Best Computer Keyboard Skins in 2022

Last update: January 5, 2023

Are keyboard covers OK?

Keyboard covers are a great way to protect your keyboard from dirt, dust, and spills. They also help to keep your keyboard clean and free of fingerprints. Keyboard covers are made from a variety of materials, including silicone, neoprene, and polyurethane. They come in a variety of colors and styles to match your personality and taste. Keyboard covers are an affordable way to protect your investment and keep your keyboard looking new.

Are laptop keyboard covers necessary?

Laptop keyboard covers are not necessary, but they can be helpful in keeping your keyboard clean and free of dirt and dust. Keyboard covers can also help protect your keyboard from spills and other accidents.

Are silicone keyboards any good?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the answer may vary depending on individual needs and preferences. However, in general, silicone keyboards are often seen as being more durable and easier to clean than traditional keyboards. They may also provide a more comfortable typing experience for some users.

Do keyboard covers come off?

Keyboard covers are designed to protect your keyboard from dirt, dust, and spills. But sometimes they can be a pain to remove. If your keyboard cover is stuck, try these tips: – Start by gently prying up one corner of the cover with a butter knife or other thin, blunt object. – Once you have a small opening, use your fingers to slowly peel the cover away from the keyboard. – If the cover is still resisting, try heating it up with a hair dryer set on low. The heat will loosen the adhesive and make the

UPPERCASE Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector for Macbook Pro 13 15 17 (with or without Retina Display, 2015 or Older Version) MacBook Air 13 Review:

Before I begin, let me first disclose that I own a 13" MBP with Retina Display from the late 2013 model year.Every Mac owner could utilize this product, which is quite beneficial. It successfully prevents debris, food, fluids, and other items from getting near the key areas on your keyboard. I believe this to be a wonderful purchase for $12.98. If you're worried that the screen protector would leave smudges on the screen, I can assure you from my experience thus far that it won't. It appears as though nothing is actually placed on the keyboard because there is a very small gap (literally, barely perceptible) between each key and the shield.While typing, it does feel as though there is some sort of rubber or film present. When I first started typing, I noticed that it took a little longer and required a little more pressure than usual. However, I believe that is simply a byproduct of my remembering that there is a keyboard item. I'm now typing at my usual pace. Your old typing speed will return more quickly the less aware you are that there is something on your keyboard.Even though this software is fantastic, I wanted prospective customers and current users to notice anything from my use. The command key and the left side of the space bar are two areas of the protector that are already beginning to exhibit wear after around three weeks of use. Obviously, these are the keys that Macbook users frequently press. For the record, I hit the key exactly where there are wear indicators—it appears to have been scratched. This worries me a little bit because I use my fingers to type and my nails seldom ever contact the keys. Does it have an impact on the product's quality? No—aside from making it appear scuffed and faded, it has no effect on the product's quality or utility.I'm happy with this keyboard protector overall. This accomplishes the desired result, even though I wish the later issue hadn't arisen. Through the shield, the keyboard backlight is clearly visible. Additionally, avoid touching the inside of the keyboard protector when you first acquire it (the area that touches the actual keyboard) because your oily fingers will transfer there. I've included photos of the package, the wear on the keys, and the cover of my laptop when it was dark and the back light was on.

[2 Pack] Universal English Keyboard Stickers, Replacement English Keyboard Stickers with Black Background and White Lettering for Computer, Each Unit: Width 0.43” x Height 0.51” (English) Review:

