Best Wheel Locks in 2022

Last update: December 20, 2022

Are locking wheel nuts worth it?

Locking wheel nuts are designed to deter thieves from stealing your wheels. They work by screwing onto your wheel bolts and then locking in place with a key. This makes it much harder for thieves to remove your wheels without the key. So, are locking wheel nuts worth it? Yes, they can be a worthwhile investment if you're worried about your wheels being stolen. They're not foolproof, but they can certainly make it more difficult for thieves.

Are push button cars harder to steal?

Push button cars are harder to steal because they have an immobilizer system that prevents the car from starting if the correct key is not used. The key has a transponder chip that sends a signal to the car's computer, which then allows the car to start. If the wrong key is used, the car will not start.

Can a garage change a tyre without locking wheel nut?

If you have a locking wheel nut on your car, you'll need to take it to a garage to have the tyre changed.

Can rims be stolen with wheel locks?

Yes, rims can be stolen with wheel locks. There are a few ways that thieves can get around wheel locks, but it is generally more difficult than stealing rims without wheel locks. thieves can use bolt cutters to cut through the locks, or they can use a power drill to drill through the locks.

TOYOTA Genuine Accessories 00276-00900 Wheel Lock Review:

These were purchased for a 2007 Toyota Prius, but when I used Amazon's vehicle match feature, it did not show them as a fit. Nevertheless, they worked perfectly. The original key had been pulled out when we had taken the automobile to a tire provider, necessitating the purchase of an entirely new set. Since visiting Toyota was highly expensive, we decided to take a chance and search for the exact component number provided by the dealership on Amazon and get it there instead. What a difference in pricing! Just so you know, the technician who stripped the key was using an impact driver. After talking to a few people, we learned that these keys have very soft metal acting as the "key," and that you should only use a hand wrench with them.

McGard 24538 Wheel Locks Review:

I needed to lock my spare tire to my carrier because I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD Unlimited (be sure to use red loctite to fasten the carrier bolts to the car, else someone might steal the complete tire/carrier unit). The fact that these locking lug nuts appear to be well-crafted made me happy. I haven't experienced any rusting or even shine loss from the nickel plating. The length of them is the only drawback I can think of. The stock lug nuts on my Jeep stick out a good half inch or more because it has aluminum tires (I've heard steel tires are fine), which may be enough space to use locking pliers to grab them. Theoretically, it is feasible, however I highly doubt anyone would have a pair of locking pliers large enough, and it would take a lot of effort and noise to remove. The factory version of this product, which McGard designed using their measurements, also has the same problem. Apart from that, these items function. It will stop any burglar from approaching the car and quickly stealing the tire. In conclusion, a thief who just so happens to have the necessary equipment on hand, time, patience, bravery (or stupidity), and ability to overcome these locking lug nuts may be able to do it, but it'll at least irritate the hell out of them.Please let us know if this review was helpful.

McGard 24154 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (M12 x 1.25 Thread Size) - Set of 4 Review:

I really like these locks, and installing them using a 7/8 socket wrench for the key was quick and simple. My 2017 370z's OEM front wheels indeed stick out, but only by a quarter to a half inch (though that doesn't bother me too much). However, they are completely flush with my back wheels. Since my original lugs were likewise 1.5 in length, I initially purchased the McGard 12mm-1.5in wheel locks. However, ALWAYS pay attention to Amazon's sizing advice if it specifies what will and won't fit your car. Because of how discrete (yet adorable in detail, almost like a little flower pattern) and helpful these locks are for any car owner's peace of mind, I highly recommend them.

Gorilla Automotive 61631N Chrome Acorn Gorilla Guard II Wheel Locks - Set of 4 (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size) Review:

There is much to love about this even for wheel locking. I noticed quick shipping and good wrapping initially.Compared to other lug nuts I've purchased in the past for different vehicles, I enjoy how these tend to mix in more with my OEM lug nuts (and I have a lot of vehicles, all with wheel locks). I particularly like that the key head is coded with a sticker that I affixed to my owner's handbook. This way, if I lose the original, I can acquire a replacement that is correctly keyed. Gorilla Automotive showed a lot of consideration in this.

Goplus Heavy Duty Trailer Lock Wheel Clamp, Adjustable Anti-Theft Tire Lock 5.3-lb Boot for Car Truck RV Boat Trailer Automotive Golf Carts w/Three Keys Review:

After my 1985 (non-running) scooter was attacked for the third time in roughly three months, I decided to buy this. Traditional tools, not a Dremel, had most recently been used to cut cables. I chose a wheel lock because I needed more VISUAL discouragement, and this solution was a good fit.I found it useful for the considerably smaller wheel on my scooter even though it was intended for much larger vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, trailers, etc. (I also added a second, anaconda-shaped cable to secure the back.)The front wheel has been in use for about ten days. No signs of theft, damage, etc.

Gorilla Automotive 61641 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks (14mm x 1.50 Thread Size) - Set of 4 Review:

I can finally declare that I have discovered the greatest wheel locks on the market. The problem that someone may simply jam or beat a socket to fit over it and force it off has been addressed by these locks. With these locks, you can't since the outer sleeve only rotates and is unable to apply enough tension to the remainder of the lock to enable removal.The wheel can only be significantly damaged in one direction, rendering it worthless. The key does not have a number on it, but it does come with a decal and a lock number that you can install in the glove box for future use and get additional of if necessary. The fact that they even sell "MASTER LOCK KEYS" to the public, rendering them useless and a waste of money, made me feel obligated to write this review, despite the fact that I am in no way sponsored. These fools today choose the simple route and dislike working hard for anything. They like taking advantage of those who put in hard work by robbing cars of their wheels and abandoning them totally.At the very least, I hope this review prevents one person from having their rims stolen.

