larger outlets, while mini outlet covers are designed to fit smaller outlets.

Can an outlet catch fire if nothing is plugged in?

No, an outlet cannot catch fire if nothing is plugged in. If there is an electrical fire, it is usually caused by faulty wiring or overloaded circuits.

Do outlets need to be wrapped in electrical tape?

Most outlets do not need to be wrapped in electrical tape, as they are usually made of durable materials that can withstand exposure to the elements. However, if an outlet is located in an area where it may be subject to moisture or other damage, it is a good idea to wrap it in electrical tape to protect it from the elements.

Hubbell-Raco 5197-2 Round Cluster Cover, for Use with Weatherproof Boxes, Die Cast Zinc, Powder Coated Review:

I appreciate that the felt gasket for water resistance was included in the packaging. Prior to the wet season, I'll silicone the edge for further water resistance, but it is just a matter of preference.Easy installation and strong threads. Its three holes allow for numerous angles, which I appreciate. cheaper than big-box retailers

TayMac MM420C Single Gang Non-Metallic Weatherproof In-Use Cover, Clear Review:

For a GFCI outlet under the carport, this was purchased. The item was delivered fast and has every component I required.Installation went smoothly. I had one tiny problem; in order to place the cover horizontally, I had to remove the hinge pin. I tried every method I could think of for "manually" getting rid of it, but in the end I had to use a punch, a hammer, and a few less-than-gentle knocks to get it out. After that was done, the rest was simple. Remove the old cover, put the new cover in place, then tighten the outlet screws.I had a cord (16/3) that was plugged in, thus it was simple to bend it to clear the lid. I don't see a significant issue with a 14 ga. cord, but if you use a 12 ga. or heavier cord, you might. You could then require a deeper cover.The gap left when the replaceable tab was taken off, which allows the cord to exit the cover, was my only worry. (I do appreciate the replacement tab; I just left the cable loose inside the cover for future usage. It allows you to seal the cover if you later decide to remove it.) About 1" x 5/8" of space is left behind, which is a good size for wasps and other critters to enter the cover and establish a home. If they came, you could see them, but I wanted them out of the house. So I made a "seal" out of some thick, black foam rubber and stuffed it into the square slot, snugly fitting it around the cord. I put the rubber in place as the cord was cutting out and snapped the cover shut. The issue is now resolved. By the way, the lid does, in Hubbell's words, feature a hole for a "full-size lock." Plastic will likely only deter morally upright individuals. If you really wanted to, breaking it open wouldn't require much effort.It's now erected, looks good, and hopefully will last the elements of the outside for many years. With plastic and sunlight, you just never know.

TayMac MX3200 Single Gang Vertical Metal Weatherproof Receptacle Cover, Gray Finish Review:

I discovered that I could use it to protect my anti-siphon sillcock outside faucet even though it was LISTED for electrical connections.With a diamond-shaped cutout in the 1/3" to 1/2" board and holes drilled inside the outlines, I had to fill in the space between the box and the horizontal board, to which each faucet was fastened with mounting screws.I used a diamond wheel to precisely fit the design to the lines after breaking the center out. Then, using the box's holes as a guide, I drilled holes in the spacer that were the same H W as the box's holes.Redwood presented a challenge since, once the cuttings were produced, the sides were narrow and both of them broke at the narrowest points. If I had known beforehand, I would have made the sides out of boral or a plastic-wood alternative.The anti-siphon cap made it nearly impossible to fit under the overlapping board above each of them, and I was only just able to force them through. The best way I could have done this is to have built a left / right split to go around the sillcock base. To get the hose attached at that angle, I had to use a diamond bit in my Dremel to slant one of the bottom openings at 45 degrees rather than 90, but it now functions properly.To lessen degradation, I also intend to carefully apply white silicone over any exposed wood. Now I can secure it tightly and guard against both weathering and water "borrowing."

