Best Automotive Replacement Clutch Pedal Pads in 2022

Last update: November 29, 2022

Genuine Toyota 55113-34010 Clutch Pedal Plate Review:

The thin gauge firewall on T100s is noted for needing reinforcing behind the master cylinder due to metal fatigue. As the entire wall flexes, this might result in unpleasant grinding noises from shifting gears. You could find that you don't need a new clutch after all if you pair this with a new clutch pedal support sub assembly.

MAZDA MIATA 1990-2005 & MAZDA 323 1986-1989 NEW OEM CLUTCH PEDAL PAD SET Review:

These were purchased to swap out the stock rubber pads on my 1999 NB Miata. They fit as expected because they are stock replacements from the Great Mother Mazda. Products were delivered fast, and installation was completed in a flash. After a light rain, my foot is no longer slipping off the clutch when I step into a puddle. Yes, these products are factory "black" in colour and do not have the gold gloss as the picture sort of depicts. I am aware that this has already been addressed. With factory replacement parts, you can't go wrong!

Genuine GM 15274047 Clutch Pedal Review:

The component comes without the retaining clip but has the push rod bushing (white part shown on the clutch pedal on the right picture). Most likely, you can reuse your previous clip; but, if it is damaged or disappears from your old pedal, you will need to locate and purchase a new one.

Genuine Toyota 55107-34030 Clutch Pedal Support Sub-Assembly Review:

The firewall on T100s is quite flimsy and can begin to wear down after years of clutch-pushing. Try checking the fixture the pedal is attached to beneath your dash to determine if it is original or not if you are experiencing clutch issues. If it is not black, it is original and might be a contributing factor to your issue because it could be broken or deformed from bending against the flimsy firewall. Having the reinforcement plate ready to fit beneath the master cylinder on the engine side is also a good idea.

XL Series Aluminum Throttle Assemblies and Pedal Pads Black Review:

given the cost I estimate that all I would receive is the gas pedal or the pad; in other advertisements, although it appeared as though you were receiving the entire assembly, all you received was a replacement pad. But I received a great surprise! The entire assembly that is shown in the advertisement is what you get. But you don't get any installation instructions or screws or nuts; that's all you get. But all you need to do to install it is buy a pair of 5mm bolts and drill two holes in the firewall! Lokar sells the identical thing for $160.00, so I wish I had purchased a few to resell! It's true! The two 5mm bolts, though, are probably just thrown in. With the price being double, buy with confidence!

Ford YC3Z-7B633-BA - PEDAL - CLUTCH Review:

This proved to be just what I needed to fix my 1999 F350 with a 7.3 and a 6 speed manual transmission and was packaged in an official Ford box. The clutch pivot shaft on my assembly was so worn-out that the cruise control would shut off whenever I encountered even a small bump. I searched everywhere (at Ford Dealers and even from Dorman), but there are no suitable bushings. This entire assembly is the only way to get the right bushings. Although it wasn't a simple task, what a difference it made. Now, it feels brand new, which it actually is. Ford retails this device for more than $125.00.While I was at it, I also changed the fluid reservoir, the associated, pre-bled fluid lines, the clutch master cylinder, the clutch slave cylinder, and the clutch. It comes from Dorman as a single unit and fits just like it did when it left the Ford factory. bleeding the system without a fuss or muss.