Best Automotive Replacement Oil Pan Gasket Sets in 2020

Fel-Pro OS30709R Oil Pan Gasket Set Review:

I had bought 2 different Mopar gaskets, both came bent, as they were in poor packaging. Also went to Chrysler and bought an oil pick up tube gasket, $15 after tax. Well after sending both oil pan gaskets back, decided to buy this Fel-Pro gasket, packing was much much better. There were no bends. And best of all, it came with an oil pick up tube gasket, so I can take the $15 dollar Mopar oil pick up gasket back. You should change this gasket as well because you must remove the oil pick up tube to get the old oil pan gasket off and new one on.

Fel-Pro OS30800R Oil Pan Gasket Set Review:

Wow, if you haven’t changed the oil pan gasket on your R53 you definitely want to (and the CPS o ring). I had an oil leak that had the underside of my engine coated in old oil and gunk. Replaced those two things, and boom no more oil leak. This gasket is also really nice and ships on a piece of thick cardboard so it can’t get broken along the way. And it has these great alignment clips that help you keep the gasket in place during reinstallation!

Fel-Pro OS30693R Oil Pan Gasket Set Review:

Recently replaced the worn out o-ring on the oil pick-up tube on my '05 Avalanche. After reading some bad reviews on cheaper quality gaskets I decided to go with this one. Its definitely a quality gasket and given the headache of pulling the oil pan cover with the front differential in the way, I'm glad I used this one instead of worrying about the other ones failing...

ACDelco 12612350 GM Original Equipment Oil Pan Gasket Review:

So far repaired the oil leak on my 08 Silverado with 155k. Installed the recommended deflector and a new O ring. Oil pressure back up to a normal range. Engine sounds and runs smooth. The only pain was the old gasket being riveted on....and trying to keep the new one in,place while reinstalling the pan.
I did clean the oil pan of all the years of sludge ...hopefully I get another 155k miles.

Cylinder Valve Cover Gasket OE Repl Replacement For Dodge/Jeep Liberty 2002-2005 3.7L V6 Vin Code K Review:

If your stress levels match mine?? Your probably thinking of setting the vehicle on fire. But this guy can do the trick to stop that burnt oil smell. Be patient. It's a virtue and give a little elbow grease to clean the cam covers and the engine part under them. Makes a world of difference and you'll be happier with the vehicle. Trust me.

Fel-Pro OS34510T Oil Pan Gasket Set Review:

This is so much better than cork gaskets and those rubber front and rear pan seals. I was getting real tired of chasing pan leaks, because I can’t drop the pan with my engine still in the vehicle. Installed this and haven’t had any more leaks.

Just make sure you get the right one for your timing cover to oil pan fitment, there’s thick and thin versions. This one is the thick version.

Fel-Pro OS 30725 R Oil Pan Gasket Set Review:

This went right on with no issues, just remember to have some gasket sealer on hand for the 4 spots where the front and back covers mount to the block. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, trust me you will see it when you take the old gasket off. The front timing cover and rear cover gasket goes down into the oil pan gasket area, apply a little bit of gasket sealer to these corners.