Best Refrigerator Replacement Ice Makers in 2020

Kitchen Basics 101 241798224 Ice Maker Replacement for Electrolux & Frigidaire Refrigerators Review:

Frigidaire apparently has used this with differnt models. I was hesitant to buy because I couldn't find the exact model or part #. It isn't the original model I got (see pics) but is the same manufacturer and works great (green tag is old, red is new). Ours broke like 3 months after Fridgidaire warranty expired. I've added some pics that will hopefully help someone (click found helpful review if it did so it'll help more- I struggled finding help in the questions/reviews and kind of went out on limb buying). I've attached pics so you can compare to yours. You remove the old thru screws (mine were flathead) behind the front above where ice is made. Keep them because this model doesn't include new ones. Once you remove the old one you can hang (and connect cord at same time) the screws (2) back up- from the picture you can see it hangs- hang them a little loose so you can slide down and secure. Then tighten the screws. When doing that you have to make sure the back water "slide"- where the water flows in- is above the back part into the square in the back (see pic). And you're done. The front cap with on/off comes off easy and the screw will adjust the water level. Let it run a few cycles before adjusting- it took a few for mine to become regular. I thought it was low after one-two and adjusted and almost had a flood. If this looks like your ice maker it probably is! And much cheaper than getting someone to look at it plus parts- plus a pretty simple fix. Hope this helps some one I tried to post a lot of pics because there wasn't many out there.


This was a drop-in replacement for our failed ice maker (daily use for 5+ years). It just stopped making ice. The tip-off was that there were ice cubes in the ice maker, but they wouldn't eject. This suggested that either the mechanical ejection mechanism was defective or the heating element that warms the ice mold, releasing the ice cubes, was bad. The ice maker is easily removed (it just plugs in) and testing the heating element with an ohmmeter indicated that it was open.

So I purchased this exact replacement and it is literally plug-n-play; I had it installed and operational in five minutes. I pressed the Reset button, and within a few hours it was making ice and has worked fine ever since. The cost is not "unreasonable" for a component like this (it's the complete ice maker mechanism, except for the ice bucket) and it saved me a couple of hundred dollars no doubt over having it replaced by a technician (which would have been an easy job and they probably would have had to order the part, necessitating two separate visits). I really appreciate the fact that you can buy replacement parts like this on Amazon!

Replacement WR57X10032 Dual Solenoid Water Valve with Guard Exact Fit for GE, Hotpoint Refrigerators AH304374, AP3192626 Review:

Such a simple fix to something that has been driving us CRAZY for years! I was trying to drink more water, only filtered water, in metal or glass (never plastic) ... to be healthier, but was so very frustrated to be standing forever at the fridge to fill a water bottle, over and over all day. When it started to impact the ice production as well, the curses were flying around the kitchen. This pump (?) that my husband researched and installed fixed the problem. So happy. It took my intention to buy a new fridge ($2400?) to get him to look for this solution, of course. Still hate the fridge but I guess blue rust stains are less of an issue than slow water.

Whirlpool W10884390 Ice Maker Review:

This worked well in my Kitchenaid kbfs25ecms00. Not a difficult repair, but nor was it as easy as it appears. Learned a few things I thought I'd share.

There were a few videos that were helpful in getting the shelves out as well as removing the icemaker. We did not remove the shelves, as it always seemed like it was more work than necessary (though one video seemed to suggest it was easy). On my model, to get the top shelf out you needed to remove a few extra screws, pop up some clips, carefully disassemble . .. . etc., so decided to just try without. It was doable, but definitely harder with the top shelf in. If I were doing it again, I'd probably pull the top shelf. Replacement might be possible without removing the lower shelf at all, but the door was open for a bit so be cautious.

I lucked into this, but strongly suggest unclipping the connector first, and (re)connecting it back up last. Otherwise, there could be a bit of a leak of water. Almost as soon I'd connected the new one up the water ran to fill it, so I was quite happy it was already fully installed! Also realized that while jostling the broken unit I could've closed the broken connection and water would've flowed then as well.

To remove the old unit there are 3 screws that have ΒΌ" hex heads, so a nut driver of that size works well. The bottom and back screws are readily accessible, but the top-forward one (closest to the opening) was hard to see and therefore hard to get to. It was a bit of hunt and peck. On install, we left the top two screws loosely in place, and that made it a bit easier. Turns out if you leave them a bit loosely installed then you can slide the icemaker down onto them before tightening. But, make sure the water hose is pointed to the right place on the unit (which was also easy to do).