Clean your hands thoroughly. Rinse your hands in some 91% alcohol if you have any. Dry off your hands completely.The concept is that if you contact the sticker, the sticky component won't be affected by any oil or other impurities on your hands. Clean your smallest pocket knife or a Xacto knife at the same time. Drag the blade across a surface to slightly dull it before cleaning. Perfect if it has been used a few times and is already worn out. Because it's so simple to unintentionally cut the sticker with razor sharp objects, this is bad.Start with the least significant stickers first so you can hone your method for the most significant ones to a fine art.Wax paper side facing up, flip the sheet over. Utilize a fresh Xacto knife (or a sharp tool). Instead of cutting with the knife, slide it beneath a single sticker's white wax paper. The paper square should be fully raised and torn away. The sheet should still have the letter. After that, reposition the single wax paper square, this time slightly off-center. (0.13 to 0.16 inches) Overturn the sheet.Now use your fingers to remove that one letter. An edge of the wax paper should protrude from one side because you placed the wax paper square slightly off-center. Push that edge back with the xacto knife to make it easier to slide the knife underneath the sticker. Aim to enter approximately halfway. In order for the sticker to barely adhere to the knife, press it down onto it. Remove and discard the remaining wax paper square. Now that one side of the adhesive is adhered to the knife, position the knife such that the sticker perfectly aligns with the target key. The sticker's free side should be pushed down. To remove the knife from the sticker, simply gently twist it. the remaining distance down on the sticker. Push hard and lightly rub it. Obviously, you need to turn off your computer.You might need to modify your strategy as you go in terms of how much of the knife you allow the sticker stick on. When you center it on the key, you want it to be just tight enough to keep the sticker in place without slipping off, but not so tight that you have to struggle and risk damaging the sticker in order to remove the knife.

UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13" and 15" (2016 2017 2018 2019, Apple Model Number A1706, A1707, A1989, A1990, A2159) Review:

Recently, I haven't written many reviews, but I felt compelled to in this instance.Providing some background I have always used a keyboard protector (manufactured by Moshi) with my 2009 MacBook Pro because I am a major proponent of them. When I finally upgraded to my 2016 Pro, I was disappointed to see there was no safeguard. Need I say more than that I own cats? As luck would have it, it required service, and since this model's highly integrated design (as well as the keyboard's inconsistent performance) required the entire logic board to be replaced. Fortunately, I found about UPPERCASE's GhostCover before sending it to Apple for servicing, ordered it, and installed it on my serviced Pro before turning the device on.I am ecstatic beyond words.As much as I enjoyed my Moshi cover, I actually prefer this one. Although thinner, it doesn't feel flimsy. Its thickness matches my typing pressure more than the Moshi, and it also feels better to me than the keys on this Pro (as a long-time user of Apple/Mac products, I find the Pro line to be a little corny). The keyboard conformation is great. Since the cover remains placed and doesn't leave a ghost picture on the screen thus far, I haven't needed to use the included adhesive strip. Most significantly, I believe the insides of my Pro are secure. No need to be concerned that my pricey laptop will become dirty from fur, dust, or the occasional crumbs or drop of liquid.I recommend this relatively small purchase to any 2016- and 2017-model MacBook Pro owner, and I'd like to thank UPPERCASE for making it possible. Now that my Pro has an issue, I feel much more at ease using it. In fact, I'm almost pleased it did because it gave me the opportunity to start over with a safe keyboard.

UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector for 2018 and 2019 MacBook Air with Touch ID and Retina Display 13" (2018, 2019 Apple Model Number A1932) Review:

I purchased this item for my brand-new 13-inch MacBook Air with Touch ID. Since silicone is not particularly durable, the change to this substance is well worth it. Many of the other keyboard coverings I've used have distracting brand names and logos. This one is barely perceptible and extremely difficult to observe. Through the protection, you can still see the key lights, giving the impression that they are hardly there. Your ability to easily see your fingerprints is the only thing that bothers me. Additionally, because the shield is virtually undetectable, it is simple to spot any crumbs or dust. Additionally, this protection is somewhat pricey. Other protectors made of the same material are available for less money. Overall though, I do suggest it!

MOSISO Silicone Keyboard Cover Compatible with MacBook Pro 13/15 Inch (with/Without Retina Display, 2015 or Older Version),Older MacBook Air 13 Inch (A1466 / A1369, Release 2010-2017), Black Review:

My mac looks great with the rose gold accents, and they fit perfectly. It truly is rose gold. My typing speed is unaffected at all, and I actually prefer the way the keys feel when it's on. I'm beginning to get grey spots, which is a problem that has already surfaced as stated by one of the other reviewers. Since that's where I press most frequently, I don't believe it's rubbing away the color on mine so much as changing how the keys adhere to the surface. I predict that the hue will soon become irksomely uneven. This morning, I was starting to feel a bit irritated about it, but then I had a coffee accident, and the device really did its job. It's okay because I only dried it off and shook it off, causing no damage to the equipment. Even if the appearance ages, it still protects the keyboard.ETA: Several months later, I'm more content with it than I was first. The primary hues don't degrade. I enjoy how it guards the keyboard from cat claws and keeps it clean. I've discovered that lightly running my palm over it a few times fixes the issue for people who notice that the printed letters don't line up with those on the actual keys. I really enjoy this item and would buy it again.