Gorilla Automotive 71631NBC Acorn Black Chrome Wheel Locks (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size) Pack of 4 Review:

I purchased these locks to go with a set of Work Meister S1 wheels that are equipped with Gorilla Automotive 21133BC Small Diameter Acorn Black 5 Lug Kit (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size). I'm pleased with how well the locks match the lugs in color and have a sturdy powdercoat finish.The keys for these locks are tightly fitting and work with a 13/16" wrench. Notably, whereas many keys also have a 3/4" adapter, these do not. This works nicely because the 13/16" size is stronger than the other two sizes. The lock's finish will last longer because the key won't slip or rub over the lug due to the tight fit.These appear to be a fairly reliable alternative overall for locking, black lugs for tuner wheels.

Gorilla Automotive 61631 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size) - Pack of 4 Review:

Acorn Guard Locks 61641 by Gorilla Automotive (14mm x 1.50 Thread Size)Most wheel locks, or lug nuts that require socket keys, can be opened without a key. For instance, a friend who had wheel locks made by McGard lost his "key" and was really concerned about how he would be able to remove the locks. I used a hammer to lightly tap a normal socket onto a McGard lock, then a socket wrench to remove the lock's screw. Wheel locks took roughly two minutes each. After that incident, I threw away my own wheel locks (NAPA brand), which were comparable to the McGards, and bought this Gorilla Guard Lock set instead. Why bother with wheel locks at all if they can be removed without a key?In addition to unscrewing it and pressing a socket over the lock, the following two tools are made expressly to remove the kind of lock:- Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-3060 11 Piece Locking Wheel Nut Remover - Irwin Industrial Tools 54125 Lugnut Specialty Extractor Set, 5-PieceWithout the key, the Gorilla 61641 locks are substantially more challenging to open. This is due to the fact that if a socket is forced over the lock, they have an outer sleeve that turns. Even though it would take a lot of effort and noise, I think a burglar could finally remove the sleeve using a hammer and chisel.Gorilla will sell a lock with an extra key. Send them ten dollars and the key code that is included with the locks.Before visiting the shop when it's time to acquire new tires, think about replacing your wheel locking with the original lug nuts. That removes the chance that a tire shop will misplace, break, or fail to replace your key lock. It is forbidden to use an impact wrench on a Gorilla lock because the excessive force could cause the key lock's hardened mechanism to shatter.The 61641's have a little bigger diameter in the angled bottom (the part that tightens against the wheel) than McGard type designs, which helps disperse the torque over a larger area, which is crucial if you have aluminum wheels. Additionally, the socketed end is larger and more attractive. They were installed on a 2012 Cadillac SRX.

McGard 24215 Chrome M14 x 1.5 Thread Size Cone Seat Wheel Lock Set, (Set of 4) Review:

For my 2013 Regal GS's factory 20" wheels, I bought two different sets (of different manufacturers) from neighborhood hardware stores. Because it was too shallow, one pair of Doormans would not bottom out. The second set of Doormans was junk; two of the lock nuts' heads snapped off because it was once more too shallow. I didn't utilize an impact; I used a four-way hand tool. Other than from the dealer, I was unable to find any that would "fit". The dealer demanded about $100 at my shop's expense rather than retail price. So, in a last ditch effort to avoid spending a lot of money I ordered these. As I read a review about them damaging Ford rims, I became concerned. My photos "appear" to have less contact surface area than the factory if you look at them. However, if you look closely, the contact area is identical. The factory has two areas—one larger and one smaller—that don't actually touch the wheel surface. In just five minutes, I installed them (and removed them again to check for damage). No damage, decent appearance. So long as I don't run into any problems down the line (and I'll let you know), these are a wonderful fit.

Can tire shop remove locks?

If your tire shop has the proper equipment, they should be able to remove most types of locks. However, there are some locks that are more difficult to remove, and the tire shop may not be able to remove them without damaging the wheel. If the tire shop is unable to remove the lock, you may need to have the lock cut off by a locksmith.

Can wheel locks be removed without the key?

Wheel locks are designed to be difficult to remove without the key, but it is possible. The best way to remove a wheel lock without the key is to use a lug wrench or a socket wrench. Insert the wrench into the hole in the center of the wheel lock and turn it counterclockwise. It may take some time and effort to remove the lock, but it can be done.

Do all wheel locks have the same key?

No, all wheel locks do not have the same key. Each wheel lock has its own unique key.

Do wheel locks deter thieves?

While there is no guarantee that a wheel lock will deter all thieves, it may be a good investment if you are concerned about your car being stolen. Wheel locks are designed to make it more difficult for thieves to remove wheels from a vehicle, so they may be less likely to target a car that has them. In addition, if your car is equipped with an alarm system, the added security of wheel locks may make it less appealing to potential thieves.

How do I keep thieves off my car at night?

The best way to keep thieves off your car at night is to park in a well-lit area. You can also park your car in a garage or driveway if you have one. Be sure to lock your doors and windows before you go to bed. You can also use a steering wheel lock or a car alarm to deter thieves.

How much does it cost to take off wheel locks?

It can cost upwards of $100 to have a professional remove wheel locks from your vehicle. If you don't have the money to pay a professional, you can try to remove the locks yourself. However, this can be a difficult and time-consuming process.