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UPPERCASE Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector for Macbook Pro 13 15 17 (with or without Retina Display, 2015 or Older Version) MacBook Air 13 Review:

Before I start, let me first say that I own a late-2013 model 13” MBP with Retina Display.

This is a very helpful and useful product that all Macbook owners could benefit from. It effectively keeps dust, grime, food, liquid, and other things away from the spaces in your keyboard. At $12.98, I think this is a great buy. If you’re concerned if the protector leaves marks on the screen, I can tell you from my use so far that it does not leave any fingerprints on the screen itself. There is a very small gap (literally, barely noticeable) between each key and the protector, so it’s as if nothing is really placed on they keyboard.

In terms of the texture, it does feel like there is some kind of film or rubber while you’re typing. Initially, I felt as if my typing was a little bit slower, as if I have to apply a little more pressure than I’m used to when I type. However, I think that’s just a result of me keeping in mind that there is something on the keyboard. Now, I’m typing at my normal speed. The less conscious you are that there is something on your keyboard, the more your old typing speed will come back.

However, as great as this product is, there is something I wanted potential buyers and current users to see from my use. After roughly three weeks of use, there is a part of the protector that is showing immediate signs of wear—specifically, the command key and the left side of the space bar. These are, obviously, keys us Macbook users press often. For the record, the areas where there are signs of wear—it looks like it was scratched—are the exact areas where I press the key. I type with my fingers; my nails rarely touch the keys, so this does concern me a bit. Does it affect the quality of the product? Aside from making it look scratched and faded, no—it does not affect the quality/use of the product.

Overall, I AM satisfied with this keyboard protector. Although I wish the latter problem didn’t happen, this does what it’s supposed to. You can see the keyboard back light well through the protector. Also, when you get the product, do not touch the inside of the keyboard protector (the part that touches the keyboard itself) or the oil from your fingers will transfer over. I attached pictures of the packaging, the cover on my laptop in the dark with the back light on, and the wear on the keys.

[2 Pack] Universal English Keyboard Stickers, Replacement English Keyboard Stickers with Black Background and White Lettering for Computer, Each Unit: Width 0.43” x Height 0.51” (English) Review:

Wash your hands real well. If you have some 91% alcohol rinse your hands in that. Dry your hands thoroughly.
The idea is for no oil or contaminants to be on your hands to mess up the sticky part of the sticker in case you touch it. At the same time clean an xacto knife or your smallest pocket knife. Before cleaning, dull the blade slightly by dragging it on a surface. If it has already been used a few times and is already dull then - perfect. Razor sharp is bad because it's too easy to accidentally cut the sticker.

Start with the least important stickers first so you can develop your process to a fine art for the important ones.
Turn the sheet over, wax paper side up. Use a clean xacto knife (or a sharp tool). Don't cut with the knife but rather slide it under the white wax paper of a single sticker. Lift up the paper square entirely and completely tear it away. The letter should still be in the sheet. Then place that single wax paper square back down but just slightly off center.(1/32 to 1/16 inch) Flip the sheet over.

Now punch out that single letter with your fingers. Since you put the wax paper square slightly off center an edge of the wax paper should be sticking out one side. Use the xacto knife to push that edge back so you can slide the knife under the sticker. Slide in about half way. Push the sticker down onto the knife so it just barely sticks to it. Peel the rest of the wax paper square off and discard. Now one side of the sticker is stuck to the knife so hold the knife so that the sticker lines up on the target key just right. Push down the free side of the sticker. Gently twist the knife to loosen it from the sticker and slide it out. Push the sticker the rest of the way down. Push firmly and rub it a little. Obviously your computer needs to be off.

As you proceed you may have to adjust your approach to how much of the knife you let the sticker stick to. You want it to be just enough to hold the sticker without falling off as you center it up on the key but not so much you have to to fight and damage the sticker to get the knife loose.

UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13" and 15" (2016 2017 2018 2019, Apple Model Number A1706, A1707, A1989, A1990, A2159) Review:

I haven't been writing many reviews lately but I had to make an exception in this case.
A little background: I'm a huge believer in keyboard protectors and used one (made by Moshi), from Day 1 of ownership, with my 2009 MacBook Pro. When I finally upgraded to my 2016 Pro, I was distressed that no protector was available. I'm a cat owner--need I elaborate? As fate would have it, it needed service and due to this model's extremely integrated design (not to mention that the keyboard never worked right), the entire logic board--which includes the keyboard--had to be replaced. Fortunately, before sending it to Apple for servicing, I learned about UPPERCASE's GhostCover, ordered it, and slapped it on my serviced Pro before even turning on the machine.

I couldn't be more pleased.

As much as I liked my Moshi cover, I like this one even more. It's thinner but doesn't feel cheap. Its thickness better complements the pressure of my typing than the Moshi, plus it feels better to me than this Pro's keys (a very longtime Apple/Mac owner, this Pro line, quite frankly, feels a bit cheesy to me). Conformation with the keyboard is perfect. I've had no need to use the included sticky strip--so far, the cover stays put and doesn't leave a ghost image on the screen. Most importantly, I feel my Pro's innards are protected. No need to worry that fur, dust, or the occasional crumb or drop of liquid will befoul my very expensive laptop.

I advise all 2016/2017 MacBook Pro owners to make this very modest investment and would like to thank UPPERCASE for making this available. I feel a lot more comfortable using my Pro now--I'm almost glad it had a problem because it allowed me to start fresh with a protected keyboard.

UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector for 2018 and 2019 MacBook Air with Touch ID and Retina Display 13" (2018, 2019 Apple Model Number A1932) Review:

I got this product for my new MacBook air 13 inch with touch id. The material is so nice and durable, a worth it upgrade from silicone which is not very durable. A lot of other keyboard protectors I've had has very distracting logos and brand name. This one is very very hard to see and not noticeable. You can still see the key lights through the protector, it looks like it is almost not there! My only problem is that you can see your fingerprints quite easily. And because the protector is so invisible, it is also quite easy to see any dust or crumbs. Also, this protector is a bit expensive. There are other protectors with the same material with cheaper price tags. But overall, I do recommend it!

MOSISO Silicone Keyboard Cover Compatible with MacBook Pro 13/15 Inch (with/Without Retina Display, 2015 or Older Version),Older MacBook Air 13 Inch (A1466 / A1369, Release 2010-2017), Black Review:

I love how the rose gold softens the look of my mac, and the fit is good. It's really rose gold, too. For me, it doesn't affect my typing speed at all, and in fact, I like the feel of the keys better with it on. One problem has started to crop up: I'm getting grey patches, similar to what another reviewer described. I don't think it's rubbing away the color on mine, so much as, that's where I'm pressing the most and it seems to change adherance to the keys. I can see that eventually, the color will be annoyingly uneven. I was getting a little pissy about it this morning, but then I had a coffee mishap, and the thing really did its job. I just shook it off and dried it, no harm to the equipment, so it is forgiven. Even if the looks fade, it works for keyboard protection.

ETA: A few months later, and I'm happier with it than I was at first. The key colors are not degrading. I like how it keeps the keyboard clean and protects it from cat claws. For those who find the printed letters don't line up with those on the actual keys, I've found that gently running my hand over it a few times takes care of that problem. I like this thing a lot and would buy it again.

Kuzy - MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover with Touch Bar 13 and 15 inch Premium Ultra Thin TPU New 2019 2018 2017 2016 (Apple Model A2159 A1989 A1990 A1706 A1707) Skin Protector - Mint Review:

Apple's new, ultra low-profile keyboard makes it a challenge for any manufacturer to make a cover that stays put. This one works great with the backlit keys, while adding a nice splash of color. As others have said, it can curl at the edges; HOWEVER, the trick is to NOT try to press along the two horizontal lines of adhesive. As soon as you do, the edges will curl as the adhesive pulls the cover inward and off-kilter. After several attempts, I found the best way is to carefully lay the whole thing on as evenly as possible, adjust slightly and then let it lay gently overall. Let the adhesive rest between rows (it still works), but do not try to press it or run your finger(nail) down along it or it will pull the cover up just enough to lift the edges off the spacebar and arrow keys particularly. Once I got that right, then it rests just right (over 2 weeks and counting) without sliding or curling. Another issue with Apple's new ultra low-profile keyboards is the need for adhesive of some sort to help keep the cover flying off completely. That means no more dishwashing or full and easy washing. The best you can do is carefully wipe the top (gently), and consider a cloth (I used to use RadTech ScreenSavr, but the original owners retired and whomever took it over says new versions will not be ready until 2019(?!); however, a folded, thin bandana can work just as well - style to suit your tastes) to avoid transfer of oil/dirt to the screen. I definitely like the colors vs. longstanding and prior use of Moshi's (I did get one of those, just in case, but the trick to this one is in the application!). Again, the drawbacks are of Apple's own making, and this stylish, yet clear, cover works great! Try it!