Kuzy - MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover with Touch Bar 13 and 15 inch Premium Ultra Thin TPU New 2019 2018 2017 2016 (Apple Model A2159 A1989 A1990 A1706 A1707) Skin Protector - Mint Review:

With Apple's new, extremely low-profile keyboard, it will be difficult for any maker to create a cover that will stay in place. This one adds a lovely pop of color and works well with the lighted keys. It can curl at the edges, as has been mentioned by others; HOWEVER, the key is to avoid pressing along the two horizontal lines of glue. As soon as you do, the adhesive will cause the cover to pull inward and out of alignment, causing the edges to curl. After a few failed efforts, I discovered the ideal technique is to gently lay everything on as evenly as you can, make a small adjustment, and then let it lay where it is. In order to prevent the cover from being pulled up just enough to take the edges off the spacebar and arrow keys in particular, let the adhesive rest between rows (it still works). Do not try to press it or run your finger (or nail) down along it. Once I nailed it, it rested perfectly for nearly two weeks without sliding or curling. The necessity for glue of some sort is another concern with Apple's new ultra-low-profile keyboards, as it helps prevent the lid from totally flying off. Therefore, there will be no more dishwashing or thorough washing. The best you can do is gently wipe the top, and you might want to consider using a cloth (I used to use RadTech ScreenSavr, but the original owners retired and whoever took over says new versions won't be ready until 2019(?! ); however, a folded, thin bandana can work just as well - style to suit your tastes) to avoid transfer of oil or dirt to the screen. When compared to my long-standing and previous use of Moshi's (I did get one of those just in case), I definitely like the colors. However, the key to this one is in the application. Again, Apple is to blame for the shortcomings, and this fashionable yet transparent cover does a terrific job!

CaseBuy Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Compatible Newest MacBook Air 13 Inch 2019 2018 Release A1932 with Retina Display Soft-Touch TPU Keyboard Protective Skin Review:

The greatest keyboard protection available right now is this one. Absolutely 5/5 stars! What more can I ask for than something that is ultra-thin, clear as glass, hardly detectable, waterproof, and all of the above? This premium keyboard cover is constructed of a sheer, matte material that is completely non-sticky, unlike other MacBook keyboard covers that feel soft and rubbery. This is excellent since it prevents a moist, sticky residue from forming below it. The only drawback is that this keyboard cover may OCCASIONALLY (not frequently) slip off of the keyboard, especially if you are blowing dust off your MacBook or using it in a region where it is windy outside. Those rubbery keyboard protectors stick pretty well to the keyboard. But I greatly prefer this unusual annoyance to the unpleasant sticky layer of slime that other keyboard covers frequently leave behind.P.S. I got mine incredibly early (yesterday, 11/19) since I ordered it straight from the vendor (no longer available), not through Amazon Prime. It appears that everyone else will have to wait until the following two weeks (for Prime members, 11/29).EDIT (11/29): PLEASE NOTE THAT MY REVIEW ONLY APPLIES TO THE "TPU" STYLE. THE MANUFACTURER HAS ADDED OTHER STYLES WITH COLORS SINCE I GAVE MY REVIEW, AND I SUSPECT THOSE ARE MADE OF A DIFFERENT INFERIOR MATERIAL. I ONLY SUGGEST "TPU."

VFENG Clear Keyboard Cover for Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13.5 Inch 2019+ and Surface Laptop 2 2018/Surface Laptop 2017/Surface Book/Book 2 13.5" and 15", Soft-Touch Keyboard Skins, US Layout Review:

I much prefer this brand than another one I tried. With this keyboard, I have less typing fatigue than I did with the old, which allows me to type for longer stretches without feeling like there is too much resistance. It fits the keys really well. When I had tried another kind, I thought that my fingers would become tired too rapidly and quickly due to the excessive resistance. It comes with two adhesives that you may use to keep it on the keys, but I decided against using them as I regularly remove the cover to clean.I strongly advise against often snacking while working or studying (as I do) to avoid having greasy or dirty keys!I didn't provide an image either because I'm certain you've already seen a ton of them related to this item, lol.

