Best Automotive Replacement Clocks in 2022

Last update: November 26, 2022

Baynne Ultra-Thin LCD Digital Display Car Vehicle Dashboard Clock with Calendar(Color:Black) Review:

My 1985 Corvette's dash clock looks excellent. The only problem I have with it is that there isn't an inside light so that it can be seen at night.

Digital Lcd Car Dashboard Desk Date Time Calendar Clock Auto Electronic Truck Mini Review:

Cell phones are not permitted at work. why? I'm not sure. However, the mobile phone is the new millennium's Swiss Army knife for those who do not wear timepieces. I was constantly checking the clock, which drove my coworkers crazy. Do you already know the answer? "It's time to get a watch." Okay, f'em. But then I came across this big, palm-sized digital clock that measures 2.25x1.25x.50 inches. I simply pulled out the tabs on both sides of the super grip tape that was included with it and attached it to my belt buckle. People now point at it and ask me what time it is. I just respond, "Time for you to get a watch," while pointing at my clock. haha. fools. thanks tiny large clock When fed to a-hole coworkers, vengeance is sweet.(Other answers I enjoy throwing out include "Are you staring at my clock?" "Can't you see my large clock?" and my favorite, "I don't know," smugly uttered while pointing at my clock.)

REACHS Car Dashboard Clock Cars Air Vent Quarz Clocks Mini, Perfect Decoration for Cars, SUV and MPV (Black) Review:

The clock in my car has been malfunctioning for a time. I find it inconvenient. The first clock I purchased was a little stick-on digital clock for my convenience. It wasn't very good at sticking and it didn't keep time. I browsed Amazon for a fancier but reasonably priced car clock. This one is stunning! The air vent hooks are simple to install and have a watch face appearance. Last night, I double-checked its accuracy, and it was exactly on time. With its adhesive backing, it can stick almost anywhere and hook into the air vent.

EEEKit Car Clock, Luminous Quartz Analog Watch Universal Pocket Mini Stick-On Clock for Car Boat Bike Home Review:

I bought this watch for an unusual use even though I don't wear watches all the time. I put it directly above the church organ's keyboards. Now that a large clock hangs on the back wall, I can look back there without straining my neck while playing for the service. Given its location, it must "appear" excellent. It does, too. I have no idea how they achieved it, but it arrived with Eastern Standard Time already set and minute-accurate.

Bell Automotive 22-1-37007-8 Jumbo LCD Clock Review:

The adhesive for the one in my bathroom cabinet has failed as of 8/27/19. When I got home from vacation, it had toppled over, but the clock was still in perfect working order, so I have no serious problems; I'll just use 3M sticky tape to replace the adhesives. In order to keep track of time when getting ready on the fly, I also purchased a third clock to keep in my vacation luggage. I can place it in hotel restrooms. I enjoy these tiny clocks a lot more than I anticipated.I needed a bathroom clock so I could know what time it was when I was getting ready in the morning. I looked around for additional possibilities because I couldn't locate a decorative clock with the precise style I was seeking for and found this tiny one! While not exactly the most attractive, it does its purpose. I attached it to the inside of my medicine cabinet using the adhesive backs, and it works well! However, I should point out that my bathroom sink and cabinet are located outside of the actual bathroom, so I'm not sure how these adhesives or the clock would hold up against humidity from the shower.My office headquarters are in Ireland, therefore I went ahead and purchased the two pack so I could check their current time without having to perform time conversions! I attached it to a painted office wall using the included adhesives, and they appear to be holding up well. I will admit that there is a significant glare when the office window curtains are open and there is indirect sunlight (had to use my hand to block the light to get a good 2nd photo). Though only time will tell, I personally don't think this will bother me too much.The last thing I want to mention is how challenging it was for one of them to open the battery slot. I fully opened the coin, but it was so firmly lodged that I was unable to pry or get it out. When I took it back up after throwing it down on my tile counter in frustration (not gently, but not excessively hard), the battery door had finally just fallen out. The doors should be simpler to open when necessary though, given they now include batteries.

Bell Automotive 22-1-37007-8 Jumbo LCD Clock (2) Review:

The clock itself appeared to be a good investment because it maintained perfect time in my car's dash and was unaffected by the Texas heat. I suppose the clock dropped into my grocery store waste bag that was thrown out after the dinky tape that came with it came off after two weeks. Better tape is required. It appears to be nice; however, do not use the provided tape because it will not endure.UPDATE: After using it for almost a year, I upgraded the double-stick tape. Even in the sweltering Texas summers, this clock holds up, with only a few minutes of time difference over the course of a year! displays even when the temperature in my car is over 150°F (measured)!UPDATE 2: Still using the same batteries (this will be the last one, I promise). The clock is still operational after I independently found a solution to the double-stick tape issue. holds excellent time. amazing value

EEEKit Car Clock, Luminous Quartz Analog Watch Universal Pocket Mini Stick-On Clock for Car Boat Bike Home Review:

Before I could get it in my Jeep, my cat pushed it off the kitchen table. The second hand became immobile and was impossible to move. Garbage. Update: Excellent customer service; they contacted me, provided a complete refund or replacement, and it came in a short time. Customer service gets three additional stars. In order to test it out, let's see if I can get it into my Jeep before my cat eats it.

Eadorns Car Ornament Automotive Clock Accessories Auto Stick-on Watch Interior Decoration (Blue) Review:

It is a charming clock that adheres to surfaces. Since the adhesive is pretty powerful, be sure you want it there. I ordered three instead of one by mistake, but I'll donate them to others. The backdrop colour is a very gorgeous shade of blue.

Car Clock, ONEVER Car Air Vent Quartz Clock Mini Vehicle Dashboard Clock, 1.4" Diameter Review:

The photographs are not accurate, therefore DON'T BELIEVE THEM. The hands, including the second hand, and each number have an illumination "MARK" on them. This item surpasses my expectations!I upgraded the aftermarket stereo in my Jeep to replace the factory unit. This device can perform all tasks, however the clock display is only the size of a half-dime. I looked on Amazon and other websites for a clock that was not the size of a vintage flip phone, but one that I could see in the dark. I placed this order two weeks ago, thinking it would be fine, however I was mistaken. It is the ideal solution to my issue due to its ideal size, simple installation, and EASY view. Because there were no instructions included, I went on Amazon and asked the vendor how to change a dead battery. I received a reply in less than 12 hours. Folks, that's good customer service for a clock that costs less than $10! This clock comes HIGHLY recommended.

EEEKit Car Clock, Luminous Quartz Analog Watch Universal Pocket Mini Stick-On Clock for Car Boat Bike Home Review:

For a few months now, this clock has been mounted on my bicycle. It works in stifling heat and in the rain! I believed this clock was dead after pressure washing it, but it dried out and began to tick once more. Simply needed to be reset. Once more, after being caught in a deluge, it briefly became cloudy before drying out and restarting within a few hours. It has held up well after travelling over a thousand miles and being relocated (using the same adhesive), and the adhesive didn't leave any stains.