Best Automotive Tailgate Nets in 2020

Heininger Automotive 4021 Black Full Size HitchMate NetWerks Cargo Bag Review:

The product arrived quickly, in fact faster than expected. It was extremely well packaged and easy to unpack.

The installation of the cargo bar and the net was rediculously simple. Frankly, shocked that it took about 60 seconds to securely install. I spent more time wondering if I missed something.
The cargo net/bag slipped easily over the bar and the ratchet and practically positioned itself across the bar. I located the spots on each side of my Avalanche, dropped the bar in place, toggled the ratchet up with a simple press with my thumb and simply ratcheted several times to tighten the ends against the sides of the truck bed with enough tension. Even a couple of very aggressive pulls and shakes by hand failed to displace the secure mounting. Really liked the thick rubber pads securely attached to the bar ends. Makes the bar fit tightly and doesn't damage the finish.

Now the real test...several extremely heavy items. (2) 5 gallon buckets of coating and a storage box full of tools that takes 2 people to lift and a bag of sand in the cargo bag. After a 5+ mile trip on some very bumpy roads, quite a few sharp turns and deliverately short stops I opened the bed to find everything was exactly where I loaded it. Nothing moved or spilled!!!

The grocery test was next. Tired of trying to pack shopping bags in the truck cab so they didn't go flying around and having to open all doors to load and then reclaim them at home making it look and feel like a chinese fire drill, I hoped the cargo net would be my salvation.
It was. I quickly loaded 6 very full, top heavy bags from the market in just seconds and without having to juggle the shopping cart from hitting my doors or the cars next to me or worse the dreaded "roll-away" chase the cart fiasco. Loading from the tailgate solved all these and made loading easy. Everything fit in securely. When I got home, again, nothing had moved and I did my best with a few short stops and fast acceleration (as if there is any other kind). Unloading was fast and simple.

I've also had to remove the bar several times to use the full bed for larger loads. It was a cinch to release the latch tension, without losing my settings. Put the bar back in and 1 quick ratchet press and it was secured again; easy!

This may be one of my smartest and most useful investments. The price was excellent and considering how much time and hassle its saved me, I'm planning on adding a second bar soon.
Awesome, solid, well made products that really deliver the results I needed!!

Highly recomend. Going to give these as gifts this year to family for their trucks.

Zento Deals Black Mesh Three Pocket Trunk Cargo Organizer Storage Net Review:

I read ALL the reviews. My conclusion is that all less than five star reviews are from individuals who have never seen/used a net...or do not know how to use a ruler. My 2016 Tacoma Tacoma TRD Sport measures 53" width and 18" height under cover. READING your details of product I knew I would only need 4 "S" hangers to attach to the 4 sliding cargo hangers on the sides of the truck bed. The Keeper is mounted about 6" from floor on back side of net. When full the net lays on floor and the bar keeps all articles placed in front of net from moving forward. Great fit!
If an individual has nothing to attach net to, I suggest they look at your picture/details and THINK!
How long will net last? Has to last longer than cost and satisfaction derived from two BIG MAC Meals!

TC Sportline TR-12 Tailgate Net 51" x 15" for Small Mid Compact Size Pick-Up Truck Review:

If you look closely at the photos on the page, THIS IS NOT a nylon strap net - it is like your luggage "cordura" kind of material. Adequate to hold your groceries in, but not too much more. They didn't lie, and the price is okay, but in a shopping hurry it is easy to get this mixed up with the full nylon net products and think you are getting a bargain (not a steal, but a bargain).

Bully TR-02WK Heavy Duty Cargo Tailgate Net for Mid Size Pickup Truck Cab Truck Bed - Black Pack of 1 Review:

I purchased this for my dad's 97 GMC Sonoma. Fits perfectly. The tailgate net comes with 6 loop fasteners. You will need to drill 3 small holes on each the side of the truck. The straps of the net loop through these and attach. Then you tighten them down. All fairly quick and easy. The outer edges of the netting are similar to lightweight military nylon webbing. However the center of the netting is a plastic fabric. For the price an economic way to add a partition or a tailgate if you have one missing. This is more for looks however than utilitarian purposes. If you have heavy cargo that might slide or roll, this would not be strong enough to hold it. But for the price, hauling around lightweight things, this will do just fine. Also I wouldn't imagine this holding up over many seasons if kept in the elements, where wind, sun, rain and so forth would deteriorate the product.

Covercraft ProNet Tailgate Net: PRO NET (PN007) Review:

Looks decent, easy to install. Took me 20 minutes to install on my 04 Sierra 2500HD.
Bought for my truck after I removed my tailgate with a sledge hammer after it would not open. Material seems ok, probably will not hold up to my use, but I will revise my review when that happens.
Material seems weak, straps are thin and will wear at the metal mounting brackets.
Easy to get tight and does not sag. Still have about 3 inches of adjustment to tighten it up if it stretches.

For the price it is good. Don't see the point in buying the quick releases as it takes 5 seconds to undo and 15 to put back without them.

TC Sportline TR-13 Tailgate Net 61" x 19" for Full Size Pick-Up Truck Review:

This product was perfect for my old truck with the broken tailgate. The ties were simple to attach to tailgate moorings and the net secured my belongings well. Although I've only had it a few days, it feels and appears sturdy enough to last a long time. I liked the quality for the money, as this tailgate net was one of the least expensive available.

Bully TR-03WK Heavy Duty Cargo Tailgate Net for Full Size Pickup Truck Cab Truck Bed - Black Pack of 1 Review:

This fits good on my 2011 F150. The screws they include are total garbage, not self tapping. Even pre drilling for these screws didn't help, they all broke. I used very short tapcon screws which held fine. You could also use a real honest to life self tapping screws from a hardware store. Everything else and workmanship of the net is good. I'd suggest mounting the upper and lower brackets a little spread up and down so it pulls the net corners very square. If the upper and lower brackets are installed wrong, the net will not pull square. You are drilling holes in your truck so be careful.

RBP RBP-203R Honeycomb Tailgate Net for Full Size Pickups-Red Star Review:

i read alot of the reviews before i bought it and i was thinking about it because most of them were bad. but once i opened it and installed it in my truck it looked really nice and great great product for the price!! i have an 02 dodge ram 1500.

RBP-PILOT 204G Honeycomb Tailgate Net for Full Size Pickups-Gray Star Review:

decent quality. super cheap strap bracket.