I got this unit anticipating the icemaker was the problem, but was not positive that that was the case. I only knew that we weren't getting ice cubes, and a bad icemaker seemed a common cause. Thought it easier to have this as a replacement unit and return it if not needed rather than to empty the freezer and disassemble the shelves twice. Before installing the new icemaker I did open the old one to see if it was likely the problem (vice a valve or other part). As with other folks, when opened the unit I found the heating element (that releases the cubes from the tray) terminal was corroded through. This turned out to be a great move this time, and I'd probably risk it again.

As mentioned above, the icemaker filled with water immediately upon hooking up the connector, and then dropped the first set of ice ~ 1 to 2 hrs later. Been slowly filling the tray ever since.

OEM Whirlpool Icemaker Water ICE-2 F2-WC-9I1 Certified Refrigerator (2 Pack) Review:

I tried an off-brand one time in my Whirlpool ice maker, and didn't like it. These are a little more expensive but seem to me to work better and last longer.

The overall design is kind of a pain to put in and take out, hence the little plastic gripper to help you turn the filter out or in, but the more you do it over the years, the easier it gets. I also find that although I'm feeding the unit with filtered water already, these filters continue to catch stuff in the water and need to be replaced. I tried ignoring the repalce filter message at one point and eventually had issues with the machine, so it's worth following the suggested maintenance I think.

Kitchen Basics 101 WR30X10093 Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit Replacement for GE Review:

I am pretty handy when it comes to home projects, but appliance or electronics repair isn't a specialty. The item arrived the same day I placed the order. I read the instructions, and had the new ice maker installed in under 15 minutes. By the next morning, I had a full tray of ice. The hardest part of the installation was unplugging the broken ice maker, because it was cold (obvious) and it was an awkward angle. This is an easy fix for anyone needing a new ice maker.

Samsung DA97-15217D Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part Review:

I bought this hoping it would fix my $3000 Samsung refrigerator. Ice maker began freezing up 1 year after purchase and you know the rest of the story. I bought this Samsung DA97-15217D Refrigerator Ice Maker hoping it works. IT DOES. But to be fair I also sealed the ice box in the fridge. When you remove the ice cube container from ice maker, shine a bright light under the ice maker near left side of refrigerator wall. You will see light pass up (from refrigerator) into the ice maker. It is difficult to seal the inside of ice-maker. It requires removal of wire cover trim. You can simply seal the ice maker from underneath between ice box and inside left wall. In fact it seals better because it is a clean straight line vs sealing from the inside because you cannot reach the far backside. I used food grade clear silicon (not sure you need food grade) underneath and you cannot see it unless your 3 years old looking up inside. See photos. I also put in the drip clips on the back wall condenser coil to direct thaw water down the drain. Will update if anything changes. Blessing to all the frustrated owners.

Whirlpool 2198597 Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly Icemaker, white Review:

The ice-maker on my fridge started leaking water down the sides, making a mess. I removed it and the non-stick coating on the ice mold tray was gone in several places and coming up in several more. I think the frozen ice was sticking to the mold and not completely emptying into the ice tray, and when it filled back with water, because some ice was still in the mold, it was over-filling and spilling over. Replacing the ice mold is fairly simple, but I was surprised to find out just the ice mold was about $70. I kept seeing this complete ice-maker pop up on Amazon for $90, and after I read the reviews I just sprung for this entire unit instead of just the mold. Shipping was ridiculously fast. I ordered on Wednesday night and had the ice-maker in hand Friday afternoon. No Prime or special shipping costs, just normal shipping. Since I already had my unit out it was a simple matter to put this unit in, simply attach the bottom off the old unit, snap the end of the wiring harness into the hole, slide the new unit into the freezer, and plug in the wiring harness. Like another reviewer noted the water cup is a little taller than my old unit, but I was able to bend it up and get it into the new cup without much problem. After about 5 minutes the tines moved into place and water filled the tray, and after about an hour I had ice. It has been working perfectly since the installation. The unit I received was a original Whirlpool unit in a factory box, and I couldn't be more pleased. I know I saved several hundred dollars and a day of vacation by doing it myself.