Best Automotive Replacement Fuel Filters in 2022

Last update: December 2, 2022

Are aftermarket fuel filters any good?

If you're looking to get more power and performance out of your car, then aftermarket fuel filters are a good option. They can help to improve fuel flow and prevent clogging, giving you better engine performance. However, it's important to make sure that you choose a reputable brand and that you get the right size for your car. Otherwise, you could end up doing more harm than good.

Can you change a fuel filter with a full tank of gas?

You can change a fuel filter with a full tank of gas, but it's not recommended. If you do it, be sure to relieve the pressure from the fuel line before you disconnect it.

Can you clean a fuel filter or do you have to replace it?

If your fuel filter is clogged, you may notice reduced fuel economy, loss of power, or stalling. You can clean your fuel filter, but it's generally easier and quicker to simply replace it.

Does a fuel filter affect gas mileage?

It's a common misconception that the fuel filter has an effect on gas mileage. The fuel filter's job is to remove contaminants from the fuel before it reaches the engine, and has no bearing on fuel economy. However, if the fuel filter becomes clogged, it can restrict fuel flow and cause engine performance problems.

6.7L Cummins Fuel Filter Water Separator Set | for 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 2500 3500 4500 5500 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel Engines | Replaces# 68197867AA, 68157291AA Review:

Will undoubtedly make another purchase. I took a close look at the Mopar filters I had previously used. They have a similar appearance. Why pay more when Wix and Purolator make Mopar? However, I do advise changing these out as well with every oil change. I do on a shell rotella every 3,000 kilometers. FUEL, OIL, AND OIL FILTER FILTERS ARE CHEAP. NOT A CUMMINS.One more thing. if you currently have a Cummins warranty and intend to keep it. NEVER USE THESE. voids the warranty. Don't trust me.

ACDelco TP1015 Professional Fuel Filter with Seals Review:

On older HD diesel Silverado pickups, changing a fuel filter was difficult and merited expert R

Dodge Ram 6.7 Liter Diesel Fuel Filter Water Separator Set Mopar OEM Review:

Today, my filters arrived. I was a little reluctant because of the conflicting opinions. I can categorically state that both are genuine Mopar components. Pictures are included. The canister filter is undoubtedly a Mopar. You can see that the other filter has the Cummins logo on it and has green filter material within. Good item; I'll buy more.Update:Today, I put in the filters (my first time). I admit that I viewed a few YouTube tutorials before trying. This is what you require:Universal joint swivel for ratchet -28mm socket and ratchet driver -ratchet extension-rear filter filter wrench (pliers)two-foot cut garden hose and a pail or drain panIn numerous videos, folks can be seen dripping diesel all over their drive shaft and front axle. This is not required. Use an old garden hose part that has been cut into a 2-foot section to guide the diesel into your drain pan or bucket. When draining the front filter, I didn't leak a single drop, and when doing the back, I only spilled a small amount (a few drops).The front filter was tightly fastened (for me). It will be lot simpler if you have the extensions and universal joint. Before reinstalling, make sure to lubricate (engine oil) all of the o-rings.My rear filter was also fastened firmly. I was unable to remove it with my manly hands. Make sure the plier-style filter wrench is on hand to assist you.It took me over an hour to replace both filters when I changed them for the first time. I would advise changing the front filter first, followed by system priming and truck starting. Move on to the back filter, prime, and start after that. THE FILTERS SHOULD NOT BE PRE-FILLED! The instructions that are given make this clear. The fuel pump on your truck will handle that.Once more, the are OEM (mine were at least). Doing it yourself will save you hundreds of dollars.

Motorcraft FD-4615 Fuel Filter Review:

This excellent OEM replacement kit comes with everything you need to finish the fuel filter installation. I was shocked by the amount the dealer wanted to charge to replace the gasoline filter. In my opinion, mechanics and dealers alike frequently take advantage of individuals who are unaware of how simple some routine maintenance is. A third of the price of having the dealer handle this for me was saved by simply purchasing the parts. It's better to learn how to accomplish this on your own when you consider that you have to perform this task every 15,000 miles.One word of caution before installation: the white filter that goes next to the transfercase, directly below the driver's door... Although you're working with plastic, you may remove the item using a very large socket—I believe it's like a 33mm or something enormous! However, in order to prevent busting the plastic component holding the inner filter, I would strongly advise using a strap wrench.For the F250 model years 2011 and above, there are two fuel filters: one is in the hood, on the driver's side, toward the fire wall, and the other is below the driver's door, on the vehicle's undercarriage. Make careful you use the yellow twist knob to drain the diesel fuel from the filter below. After removing the gasoline filter housing with your strap wrench and the sensor cables attached to it, additional diesel will likely spill out, so keep something handy to catch it. To ensure proper installation when changing the filter, observe how the previous one is currently installed. The open end should be facing up. Before screwing the new filter back into place, don't forget to replace the gasket on the male connector up on the truck.The front filter is significantly simpler. It will resemble the black filter with the two hose connectors, one in and the other out, so look under the hood where it is located. *Note* Your truck's fuel filter may have three things coming off; the third one is a critical fill nipple, and the replacement won't have that. If your fuel filter has two or three outlets, you can determine whether it has ever been changed since it was installed. After removing the hoses, twist the clamp holding the filter to the right until it stops, then lift upward. Install the filter by repeating these procedures in the opposite sequence.