Kuzy - MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover with Touch Bar for 13 and 15 inch New 2019 2018 2017 2016 (Apple Model A2159, A1989, A1990, A1706, A1707) Silicone Skin Protector - Oxy Black Review:

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this video.Download Flash Player.I was first dubious, but this keyboard cover exceeded all of my expectations! It is thin, strong, and fashionable. After a while, you'd eventually forget it is there because it fits so nicely. I was astounded by how well this cover performs and if you don't already have one, I definitely recommend it! Definitely plan to purchase additional colors in the future.

MOSISO Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Protector Soft TPU Skin Compatible with MacBook Pro 13/15 inch (with/Without Retina Display, 2015 or Older Version) MacBook Air 13 inch(Release 2010-2017), Clear Review:

This is not for you if you routinely use your laptop in an almost upside-down or upside-down position. I wanted something a little... lighter for my MacBook Pro, so it took some getting used to this cover compared to my old silicone ones. I grew weary of constantly having to replace the covers because my oily finger prints left them on so easily. I once owned some that featured aquatic creatures and other things; they were cute but... stretched out. This one doesn't go on forever. NOTE: I used the clear version.when first? It was annoying that, contrary to what other reviewers claim, it didn't stick well for the first two months. After a while, however, it becomes virtually hard for the cover to come off unless it is angled between 80 and 90 degrees.Even now, two years later, I still adore this one. My fingers don't feel rubbery slick like the others' do; instead, they have a wonderful bit of texture that is hardly perceptible to most people unless they are hypersensitive to touch like me. As a sensory person, I find it pleasant to occasionally simply rub my fingertips over it.However, if you have a history of getting dampness on your equipment, you shouldn't use this (ie spilled coffee, has wet fingers, bad habits in general etc).Without frills or bells, it fulfills its job of protecting the keyboard from oily fingers and debris.

Do keyboard covers make typing quieter?

Keyboard covers are designed to protect your keyboard from dirt, dust, and spills. But do they also make typing quieter? It depends. Some keyboard covers are made of materials that dampen the sound of typing, while others actually make typing louder. So it’s important to choose a keyboard cover that’s right for you. If you’re looking for a keyboard cover that will make typing quieter, look for one that’s made of silicone or another soft, flexible material. These materials will help to absorb the sound of your typing.

Do MacBook keyboards wear out?

MacBook keyboards are made with high-quality materials that are built to last. However, like all things, they will eventually wear out. The good news is that you can extend the life of your keyboard by taking care of it and using it properly. Here are some tips: -Avoid eating or drinking near your keyboard. -Don't pound on the keys. -Keep your keyboard clean. Use a soft, dry cloth to dust it off regularly. -If something spills on your keyboard, turn it off immediately and unplug it. Then,

How can I protect my laptop keyboard?

To protect your laptop keyboard, you can use a keyboard cover, which is a thin piece of silicone that covers the entire keyboard and helps to keep dust and dirt out. You can also use a keyboard skin, which is a thin piece of vinyl that covers the keys and helps to prevent them from fading.

How do I cover my keyboard for typing?

One way to cover your keyboard for typing is to purchase a keyboard cover. Keyboard covers are made of silicone or another flexible material and fit snugly over the top of your keyboard. They help to protect your keyboard from dirt, dust, and spills, and can also help to silence key clicks. Another way to cover your keyboard is to use a keyboard tray or desk pad. Keyboard trays and desk pads are usually made of hard plastic or wood, and provide a flat surface for your keyboard. They can help to keep your keyboard clean and organized, and can also provide a comfortable place to

How do I make my keyboard covers sticky again?

If your keyboard covers are starting to feel less sticky, there are a few things you can do to make them feel sticky again. First, try washing them in warm water with a mild soap. If that doesn't work, you can try using a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth to clean them. If your keyboard covers are still not as sticky as you'd like, you can buy new ones or make your own.

How do you clean a silicone keyboard cover?

To clean a silicone keyboard cover, you will need: -Water -Mild soap -A soft cloth 1. Start by wetting the cloth with water. 2. Add a few drops of mild soap to the cloth. 3. Gently rub the cloth over the keyboard cover. 4. Rinse the cloth with water and wipe the keyboard cover clean. 5. Allow the keyboard cover to air dry.