Best Automotive Replacement Spark Plug Wire Sets in 2020

NGK RC-XX90 Spark Plug Wire Set Review:

I bought these for my 2006 Hyundai Elantra GT 5 speed manual with 143000 miles I had no issues with my engine missfireing or any roughness while sitting in neutral but it had original plugs with the original wires so I changed the spark plugs a few months ago but had trouble finding a wire set that actually fit snug enough for my liking and really made a good “click” sound but these are perfect they fit great and with a noticeable difference in the gas mileage and the way my car drives it’s not a racy sports car by any means obviously but the new wires and plugs put a pep in it’s step I didn’t have before it was really quick and super easy to change them took me 5 minuets to do it. I also thought that the price was really reasonable compared to what auto part places wanted. I'd buy them again if I ever needed them!!

ACDelco 9718Q Professional Spark Plug Wire Set Review:

I got cheap and bought another brand, Standard. It's a popular brand, not as good quality but much cheaper. First time it rained, my engine was misfiring. The coil wire and the #1 wire were both arcing to metal objects. This is just from humidity in the air. When it dried up the next day the misfire went away. I sprung the extra money for the the real thing, ACDelco. While I was waiting for them to arrive, it rained again and the wires started arcing again. After I installed the ACDelco wires, no more misfire. It has rained many times since. Way too much rain this year in California.

NGK RC-TE58 Spark Plug Wire Set Review:

I received my NGK Wireset as shown in the photos. The brown paper packing crushed the package somewhat, also when i opened the wireset It looked as if it had already been used! Im hoping that it is just how all wires look out of the package, somewhat dusty, (with a white-ish powder on the wires). However they work fine. I was worried about the functionality of the Wires when i tried to plug in a incompatible (possibly fits i didnt want to force it and break new wires) Champion spark plug into it, and it didnt fit. I added the 7092 NGK. and it clicked right in. Its a different type of noise for the clicking compared to oem, so just compare the two to make sure it is infact secure and making connection.

This is pretty long winded for a Spark plug wire review, but i want to make sure it is all out in the open how i have seen it and how i opened it, hence i added the photo.

My car is a 2000 Toyota Rav4 2WD Automatic W/O Distributor, and this was simply plug and play for my vehicle. I had a p304 and p300 i believe for a random misfire, and a cylinder 4 misfire. I pulled out my #4 spark plug and there was oil on the threads of the old plug, and compared to all the other plugs, this one was alot more oily.. I then thought to the first few causes, Leaky valve cover, spark plug boot gasket, but based on where the oil was, (the threads) I was thinking it might be something more in depth, (piston rings, valves, etc) but i put the new NGK 7092 Plugs in, and just to test, i screwed in the plug hand tight in #4 cylinder, then removed it to check the oil. I saw a bit of oil on the threads already so this is a good indicator a tad bit of oil is getting inside #4 cylinder. This bit of detail aside, i installed all 4 wires and plugs to my engine, and now it runs like a clock! no stuttery misfire on idle or on drive. it drives like a new car! I have yet to use it long term so i can't say anything about that yet. I will update my review following this.

NGK RC-HE76 Spark Plug Wire Set Review:

My ‘98 Civic LX was losing power, idling like garbage and acting a fool. I knew it was time for a tune-up. I ordered NGK plugs. Honda distributor cap and a Honda rotor button. I haven’t even gotten my cap or rotor but with just replacing the spark plug wires alone it made a huge difference! Power is back, no more rough idling, no more acting a fool. Can’t wait to finish the rest of the tune-up. These Honda motors are incredibly reliable but can be temperamental when there are issues with spark. What I also love about Honda is it’s an EASY fix with these quality NGK plugs!

