Best Automotive Replacement Clocks in 2020

Baynne Ultra-Thin LCD Digital Display Car Vehicle Dashboard Clock with Calendar(Color:Black) Review:

Clock looks great on the dash of my 1985 Corvette. Only issue I have with it is that it doesn't have an internal light so it can be viewed during the night.

Digital Lcd Car Dashboard Desk Date Time Calendar Clock Auto Electronic Truck Mini Review:

my work does not allow cell phones. why? i do not know. but for people who do not wear watches, the cell phone is the new millennium swiss army knife. i was driving my co-workers nuts asking what time it was. do you know the response? "time to buy a watch". well. f'em. but then i found this large digital clock (2.25"x1.25x.50") that fits in the palm of my hand. it comes with super grip tape so i just peeled back the tabs on both sides of the tape and placed it on my belt buckle. people point at it and now ask me what time it is; and i just point at my clock and say "time for you to get a watch!" haha. fools. thanks mini big clock. revenge is sweet when served to a-hole co-workers.
(other responses i like to toss out there: "are you looking at my clock?"; i point at my clock and say, "can't you see my huge clock?"; and my favorite, "i don't know", smugly said while pointing with both fingers at my clock)

REACHS Car Dashboard Clock Cars Air Vent Quarz Clocks Mini, Perfect Decoration for Cars, SUV and MPV (Black) Review:

My car's clock has been broken for quite a while. It's an inconvenience to me. The first clock I got as just a convenience item was a small stick on digital clock. It didn't keep time, and it also didn't stick very well. I looked around Amazon for a nicer but affordable car clock. This one is a beauty! Easy to attach the air vent hooks, it looks like an expert wristwatch face. I checked it's accuracy last evening, and it was perfectly on time. It can hook into the air vent or go just about anywhere with its adhesive backing.

EEEKit Car Clock, Luminous Quartz Analog Watch Universal Pocket Mini Stick-On Clock for Car Boat Bike Home Review:

I don't wear a watch all the time and I bought this for a peculiar application. I placed it right above the keyboards of the Organ at church. Now, while I am playing for the service, I don't have to strain my neck to turn around and look back to the back wall, where a large clock hangs. Because of where it is, it needs to "look" good. And it does. I don't know how they did it, but it came already set for eastern standard time, and was accurate to the minute.

Bell Automotive 22-1-37007-8 Jumbo LCD Clock Review:

UPDATE 8/27/19 - The adhesive for the one in my bathroom cabinet has given away. I came back from vacay to find it had fallen down BUT the clock is still working just fine so no real complaints here I'll just replace the adhesives with 3M stickys. I also bought a third clock to keep in my travel bag that way I can put it in my hotel bathrooms in order to not lose track of time while getting ready on the go. I really like these little clocks much more than I thought I would :)

I was in need of a bathroom clock so I could keep track of time in the morning while getting ready. I couldn’t find a decorative clock with the exact look I was going for so I decided to look at other options & stumbled upon this little one! While it’s not exactly the prettiest to look at, it gets the job done! I used the adhesive backs to attach it to the inside of my medicine cabinet & it works great! I should note however that my bathroom sink/cabinet are outside of the actual bathroom so I’m not sure how well these adhesives or the clock would stand up with shower humidity.

I also went ahead and bought the two pack because my office HQ is in Ireland so now I can see their current time at a glance instead of having to do time conversions! I used the supplied adhesives to stick it to a painted office wall & they seem to be holding up fine. I will say that with the office window blinds open & indirect sunlight there is a pretty big glare (had to use my hand to block the light to get a good 2nd photo). I personally don’t think this will bug me too much but only time will tell!

The last thing I want to note is opening the battery slot was quite difficult for one of them. I coin turned it all the way open but it was pretty wedged in there I couldn’t pry/pop it off. I put it down on my tile counter in frustration (not gentle but not extremely hard) & when I picked it back up the battery door FINALLY just fell out. However now that there’s batteries in them the doors should be easier to open when needed.

Bell Automotive 22-1-37007-8 Jumbo LCD Clock (2) Review:

The clock itself seemed promising, kept excellent time in my car dash, and Texas heat didn't make it bleed display or change time. The thing that's upsetting is the dinky tape that came with it came off after two weeks and I think the clock fell into my grocery store garbage bag that got thrown out. Needs better tape. May buy another because it seems good, just don't use included tape- it won't last.
UPDATE: After using this for over a year, I did upgrade the double stick tape, and even in the hot Texas summers, this clock takes the heat, time only off by a few minutes over a whole year! Displays even when my car [Measured!] temp. is over 150F!
UPDATE2: (last one I promise), still running on the same batteries. Once I solved the double stick tape problem using my own, the clock continues to work in all weather, all temperatures. Keeps Great time. Awesome value.

EEEKit Car Clock, Luminous Quartz Analog Watch Universal Pocket Mini Stick-On Clock for Car Boat Bike Home Review:

My cat knocked it off the kitchen table before I had a chance to put it in my Jeep. The second hand froze in place, can’t get it moving. Garbage. Update: Great Customer Service, they reached out to me, offered a full refund or replacement, and it arrived very quickly. Three more stars for Customer Service. Now let’s see if I can put it in my Jeep before my cat gets at it so I can see how it works!

Eadorns Car Ornament Automotive Clock Accessories Auto Stick-on Watch Interior Decoration (Blue) Review:

It’s a pretty clock that sticks on surfaces. I the sticky is fairly strong so make sure you want it there. I accidentally ordered 3 instead of 1, but will give them to others. The blue background is a very pretty blue.

Car Clock, ONEVER Car Air Vent Quartz Clock Mini Vehicle Dashboard Clock, 1.4" Diameter Review:

DO NOT GO by the photos, they are NOT accurate. EACH number, AND the hands (including the second hand) have a illumination "MARK' on them. This thing is BETTER than I expected!!!
I replaced the factory radio in my Jeep, with a top of the line aftermarket stereo. This thing will do everything, but the clock display is the size of half a dime. Looked on Amazon and other places for an clock that I could see in the dark, but wasn't the size of an old flip phone. Two weeks I ordered this one, assuming it would be just OK, I was wrong. It's perfect size, easy install, and EASY view make it the perfect solution to my problem. It did NOT come with instructions, so I got on Amazon and asked the the seller how do you replace the battery when it dies. I got a response back in less than 12 hours. Folks that's Good Customer Service, on a less than $10 clock!!! I HIGHLY recommend this clock.

EEEKit Car Clock, Luminous Quartz Analog Watch Universal Pocket Mini Stick-On Clock for Car Boat Bike Home Review:

Have had this clock on my bike for a couple months now. It works in intense heat and rain! After a pressure washing, I thought this clock was toast, but nope, it dried out and started ticking again. Just had to be reset. Again after getting caught in a torrential downpour, it got a little foggy, but was dry and ticking again within hours. It has withstood almost a thousand miles and a relocation (same adhesive) with no problems and the adhesive didn’t leave a mark anywhere.