Dual Option Wall Switch Guards (3 Pack) Clear Rocker Style Review:

They are now doing a wonderful job. I bought them because I was worried that my 4-year-old would consider shutting out ALL the main lights to be fun:PI ordered the 9 pack, and USPS delivered it right away. You might find it hard to believe, but I ordered these along with something else with Prime (2-day shipping), and I got this first! They were simple to install and so far appear to be functional.Nine guards and the cardboard advertisement with the directions were included in the packing. There aren't any screws because it's intended to use the ones on your switch. You will need to buy the screws individually if they are too small.There are two ways to use the guards: either you leave them in place or you can cut the corners off. If you decide to leave it as is, you will require a tool, such as a pencil, to reach the switch. If you choose to snap the corners, you will only be able to reach the switch using the corners and your finger.The switches are easy to see and powerful enough to do the job. Can they crumble? With some force, perhaps, but they shouldn't be too heavy or you won't be able to install them.The guards having brand information on the majority of the switches is the only thing I don't like, however it's not a big concern. It seems obvious, yet as you get close to it, it loses some of its visual appeal.I would definitely buy these again if I ever needed more, and I do heartily suggest them.

TayMac ML500W Single-Gang Horizontal/Vertical Mount Weatherproof Expandable Low Profile Extra Duty While in Use Cover, White Review:

It took some experimenting with the outlet to figure it out. After installation, you open the hinged cover, plug in what you need, and then close it while guiding the wires to the outlet's lower left corner. Due to an accordion-shaped piece of rubber that extends out with the enlarged cover, the hinged cover expands outward to make up for the space that the protruding plug takes up while still being waterproof.

TayMac ML500G Single Gang Horizontal/Vertical Mount Weatherproof Expandable Low Profile Extra Duty while In-Use Cover, Gray Finish Review:

I'm not sure how durable it would be outside because it's made entirely of plastic, but it works just well under my sink. I needed an outlet under the sink since I installed a dishwasher and put a flat molding cable to it rather than a hard wire. I wanted to hide the plug as there's always a chance of a leak. This one is effective and only extends a tiny amount to cover a flat socket. A cable that doesn't bend readily will have difficulty getting through the opening on the left side, but a spherical cable won't have any issues. An improvement would be if the exit hole was in the middle. It works for me because it won't extend out very far like many other in-use covers and will keep water away from the plug. In contrast to many other types, this outlet's water-repelling component is only a thin piece of foam that wraps around the interior of the outlet. If this top piece becomes destroyed, the outlet would become wet. On my property, which receives a lot of intense summer heat, I have approximately a dozen outside outlets, all of which are now metal because plastic didn't hold up very well (although that's a general statement and not specific to this cover).

Leviton 5042 15 Amp, 125 Volt, Duplex Receptacle On 4-Inch Cover, Zinc Plated Steel Review:

Leviton 5042 4 this "The 3.5 inch octagonal metal outlet box in my laundry room ceiling was covered with a metal cover with a duplex outlet. The outlet cover and the three-prong duplex outlet were firmly fastened together. I connected the new LED fixture by plugging it into the old fluorescent light fixture's outlet. I don't see a white duplex receptacle option for this. No issue. To match the ceiling, the metal cover and receptacle were painted white. The neighborhood hardware shop offered blank 4 "however, they could not fit the octagonal outlet box. outlet covers This one fits just right.

Jambini Self-Closing Outlet Covers - An Alternative To Socket Plugs (3 pack ) Review:

These self-closing outlets are AMAZING!! As soon as our infant started to crawl, she was lured to any wall outlets (electrical, cable wire, you name it!). Knowing that things were essentially infallible and that she was completely safe at those places gave me confidence. The 4 stars (instead of 5) are due to the following: 1) To match the color of the outlet, the included screws have white paint applied to their tops. However, the paint is very thin and sensitive, and it will scratch very easily if your screwdriver slacks out of the groove. Since there are three screw hole openings to accommodate receptacles that attach with two screws top/bottom or with one screw in the middle, I am left with cheap-looking screws that are only partially painted; 2) The small white round pegs used to cover the extra holes left from the screw places you did not use are very small and require some care in placing in "perfectly." I worry that one of those pegs could break loose and present a choking risk to our young child. Beyond those minor issues, though, I absolutely adore these outlet covers and will be getting more!

