Best Automotive Replacement Tailgate Cables in 2022

Last update: December 10, 2022

T1A Tailgate Support Cable Set Replacement for 1995-2003 Toyota Tacoma, Pair for Left and Right Sides, 14-9/16" Long, T1A-TYD001 Review:

This is a little bit longer than stock on my 2000 Tacoma, as other reviews have noted. In addition to being thinner, the cable is also different from the original cable in terms of the upper attachment. If at all possible, I get OEM or the enhanced OEM if it is anything that is fairly critical, such as the exhaust manifold or the gasket. Aftermarket ought to work just fine for a tailgate support. This is really reasonably priced, feels high quality, and comes with fresh hardware.

T1A Tailgate Support Cables Replacement for 1999-2007 Chevy Silverado, 15 1/8 Inches Long, Pair Also Fits GMC Sierra, Chevy Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade, Hummer H2 88980509 88980510 Review:

appear to be a good fit and to be of similar lengths so that both can support the tailgate. My OEM cables didn't behave in this way. So I'm not sure if the OEM were different lengths or the new ones account for this issue. Additionally, when GM issued a recall on cables, the replacement cables needed to have their ends filed or ground in order to swivel with the tailgate; nevertheless, these fit without having any additional modifications.

Compatible with Ford (E150 E250 E350 Vans 1992-2013 Econoline Super Duty) Cargo Door Latch Release Cable - Premium New Replacement Review:

If you need to open the side cargo door on your Ford E Van, this is a great offer!One nearby store wanted $120 to install new wires, while another wanted that much merely to install these for me.Thanks to a few videos on YouTube, this 63-year-old "cool" woman was able to remove two screws, remove the lock box, connect the wiring, and reopen the door in 20 minutes. I believe I could complete it in less than ten minutes now that I know how to accomplish it! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the inexpensive fix you provided for my pathetic 15-year-old van, which is still going strong and will take me camping this weekend (with a working door)! Excellent value; identical to models at the upscale auto store that cost three times as much. If your door won't open, you should definitely purchase these!

Dorman 55204 HELP! Push-Button Locking Vernier Universal Control Cable Review:

For Terramite T5C, excellent TWIST Throttle ControlMake sure the black triangle locking nut is tightened to the right before turning the knob counterclockwise to operate the throttle in a twisting motion. As you move the knob, the throttle will be pulled gently. You must first release the black triangular knob and then press the red button to release the throttle. The trickiest part is trimming the cable to the proper length, and I did this using a hacksaw. This cable is far better than the OEM one, in my opinion. It is quite efficient and I highly recommend it because it can be used for a variety of purposes.

T1A Tailgate Support Cables Replacement for 1983-1997 Ford F-150, 21-1/8 Inches Long, Also fits Ford F-100, F-250 and F350, F7TZ-9943052-A Review:

These were put in the same day they came. Although I had only intended to install one of my old ones because it had frayed and broken, I decided to replace both because the new ones looked so good. The mounting bolt on my 150 must be removed using a T4 bit, after which the top of the cable just clips onto the top stud. Excellent replacement and stuff.

Dorman 38531 Tailgate Cable Review:

Except for the portion where one of my OEM cables was once sliced open, revealing a frayed and rusty cable inside. Anyway, here's what matters:PRO: They are simple to install (one screw per cable), appear to be well-made, and come with new versions of everything.CON: One of the two cables I received was missing a small plastic washer, which I just reused from the ones I was removing. Based on other reviews, it appears that this might be quite common.Not a con, but a warning: After installing these, either add a bend or proceed with caution while shutting the tailgate for a while, as the new cable is sufficiently stiff to not always fold into the gap correctly on its own.

Dorman 38537 Tailgate Cable, Pack of 2 Review:

These took about five minutes to install and fit flawlessly on my 2006 Tundra. The originals, which both broke after rusting out in the middle where they bowed abruptly when the tailgate was closed, appear to be a little lighter weight. Although at 1/4 the cost of the OEM version, I anticipate that they may rust out sooner. Hopefully I'll get 10 years out of them, just like I did on the originals. We shall see.

T1A Tailgate Support Cable, One Pair for Left and Right Side, 18-1/8" Long Replacement for 1994-2001 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 Pickup T1A-55345124AB, T1A-55345125AB Review:

It's a good product, but it seems shorter now that my tailgate no longer opens to the same height as the truck bed. Because my original cables lacked shrink tubes between the cable and the hardware at the ends, water might enter and cause the cables to corrode. Dodge should have anticipated it would happen, but I'm glad it was a simple remedy.