Best Automotive Replacement Engine Thermostat Water Outlets in 2020

Dorman OE Solutions 902-690 Water Outlet Assembly Review:

Dont know much about vehicles, I'm a lady who usually just gets in and drive... anyway my 2010 Mazda CX7 started leaking and smoking, and the mechanic said this part needed to be replaced. Initially I had ordered it from RockAuto but theirs wasnt the proper fit. This one fit and work perfectly and my vehicle is now back in order again.

Dorman 902-846 Engine Coolant Water Outlet for Select Buick/Chevrolet Models Review:

I say this because I had bought an T10 bolt from Amazon to uninstall the original part and to install this part you'll need the 9mm bolt and just tighten it. It took me some time because I'm not a mechanic by trade, this is was the first time ever working on a car. Took me a little over an hour to 2 hours to install because I had to remove hoses out the way to get to the part. Once you get the the old part, putting it back together wasn't bad.

ACDelco 15-11105 GM Original Equipment Engine Coolant Water Outlet Review:

Don't forget you need a size 10 female torx socket to uninstall/install this part. If your orders this part, you better order the socket while you're at it, if you don't have one.

Oh, and Chvey Cruze sucks.

Family member had a 12 year old Accord. Yeah, there is wear and tear and maintenance necessary for any car, but in 12 years that Accord never leaked fluid EVER.

We also own a Toyota that is only one year younger than my Cruze. Zero problems ever.

I used to run around in a cheap used 2005 Benz C230. Never a problem like this.

A barely 5 year old Cruze, a daily driver that only travels back and forth about 3 miles a day on average, literally has it's parts melt and gushes antifreeze all over my garage.

Chevy. what a piece of crap. Never again. And do an internet search, these cheap parts falling to pieces practically happens to every single Cruze owner. Just biding my time and saving up some down payment money so I can ditch it. Worst car I've ever owned. I mean, FFS look at the # of reviews here already... for a car part on relatively new and super-specific models of GM cars. I would like for someone from GM to come talk to me in person so I can spit in their face.

Here's a fun update: got a check engine light. Read the code, problem with cylinder 4. Open up...there is anti-freeze all inside the 4th spark plug well, ruining the plug (which I just replaced a few months ago). Which was a result of this original part breaking and gushing antifreeze all over the engine. Thanks a lot Chevy!

Dorman 902-312 Dodge/Jeep Thermostat Housing Water Outlet Review:

This was a great fit for my 05 dodge Dakota v8 4.7l. Just don’t be a fool like me and put the thermostat in backwards because it will fit in there the wrong way. Took me a few days to figure out why my truck was still running hot.

Dorman 902-318 Water Outlet Review:

This Dorman thermostat housing is much better than the factory piece and was a perfect fit on my 2001 dodge ram with the 5.2l V8. I found my original thermostat housing leaking, so i replaced the thermostat and gasket. After about 2 days, the new gasket had already blown out and was leaking again (common problem on these engines). So after comparing the Dorman with the factory piece, i noticed the lip on the Dorman that sits on the gasket is much taller, therefore is seals much better and will prevent gasket failure. So far, ive had it on for over a week without any issues. Highly recommend!

ACDelco 15-11009 GM Original Equipment Engine Coolant Outlet Gasket Review:

It's the usual AC Delco good quality stuff: the gasket was cut to match the two mating surfaces, there was no tears, no pullout, etc. It even has directional text on one side. It's a gasket and it works as one. And you get five, or at least I did. So I had four tries at a time with ring-toss on the long neck beer bottle after maintenance was done.