Motorcraft FD-4625 Element Review:

These fuel filters were of OEM caliber and functioned flawlessly.Two fuel filters are included with this kit.It was simple to replace the high pressure side, which was under the hood on the driver's side. They are all quick connect connections. Please take care not to force anything to break since they all operate slightly differently.The low pressure side should be simple to replace, however some 2017 Fords have a problem that makes it slightly more challenging. You must remove a few screws, pull out the low pressure filter/water separator's water drain, let half to one liter of fuel to drain out, and then replace the filter. This is presuming that the backflow valve performs its job and prevents fuel from siphoning into the filter housing from the tank. That's what happened in my instance. Up until I discovered out how to disconnect the tank, I squandered a couple liters of fuel. At the top of the filter are fast connections that, if undone, will stop the flow. The first time using them, they are challenging. Once you've worked it out, no big deal.

ACDelco GF652 Professional Fuel Filter Review:

It was a genuine Delco filter as stated and arrived swiftly. similar to the originalBut 80% less expensive than buying locally... And I would still have had to place the order.Perfect for my 1999 Chevy crew cab with the carryover body type and 350 Corvette engine (lucky I got that one!).She's back on the go.If the pump also needs a renewal, though, only time can tell.Let's hope the issue has been resolved.Excellent advice from YouTube.- To release pressure in the line, pull the pump fuse and start the engine a few times.- Before attempting to start it after replacement, turn the ignition to the accessory position a few times to restore fuel line pressure.-Wrenching appeared absurd. I believe I held the filter housing using an old 11/32 wrench. Even if they still do, I'm not sure. I have an inexpensive set of Metrics that is missing a few sizes, but none of my Metrics will fit. (Why, oh why?)The lines are then loosened using a 5/8 flare nut wrench.However, due to the crossmember running beneath the filter, space was at a premium. However, it was probably put there to shield the vehicle from road debris.The flare nut wrench would not even get on the nut unless I turned it backward to avoid the cross member.The nuts only needed to be turned to loosen before becoming hand tight. Easy breezy- Get a sizable container to catch fuel that gets away. If you intend to reuse the fuel, strain it to remove any impurities. Then, preferably, use it in a mower or some inexpensive item instead of your car.Despite being a nasty task, it was less expensive than hauling!

ACDelco TP3018 Fuel Filter Review:

Never a problem with ACDelco. This includes two o rings (one for each side). Direct replacement, no leaks, and thus far, works excellent Remember to fully seat the clip and to apply some dielectric grease to the water separator sensor. When the truck was first cold, I first neglected to do this and suffered engine surge at idling. She is now running rather smoothly after the lubricant was added and the clip was tightened.

Does an old fuel filter affect gas mileage?

An old fuel filter can affect your gas mileage in a few ways. First, if your filter is clogged, your engine will have to work harder to draw fuel through it. This can lead to lower gas mileage. Additionally, if your filter is not sealing properly, fuel can leak past it and into your engine. This can also lead to lower gas mileage.

Does AutoZone replace fuel filters?

AutoZone does not replace fuel filters.

Does it matter what fuel filter I use?

It's important to choose the right fuel filter for your car. A fuel filter helps remove impurities from gasoline or diesel fuel and can help improve engine performance and fuel economy. If a fuel filter becomes clogged, it can cause engine problems.

Does premium gas clean fuel filter?

Premium gas does not clean fuel filter. The purpose of premium gas is to provide a higher octane rating, which helps to prevent pre-ignition and knocking in engines.

How do I check my fuel filter?

To check your fuel filter, remove it from the car and inspect it. If it is clogged, clean it with a wire brush and reinstall it. If it is damaged, replace it with a new one.

How do I know if my fuel filter needs changing?

The fuel filter is an important part of the fuel system. It removes contaminants from the fuel before it reaches the engine. Over time, the fuel filter can become clogged with dirt and debris. This can cause the engine to run less efficiently and can lead to engine damage. If you notice your engine running less efficiently or if you notice a decrease in fuel economy, it may be time to change the fuel filter.