Best Automotive Replacement Battery Trays in 2022

Last update: December 18, 2022

Are battery sleeves necessary?

Battery sleeves are not strictly necessary, but they can be helpful in protecting your batteries from damage. If you are not careful, it is easy to short out your battery and cause a fire. Battery sleeves help to prevent this by insulating the battery from contact with metal objects.

Are battery trays necessary?

Most battery trays are made of plastic and are designed to keep the battery in place and to prevent corrosion. They are a necessary part of the battery system and help to prolong the life of the battery.

Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean battery corrosion?

Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean battery corrosion, but it is important to be careful when doing so. The alcohol can cause the corrosion to spread, so it is important to clean it off as soon as possible.

Can you fix a rusted battery compartment?

If your battery compartment is starting to rust, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. First, clean out the rust with a wire brush. Then, apply a rust converter or primer to the area. Once the converter or primer has dried, paint over the area with a rust-resistant paint.

Dorman 00588 HELP! Battery Hold-Down Kit Review:

When I first looked at the battery in my 2011 Ranger 4x4 with the 4.0L, I saw that it was not firmly fastened to the battery base plate. There were just no attachments fitting at all. I discovered this battery jewel after searching on eBay and for the appropriate fitting! It matched and functioned flawlessly with the replacement battery I put today. Note that Amazon claims that this product does not fit my truck, but that was not the case for me. No problems at all. The shorter of the two screws included with this kit was used. If necessary, I would definitely buy again.

Allstar ALL76100 11-3/4" Wide x 7-1/4" Deep Lightweight Steel Battery Mounting Box Review:

I have read reviews mentioning the need to weld the hardware for the battery hold down. It appears that the design has been updated. The image here needs to be updated. The backside is perforated with three holes, as other people have stated (Looks more racecar, so fine by me). The two studs are bent just before the end and have a large flat head on that end of the hold down hardware, which is still an angle bar and bolts. Three tiny holes on the battery tray now allow the bolts to pass through. No welding is required because the flat head of the bolts holds the battery angle bar together after you have inserted them.Anyway, the item was easily loaded onto my HF trailer and is well-built and square.

Camco Heavy Duty Double Battery Box with Straps and Hardware - Group GC2 | Safely Stores RV, Automotive, and Marine Batteries |Durable Anti-Corrosion Material | Measures 21.5" x 7.4" x 11.2" - (55374) Review:

Well, the battery I have is too huge for this box. That is entirely my fault and not the fault of the box. It was too tall for my application, though, lol. The fact that the bonnet wouldn't close is due to the limited workspace I have in my engine bay. However, the box was purchased with the idea of quickly relocating the batteries. I still utilize the base even if it isn't finished.Utilizing the strap is simple. Despite the fact that it occasionally seems to loosen up, all you need to do is take the necessary precautions to ensure that it is tight so that it will remain so. The box is expertly made. It is possible to attach your cables through the covers, and it looks quite tidy. Unfortunately, it is too tall for my application with the cover on.But OMG, with the cover on, my engine compartment looked soooo tidy and little. To make sure the cover can fit on the box in my engine bay, I'm going to figure something out.good buy, people. but if you intend to utilize it in your engine compartment, pay attention to your specs.

Dial Industries B329FN Battery Organizer Case, 8 C, Clear Review:

Plastic; it accommodates batteries.I use a lot of batteries, from AAA to D to 9-volt, for things like computer mice, remote controls, digital cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, air fresheners, emergency lamps and radios, and battery backup for a few alarm clocks. I have a lot of different batteries to keep track of since I recharge.It works well for that purpose and is small enough to fit in a drawer.The only issue is that I might need one or two more, but I prefer to have several little ones than one enormous one. With all the batteries I need for lights or anything else, I can bring this smaller one for a weekend of camping or SCUBA. And should our Orange Twitler accidentally start a nuclear conflict, at least I'll have light at night; after all, the megafires will burn themselves out and the nuclear glow will eventually fade. Also, if any radio stations are still broadcasting, for receiving radio signals.I hope you have an interesting life.

NOCO BT31S Group 24-31 HD Battery Tray for Automotive, Marine and RV Batteries Review:

In terms of style and construction, the NOCO tray much outshines the Attwood items. I am aware of this since I first purchased several Attwood trays and discovered that they were of terrible quality and design. One illustration is the way that the mounting tabs are molded, leaving no room for the screw head because the screw mounting hole is so close to the edge of the battery tray. Either use smaller head screws, which would likely merely pass through the mounting tab's screw hole to make mounting impossible, or cut away the plastic of the tray around each screw point, rendering the tray useless to catch any liquids.Compared to the Attwood tray's four mounting hole positions, the NOCO tray has eight. The screw mount wells and holes can accommodate #10 screws and either #8 or #10 washers in the four corner screw wells, but only #8 washers in the four center screw wells.STAY NOCO!

Attwood 9091-5 Battery Tray, 27 series, Black Review:

Two of these battery trays were installed when I changed the batteries in my boat in order to firmly mount the batteries. Deep cycle size 27 batteries are heavy, and the trays keep them firmly attached in the compartment. I most definitely do not want the boat's batteries to be in motion. One of the battery connections on my old batteries ground out to the metal bracket in the battery box since the tie down straps that held the batteries in place had snapped. Mounting these trays certainly provides me some peace of mind because they may have started a fire. Highly advised.

attwood Corporation Small Battery Box Review:

This is a robust box. The strap and two plastic guides are included to keep the strap fastened to the car.This works good, though I would have preferred an exact fit for a group 29, which doesn't seem to be available anywhere.

CURT 52022 6-Inch x 5-1/2-Inch x 3-1/4-Inch Lockable Trailer Breakaway Battery Case Review:

I bought this device with the intention of using a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery that is 7/ 8/ 9 AHr in size, but sadly, it has internal components designed for a 5.3 AHr battery. Should water get into the box, the interior structure supports will keep the battery off the bottom so that it can drain properly. Inside, a 5.3 AHr battery is a little loose, but that's okay with me. To power my GPS and a ham radio gear when the engine is off, I'm building a DIY rechargeable battery with an internal fuse holder and a 12 volt outlet for the front ATV rack.

Does baking soda get rid of battery corrosion?

Yes, baking soda does get rid of battery corrosion. You can mix baking soda with water to create a paste, and then use a toothbrush or other soft brush to scrub the corrosion away.

Does concrete really drain a battery?

When it comes to your car battery, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. If you’re unsure about whether or not concrete can drain your battery, it’s best to avoid parking on it. While concrete itself is not likely to drain your battery, the chemicals and materials used to make it can be corrosive. If your battery comes into contact with these materials, it can cause serious damage. In general, it’s best to avoid parking on concrete if you can help it. If you must park on concrete

Does Vaseline Keep battery terminals from corroding?

Vaseline can prevent battery terminals from corroding. The petroleum jelly creates a barrier between the metal and the air, which can help slow down the corrosion process.

How important is battery vent tube?

Battery vent tubes are an important safety feature on lead acid batteries. They allow the release of gasses that build up inside the battery during charging. This prevents the battery from exploding.

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Should battery boxes be vented?

Most battery boxes should be vented to allow for the release of gasses that can build up inside the box. This is especially important in sealed lead acid batteries, which can produce hydrogen gas.