CaseBuy Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Compatible Newest MacBook Air 13 Inch 2019 2018 Release A1932 with Retina Display Soft-Touch TPU Keyboard Protective Skin Review:

This keyboard protector is currently the best one on the market. Easily 5/5 stars! Super-ultra-thin, crystal clear, almost unnoticeable (as pictured), and waterproof—what more can I ask for? The premium material that this is made from is sheer and matte—not sticky at all—which is nice because it won't cause a wet, sticky residue to form underneath it like those other MacBook keyboard covers that feel soft and rubbery. The only downside is that those rubbery keyboard protectors stick really well to the keyboard, whereas this keyboard protector may OCCASIONALLY (not often) slide off of the keyboard, especially if you are blowing dust off your MacBook or using it in a windy area outside. However, I much prefer this rare inconvenience over a disgusting sticky layer of goo on your keyboard that other protectors tend to cause...

P.S. I ordered it directly from the seller (no longer available) rather than through Amazon prime, so I got mine super early (yesterday, 11/19). Looks like everyone else is going to have to wait a couple weeks (for Prime members 11/29).


VFENG Clear Keyboard Cover for Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13.5 Inch 2019+ and Surface Laptop 2 2018/Surface Laptop 2017/Surface Book/Book 2 13.5" and 15", Soft-Touch Keyboard Skins, US Layout Review:

I like this a lot more than another brand I tried. It fits keys very well and I notice less typing fatigue with this than the other one- what this means is that I can type longer without feeling like there's too much resistance. In the past, I tried another brand and because it had too much resistance, i felt that my fingers would tire too easily and quickly. It includes two adhesives for you to use so that it'd stay on the keys but I opted not to use it as I routinely would remove the cover to clean.

If you routinely snack (like I do) while you work/study, I highly recommend it to prevent greasy/dirty keys!

I also didn't attach an image because I'm sure you've seen a ton by now on this product lol

Kuzy - MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover with Touch Bar for 13 and 15 inch New 2019 2018 2017 2016 (Apple Model A2159, A1989, A1990, A1706, A1707) Silicone Skin Protector - Oxy Black Review:

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 At first I was skeptical but this keyboard cover blew all my expectations away! It’s light, durable, and stylish! It fits well
enough that you’d forget it’s there after a while. I was amazed at how well this cover performs and highly recommend you get one
if you have not already! Will definitely be buying more colors in the future.

MOSISO Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Protector Soft TPU Skin Compatible with MacBook Pro 13/15 inch (with/Without Retina Display, 2015 or Older Version) MacBook Air 13 inch(Release 2010-2017), Clear Review:

If you use your laptop frequently upside-down or almost upside down, then this isn't for you. This cover took a little adjusting to, from my old silicone ones, because I wanted something a little.... lighter for my macbook pro. I got tired of seeing my oily finger prints so easily on the covers, and having to replace them. I used to have ones with aquatic animals and such, which were cute but... stretched out. This one doesn't stretch out. (NOTE: mine is clear ver)

At first? It was frustrating with how it wasn't sticking easily the first 2 months, like other reviewers write. After some time though, it's pretty much impossible the cover to fall off unless it's at ~80-90 degree angle.

~2 years later, I still really enjoy this one. My fingers feel a nice bit of texture (not noticeable to the average person, unless hypersensitive touch like me), not rubbery slickness like the others. Its nice sometimes to just rub my fingers on it, as a sensory person.

That being said, this isn't a pick for someone who has a history of getting moisture on their electronics (ie spilled coffee, has wet fingers, bad habits in general etc).

Its durable and prevents oily fingers and dirt on the keyboard, it does its job without bells and whistles.