ACDelco 9748HH Professional Spark Plug Wire Set Review:

These wires fit no problems. They were a little long, but better a little long than too short. I read one of the reviews that there are 2 sets of wires for this vehicle because there are 2 different coils. I chose the longer wires 9748HH, and the extra length was no problem, just keep them away from the exhaust manifold. Having individual coils make changing the wires much easier. The wires are all the same length and you don't need to worry about the firing order. I also recommend using Dielectric grease, the wire set does come with some grease, but it is a very small amount. I bought a tube of Permtex 22058 Dielectric Grease. just put a little on the insides of the boots. I also want to put in a thanks to Amazon. I ordered these wires on a Friday afternoon and I received them before noon the next day, and it was free Prime shipping. If Amazon keeps this up I may never go back to the parts store. Next thing you know drones will start delivering these right to me while I am still working on the car.

NGK RC-TE66 Spark Plug Wire Set Review:

I bought these to do a tune up of my 2001 Toyota 4runner and they work pretty well. The wires are cheapest here on Amazon and the NGK brand is a very reputable company. These fit my vehicle well but were a bit of a pain to install on the driver side. The wires are blue and really stand out in the engine bay.

For the 5vz-fe engine cylinder 1 goes to cylinder 4, cylinder 3 to 6, and cylinder 5 to 2. One thing that may be a problem is none of the wires are labeled so the lengths will be up to you to match based on the cylinder position. Other than that, they are a great set for an engine tune-up.

UPDATE: I must be blind but when I was doing the valve cover gaskets I realized that the plug wires are in fact labelled for the passenger side pistons. Changed from 4 to 5 stars.

IWISS Ratchet Spark Plug Wire Crimper for Spark Plug Ignition Wire and Terminals Dia. 8.5mm Review:

For the price you can't beat this crimping tool for universal spark plug wires. Summit racing kits come with a crimper that is about useless. The stripper worked great for my 8mm spiral core Summit Racing wires. It cut just enough insulation to not damage the conductor, then just a little tug broke the last uncut portion no problem. Why spend the money on the much pricier tools when this does the job just fine with great crimps each time. If your not sure watch a you tube video and then you should have no problems using this tool.

ACDelco 9748UU Professional Spark Plug Wire Set Review:

These were the perfect fit for my 2010 Chevy Suburban and easy enough to swap out/install. One thing to keep in mind, if your current wires are old and stiff, they may take some work to get off your old plugs. Your new plug wires may feel a bit sloppy as well since they are new and soft/flexible; just make sure they click on both the plug and coil pack and you're good to go! Again, I saved a TON of money by doing this myself and sourcing the parts here on Amazon. Dealership wanted over $900 for 100k service; I did it myself using the best quality parts for under $200!

ACDelco 9748RR Professional Spark Plug Wire Set Review:

These spark plug wires worked great and I was very pleased with how well they fit without interfering with other parts in the engine bay. I would recommend buying these if you are replacing your spark plugs. Personally, I have the 5.3 V8 and got the 41-110 ACDelco spark plugs. I want to make this clear: DO NOT BUY OTHER SPARK PLUGS, ONLY BUY ACDELCO PLUGS. You will also need dielectric grease, spark plug socket, anti-seize, and a ratchet. As long as you have all the materials you can do this yourself. Just be careful with the number 8 cylinder.

Hopkins 48735 4 Wire Flat Weatherproof Replacement Dust Covers Review:

The Hopkins 48735 4 Wire Flat Weatherproof Replacement Dust Covers work great. I wish I knew about something like this years ago. This is a 2-pack, one for the vehicle and one for the trailer. Clean the terminals real good and put a little di-electric grease on them before the cover and it will last a long time. I got tired of having to polish the terminals and clean the green-crud off every time I wanted to pull a trailer. I do not use the trailer very much to the terminals sit through Michigan seasons most of the time. These are inexpensive and a life-saver to keep your terminals clean. They have recesses built in to fit the vehicle side but must be installed opposite for the trailer. The loop is designed to fit onto the plug by stretching it over. One plug had a recessed groove for this already and the other did not. You can just push it over onto the wire and it will work fine. But if you do this when you take the cap off it may slide down the wire out of reach easily. Seems durable to last for years.