TayMac MM410C Single-Gang Horizontal/Vertical Mount Weatherproof In-Use Cover, 16 in 1, 2-3/4 In. Deep, Clear Finish Review:

In order to be safe and to comply with code, I bought this to cover a 220 30 amp plug that is just behind my hot tub. Because I needed wider to bend the power cord because the stores only had 3.5" In any case, it had more insulation than anticipated for a watertight fit and pre-cut holes so all you have to do is move it over, slip it on, and then tighten your outlet screes. To suit any outlet, screws, plastic inserts, and tabs that can be simply snapped out with pliers for a large outlet like mine are all supplied. The door can hinge either left or right, or up and down. I can presume that it is a secure, tight fit because it required some pressure to click on. Since there is no way to close the door while leaving the cord plugged in AND snap a hole in the plastic cover, I'd give it around 4.8 stars instead of 5. I snapped a picture to demonstrate what I mean. I'm going to finish it. If you have a hot tub, it's likely that you won't need to do this, but if you have anything else that needs to be plugged in constantly and you're using a large power source (like 220), be ready to notch a hole in the door.

Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener for Baby Proofing Review:

It's not simple to live with a toddler. You will soon understand that if you don't already. A youngster has no fear and speaks in a similar but distinct way to a scientist.The distinction is that when you say "no," you are telling someone to do exactly what they are about to do while grinning.I have to deal with that. Timeouts, explanations, and yes, even incentives, seem to have had little effect thus far. Our two-year-old kid is captivated by fans and outlets. A fan wants it on at all times. He wants it turned off if it's on. It is perpetual. When he has even a split second, he unplugs the fan and plugs it back in. I've been firmly preventing him from approaching them in the hopes that he will eventually forget. This has been ongoing for approximately a month. He seems to be completely fixated on his admirers, for no apparent reason.So I started to hide the fans and stop using them. In the closet, I would hang them when he wasn't looking. Every time he entered a room, he would repeatedly say, "Fan." We live in an apartment on the second level, and it has been really warm there without air conditioning. We therefore urgently want the fans.So, if he doesn't pay attention, doesn't forget, and I can't fix the issue, I'll have to prevent him from unplugging them. For outlets that aren't in use, standard outlet covers are excellent. I had no clue there were coverings for outlets that worked! I'm so glad I came this this!I am overjoyed that I came this this!They are simple to install, as I discovered when I did it today. Our son is unable to open it or unplug the cord. Adults can easily remove the cover without finding it bothersome. That means a lot to me. since we frequently transfer our belongings.Not all of your outlets and plugs will operate with this outlet cover. The inside has a small quantity of room. The cord also needs to be thin enough to pin in the two slots, as I've demonstrated in the photographs. For any of my power strips, this won't work. That's not necessarily a bad thing because it sort of defeats the point.I simply cannot express how much this has enhanced my life. It acts as a strong deterrent. When he first approached it, I observed him, and after two strong tugs, he gave up. He hasn't returned since then.Not to suggest that he doesn't still play pranks on the fans. He is adept at using the on/off switch. But now that I'm not concerned about him hurting himself, this is lot less frustrating.I recently purchased a lot more to utilize with all the outlets we usually use after observing how well they are functioning today. Although there were other outlet covers of greater quality, the cost was absurd. $10 or more for just one. I'll continue using these.

Do you have to turn off power to change outlet cover?

If you're simply replacing an outlet cover, you won't need to turn off the power. Just unscrew the plate, remove the old cover, and screw on the new one.

How can I hide my outlet covers?

One way to hide your outlet covers is to use a power strip with a built-in cover. Another way is to use a decorative plate or cover that matches your wall color or décor. You can also buy special outlet covers that snap into place and blend in with your wall.

How do I cover an existing outlet?

If you want to cover an existing outlet, you will need to purchase a switch plate cover that is big enough to fit over the outlet. You will then need to unscrew the screws that are holding the current plate in place and remove it. Take your new plate and screw it into place.

How likely is an outlet to catch fire?

If an outlet is overloaded or has damaged wiring, it is more likely to catch fire. To help prevent this, do not overload outlets, do not use damaged or frayed cords, and do not use extension cords for permanent wiring.

Is covering an outlet a fire hazard?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether or not it is a fire hazard to cover an outlet. The answer is no, as long as you are using the proper materials. We recommend using a UL-listed outlet cover, which you can find at most hardware stores. These covers are made of fire-resistant materials and are designed to prevent sparks from escaping. If you are using a cover that is not UL-listed, make sure it is made of a fire-resistant material such as metal or ceramic. Avoid using plastic covers, as they can melt

Is it against code to paint electrical outlets?

There is no definitive answer, as codes vary by region. However, in general, it is not advisable to paint electrical outlets, as this can potentially affect their function.